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Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS

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1Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS Empty Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:45 pm


AA's Briggs Track Classic
Hobart, Tasmania
Sunday 20th February 2011

Men 100 Metres Run B Race
Wind: +1.1
1 Hart, Darren VIC 11.07
2 Caldow, Jordan SA 11.14
3 Waldron, Max TAS 11.26
4 Leak, Charlie TAS 11.29
5 Gilroy, Jarred TAS 11.39
6 Emsavana, Andrew WA 11.43
7 Robinson, Andrew TAS 11.47
8 Lowe, Joseph TAS 11.62
9 Mason, Rowan TAS 11.66
10 Usoalii, Jesse TAS 11.92

Men 100 Metres A Race
Wind: +0.2
1 Davies, Matt QAS 10.75
2 Gander, Liam NSW 10.78
3 Hammond, Jake NSWIS 10.89
4 Leathart, Tim NSW 10.97
5 Jaworski, Benjamin NSW 11.01
6 Mott, Adrian VIC 11.04
7 Greig, Simon VIC 11.10
8 Wroe, Sean VIS 11.18
9 Marks, Rob NSW 11.52

Women 100 Metres Run B Race
Wind: +0.5
1 Whittaker, Ashleigh VIC 12.10
2 Brennan, Monica VIC 12.23
3 Hodge, Leanne SA 12.25
4 Pires-Parenzee, Brooke WA 12.35
5 Byrne, Angela VIC 12.41
6 Singh, Tavleen NSW 12.51
7 Defoe, Dejanee NSW 12.70
8 Basic, Hana VIC 12.74

Women 100 Metres A Race
Wind: -1.3
1 Pearson, Sally QAS 11.57
2 van Veenendaal, Charlott QLD 11.87
3 Whaler, Laura NSWIS 11.95
4 Wisil, Toea PNG 12.03
5 Byrt, Angela VIC 12.25
6 Sargent, Caitlin QLD 12.27
7 Taylor, Sophie VIC 12.32
8 Williams, Carla QLD 12.35
9 Busby, Sarah QLD 12.48
10 Chapman, Abby TAS 12.94

Event 12 Men 200 Metres A Race
Wind: -2.7
1 Hough, Nicholas NSW 21.68
2 Davies, Matt QAS 21.73
3 Hammond, Jake NSWIS 21.87
4 Leathart, Tim NSW 22.09
5 Gander, Liam NSW 22.10
6 Wroe, Sean VIS 22.13
7 Donovan, Hugh QLD 22.23
8 Stone, Nelson PNG 22.71

Women 200 Metres B Race
Wind: NWI
1 Brennan, Monica VIC 25.08
2 Busby, Sarah QLD 25.55
3 Byrt, Angela VIC 25.67
4 Nelson, Ella NSW 26.01
5 Corbett, Ashleigh TAS 26.68
-- Magi, Maris EST DQ IAAF 162.6

Women 200 Metres A Race
Wind: -0.4
1 Pearson, Sally QAS 23.60
2 van Veenendaal, Charlott QLD 24.34
3 Whaler, Laura NSWIS 24.42
4 Wisil, Toea PNG 24.56
5 Sargent, Caitlin QLD 25.21
6 Hodge, Leanne SA 25.23
7 Chapman, Abby TAS 26.08

Men 200 Metres Run B Race

Wind: +0.5
1 Waldron, Max TAS 22.28
2 Mott, Adrian VIC 22.35
3 Hart, Darren VIC 22.40
4 Marks, Rob NSW 22.56
5 Gilroy, Jarred TAS 22.82
6 Robinson, Andrew TAS 22.99
7 Lahey, Darcy TAS 23.41
8 Lowe, Joseph TAS 23.76

Women 400 Metres
1 Magi, Maris EST 53.50
2 West, Tabitha VIC 54.90
3 Rubie, Anneliese NSW 55.31
4 Taylor, Danielle TAS 56.01
5 de la Motte, Abbey TAS 57.24
6 Pedder, Amy TAS 60.90

Men 800 Metres
1 Giam, Andy VIC 1:52.89
2 Ryde, Michael VIC 1:53.41
3 Fitzpatrick, Simon VIC 1:53.58
4 Hansen, James TAS 1:53.68
5 Morey, Nathan TAS 1:54.57
6 Anastasio, Dominic TAS 1:55.58
7 Ovett, Freddy VIC 1:56.36
8 Thomas, Alec TAS 1:56.64
-- Beard, Tom TAS DNF

Women 800 Metres A Race
1 Lewis, Tamsyn VIC 2:04.32
2 Hetherington, Kelly VIC 2:04.38
3 Noack, Holly WA 2:06.09
4 Toemoe, Sianne NSWIS 2:06.63
5 McKnight, Kaila VIS 2:07.20
6 Katsanevakis, Katherine VIC 2:07.71
7 Clarke, Georgie VIC 2:07.98
8 Kingdom, Trychelle VIS 2:11.74
9 Dell, Salome PNG 2:12.71
-- Perry, Nicole TAS DNF

Women 800 Metres B Race
1 Young, Kelly NSW 2:09.61
2 McGinnity, Kelly WA 2:10.33
3 Platten, Alice VIC 2:11.31
4 Stanton-Smith, Lisa VIC 2:14.16
5 Kajan, Selma NSWIS 2:14.76
6 Morey, Jessica TAS 2:17.85
-- Boden, Lauren AIS DNF

Men 1500 Metres
1 Riseley, Jeffrey VIS 3:44.44
2 Kaan, James NSWIS 3:46.55
3 Robinson, Brett ACT 3:46.75
4 Symmonds, Nick USA 3:46.90
5 Rowe, Brenton VIC 3:47.14
6 Mulder, Tyler USA 3:47.94
7 Williamsz, Jordan VIC 3:48.02
8 Page, Grant TAS 3:49.12
9 Abdi, Youcef NSW 3:49.45
10 Saunders, Philo ACT 3:49.63
11 Rowe, Alexander VIS 3:49.81
12 Hoffman, Paul NSW 3:50.30
13 Clark, Daniel VIC 3:50.50
14 Wright, Joshua NSW 3:50.87
15 Toohey, Nicholas QLD 3:53.65
16 Grimster, Kane VIC 3:56.40
-- Beard, Tom TAS DNF

Women 2000 Metres
1 Daniels, Melanie TAS 6:04.98
2 Loughnan, Emily WA 6:24.01
3 Fitzpatrick, Natasha TAS 6:41.58
4 Giblin, Mandy TAS 7:00.09

Men 5000 Metres
1 St Lawrence, Ben NSWIS 13:47.94
2 McNeill, David VIC 13:51.98
3 Miller, Craig USA 13:53.70
4 Adams, Liam VIC 14:01.13
5 Craigie, Alan ACT 14:26.37
6 Hartigan, Nathan VIC 14:36.56
7 Kelly, Steve VIC 14:43.53
8 Hartley, Chris SA 14:48.13
9 Harris, Josh TAS 14:49.73
10 Christian, Ryan VIC 14:51.18
11 Smith, Patrick TAS 14:51.74
12 Morgan, Paul SA 14:56.03
13 Toomey, Ben VIC 14:58.25
14 Wightman, Nick VIC 15:04.32
15 Blicavs, Mark VIC 15:21.60
16 Gebresilasse, Dejen TAS 15:39.03
-- Verwey, Dane VIC DNF
-- Welsh, Richard TAS DNF

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2Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS Empty Re: Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:51 pm


The wind conditions were the biggest ever seen in Hobart. The wind readings in the sprints are rubbish. Everything was headwind ranging from between -2 to -6. I dont understand those official wind readings. They do not represent reality.

3Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS Empty Re: Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:00 am



Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS Aths1

Track and field thrills aplenty
Hobart Mercury
February 21, 2011

NEARLY 200 Tasmanian athletes competed in the state's flagship track and field competition yesterday at Hobart's Domain Athletics Centre.

Making the most of the home ground advantage was Northern Suburbs distance gun Mel Daniels, who smashed the field in the rarely contested 2000m event.

Early on, Daniels sat behind Western Australia's Emily Loughnan, before taking the lead in the middle of the race and romping to victory with 6min04.98sec. Loughnan held on for second, with Daniels' training partner Natasha Fitzpatrick coming home third.

Sandy Bay sprinter Max Waldron took out the men's B grade 200m in 22.28sec. Waldron was well behind the leaders as they entered the home stretch and with 50m to travel looked to have no chance of winning, as former Stawell Gift champion Adrian Mott looked a likely winner.

But Waldron snuck up on the inside and thanks to a well timed dip at the finish, earned a narrow win ahead of Mott and Victorian Darren Hart.

Sporting her new TIS outfit for the first time, Kaitlin Morgan achieved her fourth world youth qualifier in the women's high jump.

Her top clearance of 1.78m was enough for third and gained her the scalp of dual Commonwealth Games representative Ellen Pettitt.

The competition was taken out by Morgan's youthful rival, Amy Pejkovic of Sydney, with Zoe Timmers of Perth second, as both cleared 1.81m.

In the women's triple jump, Lauren Free came third with an impressive 12.36m, behind Linda Allen, who had to compete off a limited warm-up, due to her flight being delayed into Hobart.

Hobart's Ricard Meiring came fourth behind Simon Wardhaugh in the men's hammer, getting over the 60m barrier. TIS thrower Huw Peacock came sixth with a new personal best with the heavy 7.26kg weighting.

Queenslander Henry Frayne made the most of the hype surrounding the Australian Athletics Tour, producing a massive leap in the men's triple jump.

The youngster soared to sixth on the Australian all-time list by leaping 16.91m (w: +0.1), adding close to 30cms to his previous best on his way to taking the win.

"I'm so happy with the result, especially since it is my first jump for the season," Frayne said

"Fingers crossed there are bigger things to come -- I've sort of hit a plateau these past few years and I hope that might change this year."

The effort was a new meet and Tasmanian record, as Frayne edged outAustralian Flame Alwyn Jones (second, 16.25m) and Queenslander Kane Brigg (third, 15.94m).

Frayne also pocketed a $2500 bonus for taking the jumps title at the meet and earned valuable points towards the season-ending bounty of the Australian Athletics Tour.

Sprint sensation Sally Pearson took the women's 100m and 200m double against quality national level athletes.

Victory first came in a time of 23.60sec for the 200m, where athletes had to battle a roaring wind on the bend.

The Olympic silver medallist then backed up to take the 100m title in 11.57sec.

Nicholas Hough, 16, was the breakthrough runner of the day, taking out the A grade 200m in a time of 21.68sec (-2.7).

Coming from the clouds with a lightning finish, a well-timed dip on the line gave him the nod ahead of Commonwealth Games relay runner Matt Davies and world junior representative Jake Hammond.

"That was quite amazing, I was up against some really good seniors, I didn't think I stood a chance," Hough said.

"This is probably my biggest event aside from the Youth Olympics, I'm really excited," the NSW athlete gasped.

Gusty conditions doused any chance of slick times in the distance running events, but they did produce some extremely exciting races.

In his first track race for 10 months, Olympian Jeff Riseley showed his class in taking out a stellar men's 1500m race.

With a field that was packed with potential to produce fast times, it ended up being a tactical affair, with Riseley flying home to win his second race at the Briggs Athletics Classic.

"It's my first race in a long time. I missed pretty much all of 2010 with an injury and I've just come back from five weeks training at Falls Creek and didn't really know where I was at, as I've only been on the track once in the last 10 weeks," the Victorian said.

Settling midfield early on, state 800m champion Tom Beard set the pace for the opening two laps, before Riseley lifted the tempo with a long range run for victory.

"I felt that I needed to get to the front and make a long sprint for home to take the speed out of the legs of a few of the guys who have been racing recently, so it was a good result," Riseley said after clocking 3min44.44sec.

In an ultra-impressive win, Riseley opened up a sizeable gap thanks to a 54second final lap, to finish well clear of James Kaan, Brett Robinson and American 800m champion Nick Symmonds.

Hobart's Grant Page was solid, coming eighth and taking some big scalps including 2002 Commonwealth bronze medallist Youcef Abdi and Zatopek winner Nick Toohey.

In the women's 800m, Tamsyn Lewis employed completely reverse tactics to her usual dominating domestic runs.

Sitting midfield for the first 500m, the world indoor champion blasted down the back straight, passing the nation's best middle distance runners with ease, as she motored to victory in 2min04.32sec.

"I was nervous about making the distance first up, not knowing if I had it in me, but it felt very easy and I'm hoping the times will come down in big leaps once I start to implement my speed over the first lap," the triple Olympian said.

National champion Ben St Lawrence also won a tactical affair in the men's 5000m, held during the height of the blustery conditions.

Sitting on US athlete Craig Miller until the final kilometre, St Lawrence clocked a pair of 60second laps to close out the final 800m on his way to running 13min47.94sec, ahead of Delhi teammate Dave McNeil, with Miller third.

4Briggs Track Classic (TAS) RESULTS Empty Videos of 100's and 800's on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:43 pm


100m Races -

A,B,C for Women

& A & B for Men

Women's & Men's 800m

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