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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Henley Gift (SAAL) - Friday 11th November 2011

Henley Gift (SAAL) - Friday 11th November 2011

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The SAAL returns to Henley for the first time in a decade when it conducts the Henley Gift on Sunday 13th November 2011.

Up until 1999/2000, the SAAL regularly ran a meet at Henley, quite often running two or three meets in the one season at the venue.

Entries for Henley close on 17th October 2011.

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2Henley Gift (SAAL) - Friday 11th November 2011 Empty Henley 15 years ago - 1996 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:12 pm


Almost to the day, 15 years ago, as part of the 1996/1997 season, a meet was conducted at the Henley Oval.

Venue: Henley Oval
Date: 14th November 1996


120m Gift
1st Stephen Hutton (4.0m)
2nd Aaron Harrison (10.25m)
3rd Ramon Varcoe (5.50m)
Time: 12.37

120m Over 35's
1st Peter Bravey (8.00m)
2nd Robert Malone (7.50m)
3rd Peter Anderson (7.50m)
Time: 13.40

120m Junior Boys (U/18)
1st Kym Larcombe (9.50m)
2nd Robinson Moss (8.00m)
3rd Craig Kouimanis (9.00m)
Time: 12.82

400m Open
1st Colin Rowston (50m)
2nd Andrew Chandler (34m)
3rd James Cochrane (46m)
Time: 45.54

400m Women
1st Katrina Camp (12m)
2nd Kylie Matheison (18m)
3rd Sharon Cummings (26m)
Time: 55.58

550m Novice
1st Nat Young (48m)
2nd Peter Alderson (74m)
3rd Mark Thompson (46m)
Time: 1-8.59

1000m Open
1st Terence Gallagher (78m)
2nd Steven Wilson (78m)
3rd Matthew Fenech (70m)
Time: 2-25.94

"Let's Go While We're Young"

3Henley Gift (SAAL) - Friday 11th November 2011 Empty Henley - 10 years ago on Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:27 pm


In the 2001/2002 season, the opening meet of the season was held at Henley. The feature events for open & female athletes were over 100m.

Venue: Henley Oval
Date: 21st October 2001


70m Novice
1st: Kevin Chambers (14.00m)
2nd: Andrew Beck (7.50m)
3rd: Stuart Daddow (6.75m)
Time: 7.90

100m Gift
1st Sam Dunn (8.50m)
2nd Tim Johnson (3.00m)
3rd Leon Burckhardt (6.75m)
Time: 10.83

100m Women
1st: Michelle Apostolou (6.75m)
2nd Kate Fenech (6.25m)
3rd Leah Newton (9.25m)
Time: 12.50

300m Open
1st Paul Nobbs (34m)
2nd Stuart Stevenson (27m)
3rd Andrew Camilleri (29m)
Time: 32.31

300m Women
1st Claire Turley (32m)
2nd Tenille Griffen (22m)
3rd Kate Fenech (14m)
Time: 38.92

300m Over 35's
1st John Dawkins (20m)
2nd Steve Butler (16m)
3rd Bill Dickenson (24m)
Time: 36.70

800m Novice
1st PJ Bosch (68m)
2nd Brad Harrison (44m)
3rd Ben Crawford (66m)
Time: 1-54.65

1600m Open
1st PJ Bosch (155m)
2nd Matthew Fenech (145m)
3rd Steve Wilson (155m)
Time: ???

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Slight hiccup with Henley about the date (13th Nov). The local city council may have a clash.....Hopefully it will go ahead on the designated date, but if not ProTrack will update you with any changes.


Henley will be confirmed on Friday (7th Oct) but it is looking less likely the meet will be on Sunday Nov 13.

If for some reason you could not compete on the Sunday (such as getting on the gas on the Saturday night... drunken ), then stay tuned.

On the same weekend ASA will have the first of its Saturday (12th Nov) interclub meets which includes the first 4 x 100m relay of the season.


The 2011 Henley Gift meeting has been re-scheduled for Friday 11th November. Starting time will be 6.30pm.

This allows the SAAL to utilise the main Henley oval rather than the Little A's oval and access the lights.

I believe the Henley Footy Club bar will be open.

As a side note I think all the sashes should be ordered with the date appearing as- 11/11/11, a unique set of numbers for someone who achieves a first (aka number 1) on the night.

Entries for this meet are now open and will close on 17th October.


Would be a nice touch also if every sash had a red poppy inscribed on them

8Henley Gift (SAAL) - Friday 11th November 2011 Empty over45 battle begins at Henley on Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:59 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
the over45 battle begins at Henley

over45 300m Henley 11/11/11
over45 120m MDRF PreBay 11/12/11
over45 200m Tea Tree Gully 14/1/12
over45 120m Hectorville 17/2/12
over45 400m Flagstaff 3/3/12
over45 800m Pulteney 25/3/12


What are peoples thought on start time being 6:30?
May be hard for people to get there on time and warm up if they are one of the first events. Henley isn't a short drive for a lot of people.

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That's a fair point it would finish quite late. Guess il have to tell the boss I'm leaving work early that day Very Happy

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