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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Tristan Garrett's Blog on RT - Great Read

Tristan Garrett's Blog on RT - Great Read

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1 Tristan Garrett's Blog on RT - Great Read on Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:39 pm



RT Journals: Tristan Garrett:
First Blog for Tricky
posted by rtross on January 2, 2011,

Hi everyone I am Tristan Garrett or as some people know me as Tricky I was contact by runners tribe to write a blog on how thing have been going since the Australian domestic season whilst I have been in Europe.

This year I have had some big ups and downs earlier this year I had my first real break though at the senior level at the Melbourne athletics tour in the 800 metres I ran a PB of 1.46.66 with my previous best being 1.48.33 run at the hunter track classic a month earlier.

Leading into nationals I was pretty confident that I would be able to recreate how I ran in Melbourne and get myself onto the commonwealth games team, but how things turned out it wasn't to be and I ended up coming last in the final where the year before I didn't make it out of the heats so I guess I was still one step better than the year before but I wanted more.

Following the national championships in Perth I turned my attention to my European season to try and get the A standard and the spot on the team. I arrived in my home in Hamburg Germany where I now live, full of energy excited and ready to race. I had 3 races over 3 weeks. I ran terrible and I came to realization that it just wasn't going to happen so I went to the drawing board to figure out what had happened from Melbourne to June. I spoke with a lot people about what I should do and how I should go about approaching the next months ahead. During that time I got in contact with Nic Bideau asking for his help and advice and what he thought had happened between Melbourne and coming to Europe and the words said where simple and they were: “YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF FITNESS” and you need to work a lot more on it. So the next step was working out what was best for me to do so I decided to go to London for a month to train and learn everything I could from Nic and everyone his works with about improving as a runner and getting to the next level.

The month spent in London was exciting, fun and very hard work as I found out how much I really needed to work on getting myself fitter as in some of the sessions I was get dropped by the girls but they really helped me along.

It was also really good to have guys there like Nick Bromley , Ryan Gregson , Mitch Kealey , Lachlan Renshaw and Mark Draper to train with. They were supportive and told me don't worry it’s not going to happen overnight. You just have to work on it and you will see the improvements. So my month in London came to a end and I went back to Hamburg. The first week back in Hamburg was just all about getting into the routine of what I had been doing in London and once I got into the routine everything started to work smoothly but also letting Nic know how things were getting on and getting advice and feedback from him.

The month of August had past and training was coming along well and I could see the small improvements. I had also planned to go back to London for 3 weeks in September to train with the guys as in Hamburg I was training by myself. I was getting ready to head back to London and 2 days before I was about to leave I got a phone call saying I was going to the Continental Cup as a reserve for the 800m and 4x400m. So I packed up my stuff and headed to Split not knowing if I was going to race or not. But I kept in my mind that I may have to race and to be mentally ready to go as day 1 of competition ended I found out that I will racing so I went about doing my normal routine before racing just trying to stay as relaxed as I could and just enjoy myself.

Come race time standing on the start line was unlike anything I have ever experienced before with the crowd going wild for Blanka Vlasic as the race starts my aim was to stay as close as I could to Marcin Lewandowski for as long as I could for what I remember I think I was still within a metre or 2 just before the 600m mark, and that’s where I felt the real sting.

I ended up finishing in 8th place but the experience to race with a field like that was amazing and something that will help me in the years to come so the Continental was over and I headed to London. Over the next 3 and a half weeks I could see the work I had put in over the last months was paying off but I still had a way to go. This time around it was great to having Benny St Lawrence , Collis Birmingham and the rest of the guys there telling me that they could see that I had improved since the last time I was there.

So another 3 half weeks of the routine and hard work in London was finished so I headed back to Hamburg to get on with my training and putting my head down and doing all the right things to improve myself as a 800m runner.

Fast forward to November and the weather in Hamburg is starting to not be the greatest place to train with. Rain, rain and more rain but you got to do what you got to do if you have a session you have to go out there and do it you can’t also have it perfect so I just got on with the job that I needed to do.

So I continued with my routine of training and working on my base and fitness and come late November the snow has arrived some people may think it is crazy to go out running, or to do a session in -8 in the snow but to tell the truth if you don't think about it and just do the work you really don't notice it except when you have close calls slipping on the ice.

In late November I had the chance to go to Papendal Holland to do some training with the Dutch distance guys and get some testing done while I was there once again I learnt a lot from being there and sitting in on Nic’s talks he was giving while there also gave me a lot insight and knowledge into distance running that I didn’t know before.

It is now December 28th and I will soon leave my home in Hamburg to return for the Australian season next week I will head to falls creek for a few weeks of training which I am really looking forward to it will be my first time there and I’m looking forward to the experience.

Also while sitting here in my apartment writing this I have been able to see how far I have come to improve from where I was when I first arrive in Europe in May.

I am now looking forward to the challenges the 2010 2011 season will bring over the Australian summer.

I hope you all enjoyed my first blog. I look forward to writing again. Wishing you all a Happy new year.

Tristan aka Tricky

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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