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Christina's Gift (WCAL) Heats & Handicaps & FORM GUIDE

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Christina's Restaurant 120m Gift
Friday 13th Dec 2013

HEAT 1 - 5.45pm
Red Ben Offereins 7.00
White Glenn Ross 10.25
Blue Daniel Cruickshank 14.00
Yellow Alex Brown 17.00
Green Gabrielle Murphy 25.00
Pink Andrew Bannister 37.25

HEAT 2 - 5.50pm
Red Mathew Short 7.75
White James Crevald SCR
Blue Andrew Boyle 14.25
Yellow Adriaan Pelser 22.00
Green Brittanny Brymer 27.00
Pink India Flint 29.50

HEAT 3 - 5.55pm
Red Dylan Panizza 9.00
White Andrew Taylor 10.50
Blue Benjamin Catley 15.25
Yellow April Brough 22.75
Green Jessica Mondello 27.00
Pink Ellie Nagle 29.50
Black Barrie Kernaghan 39.50

HEAT 4 - 6.00pm
Red Adam Moore 10.00
White TJ TARR 11.50
Blue Tim Branston 16.00
Yellow Rhys Davies 23.25
Green Hannah Willox 29.25
Pink Jesse Huria 29.75

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2Christina's Gift (WCAL) Heats & Handicaps & FORM GUIDE Empty Form Guide on Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:58 pm


Christina’s Restaurant 120m Gift

Form Guide

Ben Offereins(7m) -400m National Open Champion in 2005 & again claimed title in 2010 on home soil in Perth. 2009 won bronze in 4x400m relay for Australia at the World Championships in Berlin. 400m personal best of 44.86sec (8th fastest by AUS) run at the Sydney Track Classic in March 2010. He is nationally ranked in top 20 Junior all time 200m with 21.00sec. Member of 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winning team in 4x400m, and London Olympic 4x400m team. 3rd place in 2013 Mullewa Gift final from 6.75m. 2013 Leonora 100m winner. Top quality athlete should be one of the favourites.

Mathew Short (7.75m) – Winner of WCAL ‘Athlete of the Year’ 2011/12, 2012 Bay Sheffield 120m Gift was 3rd place (off 8m). 2011 Hamersley 120m Gift winner, 2011 Dardenup 120m Gift winner, Semi-finalist 2012 Stawell Gift 120m. 6th place 2013 Mullewa 120m Gift final ran 12.85sec from 7m. 3rd in heat of Hamersley 120m from 7.25m. Better chance here.

Dylan Panizza (9m) – 2012 ‘Male Sprint Athlete of the Year’ award winner. 2012 Bay Sheffield Gift 4th place from 8.75m. 2011 Bay Sheffield Gift 70m Sprint winner. Runner up 2012 Mullewa 70m Sprint.2012 Albury 70m Backmarkers Gift & 1st – 2012 Albury 120m Backmarkers Invite. 2008 & 2009 Dardenup 120m Gift winner. Finished 4th in Mullewa Semi with 13.12sec from 8.25m. Last start 4th in heat of Hamersley from 8.5m. Improving with each race should be one of the favourites.

Adam Moore (10m) – 2011 Be Active Mullewa Gift 120m Winner. 2012 Ararat Gift (VIC) winner ran 12.6sec off 9.5m. Doubled up to win the Ararat 70m Sprint as well. 2011 Mullewa Jim Wilson 70m Sprint runner up. Had an outstanding year last season. Possible chance again if in good shape.

James Crevald (SCR) –

Glenn Ross (10.25m) – 2013 Ballarat 120m Gift winner. 2012 O35’s Bay Sheffield 120m Gift winner. 2010 Dardenup 70m Sprint winner, 2nd 2010 City of Perth 120m Gift. 3rd 2012 Albury 120m Gift. 2010 & 2011 Bay Sheffield Masters 120m winner. 4th place in 2011 Mullewa Gift 120m. 7th in heat of Mullewa Gift ran 13.31sec from 9m. Last start 6th in heat of Hamersley 120m from 9.75m. Better mark could make final.

Andrew Taylor (10.5m) – Jane Mitchell trained. Quality Masters athlete making his return to the Pro scene after a lengthy break. WA state all schools champ in 100m and 200m back in the 90′s. Ex- Curtin University member. First up Pro race of the season should be one to watch.

TJ Tarr (11.5m) – Placed 4th in 70m heat at Mullewa from 6.25m ran 8.04sec. Then placed 4th in Mullewa 120m Novice heat from 10m ran 13.40sec. Surprised when equal 3rd in 70m Friday Night Pro Series final ran 7.61sec from 6.75m. Last start 5th in heat of Hamersley 120m from 11m. Should be in the mix.

Daniel Cruickshank (14m) – Ran 6th place in heat of Christina’s Friday Night Pro Series 70m Sprint 7.90sec from 7.75m. Last start 8th in heat of Hamersley 120m Gift from 13m. Better mark here could make things more interesting.

Andrew Boyle (14.25m) – 5th place in heat of 70m at Mullewa ran 8.08sec from 7m. 6th place in 120m heat ran 13.45sec from 12m. Last start was 4th in heat at Hamersley Gift 120m from 14m. Improved mark here should go better.

Benjamin Catley (15.25m) – 2010 u20 WA Combined Events Champ, 2011 u20 WA Silver Medallist Combined Events, 2011 u20 National Decathlon 5th place. Struggled with injury most of last season and yet to find his best form.Finished8th place in heat of Hamersley Gift 120m from 14m. Much improved mark should do better.

Tim Branston (16m) – 5th in Semi at Mullewa 2013. Finished 6th place in Hamersley gift heat with 12.92sec from 13.5m. 5th place in 2012 Hamersley 120m Gift final. 4th place 2011 Hamersley 120m Gift. Winner 2012 Rockingham Gift 120m Men’s race. Last start was 7th place in heat of Hamersley 120m Gift from 15.5m. Improving and could be around the mark this time.

Alex Brown (17m) – Melville Roar athlete surprised last year with exceptional heat run 12.01sec from 21.5m.Runner up in this race last year from 20m to eventual winner Chad Perris. Have not seen him in the Pro’s since that race. Makes is season Pro debut. Should be improving and in the mix again.

Adriaan Pelser (22m) – Winner 2013 Be Active Mullewa Gift ran 12.63sec from 25m. WA U14B 80m hurdles Champion. Ran 6th place in 2013 Peel 70m Sprint heat in 8.53sec from 12m. 4th place in heat of Hamersley Gift 120m with 12.89sec from 23.75m. 4th place in 2013 Kevan Hook 120m Gift with 12.37sec from 24.25m. Runner-up 2013 Hamersley 120m Gift from 23m. Tougher chance this time.

April Brough (22.75m) – Former NZ U18 and U20 100m and 200m Champion. Last Pro start was 4th place in heat of 70m Pro series ran 7.74sec from 11m. 4th in 100m and 200m Finals Australian Open Track and Field Champs 2008. 5th place in heat of 2013 Hamersley 120m Gift from 22m. Quality athlete improving with each race.

Rhys Davies (23.25m) – No luck 6th in heat last year 120m at WAAS 13.04sec off 21m. 70m Pro Sprint (26th Oct 2012) finished 6th place in heat with 7.95sec from 11.75m. 4th place in heat of Hamersley 120m gift with 12.81sec from 22.5m. Winner 2013 Mullewa Novice 120m final from 25m ran 12.45sec. 4th place in final of 2013 Hamersley 120m gift from 23.5m. In with a very good chance here.

Gabrielle Murphy (25m) – Surf Lifesaver who in September competed in Japan in an Australian Under 20 team in surf lifesaving (beach sprinter).  Member of City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club. First up run in the Pro’s for this season. Should be one to watch.

Brittanny Brymer (27m) – Surf Lifesaver finished 3rd place in 2013 Peel Novice 120m Final with 13.13sec from 26m. 5th place in 2013 Mullewa Novice Gift final. 1st place SLSWA state titles 2011 (beach sprint). 7th place at Christina’s.  3rd place in final 2013 Queanbeyan 120m Women’s Gift in NSW. 4th place in final of Lithgow Flash 120m Women’s Gift in NSW. Sound recent form should do ok here.

Jessica Mondello (27m) – Last start was in Hamersley 120m Gift 2012 finished unplaced in heat. Looking for better run here, after a break last season. Outside chance.

Hannah Willox (29.25m) – Won silver in 70m beach sprint at Nipper Nationals in Manley, NSW, 2012. Last start finished 4th place in Christina’s Restaurant 550m race with 1.08.00sec from 134m. 3rd place in Mullewa 550m final ran 1.13.9sec from 130m. Looking for good run here.

India Flint (29.5m) – Last start finished 4th in heat of 2013 Bendigo Bank Hamersley 120m Gift with 12.91sec from 29m. Looks to have better mark here but will need best run. Outside chance.

Ellie Nagle (29.5m) – Last start finished 8th place in heat of Mullewa 70m 8.43sec from 14m. Curtin athlete. Will need best race. Outside chance.

Jesse Huria (29.75m) – 4th place in 400m at WALA state championships. Last start finished 6th place in Fri Night Pro Series with 8.02sec from 15m. Last start just missed out on final of 2013 Hamersley 120m Gift when finished 3rd in heat by narrow margin from 29.50m. Better chance here.

Andrew Bannister (37.25m) – . 4th place just beaten by half metre in 2011 Dardenup Gift 120m & 70m Sprint. 2nd place 2012 Hamersley Gift 120m Final. Gold medallist in the 800 and 400m, silver  in 200m, and bronze in the 100m at the 2012 WA AWD State Championships. 8th place in final of Hamersley 120m Gift from 37m. Another good chance here with best race.

Barrie Kernaghan (39.5m) – Quality Masters Athlete. Past President of Hamersley Little Athletic Centre. Long-time board member of WA Little Athletics, Past Chairman of WA Senior Athletics, Life Member of Karrinyup Athletic club since 1994, Life member of North Beach Athletic Club, awarded the Queens Australian Sports Award in 2000 for his contribution to Athletics. Olympic Torch Bearer through Trigg. Ran impressive heat and finished 5th place in Hamersley Gift final from 40m. Good chance to final again here must be a favourite.


Nice work on the Form Guide, has given me some material for the Bay Sheffield Form guide.  Wink


Just a reminder that tonights heats and final of the 120m gift will be live streamed on the WCAL website, as will the first heats of the 100m an 200m of the interclub competition.

Head to the WCAL website for more information

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