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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Briggs Athletics Classic (TAS) - 20/02/11 ENTRY LIST

Briggs Athletics Classic (TAS) - 20/02/11 ENTRY LIST

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2011 Briggs Athletics Classic 20 Feb, 2011
Australian Athletics Tour
Domain Athletics Track, Hobart
Entry List as at Feb 15

Women’s 100 Metres
1 17 Baldwin, Georgia TAS
2 5 Basic, Hana VIC
3 18 Blackwell, Ella TAS
4 6 Brennan, Monica VIC
5 7 Bunevicius, Kayla VIC
6 19 Busby, Sarah QLD
7 8 Byrne, Angela VIC
8 20 Byrt, Angela VIC
9 21 Chapman, Abby TAS
10 9 Defoe, Dejanee NSW
11 22 Gaffney, Morgan TAS
12 23 Hamond, Tamara VIC
13 24 Henricks, Tiffany TAS
14 25 Hodge, Leanne SA
15 26 Newson, Caitlin TAS
16 27 Nicholson, Laura TAS
17 1 Pearson, Sally QAS
18 10 Pires-Parenzee, Brooke WA
19 11 Rubie, Anneliese NSW
20 12 Sargent, Caitlin QLD
21 13 Singh, Tavleen NSW
22 14 Taylor, Sophie VIC
23 2 van Veenendaal, Charlotte QLD
24 28 Walters, Abbey TAS
25 3 Whaler, Laura NSWIS
26 15 Whittaker, Ashleigh VIC
27 16 Williams, Carla QLD
28 4 Wisil, Toea PNG

Men’s 100 Metres
1 116 Caldow, Jordan SA
2 117 Clarke, Josh NSW
3 112 Davies, Matt QAS
4 118 Emsavana, Andrew WA
5 113 Gander, Liam NSW
6 124 Gilroy, Jarred TAS
7 119 Greig, Simon VIC
8 120 Hammond, Jake NSWIS
9 125 Hart, Darren VIC
10 122 Jaworski, Benjamin NSW
11 114 Leathart, Tim NSW
12 126 Lemoto, Dan TAS
13 127 Lowe, Joseph TAS
14 128 Marks, Rob NSW
15 129 Mott, Adrian VIC
16 131 Robinson, Andrew TAS
17 123 Tysoe, Mitchell NSWIS
18 132 Usoalii, Jesse TAS
19 133 Waldron, Max TAS
20 115 Wroe, Sean VIS

Women’s 200 Metres
1 6 Brennan, Monica VIC
2 20 Byrt, Angela VIC
3 21 Chapman, Abby TAS
4 22 Gaffney, Morgan TAS
5 23 Hamond, Tamara VIC
6 25 Hodge, Leanne SA
7 34 Morton, Karlie NSW
8 35 Nelson, Ella NSW
9 36 Pasternatsky, Larissa NSW
10 1 Pearson, Sally QAS
11 12 Sargent, Caitlin QLD
12 2 van Veenendaal, Charlotte QLD
13 3 Whaler, Laura NSWIS
14 4 Wisil, Toea PNG

Men’s 200 Metres
1 112 Davies, Matt QAS
2 154 Donovan, Hugh QLD
3 113 Gander, Liam NSW
4 124 Gilroy, Jarred TAS
5 120 Hammond, Jake NSWIS
6 125 Hart, Darren VIC
7 121 Hough, Nicholas NSW
8 168 Lahey, Darcy TAS
9 114 Leathart, Tim NSW
10 127 Lowe, Joseph TAS
11 128 Marks, Rob NSW
12 129 Mott, Adrian VIC
13 165 Nichols, Mark ACTAS
14 131 Robinson, Andrew TAS
15 152 Stone, Nelson PNG
16 133 Waldron, Max TAS
17 115 Wroe, Sean VIS

Women’s 400 Metres
1 53 Crook, Amanda VIC
2 54 de la Motte, Abbey TAS
3 55 Magi, Maris EST
4 11 Rubie, Anneliese NSW
5 50 Tauro, Olivia NSWIS
6 56 Taylor, Danielle TAS
7 57 West, Tabitha VIC

Women’s 800 Metres
1 71 Clarke, Georgie VIC
2 72 Dell, Salome PNG
3 73 Hetherington, Kelly VIC
4 82 Kajan, Selma NSWIS
5 74 Katsanevakis, Katherine VIC
6 75 Kingdom, Trychelle VIS
7 76 Lewis, Tamsyn VIC
8 83 McGinnity, Kelly WA
9 77 McKnight, Kaila VIS
10 87 Morey, Jessica TAS
11 78 Noack, Holly WA
12 84 Platten, Alice VIC
13 85 Stanton-Smith, Lisa VIC
14 79 Toemoe, Sianne NSWIS
15 86 Young, Kelly NSW

Men’s 800 Metres
1 209 Anastasio, Dominic TAS
2 202 Beard, Tom TAS
3 203 Fitzpatrick, Simon VIC
4 204 Giam, Andy SA
5 205 Hansen, James TAS
6 207 Morey, Nathan TAS
7 208 Ryde, Michael VIC

Men’s 1500 Metres
1 137 Abdi, Youcef NSW
2 145 Clark, Daniel VIC
3 141 Grimster, Kane VIC
4 138 Hoffman, Paul NSW
5 146 Kaan, James NSWIS
6 139 Mulder, Tyler USA
7 147 Page, Grant TAS
8 134 Riseley, Jeffrey VIS
9 142 Robinson, Brett ACT
10 143 Rowe, Alexander VIS
11 148 Rowe, Brenton VIC
12 149 Saunders, Philo ACT
13 136 Simmonds, Nick USA
14 135 Toohey, Nicholas QLD
15 144 Williamsz, Jordan VIC
16 140 Wright, Joshua NSW

Women’s 2000 Metres
1 45 Daniels, Melanie TAS
2 46 Fitzpatrick, Natasha TAS
3 47 Giblin, Mandy TAS
4 48 Loughnan, Emily WA
5 49 Smith, Natalea TAS
6 44 Wellings, Eloise NSWIS

Men’s 5000 Metres
1 188 Adams, Liam VIC
2 189 Blicavs, Mark VIC
3 185 Christian, Ryan VIC
4 190 Craigie, Alan ACT
5 191 Croker, Bradley NSW
6 192 Gebresilasse, Dejen TAS
7 241 Harris, Josh TAS
8 193 Hartigan, Nathan VIC
9 194 Hartley, Chris SA
10 195 Kelly, Steve VIC
11 186 McNeill, David VIC
12 200 Miller, Craig USA
13 201 Morgan, Paul SA
14 196 Nispel, Patrick QLD
15 197 Rayner, Toby VIC
16 198 Smith, Patrick TAS
17 187 St Lawrence, Ben NSWIS
18 199 Toomey, Ben VIC
19 240 Wightman, Nick VIC

Women’s 400 Metre Hurdles
1 58 Boden, Lauren AIS
2 65 Brown, Catherine QLD
3 59 Carli, Sarah NSW
4 60 Celi, Lisa NSWIS
5 64 Consedine, Tessa VIC
6 66 Flook, Isabelle VIC
7 67 Gulli, Jess VIC
8 61 Jamieson, Chloe AIS
9 68 Logan, Melissa NSW
10 69 Pekin, Lyndsay ACT
11 62 Peterson, Shenae WA
12 63 Shaw, Tatum QLD
13 70 Stringer, Felicity TAS

Men’s 400 Metre Hurdles
1 171 Alexeenko, Sasha QAS
2 242 Bangel, Jack NSW
3 175 Bennett, Leigh NSW
4 172 Bezuidenhout, Jared WA
5 176 Brandwood, Danny NSW
6 170 Cole, Brendan AIS
7 177 De Castro Cruz, Felipe WA
8 173 Dewhurst, Ian NSW
9 178 Hart, Luke VIC
10 179 Heron, Tyler TAS
11 180 Holt, Jacob NSW
12 181 McConchie, Nathan VIC
13 182 Rae, Stephen TAS
14 183 Ranasinghe Arachchig, Kulan VIC
15 184 Roff, James NSW

JC Fan

Men’s 100 Metres
1 116 Caldow, Jordan SA
2 117 Clarke, Josh NSW
3 112 Davies, Matt QAS
4 118 Emsavana, Andrew WA
5 113 Gander, Liam NSW
6 124 Gilroy, Jarred TAS
7 119 Greig, Simon VIC
8 120 Hammond, Jake NSWIS
9 125 Hart, Darren VIC
10 122 Jaworski, Benjamin NSW
11 114 Leathart, Tim NSW
12 126 Lemoto, Dan TAS
13 127 Lowe, Joseph TAS
14 128 Marks, Rob NSW
15 129 Mott, Adrian VIC
16 131 Robinson, Andrew TAS
17 123 Tysoe, Mitchell NSWIS
18 132 Usoalii, Jesse TAS
19 133 Waldron, Max TAS
20 115 Wroe, Sean VIS

Caldow in the 100, good to see. should go well.



Runners enter the fast lane
Hobart Mercury
February 08, 2011

THE Statewide Interclub concept hit its mark if the results and atmosphere from last Saturday are used as a gauge.

Track and field athletes in particular take a lot of time to warm up literally before a competition, but also figuratively throughout a season. With February now upon us and the state's flagship competition on next weekend, the timing could not have been better for the weekend of great results.

Many will use their performances from the Statewide Interclub as ammunition to get themselves a lane at next Sunday's Briggs Athletics Classic.

Tasmanians Nathan Morey and Dominic Anastasio had yet to produce a performance this season that would warrant their inclusion in next week's meeting. But after being involved in the hot 800m at the weekend and producing lifetime bests, both should now be assured a lane on February 20.

Plenty of our sprinters also moved into the fast lane at the weekend to stake their claim for a run at the Briggs.

Given Athletics Australia received 23 nominations to run the men's 100m at this year's Briggs Athletics Classic, competition to get a run will be just as fierce before the gun goes.

Those who competed on Saturday at the Domain did themselves every favour to get a run. Not only did Max Waldron clock 11.06sec, the fastest time by a Tasmanian in three years, he also dragged many in the field to impressive clocking.

State champion Jarred Gilroy ran 11.11sec, Dan Lemoto 11.21sec, Rowan Mason 11.32sec and Cameron Cranfield 11.40sec, making it the fastest race we've collectively had in years.

No fewer than 29 nominations were received for the women's 100m, with eight from Tasmania.

However, despite an ideal wind reading of 1.5m a second in their advantage, only Eastern Suburbs youngster Caitlin Newson improved on her chances in getting a run. She clocked 12.79sec, knocking off many athletes her senior.

Athletics Australia will announce the fields for the Briggs Athletics Classic this week.

The next task for Tasmania's athletes will be to qualify for the Australian Championships in Melbourne from April 15-17.


For all the stats on the athletes competing in the Briggs Classic see runnerstribe stats central.



Hobart 800m test for Lewis
Hobart Mercury
February 17, 2011

LAST time Tamsyn Lewis ran in Hobart was in 2008. A month later she won the world indoor 800m title.

This Sunday, she returns for the Briggs Athletics Classic, contesting her first 800m in almost three years.

Lewis, who is engaged to South Australian wicketkeeper Graeme Manou, started her season over 400m at the Hunter Track Classic in Newcastle last month, and will put her recent good training to test over two laps.

"My coach, Justin, wants to see where I'm at over 800m and the meet in Hobart this week provides a perfect opportunity," she said.

"I haven't run an 800m since the semi-finals at the Beijing Olympics. Instead I've been focusing on 400m and 400m hurdles," the 16-time national champion said.

While the 32-year-old triple Olympian hasn't confirmed which event she will focus on in the lead-up to this year's world championships, or next year's London Olympics, she is looking forward to racing against a quality women's 800m field this Sunday.

"We've got a lot of depth over 800m at the moment," Lewis said.

"There are lots of girls are running between 2:02 and 2:05, now we just need to push each other and get a few more under two minutes."

Joining Lewis on the start line will be dual national champion Katherine Katsanevakis, Olympian Georgie Clarke and current national 1500m champ Kaila McKnight.

"Recently we've had girls come out and run fast times, but now we could see quite a few stepping up to a high level," she said.

"In 2000, seven girls ran the A qualifying standard for the 400m, simply because they had to in order to make the team. Hopefully this week sees the start of something similar in women's 800m running."

Proving the depth in the event, Athletics Australia was so inundated with interest there will be A and B races.

A rarely contested 2000m race is also on the schedule for women, in which local Mel Daniels will aim for a state 2000m record.



Henley jumps into contention
The Examiner
17 Feb, 2011

THE final of the statewide interclub meets was held in Penguin last Sunday with good results once again.

For the future sustainability of these events the scheduling will need to be revised as it was far too taxing for the athletes to have them in conjunction with other events and so close together.

But on a positive note it seems to be getting some results. Many Northern athletes attended.

Abbey de la Motte (North Launceston) was a standout in the 400 metres with a time of 56.62s, a personal best for her this season.

Sam Henley (North Launceston) jumped 13.41m in the triple jump and 6.37m in the long jump to place him well for the up and coming championships.

Sam Alderson (Newstead) dominated in the discus with a throw of 45.98m and was second to club member Todd Hodgetts in the shot put with a put of 13.53m. Hodgetts put the shot a massive 15.13m.

Courtney Stanley (Western Suburbs) led from the beginning in the 1500m and ran a time of 5.12:42s.

The race walk was the first event for the day and young Callum Walker (Western Suburbs) walked a 45-second personal best in the 3000m.

The next interclub will be tonight from 6.30 with program B. Please confirm for your events 30 minutes before the starting time.

Briggs Athletic Classic
THE second round of the 2011 Australian Athletic Tour will be held at the Domain in Hobart on Sunday.

It starts at 11am and tickets are available at or from Centertainment.

Sally Pearson will be running in the women's 100m and 200m for the first time as an elite athlete.

Last time Sally raced in Hobart was in 2002 as a junior.

American world championship 800m finalist Nick Symmonds is the latest international star to join the line-up at this year's Briggs Athletics Classic.

Many local talents including James Hansen (North Launceston) and from Hobart Tom Beard, Dominic Anastasio and Nathan Morey will be running in the 800m to challenge themselves against the best.

Former world and world indoor shot put champion Reese Hoffa (US) is set to add some heavyweight pulling power to the meet.

Todd Hodgetts (Newstead Harriers) will be one of the Tasmanians flying the flag.

The Australian U21 talent squad will also be competing and will give athletes some valuable competition leading up to the Australian Youth Championships in March.



Wroe set to blitz Hobart
Hobart Mercury
February 18, 2011

AUSTRALIAN sprinter Sean Wroe, who will be in Hobart this week, has a resume better than most.

He has won Commonwealth Games gold and silver medals, world championship bronze and is also an Olympic semi-finalist.

He also knows how to have a good time.

After anchoring the Australian 4x400m relay team to victory in Delhi last year, Wroe continued running another 50m to the high jump area, luring his team and a hoard of photographers with him.

Their premeditated celebration, involved all four team members playing a mime game of cricket on the infield. The antics went down a treat at the cricket-mad nation, as Ben Offereins (wicketkeeper), Kevin Moore (umpire), Brendan Cole (bowler) and Wroe (batsman), wooed the Indian crowd.

"We went on Youtube before the relay heats to look at different celebrations that had been done. Then Ben stormed into our room one day and says 'I've got it', we should play a game of cricket. It was perfect, given we were in India, plus we wanted to use the baton," Wroe said.

"It might have been a bit arrogant, but it was all in fun really. Given I was the last runner, it was my responsibility to get to the high jump area and start the celebration. All the photographers followed us and surrounded us, it was really good fun."

When Wroe last ran in Hobart in 2009 he clocked 10.50sec for the 100m.

That effort still remains his best time and the Victorian believes he is in shape to go better after a full winter training season.

"I'm really happy with where I'm at now in my training. I haven't touched up on much speedwork yet, but still ran close to my 200m PB last week, so I'm very excited to see what I've got ahead of the Australian Athletics Tour," the Victorian explained

Wroe will tackle the 100m and 200m sprints, against national medallist in both events from last year Matt Davies, Stawell Gift winner Adrian Mott and a plethora of emerging talent from throughout Australia, who are in Hobart as part of the Athletics Australia national talent squad camps this week.

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