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A forum devoted to track events from 60m to the 2 mile. Mainly pro but also news from local, national and international sprint & middle distance competitions.

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Flinders Results 1st November 2015

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1Flinders Results 1st November 2015 Empty Flinders Results 1st November 2015 Sun Nov 01, 2015 7:41 pm



Flinders AC
Toby Schreier Flinders Pro Meet
Sunday 1st November 2015

70m Open Heat Winners
H1 Connor Verrall 6.50m 7.75s
H2 Damien Nicholls 6.00m 7.79s
H3 Lewis Abdul 6.25m 7.78s
H4 Tim Johnson 6.00m 7.74s
H5 Luke Houlihan 4.75m 7.86s
H6 Liam Wright 7.50m 7.71s

70m Open Semi Finals
1 Connor Verrell 6.50m 7.71s
2 Mitchell Tucker 5.00m 7.74s
3 Tim Johnson 6.00m 7.76s

1 Liam Wright 7.50m 7.72s
2 Brad Schutz 7.50m 7.867s
3 Lewis Abdul 6.25m 7.872s

1 Luke Houlihan 4.75m 7.69s
2 Jake Stangewitz 7.50m 7.81s
3 Hayden Roth 6.25m 7.88s

70m Open FINAL

1 Luke Houlihan 4.75m 7.636s
2 Liam Wright 7.50m 7.640s
Eq3 Mitchell Tucker 5.00m 7.74s
Eq3 Connor Verrell 6.50m 7.74s
5 Jake Stangewitz 7.50m 7.79s
6 Brad Schutz 7.50m 7.86s

70m Women Heat Winners

H1 Katie Jury 8.50m 8.57s
H2 Ryelie McMullan 8.00m 8.57s
H3 Kellie Symons 8.75m 8.49s
H4 Helena Schwerdt 5.50m 8.69s
H5 Jess Williams 8.50m 8.54s
H6 Lily Micklethwait 8.50m 8.44s

70m Women Semi Finals

1 Kellie Symons 8.75m 8.34s
2 Jess Williams 8.50m 8.45s
3 Katie Jury 8.50m 8.46s

1 Lily Micklethwait 8.50m 8.54s
2 Amie Mittiga 6.00m 8.56s
3 Helena Schwerdt 5.50m 8.59s

70m Women FINAL

1 Kellie Symons 8.75m 8.37s
2 Lily Micklethwait 8.50m 8.46s
3 Katie Jury 8.50m 8.48s
4 Jess Williams 8.50m 8.50s
5 Amie Mittiga 6.00m 8.55s
6 Helena Schwerdt 5.50m 8.57s

SA Athletic League
70m Under 14's Heat Winners

H1 Dakota Hargrave 12.00m 8.52s
H2 Xavier Robins 7.75m 8.70s
H3 Ella Sheffield 12.00m 8.50s
H4 Klan Bird 0.00m NTT

SA Athletic League
70m Under 14 FINAL

1 Ella Sheffield 12.0m 8.43s
2 Dakota Hargrave 12.0m 8.53s
3 Xavier Robins 7.75m 8.70s
4 Meg Bentley 18.00m 8.75s
5 Lakara Stallan 9.75m 8.78s
6 Sebastian Jurado 13.25m 8.80s
7 Hunter Window 12.75m 8.87s
8 Klan Bird 0.00m 8.89s

Flinders AC
Bill Ross Memorial
200m OPEN Heat Winners

H1 Hayden Roth 15m 21.46s
H2 Jake Stangewitz 17m 20.72s
H3 Sebastian Baird 12m 21.88s
H4 Liam Wright 18m 21.15s
H5 Lewis Abdul 15m 20.78s
H6 Luke Houlihan 8m 22.00s

200m OPEN Semi Finals
1 Lewis Abdul 15m 20.73s
2 Nikolas Berry 24m
3 Ryan Atkins 12m

1 Jake Stangewitz 17m 20.81s
2 Sebastian Baird 12m
3 David Gross 14m

200m Open FINAL
1 Ryan Atkins 12m 20.80s
2 Jake Stangewitz 17m 21.09s
3 David Gross 14m 21.38s
4 Lewis Abdul 15m 21.71s
5 Nikolas Berry 24m 22.00s
6 Sebastian Baird 12m 22.20s

200m Women
Heat Winners

H1 Jess Williams 27m 23.8s(Est)
H2 Sarah Burns 32m 24.66s
H3 Hayley Openshaw 19m 23.44s
H4 Simone Roth 38m 23.82s
H5 Teagan Kustermann 20m 24.80s
H6 Lynette Vine 11m 24.17s

200m Women Semi Finals
1 Hayley Openshaw 19m 23.25s
2 Jess Williams 27m
3 Nicola Coombes

1 Mikayla Round 22m 23.69s
2 Simone Rothe 38m
3 Lynette Viney 11m

200m Women FINAL
1 Jess Williams 27m 23.27s
2 Lynette Vine 11m 23.88s
3 Hayley Openshaw 19m 24.19s
4 Simone Rothe 38m 24.19s?
5 Mikayla Round 22m 25.02s
6 Nicola Coombe 31m 25.33s

Mort Daly Running Foundation
200m Under 17 Girls

Heat Winners
H1 Ryelie McMullan 10m 25.54s
H2 Courtney Martens 10m 25.61s
H3 Caitlin Stallan 12m 25.74s

200m Under 17 Girl's FINAL
1 Courtney Martens 10m 25.41s
2 Gwen Humphreys 6m 25.81s
3 Caitlin Stallan 12m 26.13s
4 Ryelie McMullan 10m 26.43s
5 Molly Farmer 8m 26.66s
6 Ruby Buchanan 8m 26.87s

Mort Daly Running Foundation
200m Under 17 Boys

Heat Winners
H1 Kian Bird 6m 22.95s
H2 Daniel Jackson 10m 22.04s
H3 Hamish Pertherick 8m 22.80s
H4 Kyle Roberts 0.00m 22.92s

200m Under 17 Boy's FINAL
1 Jackson Daniels 10m 22.01s
2 Klan Bird 16m 22.29s
3 Hamish Petherick 8m 22.59s
4 Luke Whitford 12m 22.94s
5 Cameron Vinall 6m 23.26s
6 Ben Barratt 6m 23.57s
7 Riley Adderley 12m 23.87s
8 Kyle Roberts -1m 24.19s (Break)

Flinders Athletic Club
200m Over 35
Heat Winners

H1 Damien Nicholls 8m 22.98s
H2 Lyn Peaked 48m 23s (Missed rest of time)
H3 Ben Martin 18m 23.60s
H4 Missed Result

200m Over 35's FINAL
1 Damien Nicholls 8m 22.87s
2 Salvador Jurado 18m 23.14s
3 Ben Martin 18m 23.44s
4 Lyn Peaked 48m 23.67s
5 David Miller 11m 23.98s
6 Matthew Cousins 13m 24.28s
7 Daniel Flesfader 10m 24.67s
8 Cassie Neubauer 32m 25.02s

Ross Roses
800m Open

1 Tom Lancaster 65m 1min-50.95s
2 Robert Kane 75m 1-52.11
3 Salvador Jurado 100m 1-52.40
4 Corey Watkins 58m 1-54.74
5 Michael Nitschke 50m 1-55.10
6 Bradley Kitto 60m 1-56.83
7 Richard McMahon 115m 1-57.36
8 Lachlan Hennig 60m 1-58.65
9 Sam Chalmers 85m 2-03.83
10 Tom Snyder 36m 2-04.36
11 Ben Crawford 54m 2-05.65

Sutcliffe Family Trust
800m Women

1 Chelsea Holmes 70m 2mins-15.23s
2 Lauren Hyde 44m 2-17.42
3 Lauren McHugh 92m 2-17.46
4 Jemma Nguyen 54m 2-18.45
5 Lucy Buckley 15m 2-19.03
6 Lisa Davis 60m 2-22.75
7 Teagan Kustermann 40m 2-23.95
8 Courtney Ryder 110m 2-26.41
9 Vanessa Alvaro 44m 2-33.77
10 Lexie Bentley 70m 2-39.23
11 Jasmin Gee 54m 2-43.63

800m Under 20's
1 Lachlan Burrows 90m 1min-55.21secs
2 Hunter Rubino 100m 1-56.03
3 Casey Buchanan 50m 1-57.99
4 Harrison Evans 60m 2-05.21
(Missed the other placings)

Retirement Strategies
800m Over 45's

1 Peter Brennan 88m 2-07.48
2 Ali Saliu 95m
3 Geoff Trojans 50m
4 Cameron White 95m
5 Hayden Harrell 135m
6 Paul Sutcliffe 44m
7 John Turner 105m

David Abbott Memorial

1 Max Stevens 220m 9-02.25
2 Matthew Konetschka 265m
3 Damian Robinson 260m
4 Lachlan Scott 210m
5 Michael Nitschke 200m
6 Jacob Cocks 75m
7 Corey Watkins 220m
8 Craig Thorley-Mills 240m
9 Matthew Ferber 120m
10 Chad Truscott 380m
11 Jordan Harvey 230m
12 Adam Didyk 200m
13 Leigh Hussein 380m
14 James Ashby 200m
15 Ben Crawford 210m

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