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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Men's 4x400m Aussies make the Final with unbelievable run from Tristan Thomas!

Men's 4x400m Aussies make the Final with unbelievable run from Tristan Thomas!

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IAAF World Championships - Moscow
Men's 4 x 400m Relay

First 2 in each heat (Q) and the next 2 fastest (q)

Heat 1
15 AUG 2013 19:05
Order / Lane ATHLETE SB 2013
1 Nigeria 03:04.26
2 Great Britain & N.I. 03:05.14
3 Spain 03:05.28
4 Botswana
5 Jamaica 03:01.15
6 Venezuela 03:02.71
7 Japan 03:04.46
8 Dominican Republic 03:02.82

Heat 2
15 AUG 2013 19:15
Order / Lane Bib ATHLETE COUNTRY SB 2013
1 KEN Kenya KEN 03:07.35
2 SRI Sri Lanka SRI 03:04.92
3 POL Poland POL 03:05.07
4 USA United States USA 03:00.91
5 BEL Belgium BEL 03:04.90
6 UKR Ukraine UKR
7 TRI Trinidad and Tobago TRI 03:02.19
8 BRA Brazil BRA 03:03.73

Heat 3
15 AUG 2013 19:25
Order / Lane Bib ATHLETE COUNTRY SB 2013
1 ITA Italy ITA 03:04.61
2 GER Germany GER 03:05.24
3 AUS Australia AUS 03:07.85
4 CUB Cuba CUB 03:03.17
5 CZE Czech Republic CZE 03:05.82
6 RUS Russia RUS 03:03.70
7 BAH Bahamas BAH 03:02.23
8 KSA Saudi Arabia KSA 03:02.53

Based on season's bests the heats are seeded evenly. However based on the results of the individual 400m this year Australia appears to have drawn the right heat & the right lane.

Our main dangers are the Bahamas & Russia. All of the dangers are in the outside lanes, meaning we should be able to gauge wher they are at as they enter the first exchange. Whoever runs the Australian second leg won't have far to move across to the rail when entering the back straight and should be able to take up a handy position on the inside somewhere close to the lead. Not sure of the order but I suspect Solomon will run first just so Australia is in the top 2 or 3 down the back straight. We just can't afford to play catch up. My guess is Thomas will run 2nd leg to maintain the good position made by Solomon.

The first heat has Jamaica & the Dominican Republic almost certain to qualify. Jamaica boasts three semi finalists from the individual 400m - Bell (45.77), Francis (45.62) & Johnson (45.89). Dominicon Republic had 2 semi finalists - Santos (44.52 in Final) & Cuesta (45.93).
Regular major meet finalists Great Britain are very strong with semi finalist Nigel Levine (45.39 in heat) as well as four other sub 46s athletes - Michael Bingham (45.37), Richard Strachan (45.48), Conrad Williams (45.59) & Richard Buck (45.88) to choose from. Another strong team is Venezuala who has run 3-02 this year and was 7th in the 2012 Olympic final.

In heat 2 - On paper this is the toughest heat. There are three legitimate medal contenders - USA, Trinidad & Tobago & Belgium. The USA boast the gold & silver medallists from the individual 400m. T&T have four sub 45.80s athletes led by Deon Lendore (45.17) and Jarrin Solomon (45.19) from the individual 400m. Belgium has the Borlee brothers - Jonathan (44.54) & Kevin (45.03). Throw in other final chances Brazil who includes Anderson Henriques (44.95) and 2011 finalist Kenya and there's achance four teams could qualify from this heat.

The third heat is the easier of the three with none of the big medal contenders in the heat. It gives Austalia a chance of qualifying by finishing top two. However Australia will probably need to run at least  2nd in this heat to qualify. I doubt the 3rd placed team will make it through. So from that point of view it will be cut throat. Top two or miss out. But on the bright side Australia will be in the contest for the top two for most of the race. In fact this heat is incredibly even with all 8 teams probably in with a chance of snatching a top 2 spot.

There's a touch of dejavu with this heat. At the 2011 World Champs in Daegu, Australia (Offereins, Solomon, Thomas & Wroe) had to contend with Russia and the Bahamas in its heat. Russia ran 2nd with 3-00.81 to qualify for the final while both the Bahamas who finished 4th in 3-01.54 and Australia - 5th in 3-01.56 failed to qualify. The heat was won by Belgium. The slowest qualifier for the final was Kenya with 3-00.97. There were only two heats of the men's 4x400m in 2011. This year there are three heats.

Surprisingly the 2011 silver medallists, South Africa is the only team that made the final in 2011 that is not running in 2013.

In terms of the third heat:

Australia has the slowest time in 2013 of the teams in its heat.

Bahamas (2-56.72) are the reigning Olympic gold medallists while Russia (3-00.09) finshed 5th in the 2012 Olympic final.

Russia (4th) and Germany (8th) were finalists in the Daegu 2011 World Championships.

Bahamas has the most depth boasting six athletes in 2013 with sub 46s Season's Bests.

Russia has five sub 46s athletes.

Germany has three sub 46s athletes.

Australia is the only team in the the third heat without an athlete who has broken 46s in 2013. Our highest ranked athlete on the 2013 IAAF rankings is Alex Beck (46.09) at number 141.

Saudi Arabia (Yousef Masrahi - 44.61) and the Czech Republic (Pavel Maslak - 44.84) were represented in the individual 400m final with athletes who broke national records in the semi finals. Italy have as their trump card Matteo Galvin who ran 45.39 in the heat of the individual 400m.

Despite having sub 46s athletes in their ranks, neither Cuba nor Germany were represented in the individual 400m. Cuba's best 400m runner this year is Yoandys Lescay with 45.29, which ranks him 30th in the world.  

Australia has got the talent, given that Solomon, Thomas and Offereins are solid 45s athletes when in shape and Beck has a recent 46.09, but from what we've seen in recent months, I reckon the Aussies won't be good enough to beat the Bahamas and Russia. Then they will be relying on a fastest time & will need a time sub 3-02 to make the final. Love to see it happen, but I reckon a time sub 3-04 will be a reasonable result given the performance of our 400m athletes this year.

2013 Best Times for those teams in Heat 3 (Sub 46.20)

44.93 Ramon Miller
45.18 Chris Brown
45.21 Michael Mathieu
45.26 LaToy Williams
45.54 Wesley Neymour
45.94 Stephen Newbold
46.14 Alonzo Russell

45.49 Vladimir Krasnov
45.51 Lev Mosin
45.55 Maksim Dyldin
45.81 Pavel Ivashko
45.97 Sergey Petukhov
46.04 Nikita Uglov
46.18 Aleksey Kenig

45.72 David Gollnow
45.77 Eric Krüger
45.89 Thomas Schneider

Saudi Arabia
44.61 Yousef Ahmed Masrahi
46.08 Ismail M.H Alsabani

45.29 Yoandys Lescay
45.90 Raidel Acea

Czech Republic
44.84 Pavel Maslák

45.39 Matteo Galvan

46.09 Alexander Beck
46.12 Steven Solomon

OVERALL TIP for the Men's 4x400m Final
Dominican Republic
Trinidad & Tobago

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


Awesome last leg by Thomas. Took Australia from 5th to 2nd!


Unbelievable performance from Tristan Thomas. Don't know how he did it. He must have been spotting the Bahamas athlete 10m with about 250m to go.

It has to go down as one of the greatest relay legs in Australian athletics history. At one stage the Aussies are 2nd last and then clawed themselves back to 5th before Thomas embarks on his amazing run. The gap between him and the leaders is massive yet somehow he stormed down the outside to catapult Australia into 2nd and the automatic qualifier.

As I said in the preview, it was the perfect heat for us. There's no way Australia would have qualified had they been in heat one or two. Overall Australia was ranked 11th with three teams unlucky to miss out because of the heat draw.

The reigning Olympic Gold medallists - the Bahamas should have qualified and were going along easily but the woeful effort from their fourth leg athlete cost them a spot in the final. As much as Australia's performance was exhilirating, the Bahamas was embarrassing.

BUT it's great for Australia &  an amazing effort given the ordinary form among our 400m lads going into the championships.

Steve Solomon - Craig Burns - Alex Beck - Tristan Thomas; All did well but it basically came down to Tristan Thomas and his super-human effort in the final leg.

See the race below.

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The commentator doesnt even mention Aust at all ,not until the last 80m.
Wouldnt even know the Aussies were running if you were listening to the call on radio.


The Bahamas went with Ojay Ferguson on the final leg.

Ferguson isn't on the IAAF 400m rankings - which is basically athletes under 46.20. There are seven athletes from the Bahamas on the rankings so four of them were left out of the team.

Ferguson's PB of 46.14 was achieved in March 2012 in El Paso Texas.

Seemed to be a huge risk taking in an athlete with no recent 400m form of any note and leaving out athletes who had broken 46s this year. Ferguson's split on the last leg will be interesting. Looked about high 47s at best.

One of those left out was Ramon Miller who has run 44.93 this year. Miller had a poor individual 400m heat run so I guess that cost him a start in the relay.

On the other hand Tristan Thomas has timed his run brilliantly. He didn't panic, just worked his way through until he unleashed his devastating kick to beat all but the Russian athlete.

Exciting to see the lads in the final and hopefully the 4x100m boys will be inspired to match them and also make the final.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Another solid 3-02 in the final to finish 8th.

An interesting observation from reviewing the heat where Australia finished 2nd to qualify. On the second leg, Craig Burns was 7th on the bend.

When the 3rd leg athlete, Alex Beck was lining up, he was fourth in line.
Technically he should have been further out from the rail.

If Beck somehow changed positions to get closer to the rail, then Australia should have been disqualified.

I can only assume an official placed him in that order.

IAAF Rule 170.20 is as follows:

20. In the Medley Relay, the athletes running the final leg and in the 4x400m race, the athletes running the third and fourth legs shall, under the direction of a designated official, place themselves in their waiting position in the same order (inside to out) as the order of their respective team members as they enter the last bend. Once the incoming athletes have passed this point, the waiting athletes shall maintain their order, and shall not exchange positions at the beginning of the takeover zone. If an athlete does not follow this Rule, his team shall be disqualified.

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