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Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events

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1Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:06 pm


Whyalla Gift meeting
Saturday 19th November 2011

70m Novice
Kane Watkins 5.00 m
Tom Sclanders 5.25 m
Jarrad Watkins 5.75 m
Jesse Cordoma 6.00 m
Nickolas Berry 7.00 m
Troy Welfare 7.00 m
Ben Hardy 8.00 m
David Girolamo 9.00 m
Cameron White 9.00 m
Katherine Robb 10.50 m
Tamara Dartnall 11.00 m
Sarah Thomas 11.00 m
Alex Jefferies 12.00 m
Robert Samarcq 12.00 m
Sean Roberts 12.50 m
Ali Trewartha 13.50 m

120m Gift
Todd Bateman 3.25 m
Robbie James 4.00 m
Dale Woodhams 5.25 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 5.50 m
Ollie Wurm 5.50 m
Andrew Steele 6.75 m
James Cibich 7.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 8.00 m
Tom Sclanders 8.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 8.00 m
Bradley Letton 8.50 m
Nickolas Berry 8.75 m
Ryan Hancock 9.25 m
Troy Welfare 9.25 m
Brendan Ramsey 9.50 m
Dylan Hicks 9.75 m
Christopher Simpson 10.25 m
David Girolamo 11.00 m
Ben Hardy 11.00 m
Aaron Harrison 11.00 m
David Palmer 11.50 m
Paul Taylor 11.75 m
Shaun Ryder 12.00 m
Brad Schutz 12.00 m
Clint Tobin 12.00 m
Tyson Hancock 12.50 m

120m Women
Tamara Dartnall 4.25 m
Bridgid Connolly 6.50 m
Lauren Foote 6.75 m
Katherine Robb 7.50 m
Sarah Thomas 7.50 m
Lauren Edwards 9.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 9.50 m
Claire Ashman 10.50 m
Ali Trewartha 11.75 m
Zoe Kennedy 12.00 m
Lauren McHugh 13.00 m
Lesley Tompson 14.50 m
Megan Letton 15.00 m
Lisa Roberts 17.50 m
Anthea Kotyla 18.00 m

120m Under 20
Jarrad Watkins 0.00 m
Connor McIvor 9.00 m
Tim Earle 13.00 m
Corey Watkins 14.00 m
Teagan Kustermann 16.00 m
Sean Roberts 16.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 25.00 m
Patricia Dimitrak 30.00 m

300m Over 35

Brendan Ramsey 10.00 m
Mark Beveridge 14.00 m
Mick Abbott 16.00 m
Aaron Harrison 18.00 m
Ali Saliu 20.00 m
Wayne Edwards 22.00 m
Andrew Wright 26.00 m
Richard McMahon 28.00 m
Brendan Golden 30.00 m
Robert Samarcq 30.00 m
Cameron White 36.00 m
Eugene DeVizio 38.00 m
Alex Jefferies 40.00 m
Ray Earle 42.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 43.00 m
Bob Pearce 45.00 m
Darcy Cheney 48.00 m
Mark Howson 56.00 m
Ian Reddaway 63.00 m
Lyn Peake 69.00 m
Debbie Roberts 74.00 m

300m Open
Clay Watkins 4.00 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 16.00 m
James Cibich 18.00 m
Michael Nitschke 18.00 m
Jarrad Watkins 18.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 19.00 m
David Palmer 21.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 22.00 m
Ryan Hage 22.00 m
Bradley Letton 22.00 m
Rhys Williams 24.00 m
Nickolas Berry 25.00 m
Brad Jones 28.00 m
Paul Taylor 28.00 m
Christopher Simpson 29.00 m
Troy Welfare 29.00 m
Aaron Harrison 30.00 m
David Girolamo 33.00 m
Tyson Hancock 33.00 m
Brad Schutz 33.00 m
Clint Tobin 33.00 m
Shaun Ryder 34.00 m
Ali Saliu 37.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 39.00 m
Brendan Golden 47.00 m

300m Women
Katherine Robb 14.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 16.00 m
Sarah Thomas 19.00 m
Tamara Dartnall 20.00 m
Teagan Kustermann 22.00 m
Claire Ashman 24.00 m
Ali Trewartha 26.00 m
Jasmine McIvor 27.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 28.00 m
Zoe Kennedy 29.00 m
Megan Letton 29.00 m
Eleni Glouftsis 32.00 m
Paige White 36.00 m
Lesley Tompson 38.00 m
Lauren McHugh 40.00 m
Lisa Roberts 46.00 m
Anthea Kotyla 50.00 m
Debbie Roberts 67.00 m

800m Open
Robert Killmier 22.00 m
Bryce Watkins 28.00 m
Kostya Khudoshin 48.00 m
Rhys Williams 50.00 m
Michael Nitschke 54.00 m
Aiden Miller 58.00 m
Christopher Ross 58.00 m
Ryan Hage 62.00 m
Matthew Konetschka 65.00 m
Ashley Brown 66.00 m
Ben Crawford 68.00 m
Connor McIvor 68.00 m
Dillon Tee 78.00 m
Mark Beveridge 82.00 m
Matthew Fallon 84.00 m
Corey Watkins 84.00 m
Eugene DeVizio 100.00 m
Brad Jones 110.00 m
Cameron White 110.00 m
Richard McMahon 112.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 135.00 m

1600m Open
Robert Killmier 60.00 m
Shane Thiele 90.00 m
Michael Nitschke 100.00 m
Kostya Khudoshin 110.00 m
Bryce Watkins 120.00 m
Aiden Miller 140.00 m
Ben Crawford 145.00 m
Tim Earle 145.00 m
Ashley Brown 170.00 m
Christopher Ross 175.00 m
Adam Cleary 185.00 m
Dillon Tee 185.00 m
Chad Truscott 200.00 m
Richard McMahon 260.00 m

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2Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Program of Events on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:10 pm



5:00pm 120m Open Whyalla Gift (4 heats)
5:20pm 800m Open final and presentation
5:30pm 70m Novice heats (2 heats)
5:40pm 120m Women heats (2 heats)
5:50pm 120m Open Whyalla Gift semis (2 semis)
6.00pm King and Queen of the Mountain
6:10pm 70m Novice final and presentation
6:25pm King and Queen of the Mountain
6:30pm- 7:10pm Little Athletics
7:10pm Welcome Address By Mayor
7:15pm Parade of finalists for 120m Under 20
7:20pm 120m Under 20 final and presentation
7:30pm Parade of finalists for 120m Women’s Gift
7:35pm 120m Women’s Gift final and presentation
7:45pm Parade of finalists for 120m Open Whyalla Gift
7:50pm 120m Open Whyalla Gift final and presentation
8:00pm 300m Over 35 heats (3 heats)
8:15pm 300m Women heats (2 heats)
8:25pm 300m Open heats (3 heats)
8:40pm 50m Invitational Skins
8:55pm 1600m Open final and presentation
9:05pm 300m O35 final and presentation
9:15pm 300m Women final and presentation
9:25pm 300m Open final and presentation

3Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty 300m for Over35 at Whyalla on Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:00 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
"Mick Abbott 16.00 m"
looks like a typo at SAAL - Mick ran off 46m at Henley in the 300m for over45s ... and he is on form, running past me like I was standing still coming into the home straight at Henley last Friday night ...

So my tips would be

Bob Samarcq
Mick Abbott (if they fix the typo in time)
Lyn Peake
Richard McMahon
Chris Dimitrak

(and maybe because I am not tipping him, Team Townley's scottish tiger Alex Jefferies will have a chance to feast on a first victory in the SAAL)

4Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Re: Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events on Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:02 pm


Tips for the whyalla events?
How about a few polls? Maybe for the 120m open and women and the 800 open? Few quality runners back into the 800. Good to see the Watkins family out in full force.
Kane Watkins? Another brother?

5Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Re: Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:35 pm


Hmm yes very interesting juddy looks like the Watkins boys are having a family reunion and yes looks like they have grown another one out the test tube. Wonder what he is like?? The big tanks of Corey and Bryce? The freakish talent of Clay?? Or the raw pace and athleticism of jarred??
Or could it possibly be a misprint by the saal and it is supposed to be Kane russel??
Another interesting one is O.Wurm coming down for a jog in s.a
Lot of big names scattered through the events hopefully should be a good meet

6Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Form Guide on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:17 pm

The Morphy Mongrel

The Morphy Mongrel
ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
120m Gift Form Guide

Todd Bateman 3.25 m
No form this season. First start. Keep safe but will need the run.

Robbie James 4.00 m
Nice run for 4th in heat last week, unlucky not to be in semis. Will be better for the run and expect bold showing.

Dale Woodhams 5.25 m
4th at Henley Gift shows he's back to some decent form after indifferent season. Has the ability to push for podium finish and should be up there.

Wallace Long-Scafidi 5.50 m
Inconsistent from heat ot final at Henley attracted some interest from stewards and posters on the forum. Will be on his mettle this week and expect him to go on with it if he lets crack in the heat.

Ollie Wurm 5.50 m
Strange entry. Now in ACT I believe. Won a Burnie Gift so can go might find the mark tight in this field.

Andrew Steele 6.75 m
Has struggled for any form since 4th in 2009 Stawell Gift. Another change of coach and so far has failed to impress. Recently married so might make a diff.

James Cibich 7.00 m
Frank's gun is ready to go off soon. Building momentum with each week and this might be the one where Pistol Cibich fires.

Jarrad Dartnall 8.00 m
Showed good circle form with a 300m win at Henley. Can't see him advancing to semis in this field. Prefer in 300.

Tom Sclanders 8.00 m
Warmed up but did not run at Henley. After surprise 2nd in Flinders 70m, looks primed for this. Big threat.

Jordan Tronnolone 8.00 m
Broke down in Flinders 200m. If he gets to finish the race it will be worth celebrating. Risky but worth watching.

Bradley Letton 8.50 m
Made podium at Port Adealide but no appearance at Henley. Can be difficult to beat on his day, but I think there's a little too much class around him in this.

Nickolas Berry 8.75 m
Prefer in Novice 70m but will be there abouts in the heat. Nice honest worker in his races.

Ryan Hancock 9.25 m
2nd in this Gift last year and warmed up with a timely 2nd last week at Henley. Definite final prospect.

Troy Welfare 9.25 m
Chance in Novice 70m. Not ready for Gifts yet.

Brendan Ramsey 9.50 m
Bay Sheff winner who showed some good running last year around 300's. No real Gift form to go on.

Dylan Hicks 9.75 m
Won the 2009 Whyalla Gift off 10.0m and only back 0.25. Should be in it, but struggled to make any finals last year and not getting any younger.

Christopher Simpson 10.25 m
Has won a novice race but still finding his feet in Open Gifts. Can't see him getting past heat in this.

David Girolamo 11.00 m
Vet runner who has gone OK in the over 35 races. Big step up in class here.

Ben Hardy 11.00 m
Equal favourite with Sclanders for the Novice 70m and that's the only chance of making a final. Look for something easier later in year.

Aaron Harrison 11.00 m
Another past Whyalla Gift winner having a run. No from of note and will concentrate on his runner Hancock who has a good chance.

David Palmer 11.50 m
2011 Camden Classic winner, ran 2nd in Over 35's 120m last week. Will be out in front for lon way and outside chance for the final.

Paul Taylor 11.75 m
Won a novice at Colley Reserve earlier this year. Looked good when 3rd last week at Henley. Consistent runner who will be in with a chance.

Shaun Ryder 12.00 m
No recent form of note.

Brad Schutz 12.00 m
Made final at Port Adelaide, but hard to see him feature in this. Prefer in 300.

Clint Tobin 12.00 m
Finalist in 2010 Whyalla Gift and if in any shape can be around the mark again. But hard to see it.

Tyson Hancock 12.50 m
Has struggled with injury this year. If he runs will be short of a run. prefer later in the year.

7Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Re: Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events on Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:48 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Watkins off scratch in the 120m under 20.
Perhaps this is a step closer to getting a Scratch Gift Event.
By the looks of it Watkins has been dragged heaps to accomodate everyone to make sure the event goes ahead and that the frontmarker isnt off something rediculous like 45m.
If the League can alter the goal posts for this event WHY NOT alter it for a Gift
Just wonder as JH suggested in an earlier thread what happens if Watkins breaks, there no room to move

8Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events Empty Whyalla HANDICAPS & Program of Events on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:37 pm


He goes back behind scr, or everyone else goes forward one meter Very Happy .

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