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1VAL suggestions Empty VAL suggestions Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:21 pm



Very interesting to see athletes asking questions about different athlete classifications and good to have Mara responding on protrack. BUT there seem to be contradictions that come from VAL handicappers/stewards that it are difficult to comprehend. Perhaps they are handcuffed to the old rules, if so, they need to amend and clean up some of the outdated rules and classifications,
As ‘ Fast’ keeps saying the VAL could be in danger of collapsing. If we compare ourselves to NSW, nearly dead, SA self-destructing, Tasmania ok for there, WA and Q’land virtually non-existent, we are all powerful and we must be proactive to improve. At the moment in the VAL we have an extremely loyal and dedicated group in control who need to continue to evolve and progress.
Anything I say here is meant to be in the best interests of the League. There are individuals/clubs initiating terrific ideas Ballarat/Parkdale/Warrnambool to name some. Within our League there is a high attrition rate and that will always occur so the emphasis must be on retaining existing athletes. Here there needs to be far more done to rewarding those athletes that compete week in/out. This happens in all VAL categories and there can be nothing more discouraging than to go out the minimum after three ticks while other athletes, usually OAG athletes who rarely support the VAL go out massive amounts. We must have a system where the ‘ fodder ‘ are rewarded for their support and effort to compete. Handicappers use their discretion for OAG athletes and they need to support the mainstream athletes who keep the events going. Often the OAG athletes start out overweight and unfit and work themselves into fitness supported by the VAL. SIMPLE scrap the OAG or is that too simplistic. Why does it exist anyway?
The veterans races are the second strongest in numbers behind open events on the circuit. It is imperative that VAL enforce all clubs to have a veteran sprint double at all meetings. It is ridiculous that all clubs have a veteran 300m, 21clubs, but only 12 clubs conduct a 100/120m event. There must be at least two veteran sprint events at every meeting for the Veterans to develop. The majority of athletes want to compete in at least two events. Understandably the young veterans can and do compete in open events but the for the older athletes it can be embarrassing, The VAL must act on this one.
The YouTube replays are a great way to follow and develop the VAL. It is something that has been going for a while so let’s get some improvement. Let’s get the video operator elevated which will give a much clearer view of the event. Having to avoid all the ground level paraphernalia makes it extremely difficult for the operator to find the leaders.
Righto Mara, re. the race reports. I know a lot of athletes like to see if they have incurred the wrath of the stewards so they are important. I have an issue with injured athletes competing the next week, I realise the old compulsory 28 day rule has been made discretionary but to see runners pull up out a race and run the following week is damaging to the sport.
Why can’t all tracks be 400m around, I know Geelong can’t or it would be in Corio Bay and maybe Daylesford can’t but I am sure all other tracks can have a circumference of 400m. This would make it easier for the track markers and this athlete likes uniform starting positions. I have a 400m template/formula for anybody interested.
Just a few ideas.

2VAL suggestions Empty Re: VAL suggestions Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:59 pm



DDog, I’m loving the cut of your jib.

Wholeheartedly agree with your points re. 28 days and track distance.

Re. OGA - remember, handicappers have discretion to withhold lifts, as well as ability to lift “discretionally”

Love that VAL are making opportunities to clarify Rules and Regs. In saying that, I still believe that it’s in every athlete and coaches best interests to go and read the R&R’s themselves, then clarify something that may not be clear. They are easily accessible on the website, so no one can use the excuse that they didn’t know.

Very important not to alienate the Vets. I am in no way suggesting that they are, however, as they make up such a large % of competitive numbers, (in addition to the fact they athletes racing vets often have their kids competing, who may not have, if it wasn’t for their parents), vets deserve the ability to be nurtured and rewarded for effort, beit by prize money or racing opportunities.

3VAL suggestions Empty Re: VAL suggestions Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:52 pm



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