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Stawell Gift Final

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31Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:00 pm


Don’t think Paull can run a 70. Maybe worth a punt in the gift

32Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:13 am

Bill Clinton

Good one XXL. Muscle man would squish dion Paul and use him for bicep curls.

33Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:30 pm


Bill Clinton is obviously the muscle man...

34Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:14 pm


Yeah put a line through jara, disappointing 70m heat at Ringwood today

35Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:32 am

Easier Said Than Run

Easier Said Than Run
Paull only entered in 70 & 200m

KK better suited to the 70m with the limit at 10m

Burleigh Banger on full show yesterday in 100m final - released both barrels into the pink and yellow. Bang Bang!

36Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:52 pm

Bill Clinton

still Muscle man for me, ringwood was windy and did not have best run, will silence critics easter Monday Evil or Very Mad

37Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:01 pm


Open Gift marks

Jacob Despard 0.75
Mitchell Williams 1
Michael Romanin 1.5
Joshua Ross 2
Harrison Hunt 2.5
Matthew Rizzo 2.75
Jake Penny 3
Cameron Searle 3.25
Jordan Shelley 3.25
Luke Stevens 3.25
Matt Carter 3.5
Isaac Dunmall 4
Brendan Ashcroft 4.5
Michael Hanna 4.75
Ryan McNamara 4.75
Liam Moss 4.75
Max Hagicostas 5
John Howe 5
Max Mason 5
Mitchell Pateman 5
Teri Fragiadakis 5.25
Evan Jarvis 5.25
Jara Konteh 5.5
Aidan Debernardi 5.75
Michael Beltrame 6
Hudson Berry 6
Mitchell Branch 6
Spencer Browne 6
Ben Cassie 6
Jack Colgrave 6
Jarno Dolezal 6
Murdoch Finch 6
Jeremy Hill 6
Ben James 6
Joshua Jones 6
Lochlan Jouvelet 6
Kuei Kuei 6
Christopher Li 6
Trent Low 6
Luke Macleod 6
Dominic Mah 6
Sam Mispelhorn 6
David Mould 6
Fejiro Omuvwie 6
Remo Pascale 6
Kash Powell 6
Taylor Sharpe 6
Yan Teo 6
Benjamin Thomas 6
Harrison Williams 6
Jesse Cordoma 6.25
John Evans 6.25
Maki Loukeris 6.25
Brett Richards 6.25
Ali Assaad 6.5
parvinder singh bajwa 6.5
Luke Baker 6.5
Desmond Cai 6.5
Timothy Delahunty 6.5
Kieran Gordon 6.5
Eli Hall 6.5
Hugh Hoffmann 6.5
Luke Houlihan 6.5
Bradley Jones 6.5
Ben Khongbut 6.5
Aaron Leferink 6.5
Patrick Martin 6.5
Ryan Neale 6.5
Jasper Nettlefold 6.5
Tom Tanojevic 6.5
Kenneth Vuong 6.5
Jahrod Foley 6.75
Leonard King 6.75
Brendan Matthews 6.75
Hamish Robertson 6.75
Denzel Brooks 7
Elijah Cross 7
Thomas Moloney 7
Carl Morehouse 7
Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 7
Luke Eckford 7.25
Tim Eschebach 7.25
Aidan Green 7.25
Stuart Rooke 7.25
Ryan Schmidt 7.25
Daniel Sonsini 7.25
Brandon Clark 7.5
Sam Clark 7.5
Joshua Henthorn 7.5
jacob knight 7.5
Conor Loughnan 7.5
Jack Norris 7.5
Aaron Pateman 7.5
Taj Westworth 7.5
Daniel White-Alikakos 7.5
Hamish Adams 7.75
Liam Dooley 7.75
James Mistarz 7.75
Lindon Beh 8
Ronan Berne 8
Isaac Buratto 8
Tyron Cox 8
Aaron de Jager 8
Jayden Gilfillan 8
Ross Langbein 8
Ernie Leseberg 8
Rupert Lugo 8
Jack Newman 8
Daniel Quattrone 8
Stefan Voorham 8
Nicholas Antonino 8.25
Jack Armour 8.25
Ted Belcher 8.25
Harrison Kerr 8.25
Paul Tancredi 8.25
Paddy Turner 8.25
Luke Whitney 8.25
Andrew Boudrie 8.5
Mathew Currie 8.5
Mitchell Tucker 8.5
Matthew Hargreaves 8.75
Mason Keast 8.75
Jarrod WHITTAKER 8.75
Kevin Brittain 9
Charlie Carstairs 9
Dominic Hoskins 9
Bros Kelly 9
Lachlan Sheffield 9
Ryan Camille 9.25
Matthew Eddy 9.25
Shaun Hargreaves 9.25
Jake Ireland 9.25
Edward Ware 9.25
Callum James 9.5
Max Punchihewa 9.75
Bikramjeet Singh 9.75
Noddy Angelakos 10
Jason Bailey 10
Richard Brown 10
Matt Burleigh 10
Dean Dobric 10
Cam Dunbar 10
Craig Foley 10
David Gross 10
Ryan Hoffman 10
Kristerfer Kardakovski 10
Dan Lemoto 10
Nick Magree 10
Patrick McCarthey 10
Luke Mitchell 10
Shahir Naga 10
Peter O'Dwyer 10
Leigh Phelan 10
David Polichovski 10
Robert Spencer 10
Joshua Tiu 10
Jordan Tronnolone 10
Chris Vi 10

38Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:24 pm


[quote="Mex"]We are nearly through the season and many athletes have taken the opportunity to grab a win and a lift for Stawell. There is always a lot of speculation as to who will make the final, let's take a look at the winners and their potential chances.

Listed below is the name of the winners so far (Event name, Distance, category, lift, winners name, mark, best time from semi or final)

Hastings 120m Men's: 1m -  Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 6.00  12.571
Warrnambool 120m Men's: 1m - Fejiro Omuvwie 5.00 12.371
Terang 120m Men's: 1m - Leonard King 5.75 12.516
Waverley 100m Men's: 1m - Lachlan Sheffield 6.75  10.485
Marysville 100m Open: 1m - Callum James 8.50  10.276
Maryborough: N/A - Rupert Lugo 9.50  12.520
Castlemaine 120m Open: 0.75m - Jack Newman 7.25  12.328
Daylesford 100m Open: 0.75m - John Hilditch 17.75  11.049
Rye 120m Men's: 0.75m - Aaron Leferink 5.75  12.347
St Albans 120m Open: 0.75m  - Hamish Adams 7.00  12.601
Wangaratta 120m Open: 0.5m  - Jason Bailey 9.75  12.314
Maribyrnong 120m Open: 0.5m - Bros Kelly 8.50  12.803
Parkdale 120m Men's: 0.5m  - Luke Stevens 2.75  12.516
Ballarat 120m Men's: 0.5m  - Bikramjeet Singh 11.00  12.441

Rodrigues Chico will run off 7m. His early season win probably indicates that his gift time will improve. How much though. He has not been overly impressive in my eyes recently. I hope he is in a heavy load. Based on Hastings, he will run around 12.45. Not quick enough.

Omuvwei took out Warrnambool in a slick 12.37. He will keep his 1m lift giving him 6m for Stawell. This puts him in a window to run 12.27. This time gives you a red hot crack at making the final, at the very least having your own semi. He could be dangerous.

King's time at Terang is a little deceptive as the track does not usually produce much quicker times. So in context, this was as good a performance as we have seen here. Another who will keep him 1m lift. Off 6.75m he should run between 12.35 and 12.40. Not quite enough to make the final but could send some flutters through the bookie ring if he is close.

Sheffield, the man with the best gift name around, looked good in his win at Waverley. His 10.48 places him around 12.75 mark. Give him another metre and he is still finding at around 12.65. He will have a little more than this but I feel that he is not ready this year.

James ran poorly at Waverley and then downhill at Marysville. Time is irrelevant. He will get his metre but not trouble the scorers. Off 9.5m he will make semis, there are just too many to run under 12.3 this season and he does not look like one of them.

Lugo was a very popular winner at Maryborough. His time does not challenge anyone to make the Stawell gift final. He has come back and there is no lift. I think this was a good move, Maryborough may just be the best gift he can win.

Newman's 12.33 is as good as it gets. He has been on all of our radars since he and his brother starting confusing handicappers. All of last season we had him in our polls and he did not get it done. They have decided to let him take a win this season and will walk their way to Stawell off 8m. He is right on the 12.25 that will get him his own semi and put him in a Stawell Gift final.

Hilditch can't win Stawell. He took out Daylesford in what has been one of my favourite moments of the year. His win shows what this sport is about, running the best off your mark to give you a chance at a win.

Leferink is another who looked good. Give him 6.5m and he sits right in the 12.25 window as well.  He may have a little up his sleeve. He looks a real chance to make the final as well.

Adams ran second in the final last season and one may wonder what could have been had he not jumped in the semi. He is a better runner this season but his mark will only be 7.75m. If he can find he may be the bridge between the front and back markers in a semi. Will he have enough to upset others?

Bailey has been one of the most impressive winners this season. I mentioned that he tightens up when he gets pressure from behind. At Wangaratta the pressure was from in front. He can only get 10m for Stawell but this may place him under 12.3. He eased over the line so I have him closer to 12.25, as long as he doesn't tighten up.

Kelly's time at Maribyrnong is irrelevant as well as the track is not conducive to fast times. I think Kelly will be chuffed that he is getting his name mentioned in this thread. No chance to final at Stawell.

Stevens was probably lucky to get the win at Parkdale. His time was not super quick and and extra half will make it hard for him to get in the final. He will run off 3.25m and be around the 12.4 mark at best.

Bikramjeet 'Louie the Fly' Singh comes back to 10m. He will not be able to run a time fast enough to make the final coming back in handicap. I am surprised that he has not been talked about more this week.

Possible final for Stawell.

Stevens 3.25m - 12.40
Omuvwei 6m - 12.27
Leferink 6.5m - 12.25
King 6.75m - 12.35
Newman 8m - 12.23
Bailey 10m - 12.25

This is all based on everyone entering and being fit and healthy. I know that is not the case for everyone on the list. The times are estimates only but may be a decent guide. You cannot enter the head of one of your athletes to understand what they are thinking when the pressure comes. What happens if a beer floats across the track? What happens if the person next to you grunts like Britain off the blocks? What happens if you have Despard in your semi and you get stage fright?

I have Newman as the favourite as it stands right now. I think he has more up his sleeve. I can see him dipping below 12.20 and celebrating early. If the above was the final Stevens will be left behind off the blocks but come home stronger, his time would suggest that he is making up the numbers. If Omuvwei, Lefernick and King get caught up in each other's start they may find that is enough for Newman to skip away. Bailey may surprise Newman as he might jump him, it is all up to Newman, can he stay relaxed to run over the top of Bailey in the last 20m or will he panic and come third? To be honest, I am not sure Bailey will even make the final.

just added on the last couple meets from Mex's original post with a little more accurate possible stawell gift final

Hastings 120m Men's: 1m - Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 6.00 12.571 (7m)
Warrnambool 120m Men's: 1m - Fejiro Omuvwie 5.00 12.371 (6m)
Terang 120m Men's: 1m - Leonard King 5.75 12.516 (6.75m)
Waverley 100m Men's: 1m - Lachlan Sheffield 6.75 10.485 (9m)
Marysville 100m Open: 1m - Callum James 8.50 10.276 (9.5m)
Maryborough 120m Men’s: N/A - Rupert Lugo 9.50 12.520 (8m)
Castlemaine 120m Open: 0.75m - Jack Newman 7.25 12.328 (8m)
Daylesford 100m Open: 0.75m - John Hilditch 17.75 11.049 (10m)
Rye 120m Men's: 0.75m - Aaron Leferink 5.75 12.347 (6.5m)
St Albans 120m Open: 0.75m  - Hamish Adams 7.00 12.601 (7.75m)
Wangaratta 120m Open: 0.5m  - Jason Bailey 9.75 12.314 (10m)
Maribyrnong 120m Open: 0.5m - Bros Kelly 8.50 12.803 (9m)
Parkdale 120m Men's: 0.5m  - Luke Stevens 2.75 12.516 (3.25m)
Ballarat 120m Men's: 0.5m  - Bikramjeet Singh 11.00 12.441 (10m)
Keilor 120m Men’s: 0.5m – Jara Konteh 5.00 12.500 (5.5m)
Geelong 100m Men’s: N/A Kristefer Kardakovski 9.75 10.591 (10m)
Bendigo 120m Men’s: 0.5m - Liam Dooley 7.25m 12.41 (7.75m)
Berwick 120m Men’s: 0.5m – Daniel Sonsini 6.75m 12.33 (7.25m)
Ringwood 100m Men’s: N/A – Matt Burleigh 8.50m 10.451 (10m)

Jara Konteh flew down the pristine track of Keilor in an impressive yet controversial manner in a time of 12.5. Although the time doesn’t compare with the likes of Bailey and Newman, Konteh was able to fly past ‘Sprinter of the year’ Matt Burleigh and the mighty muscle man himself. A final for the young man wouldn’t surprise

Wow, the muscle man KK holds his nerves together to hold off stable mate Ed Ware in a delightful day down at Geelong. Unfortunately for the big man 10m isn’t enough and joins Rosen in the ‘raise the 10m limit’ club at Stawell. Wishing him the best

Liam Dooley, surprised many on looking spectators and may have even surprised himself with a 12.41 up in Bendigo. Providing Burleigh with yet another 2nd place this year, Liam’s run deserves some respect, so he should travel well this year at Central Park

Sonsini moves terrifically in the Euroa replacement Berwick. In what was a surprisingly beautiful track, Sonsini hands Matt Burleigh yet another 2nd place and walks over the interstater Tronnolone. Like the way he moves and is a final chance for me, looks better than previous years

Finally, Matt Burleigh picks up a win in what must have been a frustrating season. Shows the muscle man who’s boss. Had an impressive season this year and although he may struggle to beat stablemate Bailey, don’t mind a final chance. Heavy favourite for sprinter of the year.

Non-winner chances
Josh Ross – not sure why, loved by the punters and has obviously had success on the track before
Jordan Tronnolone – imposing SA man who might just have a little something up his elbow sleeve
Mason Keast – hit form at end of the season, who knows but final last year gives his credibility
Ryan Camille – wouldn’t say he’s not an honest runner… but can find at Stawell and looks slick
Isaac Dunmall – my little sneaky, he’s a beast of a runner and could rip the field to shreds  

Possible final for Stawell.
Stevens 3.25m
Konteh 5m
Rodrigues Chico 7m
Sonsini 7.25m
Newman 8m
Bailey 10m

39Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:31 am


Looks good Krumble. I would change what I wrote about Bailey. His race to lose for me.

41Stawell Gift Final - Page 2 Empty Re: Stawell Gift Final on Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:36 pm


11.91. Chico couldn’t lose this if he tried. When was the last time someone ran 11.91 or quicker (electric) at Stawell?

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