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Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie

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1Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:48 pm



Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie 1003401
Burnie Gift winner Oliver Wurm celebrates this year's win.

Wurm keen to hang on to Burnie sprint title
The Examiner
17 Nov, 2010

BURNIE Gift winner Oliver Wurm wants to return to West Park on New Year's Day to defend his sprint title.

The Victorian has been in contact with the Burnie Athletic Club expressing his desire to have another shot at the big race.

The Burnie committee was due to meet last night to discuss Wurm's possible appearance on January 1.

Wurm, a former winner of the under 20 Australian 400m crown, caused a surprise in the 2010 Burnie Gift when he beat home fellow Victorians Shaun Hargreaves and Matt Callard.

The 20-year-old is trained by Russian Vasily Grischenov and improved at his second Burnie Gift run after making the semi-finals in 2009.

Wurm will have history against him in his Burnie Gift bid.

The last runner to win it two years in a row was Scottsdale champion Ian Probert, who was successful in 1963 and 1964.

Probert ran from 8 3/4 yards in his first win and 4 1/4 yards the following year.

Burnie is not expected to make any significant changes to its program for January 1 although the fireworks display might be a thing of the past.

Secretary Peter Blake said a fireworks display was planned for Burnie on New Year's Eve and he thought to have it two nights in a row would be overdoing it.

Top Canberra running trainer Matt Beckenham is likely to be represented at the Tasmanian Christmas carnivals series for the first time.

Beckenham represented Australia in the 400m hurdles at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and since his retirement has concentrated on training a stable of runners in Canberra.

He has made contact with carnivals co- ordinator Rod Walker, although he is yet to provide a list of runners who might be coming to Tasmania.

"It will be good if we can get Matt on board, as I expect it could be a long-term arrangement," Walker said.

A few months ago Beckenham was responsible for some of Australia's young athletics talent who competed in the Youth Olympics in Singapore.

Walker said that with many elite athletes enjoying down time after competing in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, he was finding it a difficult task to arrange for them to come to Tasmania.

The Devonport Athletic Club is still waiting for entries from several football clubs for the 4x200m relay, which will be held at the carnival on December 29-30.

Carnivals manager Geoff Rootes said only Burnie, Devonport, Latrobe and Launceston had confirmed for the relay.

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2Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Sun Nov 28, 2010 8:56 pm


Wurm `let down' by Burnie's $100 offer
The Examiner
27 Nov, 2010

VICTORIAN sprinter Oliver Wurm feels let down that organisers have offered him just $100 to defend his Burnie Gift title at West Park on New Year's Day.

Wurm had wanted his flights and accommodation to Burnie covered and is disappointed that he has been turned down.

"I understand that I don't come from a big pro-running stable and can't commit to Latrobe and Devonport but I thought I was worth a bit more than $100," he said.

"I know there are plenty of runners getting funding who perhaps are of lesser ability than myself.

"They're certainly not the defending champion of the Burnie Gift."

Wurm explained that his appearance at the Bay Sheffield carnival in Adelaide, on December 27-28, prevented him from running at the Latrobe or Devonport carnivals.

"I am originally from Adelaide and have a commitment to run at Bay Sheffield," he said.

"I definitely wanted to come back as I enjoyed running at the Burnie Carnival and the Burnie Gift rates high on the list of my achievements."

Wurm, 20, is a university student in Melbourne and is coached at Essendon by Vasily Grishchenov.

The former Russian coach prepares just a handful of athletes, many of them who concentrate on field events, and Wurm is the only runner who tackles some of the professional events.

Wurm hasn't given up hope that organisers might relent and help him come to Burnie.

He won the 2010 Burnie Gift from 8.75 metres and is expected to be handicapped on 6m or 6.5m if he runs again this series.

"I think I would be capable of winning off that mark," he said.

3Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:00 am


Wurm is a nobody (yet).

Maybe he should run and win a few more races before he makes any kind of demand. Plenty of easy cash in VAL races on offer.

Good on the kid for trying to get some appearance coin though. This should be his breakout year, if he has the courage to compete more often. A year with JH's training would be exactly what he needs Cool

4Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:08 am


i don't think he want's appearance fee, just flights and accom covered like most other runners are getting, who are apart of a stable

i guess if he won again then he would shut up

5Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:16 am


There you go, part of a stable which he is not. Tassy will pay for a few to come for the whole week, not just one for a day who is unknown.

6Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:48 pm


Why would they pay for him to come, he won burnie last year, but thats all he did in pro and amos for the year. Hes not gonna win it off a lesser mark than last year and him being there isnt going to bring anyone else to the event. Im not bagging him, just stating the facts

7Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:41 pm


i don't think money is an issue for wurm as he went to melbourne grammar...

whether he goes to burnie again or not is another story. i've heard he might just do bay sheffield and pass on burnie

8Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:03 am


why doesnt he run any vic pro meets?

9Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie Empty Re: Ollie Wurm keen to return to Burnie on Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:24 am



Wurm on the way despite appearance money dispute
The Examiner
22 Dec, 2010

VICTORIAN sprinter Ollie Wurm will defend his title in the $15,000 Burnie Gift on New Year's Day despite having a dispute over how much appearance money he was worth.

A month ago the 20-year-old sought to have his flights and accommodation paid for and was disappointed when carnivals organisers didn't come to the party.

"I haven't heard from them since but I've decided to come down anyway," he said.

Wurm was offered the standard $100 that is available to most interstate competitors running at Burnie.

Wurm will run at the Bay Sheffield carnival in Adelaide on December 27-28 before making it to Burnie on New Year's Eve.

The blond-haired sprinter has been handicapped to run off five metres in heat four of the gift.

He won the 2010 Burnie Gift off 8.75m * and said he wasn't expecting such a tough rehandicap.

"I thought I would be running off six metres," he said.

"There looks to be plenty of depth in the gift field and it is going to be hard to win."

Backmarker is this year's Stawell Gift winner Tom Burbridge, who will run off 3.25m in the opening heat.

Wurm has nominated ACT runner John Jakeman as possibly the man to beat.

Jakeman made this year's Burnie Gift final and is a former placegetter at West Park.

Wurm could be in for a busy program at Burnie, as he has been handicapped off 17m in his pet 400m event and is also looking forward to being part of the 4x100m interstate relay.

National 100m champion Melissa Breen will attempt to become the first woman to win the $5000 Burnie Gift from scratch.

Breen is a member of coach Matt Beckenham's group, which is running at the Tasmanian carnivals for the first time.

After winning her national crown, Breen represented Australia in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

The women's gift has attracted a top field including 2009 winner Alicia Wrench-Doody, of South Australia, and 2004 winner Madelin House.

House won the Burnie Gift six years ago under her maiden name, Madelin Poke.

First three from each heat, plus next three fastest go to six semi-finals.
Winners from each semi-final go through to the final.

HEAT 1: Tom Burbridge 3.25m, Max Waldron 7m, Gareth Jubb 7.5m, Jarrod Gilroy 8.25m, Nick McKenna 9m, Brendan Smart 11m.

HEAT 2: Adrian Mott 3.75m, Doug Greenough 6.5m, Charlie Leek 7.5m, Jordan Englund 8.25m, Daniel Reeves 9m, Alec Eiszele 11.25m.

HEAT 3: John Jakeman 4.5m, James Boden 7m, David McCrae 7.5m, Andrew Robinson 8.25m, Mark Nichols 9.5m, Matt Beckenham 11.5m.

HEAT 4: Brendan Matthews 4.5m, Joseph Lowe 7m, Matthew Brooks 8m, Mitchel Englund 8.25m, Thomas Pfundt 9.25m, Darren Whittaker 12m.

HEAT 5: Ollie Wurm 5m, Jordan Sheppard 7.25m, Derek Collinge 7.75m, Edward Gates 8.25m, Callum James 9.75m.

HEAT 6: Robbie James 5.5m, Sam Leitch 7.25m, Cameron Cranfield 8m, Dan Lemoto 8.75m, David Gross 10.5m, Ben Englund 11.5m.

HEAT 7: Luke Storta 6m, Sunie Radravu 7.25m, Jordan Tronnolone 8m, Rowan Mason 8.5m, Andrew Wilcox 10.5m.

First three from heats, first two from semi-finals.

HEAT 1: Melissa Breen scr, Bridgid Connolly 7m, Olivia Saltmarsh 7.75m, Nicola Rowe 8.50m, Angela Phillips 9m, Kate Walters 11.5m.

HEAT 2: Alicia Wrench-Doodie 2m, Madelin House 7.5m, Ella Scott 8m, Morgan Gaffney 9m, Kimberley Bush 9.25m, Abbey Walters 11.75m,

HEAT 3: Danielle Taylor 6m, Danielle Dwyer 7.75m, Abby Chapman 8.25m, Sandy Loring 9m, Laura Nicholson 9.25m, Lucy Buckley 12m.

HEAT 4: Andrea DiPaolo 6.75m, Cherlyse Yates 7.75m, Amy Pedder 8.5m, Carmen Oakley 9m, Kristy Rootes 11.75m, Fiona Heazlewood 12m.

*Wurm ran from 8.00m not 8.75m.
A 3.0m re-handicap for winning $11,000 seems reasonable.
Final 2010 Burnie Gift
1 Yellow Ollie Wurm 8.00 12.50 $11,000
2 Blue Shaun Hargreaves 6.75 12.54 $1,800
3 Pink Matt Callard 8.75 12.58 $800
4 Green Cameron Yorke 8.50 12.66 $650
5 Red John Jakeman 5.75 12.68 $450
6 White Rob Vidler 6.00 12.72 $300

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