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PROTRACK » GENERAL » An SAAL decision that is as weird as it gets

An SAAL decision that is as weird as it gets

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1 An SAAL decision that is as weird as it gets on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:18 pm


The SAAL Board normally runs a steady ship but at times it can come up with a decision that just defies logic and today they came up with a doozie.

John Evans won a very depleted Flagstaff Hill Gift last year - a race that saw only nine athletes turn up and only two heats. Evans copped a 0.50 penalty for Flagstaff after he won Kensington. Effectively he went back 1.00m. Half metre for each race.

Given that scenario, I thought unless some sort of incentive is added to the Flagstaff Gift, it would be lucky to attract enough athletes for a straight out final this year.

I thought the bonus for Stawell offered by the VAL for Gifts through the year might be worth introducing for Flagstaff Hill as a trial.

So after the idea was floated around, it was put to the board and they agreed to offer an incentive for the winner of Flagstaff Hill, a 1m lift for the Bay Sheffield later this year.

Basically what ever you win Flagstaff Hill off, you can add a metre and that's your Bay Sheffield mark for next season. Simple and easy to work out.

All good so far.......

Then the board decided to introduce the same thing for the 70m at Pulteney - 0.50m lift for the Bay Sheffield 70m. Why? I've got no idea. It's not as if the Pulteney 70m was down to two heats like the Flagstaff Hill Gift. In fact the Pulteney 70m attracted more a healthy number of entries to fill five heats. Frankly, why anyone would consider that would make a difference to whether you entered a 70m or not, is ridiculous. It effectively elevates the Bay Sheffield 70m to the prestige level of the Bay Sheffield, which it isn't. The 70m at the Bay is a nice race but it is not the second biggest 70m in the land and is only a back up race for those who, for various reasons, are unable to be competitve for the Bay Sheffield.

So not so good that one - which brings me to the doozie!

In one of the strangest decisions ever, the Pulteney 200m is now a bonus race for the 120m Bay Sheffield. They aren't over the same distance and the marks are totally different. For example, Hayden Rothe won the 200m at Pulteney last year off 16m. So does he get to run off 17m for the Bay? Or is it 11m (As 120 is 60% of 200, so 60% of 16 is 1m = 11).? Or is it 9.75m, as his last mark was 8.75m? Because of the different handicapping scales used for each distance, some athletes are better off in a 120 than they are in a 200 and vice versa.

The marks for Gifts are in 0.25m increments, the 200m are in 1m increments, it's just a different event altogether.

No one has ever been penalised in a 120m for winning the 200m at Pulteney. It is already a non-penalty race because it is a different distance. So there was no need to add this Bay Sheff bonus. Athletes do not avoid Pulteney like they do Flagstaff Hill because a Flaggies Gift win can affect your Gift mark, Pulteney doesn't.

Even the VAL hasn't gone down the path of bonuses for 200m wins.

I don't know why they just didn't introduce it as a trial only for Flagstaff Hill - the meet that only had two heats and nine athletes.

As mum use to say - "You can sometimes be too smart for your own good".


"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
They do sometimes have problems with the 70m at Pulteney.

Event 171 - 70m Open - Heat: 2
Position Name Colour Mark Time
- Lyall Weir Red 5.00m Scr
- Aaron Neale White 5.75m Scr
- William Bowie Blue 6.50m Scr
- David Palmer Yellow 7.75m Scr
- Adrian Miller Green 9.50m Scr
- Steve Butler Black 11.75m Scr

The day the whole heat was scratched Laughing Laughing Laughing

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