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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Stawell 2013, Asafa, Josh Ross, marks and limit

Stawell 2013, Asafa, Josh Ross, marks and limit

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Assuming Josh Ross competes at Stawell and given Josh Ross would have likely run off scratch due to his win at the Bay Sheffield he would likely have run off scratch again at Stawell, if Asafa was not running. His win off scratch at the Bay would see the whole field get a .5m lift as he cant go back. Not only would the field get a .5m lift due to the Josh Ross Bay win but also a 1.5m from Asafa competing.
Lets say with Asafa competing and Josh runs off 1.5m and the limit is 11m, could we assume these guys might not get/want a run:
Adam Coote at 13m
Semi Finalists
Peter O'Dwyer 12.5m
Shane Woodrow 12.75m
Matthew Eddy 12.5m
Matthew Harvey 13m
Glenn Ross 13m
Marcus Cooper 13m
and from the heats
Chris Diegan 13m
Dylan Hicks 12.5m
Matthew Mifsud 13m
Gavin O'Neil 13m
Nick MAGREE 12.75
Christopher EATHER 13
John Cara 13
David Williamson 12.75
Josh Tiu 12.75
Mark Hignett 13
Craig FOLEY 13
Bradley Letton 12.75
Brendan SMART 13
Cameron PAICE 13
Andrew WALDRON 13
Rodney MATHEWS 13
Jay BLAKE 13
Timothy ROSEN 13
Matthew HARVEY 13
Bradley SCHUTZ 13
Jarrod LINDNER 13
Matthew CALLARD 13
Adam PARKES 13
Shane QUINN 13
Paul TAYLOR 13
Steven BLACKER 12
Matthew KIERNAN 13
Yanni SPANOS 12
Jarrad DARTNALL 12
Travis PIKE 13
David FENOLLAR 12.25
Luke BARISIC 12.5
Richard BROWN 12.5
Matthew NEWTON 12.5
Thats 47 of last years competitors.
With the huge interest in the meet I'm sure many others will be interested in entering with similar handicaps.
Now I know some may have improved from last year, many have likely had a lift from last year and will be beyond the limit mentioned. There are many likely to consider competing at there current 9.5m + handicap only to find a move up to 11.5m plus. Those at a current 11m will find a lift upto 13m, BUT due to the limit, will go back to 11m.
Will all those in this situation be only to happy to go back 2m, knowing they likely wont be competitive, but, get the chance to be in the Asafa heat and be a part of history?
The situation made worse for these guys if the limit is 10m, which could happen given the more than ever greater interest, where entry numbers end up so high that a 10m limit will apply, to avoid "hacks" entering.
To quote from ToM on another thread:
"Or, to repackage one of over35er's points, if participation in pro running was dramatically higher, and Stawell organisers decided to alter the limit to 6m so as to constrain entries to a more manageable number consistent with the scope of the program and the perception of the Stawell Gift as an 'elite' running event, how many of you would find yourselves lamenting the harsh limit? Who amongst you would suddenly find yourselves scorned by faster athletes, coaches and interested parties as 'selfish' for wanting to be involved, as a hack who should move on to Vets' races, or as someone who should wait for the $600 100m events where you belong?" end quote.

Does my post on limits suddenly have more weight than many gave thought to?


Shane Ezard will take them on!


I'm sure there will be many like Shane Ezard that will give it red hot go and good on them for it. Shane might find himself with Asafa and Josh, running off 12.25m (currently at 10.25m). With the limit he'd be back to 11m or with a larger than normal interest/field, a 10m limit, can he be competitive with a 1.25m or 2.25m disadvantage?

Note, this is all hypothetical, given we don't know if Josh Ross is competing, the limit, or handicaps due to Asafa and Josh competing.


i would not worry about over 35's list of runner's on front marks they are not showing much form of late''waiting for big one ''if they cant win a race this season why worry bout stawell. i've noticed peter o dwer nominates but no show ,maybe going for another heat win ,or is still celebrating from last year,dont forget last years winner may run off last years mark as far as stawell being able to handle large nom's thay have up to 300+ in gift previously


Don't discount the over 35's just yet....maybe just takes them a little longer in the season to find their form compared to all the young guns. There must be a few vets around who still have form as good as Ezard.

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