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Rye Gift

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1 Rye Gift on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:45 am


Reminder that entries for Rye close on Sunday December 29th. That is 11 days!

Enter at

Also, please note, there is now an U20 800m event on the card, so coaches and athletes of junior middle distance runners, please be sure to get your entries in! The sponsor is Access Energy. There is now something for EVERYONE at Rye.

Let's get behind these junior events, this is our future of the sport, without these kids learning and progressing, our future will be bleak!

2 Re: Rye Gift on Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:33 pm


Vicoutsider's top 20 contenders as I see it, without having the marks and only half a brain...

Always a very well contested Gift and one well worth it!

Matt Carter - always a good chance, though haven't seen him run in person this season.
Darren Whittaker - the rocket starter has the mark and is a likely finalist though does he have the speed-endurance?
Adam Coote - are we likely to see him run a gift for a while, or have his sights turned to the circle events, either way, he is a serious contender with a super mark, I like the way he goes around his bisiness. Big chance!
Luke Stevens - Along with Cam Dunbar the most impressive sprinter this season. If not Rye, he will be winning a gift very soon!
Kevin Brittain - unsure if he run for anything other than a Stawell sash, but always an outside chance.
David Fenollar - a great honest runner and solid addition to the JH stable.
Simon Fitzpatrick - has made a couple gift finals including Burnie and seem to be as good a sprinter as he is a commentator.
Douglas Greenough - my old weary head only remembers him having a canter at the Northcote gift this season, i like his chances, will final!
Matthew Hargreaves - hasn't run a great deal of sprints this season, vicoutsider thinks he is very happy with his mark and is almost ready for another big one.
Noddy Angelakos - like Fitzy a bit of a surprise packet this season has made a couple gift finals, and may again if he runs.
Edward Ware - he was my big tip and Maryborough and vicoutsider lost his money on him, unsure if waiting or out-of-form..
Cam Dunbar - my top tip. I really like that he keeps to his business and gets the job done. Is sure to final and give it a real shake up, risky running at Daylsford, but anyhow, amongst my top tips.
Shane Ezard - might be shaping up for a back-to-back Albury, will run well.
Khan Marr - anyones guess. . .
Matthew Harvey - hasn't had the super form of last though still there abouts. Sure to semi.
Paul Tancredi - an honest runner who seems to always be in with a chance when fit. He currently looks fit.
Daniel Martin - hasn't had many showings, but a fast runner who could win win it.
Josh Tiu - like Marr, anyone's guess.
Bros Kelly - Last years winner, a good little runner, i have a strong feeling he will final and go very very close to making it back-to-back.
Robert Spencer - looks to be a proper sprinter who is in good form, will certainly be amongst it and final. unlikely to win though will be close to the top couple.

So, what are your tips for the gift, 70, mile, 400 and other races..???

3 Other Chances for rye gift on Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:47 am


A few other names to consider after watching them recently if they are entered

John Adams, made a few finals,
Shaun Hargraves, always there abouts
Nathan Riali, Won Northcote and moving well this season
Noddy has a great mark.
Cam Dunbar, also made a few finals
Dean Scarff, in good form

The big outsider if Running was the Winner of the 70m at Daylesford. Very Impressive
Bikramjeet Singh.

4 Re: Rye Gift on Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:39 pm


Scarff a very good chance and you may get good odds, worth a punt.
Shaun won't run. If he does will of course go close.
Riali will need to improve to win, but expected to semi.
Noddy I suspect is injured, was he limping after the Maryborough Gift final?
My records show that Singh hasn't run a gift this season and hasn't broken 13.2. May final in the 70, though Rye is no Dayelsford..and the 120 is no 70...

Just my thoughts

5 Re: Rye Gift on Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:40 am


Handicap's must be due soon.

6 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:06 am


There are some mile marks missing and U20 marks too, please no stress! As soon I have them I'll update

EventDesc AthleteGivenName AthleteSurname Handicap
70m Novice Tamer SIRIN 4.25
70m Novice Lachlan Prins 7
70m Novice JACK LACEY 8
70m Novice Luke Mitchell 9
70m Novice Daniel MARTIN 10
70m Novice Amy van Braam 10.5
70m Novice Jenna CARTLEDGE 12
70m Novice Luke Douglass 7
70m Novice Mason Keast 8
70m Novice Tyson DEANE 9.5
70m Novice Lara Zalmstra 10.5
70m Novice Phoebe Maus 10.5
70m Novice Mayra CUMING 14
70m Novice Jackson Miller-Gage 3.75
70m Novice Jason BAILEY 5.75
70m Novice Chris Byron 7
70m Novice Julian FAWCETT 9.75
70m Novice Natasha Camm 10.5
70m Novice Richard CARTER 11
70m Novice Nadia DOMASCHENZ 12.25
70m Novice Kaitlyn Patten 14
70m Novice Dylan Burrows 4
70m Novice Brendon Glidden-Green 6
70m Novice Adam Jackson 7
70m Novice Blake BAILEY 8.75
70m Novice SAMUEL GROUIOS 10
70m Novice Emily Carty 10.5
70m Novice Emma PUGH 11
70m Novice Taylah Perry 12.5
70m Novice Matt Burleigh 4
70m Novice Rhys GILLSON 6.25
70m Novice JONATHAN DYKES 7.25
70m Novice SCOTT SHILLITO 10
70m Novice Caitlin Foot-Connolly 10.5
70m Novice Josh FORNER 11
70m Novice Natasha McDOWELL 12.75
70m Novice Michael Torrini 4
70m Novice Jackson BARCLAY 6.5
70m Novice Hamish ADAMS 7.25
70m Novice Troy CAREY 9
70m Novice Stephen MARINIER 10
70m Novice Emma Fuelling 10.5
70m Novice Karlee BAILEY 11.5
70m Novice Jasper Nettlefold 4
70m Novice Jimmie GLADMAN 6.75
70m Novice Reece La Haye 7.5
70m Novice ANTHONY PAIGE 9
70m Novice Emily Robinson 10.5
70m Novice John HARVEY 11.5
70m Novice Samantha Hargreaves 14
70m Novice Amy TOZER 14
70m Novice River Robson 4
70m Novice Jake KELLAR 7.75
70m Novice Tom MOREHOUSE 9
70m Novice Jemimah Lam 10.5
70m Novice Alona Broome 11.75
70m Open Nathan RIALI 3
70m Open Chris HARGREAVES 4.5
70m Open Dale LYONS 5.25
70m Open Darren WHITTAKER 6.5
70m Open Kelly SHELDRICK 7.25
70m Open Glenn STEPHENS 8.5
70m Open Simon CAREY 9.5
70m Open Emma JOHNSON 12
70m Open Matthew HARGREAVES 3.25
70m Open Cam DUNBAR 4.5
70m Open Steve FABRIS 5.25
70m Open Peter KNOTT 6.5
70m Open Jordan KEAST 7.25
70m Open Andrew DRUMMOND 10
70m Open Graham VERBUNT 12.75
70m Open Danielle McDOWELL 14
70m Open Jasper Nettlefold 4
70m Open Augustine CARTY-COWLING 4.5
70m Open David FENOLLAR 5.75
70m Open Jimmie GLADMAN 6.75
70m Open Wade GIROTTO 8.5
70m Open Maddie COATES 10
70m Open Hayley ATKINS 13
70m Open Tony O'SHEA 14
70m Open Lachlan Prins 4
70m Open Iain DOUGLAS 4.75
70m Open Peter O'DWYER 5.75
70m Open Jack DOOLEY 6.75
70m Open Mark HIGNETT 7.25
70m Open Calvin GOOK 8.5
70m Open John MACKAY 10
70m Open Lauren CAMPBELL 13
70m Open Khan MARR 0.75
70m Open Mohamad ZEED 4
70m Open Douglas GREENOUGH 4.75
70m Open Simon JACKSON 5.75
70m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 6.75
70m Open Dominic HOSKINS 7.5
70m Open Mathew BOYES 10.25
70m Open Jacqueline McCANN 14
70m Open Matt CARTER 2
70m Open Matt Burleigh 4
70m Open Josh FORNER 6
70m Open Adam TODOROV 6.75
70m Open Troy CAREY 7.5
70m Open Steven TILBURN 8.5
70m Open Alice PLATTEN 13
70m Open Luke Stevens 2
70m Open Adam Jackson 4
70m Open Matthew MIFSUD 7
70m Open Marty SINCLAIR 8.75
70m Open Lawrence COOP 10.5
70m Open Lara GAMBINO 13
70m Open Sam JAMIESON 2.5
70m Open John ADAMS 4.25
70m Open Rhys PARKINSON 5
70m Open Christopher EATHER 7
70m Open Adam CABBLE 7.5
70m Open Todd IRELAND 8.75
70m Open Scott ROWSELL 10.5
70m Open Matthew WILTSHIRE 2.75
70m Open Josh/Joshua TIU 4.25
70m Open Dean DOBRIC 5
70m Open John CARA 6
70m Open JACK LACEY 6
70m Open Jonathon ROGERS 7.75
70m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 9
70m Open Tierra EXUM 13
70m Open Edward WARE 2.75
70m Open Daniel POP 4.25
70m Open Nick SAMPIERI 5
70m Open Chad RYAN 6
70m Open Nick HOWARD 8
70m Open Hana BASIC 9
70m Open Tara DOMASCHENZ 10.75
70m Open Angela PHILLIPS 13.25
70m Open Benjamin/Ben WEAVER 2.75
70m Open Robert SPENCER 4.25
70m Open Matthew HARVEY 5
70m Open Walter PASQUALI 6.5
70m Open Craig FOLEY 7.25
70m Open Justin TEMPLAR 8.25
70m Open Jay BLAKE 9.5
70m Open Melanie PURKISS 12
120m Open Matthew WILTSHIRE 3.75
120m Open Chris HARGREAVES 7
120m Open Douglas GREENOUGH 8
120m Open Dominic HOSKINS 8.75
120m Open Scott ROWSELL 11
120m Open John CARA 11.75
120m Open Nick HOWARD 12
120m Open Glenn STEPHENS 14.75
120m Open Sam JAMIESON 4.5
120m Open Samuel BAIRD 6.25
120m Open Simon JACKSON 9
120m Open Wade GIROTTO 10
120m Open Jay BLAKE 14.75
120m Open Hana BASIC 16.5
120m Open Carl MOREHOUSE 5
120m Open Benjamin/Ben WEAVER 6.25
120m Open Jimmie GLADMAN 7.25
120m Open Bikramjeet SINGH 9
120m Open Peter O'DWYER 10
120m Open Maddie COATES 16
120m Open Mathew BOYES 17.25
120m Open Luke Stevens 5
120m Open Mohamad ZEED 6.5
120m Open John ADAMS 7.25
120m Open Sean LAW 8
120m Open Simon FITZPATRICK 9
120m Open Nick SAMPIERI 10
120m Open Daniel MARTIN 11
120m Open Kevin BRITTAIN 5.5
120m Open Tamer SIRIN 6.5
120m Open Cam DUNBAR 7.25
120m Open Stuart ABERDEIN 8
120m Open Simon CAREY 10
120m Open Matthew MIFSUD 11
120m Open Craig FOLEY 12.25
120m Open Nathan RIALI 5.75
120m Open Daniel POP 6.5
120m Open Adam COOTE 7.25
120m Open Jake KELLAR 8
120m Open Lachlan TAYLOR 9
120m Open Matthew D'ASTOLI 10
120m Open Jonathon ROGERS 11.25
120m Open Marty SINCLAIR 12.5
120m Open Luke Douglass 6
120m Open RYAN MCNAMARA 6.5
120m Open JONATHAN DYKES 7.5
120m Open Jason BAILEY 8.25
120m Open Ryan CAMILLE 9.25
120m Open Peter KNOTT 10
120m Open Adam CABBLE 11.75
120m Open Justin TEMPLAR 12.5
120m Open Greg Mitchell 6.5
120m Open Edward WARE 7.75
120m Open Robert SPENCER 8.25
120m Open Luke VERSACE 9.5
120m Open Nick MAGREE 10.25
120m Open Darren WHITTAKER 12
120m Open Todd IRELAND 13.5
120m Open Jackson Miller-Gage 6
120m Open Bros KELLY 6.5
120m Open Paddy McDONALD 7.75
120m Open Josh/Joshua TIU 8.5
120m Open Dale LYONS 9.5
120m Open Adam TODOROV 10.25
120m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 12
120m Open Reece La Haye 6
120m Open Darci HUGHES 6.5
120m Open Jackson BARCLAY 8
120m Open Paul TANCREDI 8.5
120m Open Matthew HARVEY 9.5
120m Open Christopher EATHER 10.75
120m Open Julian FAWCETT 12
120m Open Matt CARTER 2
120m Open Adam Jackson 6
120m Open Will JOHNS 7
120m Open Rhys PARKINSON 8
120m Open Dean DOBRIC 8.5
120m Open Jack DOOLEY 9.75
120m Open Eric SAPAC 11
120m Open Steven TILBURN 14.5
120m Open Khan MARR 3.25
120m Open Matthew HARGREAVES 6.25
120m Open Chad RYAN 8
120m Open Shane EZARD 8.75
120m Open David FENOLLAR 10
120m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 11
120m Open Mark HIGNETT 12
120m Open Kelly SHELDRICK 14.75
120m Women's Katie MOORE 2.5
120m Women's Emma JOHNSON 6
120m Women's Lara GAMBINO 6.75
120m Women's Nadia DOMASCHENZ 7.75
120m Women's Jessica PAYNE 9.75
120m Women's Amber KING 10
120m Women's Kim MCDONOUGH 12
120m Women's Mayra CUMING 12
120m Women's Stephanie MOLLICA 4
120m Women's Natasha Camm 6
120m Women's Holly Dobbyn 6.75
120m Women's Tierra EXUM 8
120m Women's Susan SINCLAIR 9.75
120m Women's Jacqueline McCANN 10.25
120m Women's Kasey MOORE 12
120m Women's Samantha Hargreaves 17
120m Women's Melanie PURKISS 5
120m Women's Emily Carty 6
120m Women's Cleo ANDERSON 7
120m Women's Jenna CARTLEDGE 8
120m Women's Stephanie JINKS 9.75
120m Women's Lauren CAMPBELL 11
120m Women's Chloe BARNARD 12
120m Women's Celia COSGRIFF 14
120m Women's Amy van Braam 6
120m Women's Caitlin Foot-Connolly 6
120m Women's Ellie McKENZIE 7
120m Women's Anna PASQUALI 8.75
120m Women's Claire Thiele 10
120m Women's Elysha SCOWN 11
120m Women's Sonya POLLARD 17.5
120m Women's Hana BASIC 1.25
120m Women's Grace O'Dwyer 6
120m Women's Emma Fuelling 6
120m Women's Alice PLATTEN 7.25
120m Women's Kate JONES 8.75
120m Women's Amy TOZER 11.5
120m Women's Kaitlyn Patten 15
120m Women's Tara DOMASCHENZ 2
120m Women's Jemimah Lam 6
120m Women's Emily Robinson 6
120m Women's Kathryn O'Dwyer 7.5
120m Women's Angela PHILLIPS 9.5
120m Women's Natasha McDOWELL 10
120m Women's Ellie MAGUIRE 11.75
120m Women's Megan McMAHON 15.5
300m Veteran's Shane EZARD 1
300m Veteran's Walter PASQUALI 20
300m Veteran's John MACKAY 24
300m Veteran's Michael CARNEY 29
300m Veteran's Simon DARE 31
300m Veteran's Wayne JAMES 34
300m Veteran's Paul KINNIBURGH 40
300m Veteran's Marita DOWNES 45
300m Veteran's Colin MCCURRY 51
300m Veteran's Sonya POLLARD 61
300m Veteran's Evan KING 7
300m Veteran's Shane BUCKINGHAM 22
300m Veteran's Darren ARTHUR 25
300m Veteran's Christopher BROWN 33
300m Veteran's Alan DINSDALE 35
300m Veteran's John HARVEY 42
300m Veteran's Robert WISHART 46
300m Veteran's Craig LANCASTER 55
300m Veteran's Gary BLAKE 62
300m Veteran's Ricky DUNBAR 65
300m Veteran's Matthew D'ASTOLI 9
300m Veteran's Martin BARROW 22
300m Veteran's Mathew BOYES 26
300m Veteran's Steven TILBURN 30
300m Veteran's Richard CARTER 33
300m Veteran's SCOTT SHILLITO 36
300m Veteran's Samantha SAMMUT 48
300m Veteran's Tony O'SHEA 55
300m Veteran's Mandy EMMETT 64
300m Veteran's Elissa WARD 66
300m Veteran's Benny TANCREDI 76
300m Veteran's Todd IRELAND 12
300m Veteran's Graham VERBUNT 24
300m Veteran's Daniel MARTIN 26
300m Veteran's Elisha Ezard 30
300m Veteran's Andrew DRUMMOND 34
300m Veteran's Chris LIVITSANOS 36
300m Veteran's Katrina BUCKINGHAM 43
300m Veteran's Kim MCDONOUGH 50
300m Veteran's Greg WHITECROSS 58
300m Veteran's Dennis HUGHES 60
300m Veteran's Gary MAHON 68
400m Women's BROO Series Katie MOORE 17
400m Women's BROO Series Holly Dobbyn 21
400m Women's BROO Series Lucinda Lopes 24
400m Women's BROO Series Anna PASQUALI 27
400m Women's BROO Series Lauren CAMPBELL 30
400m Women's BROO Series Claire Thiele 32
400m Women's BROO Series Amy TOZER 34
400m Women's BROO Series Jacqueline McCANN 40
400m Women's BROO Series Megan McMAHON 42
400m Women's BROO Series Kylie WILLIAMS 48
400m Women's BROO Series Katrina BUCKINGHAM 50
400m Women's BROO Series Karin LAIDLAW 60
400m Women's BROO Series Lisa ROBERTS 60
400m Women's BROO Series Alice PLATTEN 9
400m Women's BROO Series Tamara HAMOND 18
400m Women's BROO Series Imogen Purcell 24
400m Women's BROO Series Kate JONES 24
400m Women's BROO Series Kathryn O'Dwyer 28
400m Women's BROO Series Stephanie JINKS 31
400m Women's BROO Series Jessica PAYNE 32
400m Women's BROO Series Amber KING 34
400m Women's BROO Series Kim MCDONOUGH 41
400m Women's BROO Series Natasha McDOWELL 42
400m Women's BROO Series Samantha SAMMUT 45
400m Women's BROO Series Danielle McDOWELL 49
400m Women's BROO Series Caroline COOP 50
400m Women's BROO Series Elissa WARD 80
400m Women's BROO Series Stephanie MOLLICA 11
400m Women's BROO Series Tara DOMASCHENZ 19
400m Women's BROO Series Grace O'Dwyer 24
400m Women's BROO Series Cleo ANDERSON 25
400m Women's BROO Series Ellie McKENZIE 28
400m Women's BROO Series Kasey MOORE 32
400m Women's BROO Series Hayley ATKINS 33
400m Women's BROO Series Celia COSGRIFF 34
400m Women's BROO Series Susan SINCLAIR 37
400m Women's BROO Series Elysha SCOWN 42
400m Women's BROO Series Talia MARTIN 45
400m Women's BROO Series Jessie HART 50
400m Women's BROO Series CASSANDRA ANDERSON 50
400m Women's BROO Series Samantha Hargreaves 58
400m Open James COLLIER 18
400m Open RYAN MCNAMARA 20
400m Open Will JOHNS 20
400m Open Jack LEWIS 23
400m Open Shane EZARD 25
400m Open Luke VERSACE 27
400m Open Ryan CAMILLE 28
400m Open ANTHONY PAIGE 28
400m Open Drew KOWALSKI 34
400m Open Ben MASON 37
400m Open David WOODS 39
400m Open Bradley ARMSTRONG 41
400m Open Martin BARROW 46
400m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 48
400m Open Matthew HARGREAVES 5
400m Open Andrew CAMPBELL 18
400m Open Eric SAPAC 20
400m Open River Robson 20
400m Open Chris Byron 24
400m Open Josh/Joshua TIU 25
400m Open Matthew HARVEY 28
400m Open Jay BLAKE 37
400m Open David GIROLAMO 42
400m Open Lawrence COOP 46
400m Open Darren WHITTAKER 48
400m Open Tom HECIMOVIC 60
400m Open Samuel BAIRD 6
400m Open Paul TANCREDI 20
400m Open Chris HARGREAVES 21
400m Open Darci HUGHES 24
400m Open Daniel LAWLOR 28
400m Open JACOB NOLAN 34
400m Open Alexander BACALJA 38
400m Open Darren NAISMITH 39
400m Open Dane HEIDEN 42
400m Open Simon CAREY 46
400m Open Chris LIVITSANOS 63
400m Open Craig LANCASTER 90
400m Open Alan DINSDALE 60
400m Open Iain DOUGLAS 12
400m Open Liam PROCACCINO 18
400m Open Dylan Burrows 20
400m Open Steve FABRIS 21
400m Open Jake KELLAR 24
400m Open Rhys PARKINSON 25
400m Open David FENOLLAR 28
400m Open Josh NOLAN 28
400m Open Aaron POOLEY 34
400m Open Evan KING 39
400m Open Nick HOWARD 43
400m Open Darren ARTHUR 47
400m Open Stephanie MOLLICA 50
400m Open Susan SINCLAIR 73
400m Open Lachlan TAYLOR 15
400m Open Cam DUNBAR 18
400m Open John ADAMS 20
400m Open Max LACEY 22
400m Open Liam SHEPHERD 24
400m Open Justin RINALDI 26
400m Open Stuart ABERDEIN 27
400m Open Michael MARANTELLI 29
400m Open Matthew McCAULEY 35
400m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 38
400m Open Jacob REED 40
400m Open Wade GIROTTO 50
400m Open Colin MCCURRY 80
400m Open Adam COOTE 15
400m Open Douglas GREENOUGH 18
400m Open Nicholas CROSS 20
400m Open Augustine CARTY-COWLING 22
400m Open Greg Mitchell 24
400m Open Mohamad ZEED 26
400m Open Neil BRENNAN 27
400m Open Brendon Glidden-Green 28
400m Open Joel Donnar 32
400m Open James DEANE 35
400m Open Justin TEMPLAR 38
400m Open Adam CABBLE 40
400m Open Shane BUCKINGHAM 43
400m Open Calvin GOOK 47
400m Open Dominic HOSKINS 17
400m Open Paddy McDONALD 19
400m Open Hamish ADAMS 20
400m Open Nick MAGREE 23
400m Open Jack DOOLEY 24
400m Open Dale LYONS 26
400m Open Jason BAILEY 28
400m Open JACK LACEY 28
400m Open Peter KNOTT 33
400m Open Steven MARSH 36
400m Open Glenn STEPHENS 40
400m Open Neale GUNNING 44
400m Open Andrew DRUMMOND 48
400m Open Christopher BROWN 53
800m Open Matthew Turner 18
800m Open James DEANE 26
800m Open Liam PROCACCINO 40
800m Open Andrew CAMPBELL 48
800m Open JAMES PARKER 50
800m Open Phillip O'BRIEN 50
800m Open Ian BURROWS 54
800m Open Daniel LAWLOR 60
800m Open Darren NAISMITH 66
800m Open Craig HARRIS 78
800m Open Matthew BATEMAN 96
800m Open Christopher BROWN 106
800m Open Stefan CATALANO 134
800m Open Corina KAPUSTA 166
800m Open Julian Boland 999
800m Open Samuel BAIRD 10
800m Open Adam COOTE 20
800m Open Michael MARANTELLI 34
800m Open BAYLEY FORBES 44
800m Open Ryan CAMILLE 50
800m Open Dylan MOORE 50
800m Open David HAIGH 58
800m Open Drew KOWALSKI 60
800m Open John MORRIS 66
800m Open Daniel VEITH 68
800m Open Neale GUNNING 80
800m Open Tom HECIMOVIC 98
800m Open Wayne JAMES 106
800m Open Martine BEER 158
800m Open Greg WHITECROSS 170
800m Open Karin LAIDLAW 999
800m Open Josh NOLAN 14
800m Open Neil BRENNAN 24
800m Open Justin RINALDI 38
800m Open James COLLIER 44
800m Open Alexander BACALJA 48
800m Open Arron DOWNES 50
800m Open Robert HAALA 60
800m Open David SPENCE 60
800m Open Jacob REED 62
800m Open Bradley ARMSTRONG 70
800m Open Clint ANDERSON 70
800m Open Mark HIPWORTH 74
800m Open Sean QUILTY 88
800m Open Martin BARROW 100
800m Open Karoline CURTIS 110
800m Open Celia COSGRIFF 130
800m Open Sue ANDERSON 166
1600m Women's/Veteran's Shane THIELE 0
1600m Women's/Veteran's Arron DOWNES 70
1600m Women's/Veteran's John MORRIS 105
1600m Women's/Veteran's Sean QUILTY 105
1600m Women's/Veteran's David PAGE 115
1600m Women's/Veteran's Darren NAISMITH 115
1600m Women's/Veteran's Mark HIPWORTH 125
1600m Women's/Veteran's Ashley SANDISON 125
1600m Women's/Veteran's Matthew BATEMAN 125
1600m Women's/Veteran's Christopher BROWN 140
1600m Women's/Veteran's Tony MORAN 175
1600m Women's/Veteran's John HARVEY 175
1600m Women's/Veteran's RICHARD BANKS 200
1600m Women's/Veteran's Tamara HAMOND 200
1600m Women's/Veteran's LORNA CLARK 200
1600m Women's/Veteran's KIRSTY CLARK 210
1600m Women's/Veteran's Corina KAPUSTA 235
1600m Women's/Veteran's Martine BEER 295
1600m Women's/Veteran's Sue ANDERSON 300
1600m Women's/Veteran's CASSANDRA ANDERSON 300
1600m Women's/Veteran's Gary BLAKE 320
1600m Women's/Veteran's Lisa ROBERTS 335
1600m Women's/Veteran's Greg WHITECROSS 335
1600m Women's/Veteran's Tony RENDINA 345
1600m Women's/Veteran's Robert KENSHOLE 400
1600m Women's/Veteran's Emma PUGH 999
1600m Open Michael MARANTELLI 40
1600m Open Matthew Turner 55
1600m Open Alexander BACALJA 75
1600m Open James DEANE 95
1600m Open LUKE BAIN 100
1600m Open RYAN BAIN 100
1600m Open Neil BRENNAN 105
1600m Open BAYLEY FORBES 110
1600m Open Matthew McCAULEY 110
1600m Open JACOB NOLAN 115
1600m Open Adam COOTE 115
1600m Open David SPENCE 115
1600m Open Dylan MOORE 120
1600m Open JAMES PARKER 120
1600m Open Michael LOW 125
1600m Open Drew KOWALSKI 130
1600m Open Joel Donnar 130
1600m Open Ian BURROWS 135
1600m Open Phillip O'BRIEN 140
1600m Open Arron DOWNES 145
1600m Open Craig HARRIS 145
1600m Open David HAIGH 150
1600m Open Robert HAALA 155
1600m Open Clint ANDERSON 160
1600m Open Sean QUILTY 170
1600m Open Daniel VEITH 170
1600m Open John MORRIS 190
1600m Open David PAGE 190
1600m Open Christopher BROWN 215
1600m Open Mark HIPWORTH 220
1600m Open Matthew BATEMAN 235
1600m Open Lucinda Lopes 245
1600m Open David GIROLAMO 250
1600m Open Wayne JAMES 265
1600m Open Gerard O'Donnell 290
1600m Open Stefan CATALANO 305
1600m Open Leon BROOKS 310
1600m Open Martine BEER 350
1600m Open Justin NOONAN 999
1600m Open Emma PUGH 999
1600m Open Steve Preece 999
120m VRTA U20 Stuart ABERDEIN 6
120m VRTA U20 Michael Torrini 6
120m VRTA U20 Mikayla Round 10
120m VRTA U20 Talia MARTIN 20
120m VRTA U20 Tierra EXUM 20
120m VRTA U20 Dylan MOORE 21
120m VRTA U20 Amy TOZER 23
120m VRTA U20 Darci HUGHES 4.5
120m VRTA U20 Matt Burleigh 6
120m VRTA U20 Jacob REED 8.5
120m VRTA U20 Charlie MORAN 12
120m VRTA U20 Mason Keast 13
120m VRTA U20 Karlee BAILEY 20
120m VRTA U20 Ellie MAGUIRE 21.5
120m VRTA U20 Kasey MOORE 23
120m VRTA U20 Bayley Drummond 6
120m VRTA U20 River Robson 6
120m VRTA U20 Jordan KEAST 11.5
120m VRTA U20 Jessica PAYNE 20
120m VRTA U20 Kirsty Stevens 22
120m VRTA U20 Chloe BARNARD 25
120m VRTA U20 Luke Mitchell 6
120m VRTA U20 Jasper Nettlefold 6
120m VRTA U20 Stephen MARINIER 14.5
120m VRTA U20 Grace O'Dwyer 20.5
120m VRTA U20 Mayra CUMING 24
120m VRTA U20 Dylan Burrows 6
120m VRTA U20 Reece La Haye 6
120m VRTA U20 Taylah Perry 10
120m VRTA U20 Hamish ADAMS 12.5
120m VRTA U20 Blake BAILEY 17
120m VRTA U20 Kathryn O'Dwyer 22.5
120m VRTA U20 Elysha SCOWN 28
120m VRTA U20 Jake KELLAR 6
120m VRTA U20 Rhys GILLSON 8
120m VRTA U20 Jarryd WRIGHT 13
120m VRTA U20 Tyson DEANE 17
120m VRTA U20 Jenna CARTLEDGE 21
120m VRTA U20 Jake Ireland 22
120m VRTA U20 Natasha McDOWELL 24
120m VRTA U20 Lachlan Milligan 6
120m VRTA U20 Brendon Glidden-Green 9
120m VRTA U20 Lachlan Prins 10
120m VRTA U20 Troy CAREY 18.5
120m VRTA U20 Cleo ANDERSON 23.5
120m VRTA U20 Tiana SHILLITO 24
800m Under 20 Jacob REED 12
800m Under 20 Brendon Glidden-Green 32
800m Under 20 Phillip O'BRIEN 36
800m Under 20 JACOB NOLAN 48
800m Under 20 Alex COOP 80
800m Under 20 BAYLEY FORBES 80
800m Under 20 LUKE BAIN 80
800m Under 20 RYAN BAIN 86
800m Under 20 JAMES PARKER 86
800m Under 20 Dylan MOORE 104
800m Under 20 Tayla SPROULE 116
800m Under 20 Kasey MOORE 118
800m Under 20 Lee Tzilantonis 120
800m Under 20 Chloe SPROULE 126
800m Under 20 Tiana SHILLITO 126
800m Under 20 LORNA CLARK 134
800m Under 20 KIRSTY CLARK 146
800m Under 20 Riley KANE 999
800m Under 20 Michael Torrini 999
800m Under 20 Meg DEANE 999

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7 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:48 am

Smoke n Mirrorz

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Dan Martin a solid chance off 11m.

8 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:40 am


8 solid chances of making the final. My predictions are;
Whittaker - Was looking sharp at Maryborough, tail winds at Rye will favour
Dunbar - Again Maryborough & Daylesford form, ready to step up again
Moorehouse C (Sorry ToM) - Terang form and Tassie form will have him knocking on the door of a final
Angelakos - Had vitory snatched at Maryborough, hard to run down with the tail wind I think
Ezzard - MIA for a few weeks? Hiding? Ready to ping? the typical tail winds will put him in the pointy end
Fenollar - Really stepped up this season, close in many races (novice) and a Daylesford final 2nd place. Not in the top half of the finalists, but a real chance of making the final
Riali - Impressive youngster, loads of talent, part of a really successful group. Will take it to Angelakos I feel
Harvey - Always about the mark, I think this is the start of a longer term campaign

Singh - Deylesford results stood out a bit
Fitzpatrick - Burnie finalist
Coote - Burnie winner, Bay Sheff Bridesmaid
Stevens - Exciting junior, capable of just about anything
Basic - One of the country's top female sprinters, the tail winds will suit the girls and she may be very close to sneaking into a final if it all goes perfectly.
Coates - Emerging junior with massive ability, Might be off the boil since Queanbeyan, but an extremely quality female sprinter capable of anything on her day

9 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:21 pm

The Sheik

This Saturday at RYE

A battle of the

The Sheik's Allah Inspired Dream team
Khan Marr (Capt)


McKenzies Infidels
Carter (Capt)

4 points for 1st in heat, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for third.

Semi 7 points for first, 4 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd.

Final. 10 points for 1st, 7 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd.

double points for captain.

We will kill the infidels.

10 Injury on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:33 pm


One of the favorites for the gift may have an injury cloud. Watched him grab for the hamstring after his race at Daylesford. ?????? He might not get the nod on the line. Sorry for the punt. hahahaha

11 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:48 pm


Correct, might have to change that tip... If Basic runs the open, then she will be my next tip into the final if in form.

12 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:04 pm


Top 4 chances

Adam Coote - Burnie Gift winner/ Bay Sheff runner up/Stawell Gift finalist/Black Opal winner. (Say no more)

Darren Whitaker - in great form at the moment and has a great mark for someone with that kind of speed.

Cam Dunbar - always fast and always dangerous. Has won a sash at just about every meet in the country. Runs well at Rye

Nathan Riali - having his breakout season. Looks to have a good range in his stride and has form on his side. Will look to add to his 2013/2014 sash collection.

13 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:52 pm


Firstly a shout out to Shaun H, I know I told you vicinsider had been retired but I've just had to do a John Farnham 'one last time', I hope LJ and yourself have settled into the ACT, Take it easy at mooseheads the $1 happy hour pots turned vicinsider sideways a few years ago!!

Now question for discobull, where is the post race victory party disco going to be?? I know security working that night at portsea pub if you want the after party to be there??

Btw vicinsiders time prediction without any wind is 12.35 so god help us if there is re normal strong tail wind, as I doubt the locals would have ever seen such long legs run so fast ever before!!

Till the next tour, vicinsider out!!

14 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:05 pm

Bad Boy Bubby

Just like in Tassie with Anthony Hudson's "thirteen, thirteeeeeeeeen", we will hear Cartha yelling out "off sixteen, sixteeeeeeen!"

15 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:18 pm


Hahahaha. Good one vic outsider. I Never count my chickens before they hatch. What ever the result the plain was always the conti. Hahaha. Dusted off the dancing shoes and pay tribute to the nickname. Lol.

16 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:28 pm


Hang on disco! Vicinsider takes offense at being called vicoutsider! That's like buying a rollex watch from Thailand! Or nikke shoes from Bali!
The conti will be pumping and could be a very large line If you leave it too late and take too many photos at the track, the bar down on the water opposite the conti- Morgans, down with italico is under new management and may be a good backup plan for all those wanting to get along to celebrate!

17 Re: Rye Gift on Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:50 pm


Sorry I meant vicinsider. Oops. No need to line up when your a regular. Hahaha. But back up plain sounds good. Cheers

18 Re: Rye Gift on Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:25 am

Mick The Rex

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Some interesting tips, however you're all barking up the wrong tree, you've tipped the wrong P, look a little further out its pretty Basic to find the winner!

19 Re: Rye Gift on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:46 am

Bad Boy Bubby

Discobull must've had a big night at Conti. Where are the videos big fella?

Looks like it was a win for the infidels Sheik?

20 Re: Rye Gift on Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:58 pm

The Sheik

There is an old Arab saying, my father the Original Sheik would say.

كالمستجير من الرمضاء بالنار كالنحل: في أفواهها عسل يحلو وفي أذنابها السم

It translates to

A bee carries sweet honey in their mouths, and in their tails poison.

Infidels carried to victory by Matt Carter. The man is a bee.

21 Re: Rye Gift on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:22 pm


Yes was a big night at conti. Videos to come.

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