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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Reynella (SAAL) Handicaps - Friday 12th Nov 2010

Reynella (SAAL) Handicaps - Friday 12th Nov 2010

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120m Open
Name H'cap
Dale Woodhams 4.75
Robbie James 5.25
Alex Saliu 6.75
Andrew Steele 6.75
Jordan Caldow 7.00
James Cibich 7.00
Chris Cormack 7.00
Gajanan Lawson 7.00
Brett Richards 7.00
Riordan Welsh 7.00
Ben Koschade 7.25
Jakson Messent 7.25
Aaron Neale 7.25
Bray Rafanelli 7.25
Nickolas Berry 7.50
Wallace Long-Scafidi 7.50
Liam Pearce 7.50
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 7.50
Damian Tohl 7.75
Casey Whitaker 7.75
Jake Stangewitz 8.00
Jordan Tronnolone 8.00
Tim Johnson 8.25
Troy Welfare 8.50
Brendan Ramsey 8.75
Bradley Letton 9.25
Stephan Thiel 9.25
Michael Nitschke 9.50
Christopher Simpson 10.25
Jarrad Dartnall 10.50
David Gross 10.50
Steven Hodge 10.75
Neil Thomas 10.75
Ben Wright 11.00
Andrew Mathews 11.50
Daniel Flesfadar 11.75
Kane Harrison 11.75
Paul Taylor 11.75
Luke Buchanan 13.00
Ross Nitschke 13.00
Brian Hamilton 13.25
Shaun Ryder 13.25
Brad Schutz 13.25
Clint Tobin 13.25
Anthony Fedele 14.50
Shane Grimwade 16.25
120m Women
Brooke Sawyer-Collins 5.50
Andrea Di Paolo 6.00
Emma Freer 6.25
Abbey Dunn 6.50
Amie Mittiga 7.00
Tamzin Filer 7.25
Natalie Gibbs 7.50
Tara Girolamo 7.50
Morgan Hill 7.50
Paula Lodge 7.50
Jana Tankosic 7.50
Lisa Berrington 7.75
Sarah Thomas 8.00
Rachel Fisk 8.50
Kayla Hammond 8.50
Nicola Robinson 8.50
Tayla O'Keefe 8.75
Kyla Brown 9.00
Tayce Fry 9.00
Claire Ashman 9.25
Tamara Dartnall 9.50
Hayley Openshaw 9.75
Lesley Tompson 10.00
Zoe Kennedy 11.25
Lauren Buchanan 11.50
Lucy Buckley 11.75
Amy Robb 11.75
Robyn Pohlner 12.00
Yasmin Openshaw 13.00
Megan Letton 14.75
Ali Trewartha 14.75
Aimee Lane 16.50
Kirsty Meekins 17.00
120m Over 35
Tim Johnson 0.50
Kane Harrison 3.50
Daniel Flesfadar 4.00
David Palmer 4.00
Ross Nitschke 6.00
Amin Chehade 6.50
Anthony Booth 8.50
Shane Grimwade 8.50
David Wilczek 8.50
Ali Saliu 11.50
Brendan Golden 11.75
Shane Moss 12.25
Mark Donovan 12.50
Robert Samarcq 13.00
Michael Cassidy 13.25
Steve Butler 13.50
Alex Jefferies 13.50
Richard McMahon 14.75
John Turner 15.50
Paul Brattoli 16.00
Ross Hill-Brown 19.00
Mark Barnett 20.00
Lyn Peake 22.00
Robyn Pohlner 22.00
Jackie Chehade 23.00
Brett Stokes 23.00
Gary Ferber 24.00
Sue Turner 24.75
Kathryn Blute 27.00
Debbie Roberts 33.00
120m Under 14
Bailey Turner 7.50
Sam O'Grady 9.00
Bradley Harvey 10.50
Daniela Sassi 12.00
Bailey Booth 14.50
Taylah Scapens 16.50
Ryan Burton 17.00
Jack Yates 17.50
Patricia Dimitrak 26.00
300m Open
Jack Harvey 15
Wallace Long-Scafidi 16
Ben Koschade 17
James Cibich 18
Christopher Powell 18
Casey Whitaker 18
Jordan Tronnolone 19
Nickolas Berry 20
Steven Gater 20
Robert Killmier 20
Stephen Malycha 20
Michael Nitschke 21
Damian Tohl 21
Ashley Brown 22
Chris Cormack 22
Ryan Hage 22
Bradley Letton 22
Liam Pearce 22
Brendan Ramsey 22
David Gross 24
Jarrad Dartnall 25
Ryan Hancock 25
Michael Hane 25
Steven Hodge 25
David Palmer 25
Troy Welfare 25
Ben Wright 25
Matthew Hagias 26
Stephan Thiel 26
Paul Taylor 27
Neil Thomas 28
Amin Chehade 29
Matthew Cousins 29
Christopher Simpson 29
Luke Buchanan 32
Brad Schutz 33
Anthony Fedele 34
Brian Hamilton 34
Shaun Ryder 34
Robert Samarcq 36
Brendan Golden 47
300m Women
Abbey Dunn 16
Bridgid Connolly 19
Sarah Thomas 19
Tara Girolamo 20
Teagan Kustermann 20
Tamzin Filer 21
Andrea Di Paolo 22
Claire Ashman 23
Lucy Buckley 23
Eleni Glouftsis 24
Hayley Openshaw 24
Nicola Robinson 24
Tayla O'Keefe 26
Zoe Kennedy 27
Tamara Dartnall 28
Robyn Pohlner 30
Amy Robb 30
Megan Letton 31
Tess Fraser 32
Tayce Fry 32
Lauren Buchanan 34
Ali Trewartha 34
Yasmin Openshaw 36
Lesley Tompson 36
Lauren McHugh 37
Jackie Chehade 39
Kirsty Meekins 40
Debbie Roberts 71
300m Under 20
Alex Saliu 3
Brett Fisk 14
Jordan Caldow 17
Jonathon Sinclair 17
Matthew Sinclair 17
Harrison Caldow 20
Brett Richards 20
Callum Ritchie 20
Max Stevens 20
Bradley Broad 22
Gajanan Lawson 22
Aaron Neale 22
Sam Osmond 22
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 22
Jake Stangewitz 22
Jesse Cordoma 23
Jakson Messent 23
Liam Wright 23
Sean Keen 24
Bray Rafanelli 24
Brad Jones 26
Jarrad Watkins 26
Riordan Welsh 28
Aaron Jelfs 29
Patrick Livesey 29
Nick Beins 30
Morgan Hill 40
Corey Watkins 40
Clay Berryman 44
Kayla Hammond 44
Demi Axford 56
Rachel Fisk 60
Sean Roberts 60
Kyla Brown 65
300m Over 45
Mark Beveridge 14
Ray Earle 22
david jelfs 22
Ali Saliu 24
Steve Butler 28
Richard McMahon 28
Michael Cassidy 31
Mark Donovan 32
Mark Barnett 40
Alex Jefferies 40
Chris Dimitrak 43
John Turner 43
Bob Pearce 45
Mick Abbott 46
Ross Hill-Brown 46
Mark Howson 50
Gary Zeuner 53
Gary Ferber 57
Brett Stokes 57
Ian Reddaway 63
Sue Turner 63
Kathryn Blute 65
John LeRay 65
Lyn Peake 65
Brian Witty 67
Brian Hart 75
Cheryl Zeuner 82
800m Novice
Ben Crawford INELIG.
Andy Axford 36
Brett Fisk 36
Christopher Powell 36
Michael Nitschke 52
Max Stevens 52
Tim Earle 58
Murlin Every 60
Matthew Hagias 60
Aiden Miller 60
Lachlan Scott 60
Nikolas Gray 62
Ryan Hage 62
Ben Smith 62
Steven Evanson 66
Stephen Malycha 68
Nick Beins 70
Matthew Zacher 74
Demi Axford 80
Aaron Jelfs 96
Luke Stewart 112
Shane Moss 114
800m Over 35
Steven Wilson 20
Richard McMahon 25
Gregor Dingwall 40
Tim Callahan 44
Peter Brennan 45
Daniel Tregenza 45
Mark Worthing 55
Mick Abbott 70
david jelfs 70
Chris Dimitrak 90
Bob Pearce 90
Mark Barnett 100
Gary Zeuner 105
Gaetano Aiello 120
Mark Howson 140
John LeRay 180
Debbie Roberts 180
Cheryl Zeuner 180
Peter Noblet 220
800m Women
Paige Graham 26
Kate McKenzie 40
Bridgid Connolly 45
Lisa Davis 45
Teagan Kustermann 45
Courtney Ryder 45
claire xian 45
Claire Ashman 62
Melissa Lloyd 64
Melinda McCullough 65
Tasmin McMahon 65
Tayla O'Keefe 72
Tess Fraser 75
Sarah Hakendorf 95
Lauren McHugh 112
Narrah Luks 114
Melanie Stewart 120
800m Open
Robert Killmier 26
Matthew Ferber 28
Chris Stapleton 36
Tim Smith 42
Peter Hyde 44
Kostya Khudoshin 46
Michael Hane 48
Stephen Jelfs 58
Murlin Every 60
Ashley Brown 62
Ben Crawford 62
Christopher Ross 64
Hamish Holmes 70
Dillon Tee 70
Mitchell Millen 74
Mark Beveridge 76
Matthew Fallon 80
Richard McMahon 108
Gregor Dingwall 120

"Let's Go While We're Young"


who are the ones to watch?

too good

based on port..., caldow, koschade, dartnall, tohl, whitaker.

based on flinders add...., scafidi, saliu, rob james, stangewitcz


add Grimwade to the above names.


Meeting 3 of the 2010 South Australian Athletics Carnival gets underway at Reynella on Friday night, with the feature race sure to be the 120m Open. With the first major gift just around the corner, athletes will be looking to see exactly where they stand when the big money is up for grabs. Reynella has never failed to dissapoint as a spectacle, and under lights, athletes will certainly be looking to join the likes of Todd Bateman, Clay Watkins and Duncan TIppins and take home the sash. Of recent history, the Reynella 120m has been dominated by YGTS, with 13 Finalists in the last 5 years, with 3 wins. Look for them to feature prominantly again.

The Final
Brett Richards
Is in hot form lately, running impressively in the 70m at Flinders, albeit with a poor start in the final. Based on that form, will be hard not to put him in the final. Not much of him, but boy can he move. Looking good.

Shane Grimwade
Keep tipping this man and he never lets me down, so like at Port Adelaide and Flinders, we will go for him again. Based on his 200m at Flinders, this should be a sunday stroll, so look for him to keep the momentum going and challenge for the podium again here.

Casey Whitaker
Ran brilliantly to win the 70m at Flinders, which shows that he is going to be hard to hold off on Friday. Made the final at Port Adelaide and will be looking to keep the confidence high before Whyalla. A quality athlete with a super start, look for him to make it back to back sashes.

Jarrad Dartnall
3rd in the 200m at Flinders, will surely like his chances over the gift distance here. Won the 300m here last year, and might well fancy that, but why not do both. If he concentrates on the gift, he will figure, but one suspects he might try and go back to back in the 300m. Nonetheless, we will tip him.

Ben Koschade
Let me down in the 200m a fortnight ago where he failed to get out of his heat, but will be looking to put that behind him with a solid run here. Depending on how well he pulled up after Flinders will determine how he goes here, but if hes up and about, should scrape through to the final.

Wallace Long-Scafidi
Made his 4th Final in as many attempt at Flinders, and on that, he will surely be eager to see where he sits over the famous distance. Impressed in the 70 also, so if we put those two together, hes going to be mighty hard the dismiss on Friday. Like Dartnall, might go for the 300m, but surely this one is right up his alley.

Other runners who will do well and why!!
Woodhams = Slow start to the year, but will want some form heading into Whyalla.

James = Won it 2 years ago, 3rd last year, loves this track, and will no doubt be giving it a crack.

Tohl = Looks good early on in the season, and will be very close here, if there were 7 finalists, he would be in.

Caldow = Off the bandwagon??? We will see Friday night. Brings his Port Adelaide form and he wins it hand down.


Good write up Pie man.

I think Grimwade is definitely a chance if he is out to pick up as many races as possible. Would he wait until Bay?

Good entries again in the over 35 and under 20's, especially the 300, might have something to do with the stage of the season that there are not as many in the 120 under 20's.

Good luck


Limit at the Bay is 11m, so unless a huge transformation, he's likely to not trouble the scorers there. Not sure about the limit at Whyalla or the Mount though, might give it a crack there!!

Entry numbers are really promising, lets hope these young athletes continue with the sport, some handicaps have already been adjusted!!


Ye, sorry about that, I scrolled back up and only looked at the over 35's


under 20

Hey Mex I think I know the reason why the numbers are much better in the under 20 300m than the under 20 120m.Probably has something to do with there not being an under 20 120m

2nd that

You are quite right Under 20.
There is no Under 20 120m event until the sixth meeting of the season.
Probably needs to be looked at as we are now recruiting Under 14s and under 17s to compete with the saal.So as to maintain these new athletes we should give them 120m events to compete in once they turn 17 instead of novice ,woman and open 120m events being the only ones available.
Doesnt need to be every meeting ,but I think waiting until meeting number 6 for their first under 20 age event is a bit to long.
By holding under 20 ,120m event its probably fair to say that the under 17s would also run in these events.
Such is the talent of runners around at the moment, such as Caldow,Richards etc an under 20 under 120m would dare I say it draw almost as much interest as the Gift on the same day


Caldow = Off the bandwagon??? We will see Friday night. Brings his Port Adelaide form and he wins it hand down.

Hey Pieman, Don't jump off just yet. 120's are his go.

12Reynella (SAAL) Handicaps - Friday 12th Nov 2010 Empty Are a Changin' on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:54 pm


Great theres lots of under 17s and other new runners, now but with lots of new runners we better get use to longer meets. I think theres too many races at Reynella and its going to be a long night. Do we really need an 800 open and an 800 novice on the same program?


Last Seven Reynella Gift Finals
Place Surname First Name H'cap Time P/money
1 Thiel Stephan 10.00 12.715 $500.00
2 Ormrod Mark 4.00 12.804 $250.00
3 James Robbie 6.50 12.812 $125.00
4 Hancock Ryan 9.25 12.854 $55.00
5 Tohl Damian 7.75 12.863 $25.00
6 Dartnall Jarrad 11.50 13.099 $25.00
1 James Robbie 6.25 12.604 $500.00
2 Woodhams Dale 5.25 12.688 $250.00
3 Scott Russell 7.50 12.723 $125.00
4 Peters Brad 8.00 12.735 $55.00
5 Antenucci Michael 8.75 12.771 $25.00
6 Nitschke Michael 8.50 12.787 $25.00
1 Tippins Duncan 6.50 12.597 $200.00
2 Gross David 9.50 12.810 $75.00
3 Thiel Stephan 9.00 12.841 $55.00
4 Burckhardt Leon 10.25 12.865 $30.00
5 Burckhardt Chris 10.00 12.885 $10.00
6 Hicks Dylan 9.75 12.907 $10.00
1 Watkins Clay 4.50 12.667 $500.00
2 Hodge Steven 10.00 12.718 $240.00
3 Denehy Greg 12.00 12.740 $110.00
4 Coull Morgan 7.50 12.763 $50.00
5 Tohl Damian 10.50 12.817 $30.00
6 Hicks Dylan 9.25 12.910 $20.00
7 Koschade Ben 7.00 12.965 $0.00
1 Hancock Tyson 12.00 12.746 $600.00
2 Watkins Clay 7.50 12.747 $200.00
3 Burckhardt Leon 9.50 12.817 $75.00
4 Burckhardt Chris 8.50 12.825 $40.00
5 Scott Russell 8.75 12.839 $20.00
6 Dartnall Jarrad 10.25 13.021 $15.00
1 Bateman Todd 5.00 12.963 $400.00
2 Burckhardt Chris 8.75 13.102 $150.00
3 Palmer David 11.25 13.104 $100.00
4 Hicks Dylan 9.00 13.309 $50.00
5 McMahon Aaron 9.25 13.339 $30.00
6 Dartnall Jarrad 10.75 13.415 $20.00
1 Moss Daniel 9.00 12.686 $250.00
2 Hicks Dylan 9.50 12.693 $80.00
3 Bowie William 9.75 12.720 $60.00
4 Harrison Aaron 8.75 12.721 $40.00
5 Arkit Ashley 10.00 12.722 $30.00
6 Harrison Kane 9.50 12.900 $20.00


Beast, Caldow is a high quality young sprinter, similar to Richards. Im not saying he's gone, but he is 1/2 metre back from Port Adelaide, and based on his showing in the 70 at Flinders, I wouldnt be surprised if hes putting in the hard yards at training, priming himself for december!! Just my opinion though!!

15Reynella (SAAL) Handicaps - Friday 12th Nov 2010 Empty 300m Open Preview on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:21 pm

Nothing at all

Nothing at all
ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The 300m Open will be a very exciting race to watch as the field is evenly spread and its anyones race. I'll have a crack at naming the final, however I wouldn't be suprised if I didnt tip the winner.

Jarrad Dartnall
Was very impressive at this very meet last year over the distance. Has obviously put some solid winter training behind him and look for him to feature. May not make enough ground away from Scafidi

Wallace Long-Scafidi
Back to where he spent many years as a junior. Was very impressive at his first meet last time out and caught the eye of many. He is getting back to his Camden form and looks to be enjoying his new environment. He is my number 1 pick for the final. If he is in striking distance, watch him run over the top of the front markers.

Damian Tohl
Didnt make it out of his heat in the 200m at flinders, however me suspects when it comes to this distance he will be to good and fit for some of these front markers. Will Final but can't beat Scafidi

Stephan Thiel
Ran well over similar distances last season and will enjoy not having the attention on him this time round. By all accounts is travelling ok and possibly will final but no placing. I think?

Casey Whitaker
This kid has a massive heart and a lot of guts. Pefect for this distance. Has impressed early and no reason he won't do some damage here. Looks to be an exciting year for him.

Brian Hamilton
Is my smokie for the final. Looks to be in ok shape and will give them something to chase. If not caught early may cause some problems especially due to the long bend.

Others to watch out for include Michael Hane, Ben Koschade, and Shaun Ryder Should be a cracker of the meet and looking forward to some top performances.
7 meets in the coming 8 weeks. Get on it!


Multiple finalists entered in 2010.

3 J Dartnall 3 x 6th.
2 R James 1st & 3rd.
2 S Thiel 1st & 3rd.
2 D Tohl 2 x 5th.

Hicks has run in 4 finals, most of anyone. not entered this year.


Has been raining quite a bit in the Adelaide southern suburbs today - expect a damp track. Minimum of 12mm spikes needed tonight. 15's would be better.....(maybe 18's for the Gift if you've got them)



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