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Bunbury Gift

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1 Bunbury Gift on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:52 am


Well done to the Bunbury Gift organisers for what was a fantastic first event.

I thought the handicapping was great, even more so considering the high number of athletes with little recent form. I think there can be some tinkering with the timetable, for example the time between heat & final was longer than it needed to be for the 300m and most people left before the final. But I did hear that there maybe more events added next year and that could fill the time gap with a mix of little As and senior races. The heaviness of the distance track probably means some handicap adjustments for next year.

Going to the pre-event dinner on Friday night it was obvious that there are some seriously big hitters backing this event. I’m not sure there would be another athletics event currently going around that has the financial backing of this one.

Kiara & Evan were great first up winners and there were some cracking finals. The 100m skins was brutal and I’ll be interested to see how athletes tackle this one in future.

Sasha Zoyha was BRILLIANT with his commentating alongside Raf Baugh & Brad Scott. Aaron Bresland and Jack Hale also had good stints of ‘special comments’.

There had been some negativity around the lack of AAC involvement, however I think this event can only increase the interest in pro-running in WA, especially if organisers bring in some of the international names that were thrown around in speeches over the weekend.

Most of the athletes there realised how much involvement Dylan Panizza had with this event. He recently moved to Bunbury and literally had input into every aspect of competition that impacted athletes and has put his heart into making sure things went smoothly, to the detriment of his own preparation.

Looking forward to next year and recovering from the sunburn!

Glenn Ross

2 Re: Bunbury Gift on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:34 pm


I have to agree with Glenn on almost everything he said! There is absolutely no downside to having an extra event, let alone one this big on the calendar. I for one am disappointed I couldn't make it due to injury but I will be there next year.

Congratulations to Dylan and the rest of the organising committee. From chatting to Dylan throughout the season, I could see how much this event meant to him, and from watching the live stream, it seemed to have everything that a big carnival needs. Good racing, good prizemoney, good food, good entertainment, good commentary and a live stream. Also the build up on social media (which I think was Dyl as well) was first class. How every event should be.

I also wanted to mention Sasha's special comments! Somebody check his birth certificate. Surely he's not 16 the way he speaks. Was a very good addition.

No doubt a couple of minor things can be tinkered with, but it is most definitely a huge positive having an event like Bunbury on the calendar and I can't wait to be there next year. I hope the sponsors and the "heavy hitters" as Glenn mentioned are happy and it continues to grow over the coming years.

3 Re: Bunbury Gift on Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:09 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Results ???

4 Re: Bunbury Gift on Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:11 pm


Full results should be up in next day or so.

This news story covers a few events.

5 Re: Bunbury Gift on Tue May 01, 2018 6:33 pm


So did the Bunbury 400 winner run dead in the 400 at Stawell!!! Last in his backies heat in 51.7 off 35m and gets 50m for Bunbury. Different track conditions, but off Stawell form surely he can’t break 49 to win At Bunbury? If Aths WA running the meet who is doing the stewarding?

6 Jeremy Hill 400m on Wed May 09, 2018 3:00 pm


In WA Jeremy is not a novice - he's been training since 14 - he was always a long way our slowest runner - including girls of his age - when entered Stawell he got 6m in the Gift & 35 in the 400 & his
current Amount pb's were ,200 25.3 & 400 55sec

Was hard for a young kid to fire up off 6 & 35 when he was running off 16 at 120 & 60 at 550

Certainly didn't run dead by choice at Stawell $1000 is a lot for a 19 yr old Uni Student to spend to go to Stawell

Jeremy ran a ripping technical race at Bunbury
Backie's started on Bend & ran into a strong Wind 1st 50 while Jeremy started with the sea breeze at his back

So I told him to go flat tack 1st 50 to hold as much of his H Cap as poss in 1st 200

He was about 10m up at 200 and then did as I asked & coasted for the whole bend & despite going their ability most of the Backie's only got within 8m at the top of the straight - the only backie who picked up enough ground to win was Despard who looked all over a winner but got tired

Meanwhile my boy Jeremy kicked as hard as he could & held on well enough to win by a couple of meters

But in reality the 3 47sec runners went out too slow with the back straight tail wind & most of them ran 49sec speed while Jeremy running about 54 if you add 8 sec for his last 50 - backie's only had to beat 48 to win - but rather than admit to their own weakness most bagged the marks

So really poor tactical races by most Backmarkers & post Stawell syndrome for Despard saw our junior a surprise winner

7 Re: Bunbury Gift on Wed May 09, 2018 3:06 pm


I could post Kiaras last Stawell trial where I put Jeremy on 9m - 6m in front of her - kids put a gold coin on the outcome - it was a personal war & Jeremy just held on to win by about a foot

But if you handicappers pull your calculators out it's clearly not a sub 12sec 100m

8 Re: Bunbury Gift on Wed May 09, 2018 3:24 pm


I certainly echo everyone who gave the Bunbury Gift a positive Wrap

Date made it hard to promote to the running population but by attracting Australia's top male & female sprinters & staging the day well the carnival was very positively received by athletes, media & public alike.

Drawbacks only 3

(1) March long weekend or Pre Bay Sheff post Zatopek would be a better time to head south for such a Gift

(2) Really needs a full compliment of qualified Pro officials as there is potential for a disastrous outcome if it's still run by a committee - it was like the Stawell Athletic Club sacking the VAL & going ahead with no judges, smokeless Amo guns, no qualified Stewards & other key officials & this year Mr O'Brien worked triple time to keep it going

(3) we need a lot more I State runners - Win Lose or Draw - you could do worse than having a weekend holiday in the South West of WA in the summer

9 Re: Bunbury Gift on Fri May 25, 2018 2:47 pm

Pro Pasto

Pro Pasto
2019 Bunbury Gift will be held 2-3 of March (WA long weekend). Everyone will have recovered from the Bay Sheff after party by then, so hopefully we see some South Aussies this year.

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