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Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift

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1Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift Empty Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift on Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:04 pm



Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift 1169223
Steven Sheppard (Blue) wins the Cowra Gift.

Sheppard takes out the first Cowra Gift

Cowra Guardian
28 Mar, 2011

The inaugural Essential Energy Cowra Gift was taken out by Stephen Sheppard on Saturday at Twigg Oval.
In what turned out to be an almost perfect day, the organisers and spectators witnessed some tight racing by a class field of runners headlined by Sheppard who took out his first major Gift win.

Sheppard, off the mark of 8.25 metres, beat home close rival Lee Clark in a time of 12.53 seconds to take home the $2,200 prize for winning the Gift.

“It’s the first Open Gift that I have won and it’s also good to win the first Cowra Gift,” Sheppard said.

“I’ve been doing pretty well at the other carnivals throughout the season, picking up a few thirds and fourths and I thought I was on a pretty good mark.

“I started a bit slow today but I thought I warmed up in the end and when I came off the blocks I went for it and just hammered it.”

Sheppard got off to a fast start and quickly gathered his rivals and he knew he had the race won after he got past Clark.

“The commentator was saying my rivals name over the speaker and that got me going even more,” Sheppard said.

“Probably about 30 metres out from the finish line I thought I had it. “I saw the finish gates and there was no other colour around me and at that point I just thought ‘keep going and you’ve got it in the bag’.

“When I crossed the finish line it put a smile on my face and I’ve actually achieved it now.

“I’ve been running in pros for about five years now and I’ve picked up a few wins in the smaller races but this is my first big win and it’s definitely worthwhile.”

The woman’s Gift saw local hope Brooke White run well but, like the rest of the field, she couldn’t keep up with Samantha Sammut from Long Jetty who won off the 5.75 metre mark.

Other local chance, Tom Sharkey, unfortunately injured his hamstring in the heats of the Gift and had to withdraw from the event.

Sharkey was in ominous form too after winning the heats of the 70 metre Novice race easily and looked likely to put up a good challenge in the main event before injury struck.

In perfect conditions the day was a rousing success according to Athletics NSW General Manager Ken English.
“It was a terrific day. It was a beautiful setting, the track was very good and the times were pretty fast,” English said.

“I think the whole carnival has really great potential. The whole set-up and the way the ground looked once it was all dressed was a stunningly beautiful picture.

“It was highly impressive and no-one could be failed to be impressed once they walked in here and saw the whole set-up.”

The Cowra track impressed not only English—who rated it as one of the best he’s seen—but also Gift
winner Sheppard.

“Driving into the town we were sort of wondering where it was and we saw this sporting complex here and we knew that’s where we had to go,” Sheppard said.

2Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift Empty Re: Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift on Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:10 pm



Cowra Community News

27th March 2011

THE first ever Cowra Gift running carnival run under the auspices of the NSW Athletics League Inc was run on Saturday afternoon. The event had been scheduled to be run late last year but had to be postponed until Saturday due to poor weather on the original date.

Chief organiser Geoff White said he was very relieved to get to finally be able to hold the event after so much planning had gone into it. Mr White said that March wasn’t the best time of year to hold it as many of the athletes who would normally be expected to enter were busy preparing for the Stawell Gift which is worth some $40,000 in prize money. He added that the second gift event for Cowra will be run in early December this year. Mr White said that while this time the event didn’t attract a huge crowd it would grow as time moved on. He also thanked the many sponsors of the event for their assistance and their loyalty after the event had to be rescheduled.

While the crowd and the entries were down on what was hoped for the competition was certainly fierce. The eventual winner of the Essential Energy Men’s Gift was Stephen Shepherd who lives and trains in Watson in the ACT.

Not only did Shepherd pick up over $2000 for his win in this event but the win also lifted him to first place in the Australian National University Sprint Series returning him another $2200. That series works on a point score basis over the all of the gift events for the season.

In an exclusive interview with CCN Editor, Garry Starr, conducted immediately after the presentation ceremony following the race, Shepherd said he was very impressed with the field on which the event was held. During the interview he also reveals what it was that drove him on to take the event out.

The Combined Cowra Businesses Cowra Women’s Gift was won by Samantha Sammut from Long Jetty on the Central Coast. Suz Sinclair from Sydney’s Ashfield finished second, with Tarin Nevin from Flynn in the ACT finishing third. Cowra’s sole female entry, Brooke White, made the final of the Women’s Gift. Unfortunately an injury and her studies interrupted preparation led to a performance below her usual high standard.

3Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift Empty Re: Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift on Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:38 pm



4Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift Empty Re: Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:13 pm


Cowra 120m Gift FINAL
1st Stephen SHEPPARD Watson, ACT 8.25 m $2,200.00
2nd Lee CLARK Cardiff 10.50 m $300.00
3rd Jaryd COWLEY Belconnen, ACT 9.50 m $150.00
4th Rowan JAKEMAN O’Connor, ACT 15.50 m $70.00
5th Danny JAMES Minmi 15.50 m $70.00
6th Daniel SAMMUT Ourimbah 9.25 m $70.00
7th Ben SOUTHWELL Padstow 6.00 m $70.0
8th Brad OSBORN Kaleen ACT 20.00 m $70.00
Winning Time: 12.53 secs

120m Women
1st Samantha SAMMUT Long Jetty 15.75 m $600.00
2nd Suz SINCLAIR Ashfield 14.50 m $170.00
3rd Tarin NEVIN Flynn, ACT 14.00 m $80.00
4th Rachael CARNEGIE Kaleen, ACT 10.25 m $30.00
Brooke WHITE Cowra 13.00 m $30.00
Vicki MATTHEWS Kaleen, ACT 22.00 m $30.00
Winning Time: 13.97 secs

70m Open
1st Michael RUTTER Queanbeyan 13.50 m $200.00
2nd Daniel SAMMUT Ourimbah 6.50 m $100.00
3rd Suz SINCLAIR Ashfield 16.50 m $50.00
4th Samantha SAMMUT Long Jetty 16.50 m $30.00
Ben SOUTHWELL Padstow 4.00 m $30.00
Stephen SHEPPARD Watson 5.50 m $30.00
Danny JAMES Minmi 9.50 m $30.00
Rowan JAKEMAN O’Connor 11.00 m $30.00
Winning Time: 7.53 secs

120m Novice & Vets
1st Brad OSBORN Kaleen, ACT 18.00 m $140.00
2nd Rowan JAKEMAN O’Connor, ACT 11.00 m $50.00
3rd Danny JAMES Minmi 11.50 m $35.00
David FLOOD Coonabarabran 9.50 m $15.00
Michael RUTTER Queanbeyan 15.25 m $15.00
Brooke WHITE Cowra 21.00 m $15.00
Vicki MATTHEWS Kaleen 24.00 m $15.00
Tom SHARKEY Cowra 7.50 m ... did not start due to hamstring injury.
Winning Time: 13.07 secs

300m Open
1st Suz SINCLAIR Ashfield 60 m $500.00
2nd Samantha SAMMUT Long Jetty 58 m $180.00
3rd Jaryd COWLEY Belconnen, ACT 17 m $80.00
Derek COLLINGE Belconnen 15 m $40.00
Dan SAMMUT Ourimbah 23 m $40.00
Lee CLARK Cardiff 26 m $40.00
David FLOOD Coonabarabran 33 m $40.00
Rachael CARNEGIE Kaleen 53 m $40.00
Brooke WHITE Cowra 58 m $40.00
Vicki MATTHEWS Kaleen 85 m $40.00
Tarin NEVIN Flynn 56 m $40.00
Winning Time: 33.48 secs

550m Open
1st Samantha SAMMUT Long Jetty 106 m $170.00
2nd Tarin NEVIN Flynn 102 m $80.00
3rd Suz SINCLAIR Ashfield 110 m $40.00
Derek COLLINGE Belconnen 27 m $20.00
Jaryd COWLEY Belconnen 31 m $20.00
Stephen SHEPPARD Watson 32 m $20.00
Dan SAMMUT Ourimbah 42 m $20.00
Mick RUTTER Queanbeyan 75 m $20.00
Dale JONES Wellington 84 m $20.00
Winning Time: 1 min 08.35 secs

70m Skins
1st Rowan JAKEMAN O’Connor 6.50 m $200.00
2nd Michael RUTTER Queanbeyan 8.50 m $100.00
3rd Daniel SAMMUT Ourimbah 2.00 m $50.00
4th Danny JAMES Minmi 5.50 m $30.00
5th Jaryd COWLEY Belconnen 2.00 m $30.00
6th Suz SINCLAIR Ashfield 11.75 m $30.00
7th Brooke WHITE Cowra 13.00 m $30.00
8th Tarin NEVIN Flynn 11.00 m $30.00
Winning Time: 7.99 secs

5Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift Empty Re: Sheppard wins the Cowra Gift on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:03 pm


Do you get the feeling they have problems lining up Samantha Sammut and Suz Sinclair with the men in the opens.

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