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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Whyalla RESULTS & VIDEOS - 19th November 2011

Whyalla RESULTS & VIDEOS - 19th November 2011

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1 Whyalla RESULTS & VIDEOS - 19th November 2011 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:20 am


2011 Whyalla Gift Carnival
Saturday 19th November 2011

Track a lttle rough but nothing which would cause concern and certainly better than in past years. Head wind for most of the evening, strong for the heats but dissipating as the meeting progressed.

120m Gift
Heat 1

1st J Tronnolone (8.00)
2nd D Hicks (9.75)
3rd W Long-Scafidi (5.50)
Time: 13.11

Heat 2
1st J Cibich (7.00)
2nd D Woodhams (5.25)
3rd B Letton (8.50)
Time: 13.08

Heat 3
1st P Taylor (11.75)
2nd D Palmer (11.50)
3rd R James (4.00)
Time: 13.26

Heat 4
1st T Sclanders (8.00)
2nd T Bateman (3.25)
3rd R Hancock (9.25)
Time: 13.05

1st T Sclanders (8.00)
2nd D Hicks (9.75)
3rd P Taylor (11.75)
Time: 12.92

1st J Tronnolone (8.00)
2nd T Bateman (3.25)
3rd J Cibich (7.00)
Time: 13.03

1st Tom Sclanders (8.00)
2nd James Cibich (7.00)
3rd Todd Bateman (3.25)
4th Dylan Hicks (9.75)
5th Jordan Tronnolone (8.00)
6th Paul Taylor (11.75)
Time: 12.66

70m Novice
Heat 1
1st T Sclanders (5.25)
2nd N Berry (7.00)
3rd D Girolamo (9.00)
4th A Trewartha (13.50)
Time: 8.12

Heat 2
1st B Hardy (8.00)
2nd J Watkins (5.75)
3rd T Welfare (7.00)
4th S Roberts (12.50)
Time: 8.15

1st Tom Sclanders (5.25)
2nd Ben Hardy (8.00)
3rd Jarrad Watkins (5.75)
4th Troy Welfare (7.00)
5th Nickolas Berry (7.00)
6th David Girolamo (9.00)
7th Ali Trewartha (13.50)
8th Sean Roberts (12.50)
Time: 7.82

120m Women
Heat 1

1st A Trewartha (11.75)
2nd B Connolly (6.50)
3rd K Robb (7.50)
Time: 15.26

Heat 2
1st L Foote (6.75)
2nd L Edwards (9.00)
3rd M Letton (15.00)
Time: 14.96

1st Lauren Foote (6.75)
2nd Megan Letton (15.00)
3rd Ali Trewartha (11.75)
4th Lauren Edwards (9.00)
5th Bridgid Connolly (6.50)
6th Katherine Robb (7.50)
Time: 14.14

120m Under 20's
1st Sean Roberts (16.00)
2nd Tim Earle (13.00)
3rd Crey Watkins (14.00)
4th Jarrad Watkins (0.00)
5th Teagan Kustermann (16.00)
Time: 13.90

300m Open
Heat 1

1st J Cibich (18)
2nd D Girolamo (33)
3rd C Simpson (290
Time: 34.85

Heat 2
1st B Schutz (33)
2nd J Watkins (18)
3rd J Darnall (23)
Time: 34.52

Heat 3
1st C Watkins (4)
2nd: M Nitschke (18)
3rd T WElfare (29)
Time: 35.36

1st Brad Schutz (33)
2nd James Cibich (18)
3rd Clay Watkins (4)
4th David Girolamo (33)
5th Jarrad Dartnall (23)
6th Jarrad Watkins (18)
7th Michael Nitschke (18)
8th Troy Welfare (29)
9th Chris Simpson (29)
Time: 33.68

300m Women
Heat 1

1st E Glouftsis (32)
2nd M Letton 29)
3rd B Connolly (16)
4th L Roberts (46)
Time: 39.64

Heat 2
1st T Kustermann (22)
2nd L McHugh (40)
3rd K Robb (14)
4th A Trewartha (26)
Time: 40.47

1st Bridgid Connolly (14)
2nd Teagan Kustermann (22)
3rd Eleni Glouftsis (32)
4th Megan Letton (29)
5th Katherine Robb (14)
6th Lauren McHugh (40)
7th Ali Trewartha (26)
8th Lisaa Roberts (46)
Time: 39.30

Over 35's 300m FINAL
1st Ali Saliu (20)
2nd Mark Beveridge (14)
3rd Mick Abbott (46)
4th Alex Jefferies (40)
5th Cameron White (36)
6th Ian Reddaway (63)
7th Brendan Golden (30)
8th Chris Dimitrak (43)
Time: 36.84

800m OPEN
1st Kostya Khudoshin (48) Time: 1-51.02
2nd Ashley Brown (66) 1-51.39
3rd Ben Crawford (68) 1-51.58
4th Bryce Watkins (28) 1-52.11
5th Ryan Hage (62)
6th Mark Beveridge (82)

1600m OPEN
1st Bryce Watkins (120) Time: 4-08.77
2nd Aiden Miller (140) 4-09.17
3rd Tim Earle (145) 4-09.70
4th Ben Crawford (145)
5th Kostya Khudoshin (110)
6th Ashley Brown (170)
7th Robert Killmier (60)
8th Shane Thiele (90)

1st Robbie James (0.50)
2nd Lauren Foote (5.75)

3rd Dale Woodhams (0.50)

4th Ryan Hancock (1.25)
5th Brad Letton (1.75)

6th Lauren Edwards (6.25)
7th Tamara Dartnall (5.75)

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2 120m Gift VIDEOS on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:29 pm


120m Gift Heats

120m Gift Semi Finals

120m Gift FINAL

3 70m Novice, 120m Women's & 50m SKINS Videos on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:44 pm


70m Novice Heats

70m Novice FINAL

120m Women's FINAL

50m SKINS - 4 Races

4 300m Events on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:54 pm



300m Open

300m Women

300m Over 35's

Running Man

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Great work with both Tom and Robbie, Youngy. Tom moved really well all day and it was good to see him have some success and Robbie looked real dangerous in the 50m Skins.


Anyone else hear letton's war cry as he got eliminated in the skins? Worth the trip just for that!


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Good to see someone get upset to be run out in the skins.
For all those who can slow the start down to frame by frame, check out the start of Lauren Foote in the final.Check out her first movement to the gunfire out of the gun.Does she break ?
Not very often Robbie gets beaten out of the blocks but she left Robbie standing still.
Check it out, the blast of the gun is clearly visible.Was it a very very good start or a break.

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
No question it was a break. By this much cheers
Should of got picked up. Kinda made the finish a lot better as Robbie won all the others easy. Doesn't matter only a novelty event.


Haha wolfgang!! Good to see a stupid autocorrect from my stupid iPhone on a past topic caught on!! Dale "Wolfgang" woodhams. Let's see if it sticks

Brad Letton

Mustafa wrote:Anyone else hear letton's war cry as he got eliminated in the skins? Worth the trip just for that!

Glad I made the trip worthwhile. Very Happy


Rookie wrote:Haha wolfgang!! Good to see a stupid autocorrect from my stupid iPhone on a past topic caught on!! Dale "Wolfgang" woodhams. Let's see if it sticks

Hopefully not, but R.James would love to see it stick! tongue

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