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PROTRACK » GENERAL » 400m Ringwood Gift - quantity over quality

400m Ringwood Gift - quantity over quality

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1 400m Ringwood Gift - quantity over quality on Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:58 am


92 entries in the $4000 Ringwood Gift - the only traditional 400m Gift on the VAL calendar. (Avondale Heights kicks off in 2011)

Staggers me to see the Ringwood Gift has an 80m limit. If it is to boost entries then it's a sad indictment that quantity is more important than quality. I would have thought a $4000 race over 400m with the tradition of Ringwood would be regarded at a minimum of a group 1, if not a classic.

It doesn't make sense when compared to other 400m races on the VAL calendar.

The inaugural 400m Avondale Heights Gift, worth $3000 has a 60m limit.

The 400m at Stawell is deemed a Group 1 with the backmarkers having a limit of 30m and the frontmarkers - a limit of 60m. Not sure what the bacmarkers is worth at Stawell in 2011, (TBA on entry form) but the frontmarkers is a lot less than $4000.

In my write-up for Colin Rowston's book celebrating the 30th running on the Camden Classic. I wrote:

inter alia....."when I first commemced coaching in the SAAL in 1998, I was still looking east for the major 400m events with Bendigo, Stawell and the 400m Ringwood Gift having the most appeal....."

If I was to re-write this pararagraph in 2011, I'd leave out Ringwood.

The VAL do a lot of things right ast the moment, but I can't see the logic in downgrading the Ringwood Gift to group 2 status with an 80m limit.

ENTRIES for the 400m Ringwood Gift

ANGELAKOS, Noddy 400m Gift
ARMSTRONG, Bradley 400m Gift
BARROW, Martin 400m Gift
BENNIE, Jason 400m Gift
BLAKE, Jay 400m Gift
BLYTH, Simon 400m Gift
BOUDRIE, Andrew 400m Gift
BOYES, Mathew 400m Gift
BRENNAN, Neil 400m Gift
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 400m Gift
CAMPBELL, Sam 400m Gift
CATO, Chris 400m Gift
CHALLIS, Andrew 400m Gift
COOPER, Glenn 400m Gift
COOTE, Adam 400m Gift
COSGRIFF, Celia 400m Gift
COULL, Nathanael 400m Gift
DALZIEL, Wayne 400m Gift
DEANE, James 400m Gift
DINSDALE, Alan 400m Gift
DIXON, Christopher 400m Gift
DONAHOO, Paul 400m Gift
DOWSING, Scott 400m Gift
DUNBAR, Cam 400m Gift
FARMER, Jack 400m Gift
FLANAGAN, Andrew 400m Gift
FOLEY, Craig 400m Gift
GANNON, John 400m Gift
GOOK, Calvin 400m Gift
GRANT, Matt 400m Gift
GREENOUGH, Douglas 400m Gift
HAIGH, David 400m Gift
HARGREAVES, Chris 400m Gift
HARGREAVES, Matthew 400m Gift
HARGREAVES, Shaun 400m Gift
HECIMOVIC, Tom 400m Gift
HOCKING, Mitchell 400m Gift
HOSKINS, Dominic 400m Gift
HOWARD, Nick 400m Gift
HUBBARD, Darcy 400m Gift
HUBBARD, Kendra 400m Gift
JINKS, Stephanie 400m Gift
KASIMATIS, Demetri 400m Gift
KEENAN, Robert 400m Gift
KELLY, Bros 400m Gift
KING , Evan 400m Gift
LACEY, Max 400m Gift
LAW, Sean 400m Gift
LIVITSANOS, Chris 400m Gift
LYONS, Dale 400m Gift
MAGREE, Nick 400m Gift
MARSH, Steven 400m Gift
MATHEWS, Rodney 400m Gift
MATTHEWS, Bradley 400m Gift
MATTHEWS, Brendan 400m Gift
MAURER, Brett 400m Gift
MIFSUD, Matthew 400m Gift
MOORE, Katie 400m Gift
MOSBEY, Rilyn 400m Gift
NORRIS, Richard 400m Gift
O'DWYER, Peter 400m Gift
PIKE, Travis 400m Gift
PLATTEN, Alice 400m Gift
POLKINGHORNE, Richard 400m Gift
ROCHE, Chris 400m Gift
ROLLINSON, Craig 400m Gift
ROWLAND, Darren 400m Gift
SANDILANDS, Matthew 400m Gift
SAPAC, Eric 400m Gift
SHIEL, Matthew 400m Gift
SIMMONS, Jonathon 400m Gift
SMITH, Aaron 400m Gift
SMITH, Matthew 400m Gift
SPENCE, Peter 400m Gift
STEPHENS, Glenn 400m Gift
TAYLOR, Lachlan 400m Gift
TIU, Josh 400m Gift
TOSKAS, Rick 400m Gift
VEITH, Daniel 400m Gift
VERSACE, Luke 400m Gift
WEST, Tabitha 400m Gift
WILCOX, Andrew 400m Gift
WILLIAMSON, David 400m Gift
WOODROW, Shane 400m Gift
WOODS, David 400m Gift
YORKE, Cameron 400m Gift

"Let's Go While We're Young"


How were entries last year?


78 last year,Degrade a race for 9 more entries.It now has become just another race.Actually don't the rules state any race over $3000 is a classic except the gift,so they call it the gift so they can make it a group 2.Really thinking of the sport.


guess wrote:Actually don't the rules state any race over $3000 is a classic except the gift,so they call it the gift so they can make it a group 2.Really thinking of the sport.

I think it is 'thinking' of the sport, A 400m gift gives some of the other runners a chance to win 'A Gift'. I don't agree with the limit, but it is there this year, so we put up with it. We all love the fact there is a 550m gift at Movember and support it.

I think the winner will come from a guy who did not run at Rye! El Gato?


We all love the fact there is a 550m gift at Movember and support it.

Right Mex but at least they accept it as a classic and even made it $3001 to make sure.


Based on current form, and if he has a decent mark, nat coull would be right in it, he looked bloody strong in the vets 300 on saturday, my tip is he will at least place.


I agree with you there Chris, I think he will be right in it as well.

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