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October 2018

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PROTRACK » 2018 Camden Classic Form Guide » Women's Camden Form Guide

Women's Camden Form Guide

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1 Women's Camden Form Guide on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:29 am



Nikki Austin, Coach: Michael Buckler, Handicap: 34m
A quality athlete who had a great season last year placing 2nd in the women’s 550m at Bay Sheffield, 4th in the final here (36m, 54.63) and winning the 400m at Flagstaff (36m, 53.54 sec). This season she has struggled to make finals and suspect she will experience the same here. Could make the consolation final.

Montana Beruldsen, Coach: Michael Butler, Handicap: 40m
A new athlete with the League who was unlucky to just miss the 400m final at Brighton. She will probably meet the same fate here.

Genevieve Brooks, Coach: Rick Wilson, Handicap: 34m
She made the final here last year (7th, 32m, 56.90 sec) but this season she struggled to make the 400m final at Brighton. Could be a consolation finalist.

Ruby Buchanan
, Coach: Gary Thompson, Handicap: 44m
Another finalist from last year (5th, 42m, 54.77 sec) who doesn’t seem to be in the same form. She ran the 400m at Sacred Heart, where she did not make the final. Other than this we haven’t seen her a lot this season, but she is too good to write off completely. It wouldn’t surprise to see her sneak into the final.

Czenya Cavouras, Coach: David Gross, Handicap: 28m
The reigning champ! She had a convincing win last year (32m, 53.54 sec), and although she hasn’t competed as frequently with the League this season, she had an outstanding performance in the 120m Women’s Bay Sheffield in December placing 3rd. Despite a 4m pull, her current form will put her around the place to go back to back.

Leah Cece
, Coach: Dylan Hicks, Handicap: 56m
She made most finals last season but hasn’t been in the same form recently. She will most likely miss making any finals.

Sarah Chigwidden, Coach: Luke Hildyard, Handicap: 40m
A recent lengthy overseas trip has meant that she has not had ideal race preparation and she will most likely be out of form. Unlikely to progress to the final.

Hettie Driscoll, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 52m
Last year she made the final (8th, 50m, 57.89 sec), but has had an injury set back this season. She is a likely scratching this year.

Lily Drummond, Coach: Claire Drummond, Handicap: 52m
She made the 400m final at Sacred Heart (9th, 48m, 57.20 sec). She has been given a handy lift which could assist her to sneak into the final.

Kirsten Fantinel, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 60m
A consistent athlete who has made every 400m final this season, with her best performance placing 3rd at St Michael’s (62m, 55.88 sec). She most recently ran off 66m at Brighton and will therefore come back 6m. Despite this, she could still sneak into the final.

Kelly Ferber, Coach: Andrew Beck, Handicap: 60m
This season she has made two 400m finals including St Michael’s (80m, 56.89 sec) and Brighton (80m, 56.64 sec). Due to the limit, she will come back 20m and will find it difficult to progress past the heats.

Tayce Fry, Coach: Anthony Tohl, Handicap: 60m
We haven’t seen her a lot this season with the League. She was unsuccessful in progressing beyond her 400m Sacred Heart heat and recently missed the 300m final at Marion. It’s unlikely that she will make the final here but a possibility for the consolation.

Olivia Hastings, Coach: Claire Drummond, Handicap: 28m
A talented runner around the circle, she is the current U16 400m state champion (PB 57.21sec), and ranked 5th in the state overall. This will be her debut for the Women’s Classic and her preparation has been identical to the Bay Sheffield’s 550m, where she placed 2nd. She will be extremely competitive, and will give the favourites a run for their money!

Niamh Henry, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 50m
Although generally more suited to the shorter stuff, she is able to extend to 400m. In 2016 she made the final of the Stawell 400m, placing 10th (41m, 56.58 sec). However, over the Christmas and New Year break she was off chasing leprechauns, so is lacking in her usual form. So perhaps give this girl a miss until the next Camden Classic.

Grainne Henry, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 50m
The future nurse is all too similar to her older sister, being more suited to the shorter events but able to extend. Last year she came 3rd in the Women’s classic (46m, 54.31 sec) but her preparation has included a tour of Europe over the break, so it is unlikely that she will progress to the final this year.

Edwina Kidd, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 40m
Generally runs over much shorter events and is still yet to make a Women’s final over this distance. However, given her recent improvements including 3rd in the Women’s 120m (12m, 14.83 sec) and 8th in the Women’s 300m (36m, 38.44 sec) finals at Marion, she could be a sneaky one for the final.

Kayla Lemm, Coach: Luke Buchanan, Handicap: 44m
She surprised a few people last season winning the 300m at Loxton (34m, 37.83 sec). This season she ran exceptionally well to win the 400m at St Michael’s (46m, 55.11 sec) and made the 120m Women’s final at Bay Sheffield (4th, 11.5m, 14.01 sec). Due to her recent performances she will be difficult to beat and accordingly, is the outright favourite.

Lauren McHugh, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 60m
This season she has made a range of finals over this distance, with her best placing at Brighton 6th (70m, 57.01sec). She does come back to the limit and will find this tough going, despite her determination. While it is unlikely that she will make the Women’s final, she could sneak into the Women’s consolation.

Natassia Messent, Coach: Charles Sheffield, Handicap: 24m
Ranked 3rd in the state over the Women’s 400m with a PB of 56.74 seconds, this girl is very handy around the circular track. She has however been recovering from an injury, and still working her way back up to her usual form. Give her a miss for this year.

Alisha Peeters, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 56m
This season she has made a range of finals over this distance, but has been unlucky with placings, just missing the podium at Sacred Heart. However, given the limit of 60m she will become one of the front markers, and is likely to be competitive. Making the final is certainly not beyond her.

Tayla Philis, Coaches: Dylan Hicks, Debbie Meich & Gaby Philips, Handicap: 32m
A talented hurdler, she is the current state champion for the women’s 400mH (76.2cm) with a PB of 63.35 sec and ranked 2nd in the state over the women’s 100mH (84cm) with a PB of 14.63 sec made in January this year. She has had a great season on the professional circuit; 1st in the 400m at Sacred Heart (32m, 53.55 sec), 2nd in the 70m (5.50m, 8.65 sec) and 3rd in the Women’s 120m (8.00m, 14.27 sec) at pre Bay Sheffield. Finals are definite; she is one of the favourites for sure.

Amy Robb, Coach: Michael Buckler, Handicap: 50m
Retiring this year from the short sprints, she is focussing more on circular events. She has made a range of finals across 300m, 400m, and 550m this season, but has only made the podium once (3rd, Women’s 550m Port Adelaide, 62m, 1:21.89). Making the final here is not beyond her capabilities.

Lisa Roberts, Coach: Michael Buckler, Handicap: 60m
Is yet to make a Women’s final this year across 300m, 400m, and 550m distance. Does not appear to be in the same form as previous years and comes back to the limit. Unlikely to progress beyond her heat.

Simone Rothe, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 60m
This season she has been competitive over this distance, placing 2nd at Sacred Heart (70m, 53.76 sec). She comes back to the limit, which she will find tough, but she could still sneak in …. If not, she will be competitive for the women’s consolation final.

Zoe Steele, Coach: Dylan Hicks, Handicap: 54m
While known for her sprinting ability over the straight, she is also a quality runner around the bend. Earlier in the season she was narrowly beaten in the Women’s 400m at Brighton (2nd, 54m, 56.31sec), but with the 60m limit in place she will be more towards the front, which will suit her well. Younger runners in the field will find this mother of three tough to catch! She is certainly one of the favourites for the win.

Kellie Symons, Coach: Frank McHugh, Handicap: 46m
Not in the same form as previous years. Give her a miss until next season.

Rosa Twyford, Coach: Self Trained, Handicap: 40m
A junior athlete who appeared to debut in the Women’s 400m at Brighton, where she made the final placing 5th (40m, 56.64 sec). She is ranked 7th in the state in the U18 girls category and 19th overall in the women’s 400m, with a PB of 60.32 from the end of last year. Making the final will be tough, and is more likely to make the consolation final.

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