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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Support Adelaide Comedy - it's well worth a look

Support Adelaide Comedy - it's well worth a look

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I know this has nothing to do with athletics, but I'm posting this item in response to a plea from Adelaide Comedy's Craig Egan.

For several months now, myself & my wife have been regular visitors to the Marion Hotel on Wednesday nights to see some outstanding comedians perform. Every Wednesday up to 5 or 6 comedians, mainly local but often national & international acts, turn up to a suburban pub and put on a show that is ridiciulously cheap for the entertainment offered.

Every week Craig Egan through his business - Adelaide Comedy puts on shows at the Rhino room, the Arkaba & the Marion. It's amazingly cheap at only $15 per head ($13 on line).

Last night we saw Micky D, a very funny man, incredibly witty & clever, introduce several acts including the feature act - Titty Bar HaHa. London based TBHH was awarded most popular Fringe festival cabaret act. They were outstanding, unique & incredibly talented. Yet despite the brilliant talent on show, there was only about 50 people there.

Some of the acts we've seen in the last 8 months include:
Wil Anderson
Tommy Little
Greg Fleet
Lindsay Webb
Mikey Robbins
El Jaguar (coming back in a few weeks...)
Felicity Webb
Corinne Grant
Cal Wilson
Damian Callinan
plus dozens more including some of the best raw talent in the country. is struggling as not enough people are attending their shows.

I have a great admiration for what Craig Egan does for the comedy scene in Adelaide. I have no vested interest; I just love getting along to the Marion on a Wednesday night to see what acts Craig has organised.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive but great night out - check out the shows put on by Adelaide There are always 4 or more acts on the night so the value is second to none.

See what's coming up -



Message from Craig Egan Promoter of the Adelaide Comedy Scene.

FIGHT THE ADELAIDE CRINGE! If you care about me, Adelaide, Comedy, Artists, Love and Laughter please take the time to read this...

Big thanks to all the birthday messages and love from everyone yesterday. I realise I am surrounded by love and supportive people in my life and as much as I hate doing this I am going to make an impassioned plea for your help now. the business that I love, that has supported so many comic artists and has provided so much laughter to the people of Adelaide over 13 years is really struggling. I am really struggling to keep it alive financially.

We see so many 100's of thousands of people come out to shows during the Adelaide Fringe and yet only weeks later we can't sell tickets even when tickets are half the price they are in Fringe and most of the money is going DIRECTLY to the artists instead of registration fees and ticket charges. The Adelaide Comedy Venues and I have just invested in to the biggest advertising campaign we have ever done to try and get through this notoriously tough period and yet we still we can't sell tickets to break even with the week.

Ask anyone who has seen the shows. The product is great. It's a brilliant night of world class entertainment. You will be entertained for a very reasonable price. Not the $20 you would pay to see an hour show in Fringe, Not the $40 you would pay to see any one of the quality features we have coming soon not even the $100 you would pay to see someone like Russell Brand at the back of the entertainment center. Most of the time it's just $13 if you book on line at to see 2 hours of entertainment with Big Name acts ALWAYS supported by Brilliant Local Adelaide Comedians and you get to meet and chat with the acts in an intimate environment after the show.

I try not to ask for help too often. I would like to think after everything we have done it could stand on it's own 2 feet by now but yet again we find ourselves in a position where I am pulling what is left of my hair out trying to figure out how to get people out of their bedrooms and in to a gig to have a great night. How hard could it be? As it turns out... one of the hardest things in the world.

This does feel like an Adelaide problem and I know I am not the only promoter who feels this way. I know other comedy scenes all over Australia are kicking along with 100's of people weekly paying a lot more to see shows. Why do we have to have The Adelaide Cringe after the Adelaide Fringe?

I along with many others have invested everything that I am personally and financially in to this. I really think it's about time Adelaide got out there and started supporting it's own. My dream is to make Adelaide a world respected producer of brilliant comedic acts of all styles, colours and creeds. I want to see artists get paid to do what they Love. At the moment I am not sure how long I can keep this going.


"Let's Go While We're Young"

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