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Hastings handicaps

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1Hastings handicaps Empty Hastings handicaps on Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:59 pm

Justin Case

Some interesting handicaps at Hastings for first major meet of the season particularly in the 70m

N Antonino 7.492 from 6.75 Warrnambool 18/19
N Antonino 8.325 from 0 Wangaratta 18/19
Gives 4.5/4.75m start mark, has 6.5m??? Won Ringwood 70 last year

M Keast 7.602 from 5.75 Castlemaine 18/19
M Keast 7.714 from 5.25 Keilor 18/19
Gives 4.75m start mark, has 5.75m???

Hamish Adams 7.693 from 5.75 Castlemaine 18/19
Hamish Adams 7.680 from 6.25 Stawell 17/18
Gives 5.5m start mark, has 6m??? Gift mark is 6m as well??

J Ireland 7.734 from 6.5 Bendigo 18/19
J Ireland 7.563 from 7.75 Maryborough 18/19
Gives 6.25/6.5m start mark, has 6.75m? Won Maryborough 70 last year

and the most interesting is no penalty for Jason Bailey in the gift for Wangartta win and Stawell Gift 3rd??? Should be 7.75m at most?! Ringwood athletes getting preferential treatment?

2Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:13 pm

Willo the Whisp

Willo the Whisp

Re - Adams and Keast ....

Castlemaine is a downhill track where a track rating is added to adjust post event .... rating is used to slow the times post performance. Usually at least .1 is added to Castlemaine runs.

So in fairness to those listed with Castlemaine in their sample you need to add at least .1 for each of those performances. Therefore Castlemaine most likely shouldn’t even be considered and if it is the .1 is added. Therefore Keast and Adams appear to be correct.

Re - Antonino ....
Warrnambool had massive timing errors and inconsistinces last season and the times were ignored. Also Using a sample in 70m when a runner is reduced by 7m to scratch like it was at Wang scues rpms or mps massively and can’t be considered as an accurate reflection. The Stawell runs for him are clearly the best and most accurate which have been used to base his handicap. Therefore his current mark appears to be correct.

Re - Ireland ....
I haven’t done the maths but the mark whilst appearing generous still looks about right.

Re - Bailey ....(sorry mate but....)
His 120m handicap is clearly wrong!
12.22 and 12.24 off 10m gives him rpm .1118 ... a timing reduction to start mark of 8m for 12.45 start time. However As per the handicap rules He shall then receive 0.50m penalty for winning Wang and he receives a further 0.50m for finishing 3rd in the Stawell gift.
His mark can therefore be no more than 7m !

3Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:32 pm


Wangaratta is neither a Classic or Group 1, so you are incorrect. A $5000 gift is a Group 2 race. There are no penalties the next season for Wang.

4Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:36 pm


There was a 1m track allowance in the 70m for Bendigo. Pretty sure there usually is for St Slbans also. The 70m times at Warrnambool must have been disregarded as there were some super fast times there. Agree Castlemaine is downhill and needs to have some allowance.

5Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:51 pm

Willo the Whisp

Willo the Whisp
Sanchez, He still has to have the Wang penalty of 0.50 added aswell.
If he had won a group 1 or classic instead it would be an extra 0.25m added to that group 1/classic penalty. He did not a classic or group 1 so he doesn’t get a further 0.25m added.

Once all alterations are correctly applied in accordance with all the rules his starting mark should be 7m in the 120m.

6Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Sat Nov 16, 2019 6:56 am


This is not correct. There is no longer an additional penalty for winning a race the previous season. This was removed a couple of years back. The only penalties now are the Stawell gift penalty for the finalists and the penalty for group one or classics.

7Hastings handicaps Empty Re: Hastings handicaps on Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:12 am


Correct adjusted Stawell sample times for Bailey are 12.23 & 12.25 @ 8.98mps avg. That gives a start hcp 8m.
This clearly supersedes the hcp penalty for winning Wangaratta; 9.75m back to 9.00m.
3rd place Stawell Gift penalty places Jason on no less than 7.50m.

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