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Hectorville HANDICAPS

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1 Hectorville HANDICAPS on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:23 pm


Friday 17th February 2012

120m Open

Robbie James 3.50 m
Alex Bubner 5.00 m
James Cibich 6.50 m
Tom Sclanders 6.50 m
Jordan Tronnolone 6.75 m
Corey Baker 7.00 m
Harry May 7.00 m
Chris Innes-Wong 7.25 m
Adrian Harris 7.75 m
Lyall Weir 8.00 m
Bradley Letton 8.50 m
Sam Osmond 8.50 m
Nicholas Giles 8.75 m
Ryan Hancock 8.75 m
Jake Stangewitz 8.75 m
Brad Jones 9.00 m
Trent O'Loughlin 9.00 m
Kane Watkins 9.00 m
Rhys Williams 9.00 m
Nickolas Berry 9.50 m
Brendan Ramsey 9.50 m
David Gross 10.00 m
Christopher Simpson 10.50 m
Troy Welfare 10.50 m
Ben Hardy 11.00 m
David Girolamo 11.25 m
David Palmer 11.75 m
Paul Taylor 11.75 m
Daniel Flesfadar 12.00 m
Andrew Mathews 12.50 m
Tyson Hancock 12.75 m
Brad Schutz 13.25 m
Shaun Ryder 13.50 m

120m Women

Bridgid Connolly 6.50 m
Emma Freer 7.00 m
Lauren Edwards 9.00 m
Natasha Inglis 9.00 m
Taylah Scapens 9.50 m
Abbey Freer 9.75 m
Ali Trewartha 10.75 m
Claire Ashman 11.00 m
Kate Monks 11.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 11.00 m
Charlie Parish 11.00 m
Myriah Smith 11.00 m
Kyla Brown 11.75 m
Hettie Driscoll 12.00 m
Tayce Fry 12.00 m
Margaret Cusenza 13.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 13.00 m
Megan Letton 14.25 m
Lisa Berrington 15.00 m
Lesley Tompson 15.00 m
Lauren McHugh 15.75 m
Trudy Schrapel 15.75 m
Aimee Marshall 16.25 m
Robyn Pohlner 18.00 m
Lisa Roberts 19.50 m
Anthea Kotyla 20.00 m
Dominque Edwards 23.50 m

120m Over 45

Andrew Buttery 8.50 m
Robert Samarcq 13.50 m
Mark Donovan 14.00 m
Wayne Edwards 14.50 m
John Turner 14.75 m
Alex Jefferies 16.00 m
Eugene DeVizio 17.00 m
Ross Hill-Brown 19.50 m
Mark Barnett 21.00 m
Brett Stokes 21.00 m
Bill Dickenson 21.50 m
Ray Earle 23.00 m
Ron Axford 23.50 m
Darcy Cheney 24.50 m
Gary Ferber 24.50 m
Sue Turner 25.00 m
Gail Stone 27.00 m
Lyn Peake 29.00 m
Craig Trewartha 29.00 m
Debbie Roberts 33.50 m
Cheryl Zeuner 35.00 m
Brian Hart 38.00 m

120m Under 17

Jackson Potter 6.00 m
Jesse Cordoma 9.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 9.00 m
Connor Verrall 9.00 m
Jack Hannah 9.50 m
Lachlan Hocking 10.00 m
Robert Jefferies 11.00 m
Bailey Turner 11.00 m
Ryan Atkins 13.00 m
Patrick Cusenza 13.00 m
Jackson Hoffmann 13.00 m
Sam O'Grady 13.50 m
Bradley Harvey 14.00 m
Georgia Corcoran 20.00 m
Katie Jury 20.00 m
Emily Young 21.00 m
Taylah Scapens 22.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 22.50 m
Mikaela Harmston 22.50 m
Jacinta Monaghan 23.00 m
Maeve Connolly 24.00 m
Kate Monks 24.00 m
Minnie Turner 24.00 m
Saxon Turner 24.00 m
Margaret Cusenza 25.00 m
Madeline Nicholson 25.00 m
Charlie Parish 25.00 m
Isabella Partington 25.00 m
Niamh Henry 26.50 m
Patricia Dimitrak 28.00 m
Bradley Samarcq 30.00 m

400m Open

Alex Bubner 8.00 m
James Cibich 20.00 m
Harry May 20.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 23.00 m
Aaron Neale 24.00 m
Nicholas Giles 26.00 m
Jake Stangewitz 27.00 m
Matthew Fallon 28.00 m
Adrian Harris 29.00 m
Matthew Cousins 33.00 m
Ryan Hage 33.00 m
Brad Jones 33.00 m
Ben Crawford 34.00 m
Brad Schutz 34.00 m
Bradley Letton 35.00 m
Christopher Simpson 35.00 m
Troy Welfare 35.00 m
David Girolamo 36.00 m
Mark Beveridge 39.00 m

400m Women

Bridgid Connolly 19.00 m
Claire Ashman 30.00 m
Hayley Openshaw 34.00 m
Megan Letton 39.00 m
Ali Trewartha 39.00 m
Maeve Connolly 40.00 m
Jane Mudge 40.00 m
Hettie Driscoll 42.00 m
Demi Axford 44.00 m
Kellie Symons 46.00 m
Myriah Smith 48.00 m
Lesley Tompson 48.00 m
Yasmin Openshaw 49.00 m
Eleni Glouftsis 50.00 m
Chantel Seaforth 50.00 m
Paige White 50.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 52.00 m
Lauren McHugh 54.00 m
Tayce Fry 56.00 m
Sarah Newstead 60.00 m
Lisa Roberts 60.00 m
Kelly Ferber 64.00 m
Anthea Kotyla 64.00 m
Courtney Ryder 66.00 m
Dominque Edwards 70.00 m
Melanie Stewart 86.00 m

400m Over 35

David Palmer 0.00 m
Brendan Ramsey 16.00 m
Steven Wilson 22.00 m
Daniel Flesfadar 24.00 m
Andrew Wright 26.00 m
Andrew Buttery 28.00 m
Nathan Hoare 28.00 m
David Miller 28.00 m
Richard McMahon 30.00 m
David Wilczek 30.00 m
Brendan Golden 38.00 m
Robert Samarcq 40.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 45.00 m
Geoff Troiano 46.00 m
Alex Jefferies 48.00 m
Mick Abbott 51.00 m
Nando Princi 53.00 m
Eugene DeVizio 55.00 m
Peter Brennan 56.00 m
Mark Barnett 57.00 m
Ross Hill-Brown 57.00 m
Ray Earle 58.00 m
John Turner 58.00 m
Darcy Cheney 59.00 m
Bill Dickenson 60.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 60.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 62.00 m
Robyn Pohlner 70.00 m
Ron Axford 74.00 m
Mark Howson 76.00 m
Ian Reddaway 84.00 m
Gail Stone 86.00 m
Sue Turner 86.00 m
Debbie Roberts 92.00 m
Brian Witty 92.00 m
Lyn Peake 96.00 m
Cheryl Zeuner 106.00 m

400m Under 20

Harry May 14.00 m
Sam Osmond 16.00 m
Kane Russell 16.00 m
Scott Hargreaves 20.00 m
Jarrad Watkins 24.00 m
Riordan Welsh 26.00 m
Liam Wright 29.00 m
Patrick Cusenza 30.00 m
Nick Beins 35.00 m
Jakson Messent 35.00 m
Lachlan Sheffield 36.00 m
Jackson Hoffmann 40.00 m
Ben Sieben 40.00 m
Corey Watkins 40.00 m
Lachlan Hocking 42.00 m
Sarah Chigwidden 60.00 m
Taylah Scapens 65.00 m
Margaret Cusenza 70.00 m
Isabella Partington 70.00 m
Kyla Brown 75.00 m
Patricia Dimitrak 90.00 m

550m Novice

Harry May 26.00 m
Dane Fenton 40.00 m
Nicholas Giles 40.00 m
Connor McIvor 40.00 m
Jacobi Ponury 40.00 m
Matthew Zacher 60.00 m
Matthew Konetschka 64.00 m
James Grant 67.00 m
Kellie Symons 80.00 m
Karim Ghaoui 90.00 m
Luke Stewart 90.00 m
Rhys Williams 90.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 100.00 m
Isabella Partington 115.00 m

1600m Open

Kym Morgan 60.00 m
Robert Killmier 70.00 m
Riley Cocks 100.00 m
Aiden Miller 100.00 m
Dane Fenton 140.00 m
Matthew Konetschka 140.00 m
Damian Robinson 140.00 m
Ben Crawford 145.00 m
Matthew Fallon 155.00 m
Stephen Jelfs 155.00 m
Steven Evanson 170.00 m
Chad Truscott 220.00 m
Adam Cleary 230.00 m
Melissa Lloyd 240.00 m
Richard McMahon 270.00 m
James Grant 280.00 m
Gaetano Aiello 320.00 m

2 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:48 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Never thought i'de see the day the woman's numbers outdoing the men's! (400's)
almost for the gifts (33 x men's gift) (27 x woman's gift)
Are there other meets or amateurs on the same weekend?

3 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:28 pm


Did I get this wrong? The 120 open did have a limit right?

4 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:40 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
As previously discussed on this forum, why not have a Gift where the RED runner runs off scratch.
With the Prizemoney being worth winning, do away with the limit.
Just drag everyone back the equivelent which you drag the RED runner back.
No one would be disadvantaged (except those soft sprinters who cant run out a full straight race ) and OVER35 would be happy.
Surely having extra runners front up would appeal to the sponsors
Looking forward to the sash colours this Fri , as clubs follow in the trend set by OVER 35s at TTG

5 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:07 pm


Well you'll get no arguement from me, only one problem we have Jordan Caldow running of .50, I put my query out because I noticed the 120m open has a couple of runners with marks over 12m, maybe the limit was 14m?

6 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:59 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
over35er wrote:Well you'll get no arguement from me, only one problem we have Jordan Caldow running of .50, I put my query out because I noticed the 120m open has a couple of runners with marks over 12m, maybe the limit was 14m?

Spot on OVER35s
Just checked the booklet and the limit is 12m.
One would imagine that there will be enough disgrunted athletes and coaches around tomorrow night to make sure that those beyond 12m will start off 12m.

7 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:45 am


The relevant amendmemts were made in the program. Limit was 12.00m with 5 athletes running from the limit.

8 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:23 pm


No dis-respect to John who would have put a mountain of effort and work into the meet, looks like the night was success?? Crying or Very sad

9 Re: Hectorville HANDICAPS on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:00 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Thanks Greg Denehy for the wonderful photos.

That's what I said at the end of my second place speech at Hectorville last night, standing proudly next to the legend Brian Hart.

Brian had just been awarded the sash for his victory in the Messenger Community News 'Your Local' 120 Metre 0ver45.

And now just 24 hours later, Greg has done it again with a fabulous shot of the finish, and another fine photo of the podium (and a wonderful series of Brian lining up for the start of the heat, and lots more).

Last edited by Stokesy on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:03 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : booboo with the hyperlinks)

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