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Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS

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1Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:29 pm


Northern Grampians Shire Council Handicap – 800m
Daniel REEVES 22
Matthew Turner 24
Cameron CLAYTON 24
Joel DONNAR 28
Ashley HUMPHREY 30
Matt AXFORD 32
Matt GRANT 32
Tim EARLE 36
James DEANE 36
Justin RINALDI 38
Andrew PATTEN 40
Thomas HOBSON 40
Hamish ADAMS 40
Luke SEARLE 40
Chad RYAN 40
Jeremy Weeks 40
Ben MASON 40
Ashley COWEN 40
Cameron MOSS 40
Michael NITSCHKE 42
Ashley POLLARD 44
Mitchell HOCKING 44
Gary TURNER 44
Taylor RIGHI 46
James COLLIER 46
Ryan HAGE 48
Jacobi PONURY 50
Alexander BACALJA 50
Brad Kitto 52
Jacob NOLAN 52
Lonain BURNETT 52
Peter SPENCE 54
Allan COOK 54
Daniel VEITH 56
Robert KEENAN 58
David SPENCE 58
Daniel LAWLOR 60
Justin COHEN 60
Jacob REED 60
Max LACEY 60
James CLARKE 62
Andrew CURRAN 64
Darren NAISMITH 68
Phil NODEN 68 Tom NODEN 70
Salvador JURADO 70
Bradley ARMSTRONG 70
Adam PARKER 72
Carl MCMEEL 78
Gordon MUIR 80
Jesse NODEN 82
Craig HARRIS 82
Greg HILSON 84
Neale GUNNING 84
Brad JONES 86
Alice PLATTEN 88
Sean QUILTY 92
Richard McMAHAN 98
Matthew BATEMAN 98
Chris DIXON 98
Martin BARROW 106
Wayne JAMES 108
Christopher BROWN 108
Stephanie MOLLICA 110
Peter NODEN 120
Stefan CATALANO 120

2Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:12 am

Graeme Lebroy

Graeme Lebroy
Did Jacob Reed get lifted for not running Bendigo? Or does the net time get adjusted or something for Stawell?

3Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:29 am


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Reed appealed his 4 mtr penalty from Ballarat for breaking net time and was partially successful, receiving 2 metres back from the Tribunal.

4Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:04 pm

Double Jeopardy

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
That's interesting. So the tribunal implemented a ruling outside the rules relating to breaking net time.

5Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:28 pm


umpire blood thicker than stable blood so no umpires in tips. whisper from the boundary is bacalja 800 rowe 1600 back catalano 1600 front o’brien 3200 back haig 3200 front.

800m. bacalja, reed, clayton. bacalja 2.07 st albans then fined for improvement for 1.53 Ballarat then 1.53 bendigo off 18m less. Has 50m in 800 compared to 85m in 1600 when won euroa. 50m for 800m is 59% of 1600m handicap. Most 800 runner have 25-35% of 1600 handicap. Eg/ murphy 20m / 80m 25%, dean 34m / 100m 34%. Phelan last year had 61% of 1600 handicap and ran 1.48. reed fast but inexperienced. clayton in everything.
1600 back. rowe sub 4. Medal in vic 1500 and 5000. Herb is real target. spence flying. murphy 3rd Bendigo.
1600 front. catalano, c brooks, veith. catalano with master trainer and not done with. Brooks great at cricket willow beating o’brien. veith good at bay Sheffield.
3200 back. obrien hamer phelan. obrien 9.12 3000m at 2012 APS. improved from schoolboy to under hipworth. Hamer 8.22 p.r. phelan 9.01 p.r.
3200 front. haig, downes. haig would be licking his chops after landing in front division after barnstorming prahran mile win. is set for this after big winter and going off like a chinese cracker in 800 through year. handicap is only danger. in 1600 was on level handicap with downes but in 3200 on 90m less. big margin to make up. downes great at wang.

6Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:46 pm


Catalano with master trainer? I didn't know he had changed stable again during this season??

7Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:55 pm


As the details of J Reed's appeal have been mentioned, just need to clarify that in actual fact his 4 metre pull for breaking net time was not reduced at appeal. However there was another matter which has been outstanding since the start of the season which was successful at appeal.

8Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:48 am

Graeme Lebroy

Graeme Lebroy
Kimbo - surely that's a joke?

Its a mathematical fact that he broke net time off the mark he was pulled from. Doesn't matter what he was entitled too before he ran the time. Unless he has got subsequent satisfactory performances that entitle him to a lift the calculation of his mark is indisputable.

The VAL need to publish the results of all handicap appeals and disciplinary procedures so people can maintain confidence in the system

9Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:51 am

Graeme Lebroy

Graeme Lebroy
Whistleblower - obviously former umpires are excluded from your tips too?

10Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:04 am


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The 800m getting almost as much attention here as the Gift, fantastic.

Any thoughts on the conga-line of interstaters making the trek to Central Park this year: Clayton, Axfod, Earle, Nitschke, Kitto, Reeves and others?

Dizzy's final prediction coming alone nicely. Watch this space.

11Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:16 am


Juddys review on the SA boys:
Axford: always around the mark in the big races without coming away with a win. Narrowly missed this final last year. Expect him to final this year. 

Earle: juddys doesn't like his chances off thiis handicap. Look elsewhere

Nitschke: 5th at ringwood last week suggests he is heading over to stawell with some confidence. Past 800m bay sheffield winner, hard to tell which race he will target but I have a feeling it may be this one or the 550. Look for him to final if not podium

Hage: third last year in this race suggests he could give it a crack, however now a married man and hasn't been spotted in the saal for a while now so can't see him in last years form. May surprise

Ponury: under 20 bay sheffield 800m winner. Can run but first trip over to stawell will find it difficult in this class of runners.

Kitto: rumours have it he is back playing hockey and is just coming for the good times. 2nd at Loxton 1km so may surprise but doubtful.  

Jurado: this old boy can run. Is known to swim down the home straight. Bay sheffield over 35 1600 winner this year but too tightly handicapped to do any damage hear

Jones: another former bay sheffield 800m winner ran second in his heat this race last year to Clint Anderson. Hasn't done anything of note in the saal this year but did run 4th at flaggys 550m suggesting he may be improving late. 

McMahon: will fight hard but will be targeting the over 35 races

Last edited by c.judd on Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:19 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Typo)

12Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:54 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Last year, Dizzy used the following typography model to make his tips. It involves identifying ‘types’ of runners, the sum of which, typically comprise the final field of the 800m final at Stawell. Thus, the 2014 final will comprise the following:

Types of runner

The Girl
Though this is the characteristic least common, it cannot be discounted. This runner usually starts well off the front and has made many finals throughout the year.
2014: Alice PLATTEN 88m. This was a tough one. Though there were only two women on the start list, Platten and Molicca, but both are of the highest quality and with extraordinary experience in pros. Going with Platten based on her result at National Champs, 2.10, and a 2.07 from early Feb.

The Kid
Ok, so strictly speaking this person is not always young, but they are usually the youngest in the field and have a certain unpredictability of youthfulness about them. It’s almost as if no one told them they’re not supposed to win. At the same time, they usually have the least experience racing pros over this distance and this often works against them.
2014: Jacob REED 60m. Not actually a kid, but the youngest on this list classifies him for this title. A stellar year winning the Albury 400m in classy style and just missing out on the Ballarat 800m in 1.49ish. Went back only 4m for breaking net time, however, after a handicap appeal has regained 2m. Will be all over this. Top 3.

The Amateur
This title is not alluding to inexperience, but rather to a runner who mostly runs amateurs and only occasionally ventures into the pros. This runner has a tendency to put in a cracking heat to make the final, spending all their biscuits, only to crack with such a short turn-around.
2014: No amateurs this year.

The Veteran
Don’t let his man’s age, or the shuffling pace of his warm-up run-throughs fool you. The Veteran knows the game, and has been playing it a lot longer than you have. His mark will often be in the 3 figures, but he’ll know exactly what pace to go, and will have set himself for this race for some time.
2014: Justin RINALDI 38m. The man on this list with the worst Pros record. That matters not, as he also has the quickest PB, is a former national 800m champion and look at that handicap. If he’s 100% fit, he’ll rip this to shreds.
2014: Craig HARRIS 64m. Was trucking along very nicely at Bendigo before tripping at the 100m mark and still only finished a few meters of the pace. Has the added bonus of being able to run his own race and not worry about traffic or running wide.

The Interstaters
Every year we get one or two who step up in their attempt to ‘steal’ this sash from the locals. More often than not, these are pro-runners who benefit from absurd handicapping systems in other states and thus they are more difficult to handicap. Make no mistake, these boys want this one as much as they want their Burnie or Bay Sheffield sashes.
2014: Michael NITSCHKE 42m. 5th at Ringwood last week in 46.36. Enough said.
2014: Tim EARLE 36m. Smashed Maryborough 800m in 1:50 and only came back 4m, thus putting him right in this.
2014: Cameron CLAYTON 32m. Is 8m back from last year but this doesn’t matter. Probably shouldn’t be considered in the interstate category as has moved to Melbourne but still talks with a funny Queensland accent.

The Pros
This group should be familiar to you all. They use sashes as curtains, they care not for prizemoney, and their knowledge of splits, handicaps, fellow competitors, and just about every square-centimetre of the Central Park Oval is unquestionable. This group make finals everywhere but have shrewdly done just enough to ‘hide’ from undue attention and will have worked their marks out to the perfect level.

2014: Alex BACALJA 50m. 1.53 at Ballarat and then 1.53 at Bendigo off 18m less. As WhistleBlower has pointed out, has an amazing 800m/1600m handicap ratio (it’s the new indicator of the 21st Century and will be featured in this month’s edition of Runner’s World Magazine) of 59%. If he shaves down, wins.

2014: Robert KEENAN 58m. Yes, this man has red hair, but so does James Deane and it doesn’t seem to worry him. After a disturbed 12-13 season, consistent performances, especially in 550m finals, has this boy right in this one.

Top4 (in order): Reed, Clayton, Earle, Bacalja

13Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS Empty Re: Stawell 800m Open HANDICAPS on Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:09 pm


Dizzy you have overlooked the CAT, who has used a DOG to get him super fit, he may just shoot off from the gun like the 1 dog from the red box in the 5th at The Meadows over 680m on a Saturday night!!

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