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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Men's 100m at Adelaide Invitational - Triple Dead Heat for 3rd?

Men's 100m at Adelaide Invitational - Triple Dead Heat for 3rd?

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Good night for running last night at the Adelaide track. It's a pity the electronic timing broke down for the 100m. These things happen and hand held times will have to suffice. What I don't understand is why they did not at least separate the first two and then the next three. Hunt was definitely first, by about half a metre or so. The next three did not finish in a triple dead heat. I'm not sure who got 3rd as I didn't take note but ASA should have had a judge or two on the line to work it out.

MENS 100m Final
Wednesday 7:50 PM
Wind: +0.0
1 Harrison Hunt WD  10.60  
1 Clay Watkins WD  10.60  
3 Max Hagicostas WD  10.90  
3 Tomas Semmler WD  10.90  
3 Oli Callahan WD  10.90  
6 Kuei Kuei WD  11.00  
7 Wallace Long-Scafidi WD  11.10  
7 Jacob Aston SAIN  11.10  
9 Jack Norris CD  11.20  
10 Calern Adams WD  11.50

Willo the Whisp

The times posted are clearly unreliable.
However if you go to the website for the race and click on the camera you will see the photo finish result.
Actual distances and time space between the competitors can then be seen to determine the margin.
Looking at those photos it appears that the results were....

Wind +0.0
1. Hunt 10.54
2. Watkins 10.58
3. Hagicostos 10.87
4. Semmler 10.88
5. Callahan 10.88
6. Kuei Kuei 10.96
7. Long Scafidi 11.03
8. Aston 11.08
9. Norris 11.13
10. Adams 11.49

And the girls.....
Wind -1.5
1. Murphy 12.12
2. Mittiga 12.22
3. Cavouros 12.32
4. Thring 12.39
5. Ellis 12.49
6. Stallan 12.55
7. Viney 12.73
8. Hatchard 12.81


At the last moment I borrowed Dylan Hicks's stop watch and hand timed Harrison Hunt in 10.54sec. This can be confirmed by Hicksy. Remarkably the same time given as the electric time.

So I can assure you, Harrison did not run 10.54 electric, nor are any of the other times genuine.

Frankly I think it's embarrassing that this photo & the times have now been posted as official and will probably be included in the rankings.

My guess it was something around 10.75 to 10.80e.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Men - 100m
Name Club Performance Date
Clay Watkins WD 10.76s 28-Jan-17 (+1.3)
Jack Norris CD 11.13s 1-Apr-17 (+1.7)
Kuei Kuei WD 11.13s 9-Dec-17 (-1.2)
Tomas Semmler WD 11.15s 14-Oct-17 (+0.5)
Oli Callahan WD 11.20s 18-Jan-17 (-1.3)
Wallace Long-Scafidi WD 11.24s 18-Jan-17 (-1.3)
Jacob Aston SAIN 11.24s 11-Dec-17 (+1.9)
Max Hagicostas WD 11.35s 21-Oct-17 (+1.5)

Going by the Rankings on the Athleticssa website I reckon there are a few athletes that must be flattered by the times they received from last night.
Question has to be asked, does the SAAL handicapper take the results as PBs and alter their handicap.
Agree with Youngy , yes Whispers actually agrees with Youngy, if you compare the Ranking times with those from last night, they appear to be .2 to .3 out.

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