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2014 Marion Results & VIDEO of the Gift Final

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Marion Australian Day
Gift Carnival
Saturday 25th January 2014

120m Open

Heat 1
J Cibich
B Hardy
A Mathews
TIME 13.18

Heat 2
P Cusenza ( only runner )
Time 15.15

Heat 3
A Brown
D Nicholls
B Letton
Time 13.70

Heat 4
A Harrison
N Giles
C Innes-Wong

Heat 5
B Schutz
J Stangewitz
N Hoare
Time 13.38

Heat 6
D Palmer
T Bateman
D Tohl
Time 13.37

D Palmer   12
B Schutz   12
J Cibich     6.50
A Brown    10
A Harrison   12
P Cusenza    8.75
Time 13.25

120m Women

Heat 1
C Neubauer
L Drummond
Time 15.35

Heat 2
L Buchanan
M Harmston
C Seaforth
Time 15.04

Heat 3
C Cavouras
K Taylor
S Hosking
Time 14.72

Heat 4
H Orman
A Trewartha
J Williams
Time 14.88

Heat 5
L McHugh
D Sassi
L Mattingly
Time 14.61

Heat 6
H Driscoll
C Francis
P Steinert
Time 14.69

H Driscoll   14.25
L McHugh    19.50
L Buchanan    11.75
H Orman      7.50
C Cavouras    8.50
C Neubauer     12
Time 14.84

L Mayo   24
C Vinall   20
K Roberts  12.50
H Rothe    11.00
M Round   23.00
P Dimitrak   35.00
H Moran     29
Time  13.19

800m OPEN
K Khudoshin    48
C Watkins    68
B Kitto       79
S Jurado     100
J Grant       112
J Ponury     80
R Ray Zwar    100
B Jones       98
Time  1.56.09  

UNDER 14 300M
M Farmer    60
C Buchanan  48
L Burrows     45
S Bonner      52
H Petherick     15
S Jurado          80
S Whitebread    18
J McDougall   30
Time 36.29
Mollys first sash with the league. Bad luck BG for not being there but she won very well.

3200M open
L Scott     275
D Tee         385
D Robinson     245
G Dingwell      480
M Konetschka     255
L Haussen       320
T McMahon     430
Time 9.25.39

OVER 35 300m
D Wilczek        32
C White         36
R Axford         75
R Nitschke       20
A Jefferies      46
N Hoare          35
S Jurado         24
M Cassidy  DNS   30
Time  36.50

UNDER 17 300m
D Sassi                   80  
R Buchanan           82
K Roberts                30    
S Rothe                   80
B Barrett deadheat        28
H Petherick deadheat      38
J Oates                      58
L Drummond              65
E Young                   80
L Burrows                55
Time     34.20

WOMEN 300m
L Buchanan      32
Y Openshaw    29
A Robb            26
C Cavouras        24
H Driscoll           36
L McHugh         40
L Mattingly        19
J Oates         30
Time   39.71

OPEN 300
A Brown     25
C Watkins     4
M Remphrey    20
D Tohl          21
J Stangewitz     17
D Girolamo      34
H Rothe      24
J Cibich        18
Time 34.49

Womens 4x 200 relay ..........PEMBROKE
Mens 4 x 200 relay ........Westerns



Burrows runs in under 14 300m final and then finishes last in under 17 300m final.

Oates runs in under 17 300m final then finishes last in womens 300m final

Time has come to give others the opportunity to take their spot in finals instead of doubling up.Were they ever going to be really serious in the second 300m final.I dont think so.

They should not be getting handicap lifts for their second run.

Time for the saal stewerds to act.
When finals are so close together they should be given the choice ,one or the other.



Thanks for posting the results. I was able to submit a review for the local paper based on these results plus feedback from a few others.

Strange result in the Gift. My prediction would have proven close to the mark had the heat results been followed through to the final.

Happy to see Clay Watkins get that close off only 4m in the 300m Open.

Only three athletes have won a SA 300m Open off a single digit mark in the last 15 years. And none of them off a mark as low as 4m. That's the lowest mark any athlete has competed off & made the dais.

Athletes to win a 300m Open off a single digit handicap - 1999 to 2014.
Duncan Tippins (6) at Reynella 2004,
Clay Watkins (6) at Whyalla 2008 &
James Boden (7) at Marion 2011.



Thanks to Ali Saliu for the video of the Marion Gift final.

120m Gift Final



By strange result in the gift, I assume you mean if Cibich had run through?

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