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Brisbane Track Class 11/02/11 Start Lists

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1Brisbane Track Class 11/02/11 Start Lists Empty Brisbane Track Class 11/02/11 Start Lists on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:55 pm


Australian Athletics Tour
QSAC Brisbane Track Classic
Friday February 11th 2011
Entry List

Women 100 Metres
7:57 PM
(B Race 7:50 PM)

1 Boyd, Jacinta Qas
2 Hodge, Leanne SA
3 Knox, Jessica Nsw
4 Sargent, Caitlin Qld
5 Ballantyne, Zoey NZ
6 Breen, Melissa Act
7 Busby, Sarah Qld
8 Hayes, Bessie Qld
9 Miller, Andrea NZ
10 Trad, Virginia Qld
11 Attenborough, Crystal NT
12 Pearson, Sally Qas
13 vanVeenendaal, Charlotte Qld
14 Wisil, Toea Png
15 Whaler, Laura Nswis
16 Brennan, Monica Vic
17 Fretwell, Chandell WA
18 Hearne, Stacey Qld
19 Jenkins, Elizabeth Nsw
20 Whittaker, Ashleigh Vic

Men 100 Metres
8:12 PM
(B Race 8:05 PM)

1 Bateman, Todd SA
2 Fakiye, Patrick Nswis
3 Mata, Lucas WA
4 Watt, Mitchell Qas
5 Walker, Scott NZ
6 Tatoa, Isaac NZ
7 Davies, Matt Qas
8 Gander, Liam Nsw
9 Hammond, Jake Nswis
10 Leathart, Tim Nsw
11 Silventoinen, Risto Fin
12 Wroe, Sean Vis
13 Thrupp, Darren Qas
14 Donovan, Hugh Qld
15 Finegan, Gary Qld
16 Patmore, Simon Qld

Men 400 Metres
8:27 PM

1 Beck, Alex Qas
2 Lynch, Matt Nsw
3 Offereins, Ben Wais
4 Solomon, Steven Nsw
5 Stone, Nelson Png
6 Watkins, Clay Sasi
7 Moore, Kevin Nswis
8 Jordan, Alex NZ
9 Collins, Tyler NZ
10 Joel Milburn Nswis

Women 1500 Metres
8:34 PM

1 Atthow, Margaret Qld
2 Clarke, Georgie Vic
3 Dell, Salome Png
4 Dudkowski, Natalie Qld
5 Hall, Linden Vic
6 Newbould, Hannah NZ
7 Dick, Emma Qld
8 Loughnan, Emily WA
9 McMurtrie, Anna Qld
10 Paulin, Amanda Vic
11 Simpson, Katelyn Qld

Men 800 Metres
8:54 PM
(B Race 8:20 PM)

1 Diew, Kuey Qas
2 Gurr, James Nsw
3 Hammond, Matthew Nsw
4 Kaan, James Nswis
5 Renshaw, Lachlan Nswis
6 Rowe, Alexander Vis
7 Toohey, Nicholas Qld
8 Ballam, Glen NZ
9 Oakley, Julian NZ
10 Garrett, Tristan Nswis
11 Bulmer, Daniel Qld
12 Berry, Lee Qas
13 Boden, James SA
14 Botha, Werner Qld
15 Connor, James Nsw
16 Fitzpatrick, Simon Vic
17 Fox, MattInglis Qld
18 Khudoshin, Kostya Qld
19 Plummer, Adrian Qld
20 Sorina, Arnold Qld

Women 200 Metres
9:03 PM

1 Attenborough, Crystal NT
2 Henry, Jody Wais
3 McCann, Shannon Wais
4 Pearson, Sally Qas
5 Tauro, Olivia Nswis
6 vanVeenendaal, Charlotte Qld
7 Wisil, Toea Png
8 Whaler, Laura Nswis

Event 20 Men 200 Metres
9:10 PM

1 Davies, Matt Qas
2 Gander, Liam Nsw
3 Groth, Jacob Nswis
4 Hammond, Jake Nswis
5 Leathart, Tim Nsw
6 Marks, Robert Nsw
7 McCabe, Andrew Qld
8 Silventoinen, Risto Fin
9 Wroe, Sean Vis

2Brisbane Track Class 11/02/11 Start Lists Empty Re: Brisbane Track Class 11/02/11 Start Lists on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:55 pm


Excellent Brisbane Track Classic (Friday 11th Feb) Previews offered by Chris Wainwright on Runners Tribe.

Posted by Chris Wainwright

Preview: Brisbane Track Classic.

The wait is over, with the official start of the Athletics Australia Tour only days away. All attention will turn to sunny Queensland for Friday nights Brisbane Track Classic, where we will see many athletes commence their 2011 season.

Last year we were fortunate to see such performances as Mitchell Watt's 8.15 long jump, Dani Samuels 63.70m discus throw and Lachlan Renshaw's 1.47.96 800m win, with all three athletes returning to Brisbane once again in 2011. Watt will open his season in the 100m, while Samuels looks set to build on her solid showing at the recent Hunter Track Classic. Renshaw will also be opening his 2011 season, competing in what should be the most competitive race of the night - the men's 800m.

Preview of Events

Women's 100m
The women's 100m is the first quality track event for the night, with all of the top sprinters lining up for what should be an exciting race. Sally Pearson is in excellent early season form, suggesting that a time close to 11.30sec in definitely on the cards. Looking also to post quick early season times are Melissa Breen, Laura Whaler and local athlete, Charlotte van Veenendaal. All three athletes look to also be in good early season form and will be looking to form a quality relay squad for the upcoming World Championships. Van Veenendaal was only 4/100ths away from her PB (11.63sec), when 2nd to Pearson in late January, and could be the one to watch in the race.

Men's 100m
Although the depth isn't as evident as with the women's 100m, the highlight should be the match up between local Matt Davies and long jump champion Mitchell Watt. In what was a surprise to many Watt produced a very fast 10.37sec performance in 2009, suggesting that Davies (PB - 10.23sec) won't have it all his own way. The other interesting runner is World Junior 100m finalist from 2010, Patrick Fakiye. The 19 year-old is on the way up and many predict that a sub 10.30sec performance in 2011 is not completely out of the question. The talented sprinter has already posted a PB of 10.40sec in 2011 and will only improve as the domestic season continues. Also watch out for another 19 year-old, Jake Hammond, who has also been in career best form of late - producing a 10.54sec 100m earlier this year.

Men's 400m
The 2011 season was due to commence for Ben Offereins at the Hunter Track Classic, although a stomach complaint just prior to his race forced Offereins to withdraw at the last minute. This time in Brisbane Offereins will be joined by Joel Milburn, Kevin Moore and the very talented 17 year-old, Steven Solomon. Offereins would be the first to admit that the end of 2010 didn't produce the results he was looking for, so a good start to 2011 is important for his confidence leading into the World Championships in Korea. He recently ran an easy 21.67sec 200m (Feb 4) and has also completed a rare 800m (1.52), so all is in place for a good first up 400m for the 24 year-old. Following Offereins over the line, Milburn, Moore and Solomon will all be looking for sub 47sec performances, with Solomon exciting many with his recent 46.44sec performance at the Australian All-School Championships in December - a performance that moved Solomon to 13th on the Australian junior all-time ranking list.

Men's 800m
In many respects this is the race that many will be looking forward to on Friday night. The line up is really only missing Ryan Gregson (injured) and Jeff Riseley (coming back from injury) in terms of Australia's top men's 800m athletes - setting up for a 'National Final' type race. Leading the way is Olympian and 2010 Australian champion, Lachlan Renshaw, who has been training recently with the Oregon Track Club, which includes some of the Unites States best 800m runners. With expectation high for the 24 year-old in 2011, the competition coming from the likes of Tristan Garrett, James Kaan and James Gurr will only push Renshaw even harder over the domestic season. Kaan looks to be the brightest prospect, although another quality junior athlete, Alex Rowe, should also provide some quality moments over the coming months. Rowe recently ran 1.48.62 in New Zealand and is capable of closing in on his PB of 1.47.56 if the race is run at a solid pace (ed. Rowe also produced a quality 1500m performance at Box Hill on Saturday of 3.46.6h - which moves him to no.26 on the Australian all-time junior ranking list). All is set up for a top class event.

Lachlan Renshaw's Top-5 Career Performances
1.45.73 - Leverkusen (GER) - 2009
1.45.79 - Melbourne (AUS) - 2008
1.46.42 - Lignano (ITA) - 2008
1.46.53 - Brasschaat (BEL) - 2008
1.46.62 - Heusden-Zolder (BEL) - 2009

Women's 200m
Sally Pearson takes on Jody Henry and Laura Whaler in what could be a very fast 200m for our star sprinter. Can we see the first sub 23 second performance from Pearson, a mark that would make her the 15th Australian female to do so?

Click here for full Brisbane Track Classic Statistics -detailed athlete statistics not found on any other website.

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