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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Hensley Gift (NSWAL) - Sunday 21st December 2014

Hensley Gift (NSWAL) - Sunday 21st December 2014

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110m Women's Gift
Christine Wearne 3.75
Montana Walters 7.50
Andrea Berrell 8.50
Davina Strauss 8.75
Tara Angell 9.50
Geraldine Marie 14.00
Catherine Pearce 14.00
Corban McGregor 14.50
Kiana Takairangi 14.50
Odette Blacklock 14.75
Shani Sleeman 15.00
Kimberley Fletcher 15.50
Tanja Arienzale 16.00
Holly Bender 16.00
Lauren Keating 17.50
Viola Diloi 17.50
Sharon Deans 18.00

Interesting that only four of the athletes entered for Hensley were in the Queanbeyan Women's Gift.

Here's their profile for Queanbeyan (with Queanbeyan handicaps).

Tara Angell NSW 10.50m
Opened the season last year with a 3rd place in the Mingara Women’s 110m Gift (12.84s off 7.00m). At Queanbeyan 2013, she ran 4th in the final (13.80s off 10.25m). On 30/11/2013 she finished 2nd in the 120m Lithgow Flash Gift (14.10s off 10.50m). She was a finalist in the 100m Christmas Gift in December. At Stawell 2014 she ran 3rd in Heat 5 (14.21s off 10.25m). One of the few to go forward from Stawell, but will need every inch of her mark in this field.

Corban McGregor NSW 7.00m
Novice athlete who last summer played as a Wide Receiver for the NSW Surge in the Australian “Legends Football League” – a glamorised female version of American gridiron. Was also a state level netball player. No athletic form to suggest she will make the semis.

Davina Strauss NSW 9.00m
Controversial winner of the Women’s 120m at Stawell in 2013. After a slashing heat win off 14.00m which had her fastest up by over 4m, the stewards reduced her mark to 10.00m. She still won the final in 13.98secs. Turned up at Mingara last year (5/10/2013) running 4th (13.26s off 6.50m) in the Women’s 110m Gift and 3rd in the 70m Open. Final prospect.

Montana Walters NSW 10.00m
Won a unique double at Mingara on 5th October 2013, taking out the Women’s 110m Gift (12.78s off 5.50m) and the 70m Open (7.34s off 13.25m). At Queanbeyan 2013 she ran 4th in SF3 (14.58s off 6.75m). On 30/11/2013 she finished 3rd in SF1 in the 120m Lithgow Flash Gift (14.63s off 6.75m). Goes forward a very generous 3.25m and will be very hard to catch.

110m Men's Gift
Christian Foster 6.25
Jack Newman 6.50
Tim Eschebach 6.50
Stuart Bainbridge 6.75
Clayton Beranek 7.00
Dean Reilly 7.00
Matt Perry 7.00
Matthew Lewis 7.00
Michael Bani 7.00
Luke Hamer 7.75
Michael Kember 7.75
Edward Ware 8.00
Thomas Newman 8.00
Andrew Ilieff 8.50
Tate Wilkins 8.50
Jack Clarson 9.00
Ben Thomas 9.25
Brandon Abdallah 9.25
Matthew Murray 9.25
Hugh Millar 9.50
Ross Langbein 9.75
David Smith 10.00
Michael Dotti 10.00
Steven Blacker 10.50
Philip Ryder 12.00
Vic Sharma 13.50
Mahesh Yeganathan 14.00
Michael Hanna 15.00
Richard Norris 15.50
Jake Ryder 16.50
Brian Wright 16.75
Kitione Vasu 17.50
Roger Fabri 20.00

Both the Newman lads have entered the Bay Sheffield so this will be their last hit out before they head to Adelaide. Tim Eschebach and Michael Dotti are also entered for the Bay Sheff.

Those who entered for Queanbeyan.......(with Queanbeyan handicaps).
Brandon Abdallah NSW 10.00m
At Queanbeyan 2013 he ran 4th in a heat of the 120m Novice (13.62s off 6.25m) and 4th in heat 10 of the Gift (13.20s off 9.25m). At Macksville Gift (8/11/2014) he won SF2 in 12.57s off 10.00m beating home Tim Eschebach (12.63s) and Dean Scarff (12.68s). Lost 2m to the final where he could only manage 5th in 12.80s finishing behind Eschebach. Has kept the same mark and if he can be consistent, he should do better than last year.

Jack Clarson NSW       9.00m

Seems to be thereabouts in the minor NSWAL meets running 6th in the 2012 Cowra Gift; 3rd in the 2013 Kensington 100m Gift, 7th in the 2014 Canberra Gift (12.90s off 9.0m) and 4th in the Canberra 120m Novice. At Queanbeyan last year he was 7th in SF1 (12.87s off 8.50m) and finished 5th in the 120m Novice (13.25s off 5.50m) about 4.5m behind the novice winner Rod Wainwright. Better suited to the other events.

Michael Dotti NSW 11.00m
Won a 300m Sweepstakes at ES Marks track in Sydney in October 2013. At Queanbeyan 2013 he ran equal 5th in SF1 (12.72s off 10.0m) the next week he was equal  3rd in a semi final of the 2013 Lithgow Gift (12.79s off 10.50m). Ran 4th (off 7.00m) in the NSWAL Sweepstakes 100m Christmas Gift and 3rd in the 300m on 14/12/2013. At Macksville 8/11/2014, he ran 2nd in the first heat of the Gift (13.27s off 10.00m) before running last in the semi final in a recorded time of 14.35s suggesting he may have injured himself.

Tim Eschebach NSW   7.25m
Has been around the mark in the major Gifts having run 7th in the 2012 Queanbeyan Gift (7.75m) and 6th in the 2013 Stawell Gift (12.20s off 9.50m). Ran OK at Stawell 2014 with a 4th place in the 5th semi final (12.79s off 7.00m) finishing 4m behind Gus Carty-Cowling (12.38s off 8.50m). Ended up with a Stawell sash winning the prestigious Jack Donaldson 200m. Recently ran 2nd in the Macksville Gift (12.74s off 7.25m) to Jack Newman, although he finished 3m away. Is in good form and looks a finals chance again.

Christian Foster NSW 6.75m
As a 15yo he won the 2012 Macksville Gift (12.34s off 10.75m). Won the 400m at Mingara in October 2013 before being narrowly run out of the Queanbeyan Gift (12.59s off 9.50m) after having the second fastest time of the heats (12.44s). The following week he ran 3rd in the 2013 Lithgow Gift (12.79s off 9.50m). Won the NSWAL Sweepstakes 100m Christmas Gift on 14/12/2013 running a hand held time of 10.4 off 6.50m. Ran 21.59s to win the Under 18 200m silver medal at the Junior Nationals in March. Also ran 2nd in the Under 18’s 400m with 47.98secs.  He ran 5th in the Stawell 200m final off the back mark of 10m. His much improved PB’s over 100m/200m reflect in his reduced mark but knows how to run a good ‘sheffield’ and could be a surprise packet.

Luke Hamer NSW        7.00m
Well performed junior sprinter who held several junior records in Little Athletics (53.29s as a 13yo) and held the NSW Under 16’s 200m record of 21.68s (set in 2006) until it was broken by Jordan Shelley in 2013. In 2009, he won the NSW Under 20’s 400m title in 47.74s. Coming back into the sport after some time off, but has serious talent and if he’s in any shape he could cause some headaches.

Michael Kember NSW 7.75m
He was a finalist in the 2013 Queanbeyan Gift finishing 7th (12.59s off 7.50m). He then ran 3rd (off 6.50m) in the NSWAL Sweepstakes 100m Christmas Gift on 14/12/2013 behind Christian Foster. He won the 70m at Macksville in November 2013. At Macksville 8/11/2014, he was 6th in the Gift (12.81s off 7.50m) and 6th in the 70m. He goes forward 0.25m but on recent form it’s hard to see him make the final again.

Hugh Millar NSW 9.00m
Coogee beach sprinter with not much information in terms of Gift running. He entered the 2011 Queanbeyan Gift but did not run. He must have returned to the NSWAL last year because he was in the final of the 70m at the Canberra pro-am meet in March. Four years ago he was Under 15 national beach sprint champion so obviously can run. He won the title the same year dual Bay Sheffield winner Jordan Caldow won the Under 17’s. Nice mark for a junior beach sprint champion but his form is a mystery.

Matthew Murray ACT   9.50m
Ran 2nd in the first heat of the Queanbeyan Gift (13.00s off 8.00m) before running 7th in SF2 (13.12s). Ran at the Canberra pro meet in January 2014 where he was 3rd in the 300m, 7th in the 120m Novice (13.61s off 3.75m) and 7th in the 70m. Not much recent form to go on but this is a big step up in class so might be doing well if he can make the semis again.

Jack Newman NSW     7.75m *
Very talented 16yo who medaled in both the ANSW All Schools Under 17 200m (3rd in 22.17s) and the 400m (2nd in 49.48s). Ran 2nd in the 2013 Queanbeyan 120m Novice (12.87s off 7.50m). Ran off 8.00m in last year’s Queanbeyan Gift where he ran 12.85s in the heat before finishing 7th in SF3 in 13.04s. Smashed them in the Macksville Gift a fortnight ago, winning by 3m (12.44s off 9.50m). Has copped a 1.75m penalty due to the ease of the Macksville Gift win. Has come back to the field and will find it much harder here.
* Jack Newman ran off 9.50m at Queanbeyan.  

Thomas Newman NSW  11.50m
Well beaten in his 2014 Stawell Gift heat (13.21s off 7.50m) finishing 5m behind the heat winner David Tinney. Ran OK at Macksville, just missing the final, winning his heat and finishing 4th in his semi final (12.71s off 12.00m). Won the 70m at Macksville (7.39s off 9.00m). Last month he finished 4th in the ANSW All Schools Under 17 200m final (22.31s) and won a bronze medal in the 400m (50.23s). In good race shape and will be hard to run down.

Vic Sharma NSW         12.00m
Has been around the mark on the NSWAL circuit for quite a few years making the odd final. Made the final (6.25m) of the NSWAL Sweepstakes Christmas 70m on 14/12/2013. He ran seventh in SF1 of the Lithgow Gift in November last year (13.22s off 13.00m). In March he bobbed up for a 2nd place in the 70m at Burramine. Recently ran in the Macksville Gift, finishing 4th in SF2 (12.97s off 14.0m).The 12m limit precludes him from making the final. Best chances are in the 70m.

Kitione Vasu NSW       12.00m
At Queanbeyan 2013 he ran 6th in a heat of the 120m Novice (14.07s off 11.0m) and was 6th in heat 2 of the Queanbeyan Gift (13.73s off 14.00m). Fair to say he is best suited to the other events.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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