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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Stawell - Final Fields for 120m & 800m (Happy to hear peoples input)

Stawell - Final Fields for 120m & 800m (Happy to hear peoples input)

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120m final

Powell - Defiantly an athlete that will come into this event not knowing what to expect (As its a chasing game - not running for gold)But he will soon find out the form of the athletes he will be chasing in the heat (Semi/Final) Explosive starter as known to everybody. Dangerous contender.

Marr - Could call him the hide and seek champ of the century. Has a range of ability that is waiting to erupt and when not a better time? Long strides and will mow the out markers down no dramas, has trouble running away from the back markers (If any)but will be putting his best foot forward this week.

Williams - Won this event 2 years ago, and has come into this year better than he did back then. Have heard whispers that not only will he be coming down for a run, but to collect that prestigious known cheque($40,000). Has bulked up incredibly which will help make up those early meters, and bring him into the race.

Hargreaves - Well, as seen on Sunday (24/03/13) the danger is obviously coming from this well built sprinter by the name of Shaun Hargreaves (Best sprinter of the brothers) Already knowing what it takes - coming 4th, last year in this event. It will leave him open minded about his plot of attack. Watch out athletes, Not sure why they don't call him Shaun Bolt. My ultimate tip. Paying 15's on sports bet.

Carty-Cowling - Former known runner from the Magarity Stable training on the ultimate tester (Bray brook Football Ground)has in the past year moved onto another coach making a transition from grass to track. Has had some time off (Probably trialing). Running slick times off his tight mark all year will put up a fight in this event. Is able to get out quick..steady and hold his position well up the track will give him a nice advantage. Contender.

Coote - Well known for his versatile ability around the VAL calendar (Having wins from 1600's - 120 gifts) is a jack in the box. Love watching him run up the middle off his amazing mark. Is able to accelerate out with his quick steps and fight his way to the gates. Does sometimes tire, as seen in last years Stawell gift final. Put has explainable speed that will be seen on the day. Hot tip.

800m Final

Murphy - Exceptional athlete that inspires all those competitors to give every race a red hot crack. Finds ways to make up early ground, pulling him into the race getting a nice cart for the bell lap. Has the knowledge of how to run a perfect 800m, with a tight mark, will still shock competitors, watch out.

Clayton - New to this style of running, has managed to make himself comfortable as seen in wins throughout the season. The specialist circle runner will show his comfort in the 800m final on monday, shoe in.. no questions asked.

Marrantelli - Long time pro runner, has had wins at stawell before and just about every other VAL meet over the seasons. Has proved his ability to everyone over the 800m with his the past two seasons. Showing his presence in the big finals always getting a mid field position and towing his way into the race. Look out.

Deane - The man with the movie star name and the movie star looks. Boy oh boy, taking out the 800m at keilor was just his way of saying, People make sure you get your 8 hours the night before, simply because he'll attack that last 200m like an unfeed shark. Early seeming to make up his early ground has proved that he has the miles in his legs for this distance. Massive threat.

Brennan - Strongest most aggressive runner to watch in the VAL. This man can make up incredible ground over this particular distance, and will demonstrate this effect on Easter Monday. Showing his head in almost every final of the 800m this season has just made it obvious that hes just that edgy to pop up and say hello to Australia when this final in broadcaster live from Central Park - Stawell. Top 3 Hope.

Mather - Magarity trained athlete is mostly known for his circuit runs taking out the most prestigious 400m in Aus and the 2nd richest 550m in Aus last season. His apparent injury has kept him from competing at his full potential therefore hasn't given him the runs he's wanted this season. He's hungry for a win, and some would say he needs to be feed. This 800m couldn't of come at a better time for the youngster Joshua Mather. (42m)

Naismith - Veteran/open runner has the handicap of a goddess. Darren's lengthy strides will make the task difficult for the backmarkers to catch him off this mark. Having a few set backs this season wont put him out of the contention for the 2012/2013 800m final this year, time off has given him a nice fresh start and if ready to go.

Quilty - Commonwealth game runner Sean Quilty will defiantly make a plot for this race. Having the kilometers in his legs for this circuit event will set him up beautifully off his handicap. Allowing the back markers to chase will give him time to make up some early ground from his mark and hopefully put him into a place to be in the finish. Chance.

Expected time: 1:48

cali mike

cali mike
Obviously all depends who draws who in Semis but I would say its out of 8

Williams - Swain
S Hargreaves
Carty - Cowling

peter scott

I believe there is a real smokey(ex hurdler) running in the shadows outside Brisbane


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
cali mike wrote:Obviously all depends who draws who in Semis but I would say its out of 8

Williams - Swain
S Hargreaves
Carty - Cowling

Was thinking Eschebach myself until handicaps came out.
He didnt get the lift like a lot of the others got.
Got touched off in his semi last year by the eventual winner in good time so he will definately be around the mark.
He would be a little bit disappointed I think in what the handicapper has allocated him.
Eschebach only made the one trip south to run this season so would have been thinking he was going to get a bigger Powell lift.


My final 6 has changed a lot over the past 3 weeks but here goes....

Asafa Powell - If Frater only missed the final by inches, Powell will make the final by a meter. He is the best runner to don the spikes at Central Park and anything less than finalling will be a let down (for him).

Khan Marr - A serious runner who has had some serious injuries. He has looked unusually heavy this year but he is all muscle and I feel that muscle will hold him in good stead in the final 20m on Easter Monday

Aaron Stubbs - Previous winner at Stawell and knows what is required. Ran a blistering 70m off a tight mark at Ballarat which proves he is in VERY good condition. Good value bet.

Augustine Carty-Cowling - Unusual form from the boy from the west. Some good runs, some no-shows and some bad luck with injury??? All the hallmarks of a man hiding his form. Off a big mark (10m). Has also been backed hard at the TAB in to $6 from opening at $13. Can run

Ed Ware - Very close 2nd a couple years back. Is definitely faster now and has an amazing start off the blocks that even the most astute running fans tip their hat to. Way out there with his mark and will be hard to catch.

Adam Coote - Always performs well at the big meets. Injury concerns early in the season but produced a scorching time at Burramine last week and will gain confidence from that run. May find it difficult to hang on with lots of pressure coming from Ware and Carty-Cowling early.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
MY TOP SIX IS of the early favourites last year and those in the know ,know he wasnt 100% right for the semis on the Mon.

Stubbs form and knows how to win the big one

Powell... has been given every chance by the handicapper.Brings his A game to the grass.Will be interesting to see if hes given the easiest semi.

Jesse Matthews..this lad has suprisingly good speed early for a 400m runner.Has the handicap could suprise.

Carty Cowling... many around the place think its his time.Dont think he can but I keep getting my ears bashed so have to put him in.

Marr..we know what hes capable of,with the lift, if hes serious and let loose will be a major player

So there you are Whispers best 6 and come Monday arvo Whispers could very well not have a representative in the final. Its just so hard to line up.


Matt Beckenham will have one set, watch the betting Friday. Josh Ross has most covered. Powell has Ross covered. Restt will come
from previous finalists.
Ware, S Hargreaves, Tancredi, Williams-Swain, Brittain, Coote,
very few non Stawell finalists in rhe mix. Beckenham one,
May be one WA, Panizza.
No Tassie, no SA in final.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
No time like everyone else for a full assessment of the field but here are my fancies for the weekend

Asafa Powell - SCR - Has run under the 10 second barrier more times than any other athlete in history. 9.72 and 19.90 speak for themselves. Of course he will not be in this shape but don't think he is coming out here to trot down in 10.2. No significant hardware to his name except a Commonwealth Games Gold medal. At worst he is going to be in 10.00 shape and that is going to put him under the 12 second barrier with a fly over the last 20m. He has been handicapped to be a definite finalist.

Joshua Ross - 1.0 - has been handicapped better than most of his opposition throughout the 2012/13 season even after pocketing over $18,000. However, there were a few rabbits who hadn't ventured out of their hiding holes at Albury, Ballarat and Stonnington but these lads will be bounding about come Monday afternoon. Has claimed himself the greatest Gift runner in history (Steve Brimacombe may argue this point on Monday night over a few Jim Beam's) and also the greatest lover after his recent e-book release. Will a few of his famous pick up lines be used as he settles down to his blocks to unsettle the Boss. However, he is the 2nd fastest man in Australia at the moment and will be going for his 3rd Stawell Gift sash. Can final but will not be able to hold off the flying Jamaicans (yes plural) Will not face Powell until the final stage though.

Mitchell Williams-Swain - 4.5 - The Swain has been added for this Stawell Gift campain and has had some lacklustre performances over the 100m but do not be fooled with his 10.72 seasonal best. What you need to take into account is that this nuggety powerhouse (similar build and style to Shane Naylor) has popped out a personal best over the 200m of 20.93. Sinister feels that the hyphen is capable of a time closer to 10.3 and he will need this and more to win his 2nd Stawell Gift. Don't be mistaken he is ripping up the track up north and is champing at the bit to return to Central Park and unleash his powerful start.

Khan Marr - 5.25 - Magic Marr is primed for this occasion but do the Fiedler stable have more confidence in their front marker? Marr has gone out on the betting board while Ware has been reeled in and this get's me thinking. Fiedler always has his runners in tip top shape and Marr will not be easing up with 20 to go - well not come semi final time on Monday. I think we are all looking forward to what Magic Marr actually has up his sleeve. May face his fancied training partner at the semi final stage if he does not put down a time on Ladies Day.

Aaron Stubbs - 5.25 - Thinks he can win and that is enough for him to be ready to roll. If he doesn't win he still wins my award for the 2 biggest handbrakes of the season at Ballarat and Keilor.

Cole Unasa - 7.25 - In the mould of Rod Lewis the man mountain from Western Australia has a powerful start and an extremely strong finish. The Stawell Gift track will suit this colossus of a sprinter but may have been pulled back a little too much to catch the fancied athletes in front of him and hold off the immense talent behind.

Dean Scarff - 7.25 - Ran 12.21 to win the Queenbeyan Gift off the same mark as this but also endured a tough preparation just managing to get out of his sick bed to take home the $10,000 first prize packet. Probably did not endure a full penalty and do not be fooled by the baggy shorts this West Australian speedster can fly and will look at adding to his Pro Running resume - a likely finalist.

Kevin Brittain - 8.00 - Don't forget this 2 time finalist sped down the track last year in 12.20 off 6.75 and recorded the 3rd fastest time of the weekend (not even the winner ran faster). Has not seemed in the same form throughout the season and even ventured over the 400m however seemed to be right in the game at Burramine placing 3rd in the final. Is a well performed athlete at Central Park and would be quite excited to see the number 8 next to his name. Always produces fast times come Easter time and will be ready to roll on Saturday.

Lee Forrest - 8.25 - Under the guidance of the wily old Marcus Arnold he will be prepped to make an assault on the Stawell Gift after running an impressive 70m at Burramine while training partner Steinhauser took a placing the next day at Euroa. Will put up a fine performance but like his training partner will fall short of making a final on Easter Monday with far too much quality and experience around him.

Henry Nwosu - 8.75 - Absolutely no chance but after making a guest appearance on Border control he made his comeback at the Burramine carnival. Would love to see him do a Burbidge and go from running 15.2 in his heat at Burramine to 12.2 on Easter Saturday.

Ben Weaver - 8.75 - Has run 12.20 (RAW) or quicker 4 times on the Gift track off marks a lot tighter than this and is looking in great shape again this season. However, tighten is the word that the Dream Weaver does not want to think about come Easter Monday. If he can control that forward lean the Dream Weaver could dip under the 12 second barrier and be a big contender for this years gift.

Dylan Panizza - 9.00 - A Bay Sheffield finalsist who could not get out of his heat at Ararat a few days later. Coming good at the pointy end of the season and looked in control of his races at Burramine. Glenn Ross knows how to prepare an athlete and after falling short at the Bay he will have his star performer ready for this one. Will be pushing hard for a final spot on Easter Monday.

Shaun Hargreaves - 9.25 - a mighty mark for a former St Kevin's standout multi event athlete. He can run, he can jump and apparently can throw a bit too. However will he be able to hold off the world's most prolific sub 10 performer? Has been rather quiet this season and carved away at his increasing mark but made a loud roar last weekend when he completed the Marybyrnong double over 70m and 120m. He will be hoping the track was super slow because he will need to find an extra 2m even given his handicap adjustment. Will the 6 hard races dented the legs of the Golden Boy or will they have him riding high like his shorts. A finalist last year and will be looking to go a few better on Easter Monday.

John Adams - 9.25 - 12.19 off 5.75 in 2007 prior to the Stawell Gift carnival and after narrowly missing the final he backed up with a backmarkers win. A quality performer who has crept out very nicely in the marks without much fanfare. Is the Albury Flyer prepared to cash in on this jump in handicap or will he let it mature like a healthy nest EGG? If he is ready to pop he will be hard to beat off this generous mark.

Tim Eschebach - 9.5 - 12.29 off a metre less last year and seems to be getting better each year. I feel he is ready to show his best this year and this puts him into the 12.0 range. Sammy Martin will have him cherry ripe and was unlucky not to take home a Stawell sash over the 200m. Let's hope he doesn't get the breaking yips again this year or it could all be over on the Saturday. A likely type who will be ready to roar down the Central Park track.

Gus Carty-Cowling - 10.00 - Will have a solid support crew by his side all weekend who will be at his call. Blocks will be carried, spikes will be screwed in and his silks will be tied up by this astute crew but will they have remembered to let him run fast at some stage. Has applied the handbrake all year and will his brain remember the feeling of real letting it all go. Has the pedigree to take this one out and will also have more drama to go with it than Tom Burbidge. Expect some lighting performances from the 2nd fastest hyphen in the field but also expect some heart wrenching moments. This kid is like a packet of liquorice all sorts!

Edward Ware - 10.25 - I would love to see Ware and Carty-Cowling face off at the semi final stage but I feel they may not meet until the final on Monday afternoon. An electric starter who runs off a very tight handicap over the 70m distance. But history shows us that Fiedler has a knack of adding a finish to his runners repertoire. A former finalist who was very unlucky with 2nd and will be looking to go one better in 2013. This former New South Welshman will have speed to burn over the Easter weekend.

Adam Coote - 11.00 - A finalist from last year who has had a more advanced preparation for a tilt at the big one this year. No silly distances, no umpiring and most of all a speedy tune up at Burramine. Ran a blistering controlled run at JC Lowe oval over both the 70m and 120m and observers on the day would realise that he is already handicapped to run around 12.08. I think he may have a little up his sleeve though. A few injury scares throughout the season as well as a number of trips across the South Australian border but will those chiselled legs be able to handle 3 runs under 12 seconds? That is exactly what they are going to have to do to take home the sash in 2013.

Shane Woodrow - 12.00 - Another former middle distance runner who has turned to the sprints and been treated very nicely by the handicapper. Ran a blistering heat in 2012 and will be looking to make it past the semi final stage in 2013. I still think he needs to gain some more experience in some bigger gifts as some big quality athletes are going to be breathing down his neck. Can Ballarat take home the sash for the 2nd time in a row and will the former news reader be reading his own headlines come Tuesday morning?

Bryce Teo - Always puts in a consistent performance and looks a little bigger in 2013
Nathan Riali - A promising talent
Fabrice Melanie - Is in PB shape but has he developed that much to stick with the big guns?
Robert Spencer - Moving out very nicely in the marks and one to watch for 2014
Stauart Rooke - has impressed me in his few outings and has his brother to draw advice from
Peter O'Dwyer - will drop his obligatory 12.2 and improve his usual 10m but I think he is ready for a little more this year
Ryan Camille - A Maryborough Gift finalist who also dropped a 12.22 at Albury after a two 400's at Wangaratta the night before and then he vanishes before your eyes
Martin Horne - bound to win his heat by a short head

I may have missed the winner totally in my assessment but just a short review for your amusement. Enjoy your Stawell weekend and experience and all the best to everyone from the sprinters to the dizzy runners and especially to those who work tirelessly to run our carnivals each week. Congratulations to those who have collected a sash (or 12) over the season and enjoy your winter prep in readiness for season 2013/2014.



ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Nice summary sinister. Good work to you and the others that have given your thoughts. I think you have it pretty well covered and would expect most of the finalists to come from your list.

All the best to all taking part in this year's Stawell carnival - after a pretty difficult season (from an admin perspective) it looks like being a cracking Stawell with Easter bunnies a-plenty.


RE: Sinister's post: "No time like everyone else for a full assessment of the field but here are my fancies for the weekend"............

Outstanding work 'sinister'.

Very much appreciated by everyone associated with Protrack.

Well worth a few rep points and an upgrade!


Surely Simon Jackson has to be a chance off 11.75. Managed 2nd at Maryborough and at Ballarat. Surprised no one has mentioned him.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
I think Jackson has run his race wannabe.
No doubt will Semi but I would say that is it..

Camille @ $67 the value?

cali mike

cali mike
How the hell is Coote supposed to win a Stawell Gift when he is umpiring an AFL Game again tonight.

Lay of the weekend!


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
WOW - Coote will still run well and if he wins it would be a fantastic story but WHY????

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