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Mex Missing???

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1Mex Missing??? Empty Mex Missing??? on Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:48 pm

Bang bang

Just wondering if Mex will be doing a Stawell Gift Form Guide?
He appears the most astute commentator on here, but Tim Rosen when commentating at the track picks every heat/semi winner and usually nails the quinella in the Final, perhaps he could step up if MEX is Missing?
The Bay Sheffield has a great write up surely Stawell deserves one. Thoughts everyone?

2Mex Missing??? Empty Re: Mex Missing??? on Thu Apr 18, 2019 9:48 pm

Easier Said Than Run

Easier Said Than Run
C’Mon Bangers - pretty sure you’ve got your bets sorted and are primed for the Calcutta tomorrow night. Maybe you can catch up with the Rosenator then.
Pretty sure the other heavy hitters pitching into a form guide are very busy priming their charges for respective races.
Mex has a couple in the Herb, so maybe he’ll give us a review on Monday arvo instead.

3Mex Missing??? Empty Re: Mex Missing??? on Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:30 pm


Sorry Bang Bang been flat out. Here’s what I will do...
Obviously I don’t have time to do a form guide, but list 10 runners that you want thoughts on and I’ll give you that. Just a quick word on each. Can be favs, roughies, your mates, anyone. That’s the best I can do at late notice

4Mex Missing??? Empty Re: Mex Missing??? on Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:43 am

Bang bang

Cheers Rosenator, could you take a look at the following: James, Hunt, Penny, Dunmall, Bailey, Mason, Sharpe, Adams, Kardakovski.
I think I may have found some good odds here.
Could you also rate their market price as compared to the agencies.
Thanks in advance Tim

5Mex Missing??? Empty Re: Mex Missing??? on Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:38 pm


Callum James (9.50m): Certainly a chance to make the semi's, but a final would be beyond him. Had a very good season winning a couple of races. $46 about right (going on sportsbet odds).

Harrison Hunt (2.50m): Will definitely make the semi's if he is in similar shape to earlier this year. Super talent but too tight a mark to win after his Bay Sheff Penalty. $36 about right

Jake Penny (3.00m): Can make the semis. Gun ammo runner who medalled at state champs. Probably not running quite as well now as earlier in the season so final is beyond him off tight mark. $41 about right.

Isaac Dunmall (4.00m): Will make the semis. Tough mark for previous winner but has an awesome start and will put pressure on the guys around 5-6m. Can he hang on and final? Not this year. $41 maybe slight overs. You never know what this guy is gonna produce. $31 chance for me.

Jason Bailey (10.00m): One of the most improved runners all season. Looks fitter. Has improved his start. Will be ahead for a long way. Definite final for mine. Top 3. $3 is very short before the heats. I have him around a $5 chance but definitely top 3. The one to chase down.

Max Mason (5.00m): 10.8 runner who should make the semis but unless there has been huge amounts of improvement he won't final. $31 is about right

Taylor Sharpe (6.00m): A bit of an unknown for me. He looked like he was going to win a race earlier in the season and then haven't seen much of him lately. A smokey if he has improved but i'm thinking semi will be where it ends. $21 could be value if someone knows something we don't.

Hamish Adams (7.75m): A little bit back from his runner up mark last year, but definitely a better athlete. His hammy injury a couple of months back might mean he's missed the work required to make a final but he will definitely semi and be there abouts. $14 is maybe a bit short. But if his body is 100% then he is definitely a final chance.

Kristerfer Kardakovski (10.00m): Also improved a lot this season. Will make the semis, start really well and try his best to hang on. Thinking around the 12.4 mark. $51 about right for KK

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