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Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes

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1Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:17 am


From Athletics South Australia

Attention South Australian Athletes, Coaches, Officials, and Clubs,

Athletics SA is proposing to make some important strategic changes to competition for the 2011/12 track and field season. We will also outline details of a new, more flexible registration fee structure. These initiatives are designed to promote increases in participation by allowing Athletics SA and its clubs to access new markets.

We realise however, that it’s vital that we have the support of our current athletes, officials, coaches, and clubs. For that reason, we invite all interested parties to a short briefing to outline these proposed changes.


When: Wednesday 20th July

Time: 7:30pm – 8pm

Venue: Santos Stadium function room

Format: The Athletics SA Executive Director and members of the Athletics SA Board will present a short overview of the proposed changes, including the key reasons the Board and Management team are proposing these changes. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

The Athletics SA Board strongly encourages as many athletes, coaches, officials, and club representatives as possible to attend.

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2Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Re: Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:26 pm


Sounds like meekly handing over to the Amo's?

3Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Re: Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:39 am


Revised Athletics SA Registration Fee Structure

To develop a new registration fee structure which is flexible and caters to the contemporary needs and current trends of South Australians wishing to participate in track and field, road running, cross country and race walking.

The key strategic objective of the revised fee structure is to develop a more flexible registration structure that caters to the varying needs of those
interested in athletics, extending from casual participants through to those that participate on a weekly basis. Essentially, the proposal shifts to a flexible user pays system, rather than a fixed fee to open up opportunities for increasing casual and regular participant numbers Registration

Commencing 1st October 2011 and concluding on 30th September 2012 Structure Athletics SA will continue to undertake an outright hire of Santos Stadium with no gate entry fee.

Component 1 – Base Registration Fees
  • $55 base registration fee per competing athlete. Applicable to athletes that register at any point during the season (i.e. no pro-rata basis).

Club fees in addition (set at the discretion of clubs, but clubs are asked to consider setting fees as low as possible).

  • $20 administration charge for those little athletics memberswishing to dual register.

  • $25 base registration fee for country athletes (determined by the boundaries detailed by the Department of Planning).

  • Come ‘n’ try registration still exists for those under 18 years of age, but a maximum of two are allowed (two in total, not per season)

  • Registration for officials will be free of charge

  • Note: E-grade fees are still be to confirmed

Component 2 – Event Participation Charges
Option 1 - One Day registrations.

  • $20 one day registration for track and field events (unlimited number of one day registrations per athlete). An individual can participate without being registered.

Option 2 - Registered with Athletics SA and a Member Club
  • $10 participation charge for each Premiership Cup, payable upon entering events in the function room (data will be entered electronically be ASA staff with cash and credit card payments accepted)

  • $20 for entry to an unlimited number of events at state track and field championships

  • $12 for state cross country events

  • Various costs for Athletics SA operated fun runs as applicable.

Option 3 – Access Card (summer)
  • All inclusive card for entry into all Athletics SA operated summer competition events, except special designated events such as Adelaide Invitational, state championships, fun runs, and National events.
    Cost: $100 (charge in addition to registration base charge)

Option 4 – Access Card (winter)
All inclusive card for entry into all Athletics SA operated winter competition events*

* Includes state cross country championships, Right Royal FunRun, Fitzy’s 5, and the Copper Coast Fun Run.

Excludes national events and events not owned and operated by Athletics SA.

  • Cost: $60 (charge in addition to registration base charge)

  • Revised structure is likely to increase participation, opening up access to new markets and increasing the potential for casual participation, which can in turn lead to increased revenue.

  • Opportunity to elicit greater participation from country markets.

  • With a casual user arrangement and low registration fee
    Increases Athletics SA’s competitiveness with other SA based athletics organisations

  • Provides a range of options that appeal to a variety of consumer demographics

4Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Re: Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:48 am


Proposed Changes to Summer Competition
As Athletics SA enters a new era with a focus on increasing its commercial viability through increasing sponsorship revenue and general participation, the organisation needs to take more responsibility for core business offerings in order to achieve its strategic objectives. A cornerstone of Athletics SA’s programs is summer track and field competition and therefore the Board and Administration need to provide leadership and direction in this key area.

With this in mind, the following is proposed:

Premiership Cup Competition
  • Key Strategic Initiative
    Offer predominantly Friday night competition for Premiership Cup events. It is proposed that competition be held on Friday nights with one competition a month to be held on a Saturday. That is, the monthly cycle would consist of three Fridays followed by one Saturday.

Reasons for Implementation of Key Strategic Initiative
Friday night competition;

  • Capitalises on the most ideal environmental conditions for competition at Santos Stadium

  • Frees-up the weekend for athletes, coaches, parents, and officials

  • Reduces direct competition with other sports programs such as Saturday morning sport. This opens up increased opportunities for participation and allows athletics to access a wider market

  • Reduces conflict with SA Athletic League events which are predominantly conducted on Sundays. This in turn leads to an increased likelihood that athletes will participate in both arms of the sport on any given weekend

  • Reduces hot weather cancellations and is safer for competitors and officials. This also aligns with the recommendations of the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS)

  • Takes into account a fundamental shift in working patterns, along with other competing cultural, social, and recreation options. That is, it reduces conflict with other competing demands on people’s time

  • The concept has been proven successful in other states. Athletics WA initiated similar changes which lead to increases in the number of registered athletes and overall participation rates.

Other Considerations
  • A meal could be provided for all officials. This may help with retention, morale, and overall satisfaction levels

  • Allows the opportunity to rekindle the social aspect of athletics byopening the Santos Stadium bar during and after competition. This could be an important revenue stream for the sport but also facilitate the rebuilding of the critical social interaction that is inherent in team sports like football

  • Country athletes would be accommodated through the provision of Saturday competition every fourth week and a more affordable fee structure.

5Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Re: Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:46 pm


Good information session presented by Adam Bishop & Joe Stevens on Wednesday night.

The fee & competition structure changes have clearly involved much research & thought. They are a direct response to the woeful state of amateur athletics currently in SA.

The fee structure offered up to now has been far too rigid, expensive and a discouragement for the 'casual' athlete. And in casual I mean athletes who do not run very often in ASA competitions.

The new fee structure proposed by ASA is a step into the modern era offering a variety of options that encourages athletes to participate on their own terms.

The $200 to register last year basically forced an athlete to make a choice between registering then compete often to get value for money and sacrificing ASA participation because it was cost prohibitive.

Many athletes like to only compete 8 or less times per season to fit it in with other competitions (AA & SAAL, etc) or personal commitments, such as work.

Bold initiative by ASA - lets hope it's embraced and it leads to an increase in athlete participation.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

6Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes Empty Re: Athletics SA Competition & Fee Changes on Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:07 pm


I think friday night competition is a great idea, especially for those athletes who have other sporting commitments on saturdays! Also youngy do you think you could post a copy of your stawell gift win on here?

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