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PROTRACK » GENERAL » camden classic guide mens 2016

camden classic guide mens 2016

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1 camden classic guide mens 2016 on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:48 pm


Clay Watkins 0.00 m Winner Camden Classic 2015. 48.40 off 6m. Field has 6-8m on him from last year. 47.05 Track Jan6. Still a chance if they go around in 48’s with the lush Camden track and breeze. May not set himself to this
Dylan Stenson 10.00 m Last years runner up off 12m. 47.70 track 400m Jan6. Rarely seen I pros. Was backed from 300/1 to 20/1 in this years Bay Sheffield but ran out in heats. Made final of 550m Bay Sheffield but the frontmarkers stole event. Good handicap for time. The one to beat provided he doesn’t run at amatuers Sat
Bryce Watkins 15.00 m Scratched last year off 14m. 4th in 2014 off 14m. Quiet preparation. 48.8 Jan6 on Track suggests he is in good knick. Has chance if time is in low 48.s Likely finalist
Sam Russell 18.00 m Talented youngster. 5th in Classic 2014 off 20m. 49.40 Track Jan30. This suggests he is an outside final chance at best
Royce Rondello 20.00 m 24.06 off 12m TTG 200m and young suggests he will be in this for the experience
Brian Wilson 20.00 m Injured Dec. 50.59 Track Jan30. Will be difficult to win on limited preparation. PB of 49.10 would suggest he is someone to watch fpr the future
Michael Brusnahan 21.00 m Does not appear to relax enough to make 400m his go.  22.02 Track Jan30 +1.5m means he is unlikely to trouble the best here
Jack Harvey 21.00 m 49.52 track Bris Jan9 PB, Winner 300m Brighton, Winner 300m Westerns. Infrequent runner pros until this season. Big chance of final with latest PB and over the novice handicap at 1st run in the classic
Hayden Rothe 21.00 m Won Stawell 550m 2015. Won 300m earlier in season. Lifted 1m from last years mark where just missed final. Older more experienced meets winner 7m better off. Good chance of final but may not quite have the polish to win
Harry May 22.00 m 49.93 track this season. Improver this season making final of 550m Bay Sheffield. Probably not quite got the speed to win nor pro experience to win but may sneak into final
Sam Osmond 22.00 m Little form over the distance but Bay Sheffield 2015 winner with relaxed running style. Will be interesting with 2m over novice mark as Sheff winner
Jonathon Sinclair 22.00 m Rarely, if ever, runs pros. 53.96 track jan30 suggests he wont be in final
Deng Bulabek 23.00 m Winner 300m Marion in a commanding (bar one other athlete) performance. 6th in final 2015 Classic off same mark. Looks to have improved but does not run consistently but expect to be in final and look a chance with 50m to go
Kostya Khudoshin 23.00 m 2nd classic 2014 in fast time 47,39 (was a hot windless day). Back 1m on that performance. Lead ups reasonable without setting world on fire. Finalist yet but don’t think he has quite the class to win from 23m
Matthew Sinclair 23.00 m Rarely, if ever, runs pros. 53.27 nov27 track suggests he wont be in final
Jake Stangewitz 23.00 m Finalist and placed last 2 classics off same mark. Very impressive 300m Marion where he was probably lucky not to be more noticed. Subsequently won TTG 200m.  Favourite if Stenson runs Sat. Equal favourite if not.
Connor Verrall 23.00 m Good 300m performances this year being placed twice. They went too quick for him in later stages Marion 300m. Not got out of heat in 2 Classics but has extra 3m this time. Will need a good heat to figure in final
Ollie Wurm 23.00 m 48.1 off 24m Wangaratta. 48.0 off 26m Ringwood to be well back in heat. Don’t think so.
Stephen Alexander 24.00 m Ran classic 2014 off 22m. Did not run last year. Making comeback. Prefer later
Bradley Harvey 24.00 m Same mark as last year where finished well back in his heat. Has made a 300m final but seems to have not got on the right side of the handicapper. Has some ability though.
Tom Snyder 24.00 m 1st classic. 53.42 track dec20 suggests he is a far way off at this young stage
Hamish Adams 25.00 m 47.9 off 25m Ringwood 400m but not out of his heat. 33.5 off 21 300m Yarra Ranges again well back in heat. Times flatter as it is a synthetic track but not in sparkling form
Josh Dawkins 26.00 m Ran 2nd to winner in heat 2015 classic off 24m. Not shown much over sprint distances this season but could cause trouble in his heat.
Jack Doderico 26.00 m 46.4 6th final off 29 Ringwood 400m Jan30. 5th Wangratta 48.1 off 28 Has chance on that performance. 5th Albury classic 47.5 off 28. 7th Rye off 28. Is he waiting but probably best of interstate visitors
Robert Killmier 26.00 m Close in Classic heats 2015 off 26m and 2014 off 25m so handicapped tightly. Always gives a good sight but probably not moving well enough to trouble here.
Shane Ezard 27.00 m Victorian visitor. Last year 3rd Camden Classic off same mark. Means winner 6m better off and 2nd place 2m better off.  33.47 300m off 20m Yarra 31Jan but did not final. Albury, Stawell and Bendigo winner – all the classics. Still think he is going to come up short
Joshua Biggs 30.00 m Off 30m last year 2015 classic finished well back. Improvement over 300m this season being finalist suggest he is capable but will not make final
Brad Schutz 30.00 m Off 30m last year and out in his heat. Not had the best season so far. Again capable but unlikely.
Neil Brennan 33.00 m 33.64 300m off 26m Yarra 31Jan but did not final.
Ryan Hage 33.00 m Great Bay Sheff carnival winning 800m, runnerup 550m. Then 8th Rye 400m 48.8 off 33. Think this will be a little too quick but the ex SA runner has good final chance.
Jarrad Dartnall 34.00 m Finalist last year off 33m. Coming right at this time of year.
Robert Kane 34.00 m Off 30m last years classic. Creeping out in marks. Has ability but usually over longer distances. Will need to speed up if he is to hold off the backmarkers
Robert Keenan 37.00 m 5th Classic in 2015 off 37m.
Nickolas Berry 40.00 m Improving over 300m with recent finals but cannot see him holding off those behind him in this
Matthew Cousins 40.00 m Not seen in Classic for a few years. Has ability. Some reasonable 300m performance but no will not be in final
David Girolamo 40.00 m Good handicap. Always goes hard. Did not quite make final. Quiet lead up. Chance if right
Christopher Simpson 40.00 m Perenneial performer. Injured before the Bay. I hope he is in my heat is the favourite athlete quote

2 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:50 pm


Stenson Stangewitz Doderico Bulabek B Watkins Ezard Harvey Rothe

3 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:09 am


Tips from the heart: Joshua Biggs, Josh Dawkins, Clay Watkins
Reality: Bulabek, Stangewitz, Stenson / Rothe.

Good luck to all, such a tough gruelling event, admire all participants. not only for the day but on the training track.

Last edited by Biggsy on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:52 am; edited 1 time in total

4 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:31 am

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
My Final 8 after seeing heats

J Harvey

1 Stenson
2 Russell
3 Stangewitz
Time 48.3

Last edited by The Morphy Mongrel on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:12 pm; edited 1 time in total

5 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:39 am


Hillys tips in exact order.

1.Stangewitz, is due to unleash and get a big sash under his belt

2. Stenson, goes back two metres from last year but will finish in the exact same spot

3. Bulabek, The big fella is also due to unleash but I feel he will run out of legs in the last 50M. Expect him to be Infront at the 100m

4. Rothe, Camden always have a runner set for this and this year it will be rothe, not sure he can get the job done though.

5. Harvey, Not normally a pro runner but has been regularly running this season and will be a good show in this.

6 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:19 pm


Can't decide on last 2 places

7 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:19 pm

Baltimore Jack

Vics going over should do well. may get a few in the final

at least 3 of these guys

Didn't Stenson ran 47.7? That's about what Matt Hargreaves runs and he won off 10.

My tips

8 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:49 pm


It is really hard to compare val times to saal times. At least from my experience. My best times come from val. Track conditions? accuracy of timing? Really don't have an answer. Anyone have any idea? Or perhaps I just seem to run better against the vics? Really good to see some vics forgot Ballarat to run the event.

9 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:05 pm


EVENT 43 3:30pm
Heat 1 Name Handicap
Red Wilson Brian 20.00
White May Harry 22.00
Blue Verrall Connor 23.00
Yellow Harvey Bradley 24.00
Green Ezard Shane (Vic) 27.00
Black Kane Robert 34.00
Pink Cousins Matthew 40.00

Ezard, May

EVENT 44 3:34pm
Heat 2 Name Handicap
Red Russell Sam 18.00
White Rothe Hayden 21.00
Blue Wurm Ollie (Vic) 23.00
Yellow Alexander Stephen 24.00
Green Killmier Robert 26.00
Black Brennan Neil (Vic) 33.00
Pink Berry Nickolas 40.00

Rothe, Russell

EVENT 45 3:38pm
Heat 3 Name Handicap
Red Watkins Bryce 15.00
White Rondello Royce 20.00
Blue Bulabek Deng 23.00
Yellow Sinclair Matthew 23.00
Green Dawkins Josh 26.00
Black Hage Ryan (Vic) 33.00
Pink Keenan Robert (Vic) 37.00

Bulabek, Keenan

EVENT 46 3:42pm
Heat 4 Name Handicap
Red Stenson Dylan 10.00
White Brusnahan Michael 21.00
Blue Osmond Sam 22.00
Yellow Khudoshin Kostya 23.00
Green Adams Hamish (Vic) 25.00
Black Biggs Joshua 30.00
Pink Dartnall Jarrad 34.00
1 Simpson Christopher 40.00

Stenson, Khudoshin

EVENT 47 3:46pm
Heat 5 Name Handicap
Red Watkins Clay 0.00
White Harvey Jack 21.00
Blue Sinclair Jonathon 22.00
Yellow Stangewitz Jake 23.00
Green Snyder Tom 24.00
Black Doderico Jack (Vic) 26.00
Pink Schutz Brad 30.00
1 Girolamo David 40.00

Stangewitz, Harvey
Tough heat for Clay Watkins. Could qualify as a fastest loser.

10 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:43 am


Why would Clay Watkins do all those interviews leading into the classic knowing full welll he would be running in canberra and was not going to run yesterday?

11 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:29 pm


Most tipsters around the mark for Camden, some with 7 of the 9 finalists correct.  Obviously some pretty shrewd observers out there!  H. Rothe looked a bit distressed after his heat but went ok in final.  To me, the 400m is a tough gig, well done to all.

12 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:44 pm

Colin Rowston

Clay decided at the last minute to go to Canberra and therefore couldn't make the Friday night function we held. I don't blame him for choosing to run the ACT meet on Saturday night seeing that it is an Olympic year. Posting the time he did, it certainly paid off.

He told me he would have run on Sunday if he didn't pull up sore which he did. Bryce went to ACT as well but did pull up OK so ended up running (and finishing 2nd).

Whoever posted the last message, please get off Clay's back. He has supported Camden over many years and was a popular winner last year. I'm sure we will see him run the Camden Classic off scratch sometime in the future.

13 Re: camden classic guide mens 2016 on Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:45 pm


Hadn't read this thread since Sunday.

Fair call Colin. Left the first 'question' because it clarifies your response.
Deleted the other comment for obvious reasons.

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