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Doncaster Results

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1 Doncaster Results on Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:12 pm


70m Open
1st  Julian Fawcett  10.75
2nd  Thomas Yeung  7.25
3rd  Tim Rooke  4.0

100m Mens Gift
1st  Leigh Phelan  8.25
2nd  Max Punchihewa  8.00
3rd  Kristerfer Kardakovski  8.75

100m Womens Gift
1st  Ruby Holten  11.75
2nd  Deni O'Connor  14.75
3rd  Karlee Bailey  8.50

100m Under 14 Boys/Girls
1st  Harry O'Farrell  19.5
2nd  Jordan Lane  14.5
3rd  Cole Eefting  12.5

300m Masters
1st  Paul Tancredi  2.00
2nd  Steven Coulson  31.0
3rd  Peter Biggs  34.00

400m Open
1st  Justin Palmer  42.0
2nd  Mitchell Palmer  29.0
3rd  David Haigh  49.0

400m Womens
1st  Jody Richards  35.00
2nd  Elisha Ezard  61.00
3rd  Danielle McDowell  63.0

800m Open
1st  Connor Ogilvie  40.0
2nd  Sean Quilty  118.0
3rd  Jacob Nolan  60.0

1600m Open
1st  Martine Beer  375.0
2nd  Riley Brice  100.0
3rd  Jacob Nolan  130.0

1600m Restricted
1st  Julian Harris  225.0
2nd  Craig Sanford  170.0
3rd  Todd Finn  100.0

2 Re: Doncaster Results on Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:34 am


I read on twitter last night that Leigh Phelan is 43, two kids, works up to 60 hours per week.

Yesterday he won the inaugural Doncaster 100m Gift off 8.25m in 10.54sec.  

No matter how one looks at it, that is extraordinary.

At Flagstaff Hill, 44yo Tim Johnson ran off scratch in the Over 35's race, recording 13.71sec. Tim's current Gift mark is 9.0m. Had he contested the open gift, he would have run around 12.70s which would have won, given the wnning time was 12.76sec.

Phelan & Johnson are the types of vets I love to watch; still mixing it with athletes twenty years younger and running from similar marks to them.

Flagstaff Hill is one of the meets that does need the vets to be running in the open races to help with the numbers. We saw that in the 70m with four vets in the final.

When it comes to the major races with reasonable limits I like to see the cream rise to the top. And if a Phelan or Johnson is among them, it adds to the intrigue, the excitement and unpredictability of the race.  

Doncaster 100m FINAL (W: +0.1)
1 Leigh Phelan 8.25m 10.54s
2 Max Punchihewa 8.00m 10.57s
3 Kristerfer Kardakovski 8.75m 10.59s
4 Matt Burleigh 8.25m 10.612s
5 Cam Dunbar 7.25m 10.613s
6 Tim Rooke 5.75m 10.65s
7 Doug Greenough 7.75m 10.66s
8 Nilesh Vaheesan 5.00m 10.88s

Women's 100m FINAL (W: -0.2)
1 Ruby Holten 11.75m 11.88s
2 Deni O'Connor 14.75m 11.90s
3 Karlee Bailey 8.50m 12.00s
4 Liv Ryan 3.75m 12.12s
5 Amie Mittiga 3.75m 12.13s
6 Taylah Perry 4.50m 12.15s
7 Cara Boustead 8.50m 12.23s
8 Monique Larose 6.50m 12.47s

"Let's Go While We're Young"

3 Re: Doncaster Results on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:03 pm


I see Tancredi got up in the 300m off only 2m. What a fantastic run it must have been having to go around the entire field. Well deserved result.

4 Re: Doncaster Results on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:02 pm


The DAC appreciates the support we received for this event, the mayor and sponsors were very happy. There was some terrific finishes and Dan Mielicki was quite impressed by Paul Tancredi's run, it was a great call after pumping him up at the start. Well done to all the winners and hopefully see you back next year.

For those interested we got a nice article written up as well.

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