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Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift

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1Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:18 pm



All Placegetters of the Prahran Gift (1968 to 2000). Since 2011 it has been known as the Stonnington Gift.

2017100 mtrsNicholas RepalustVic6.2510.43 (W: +1.9)Shane McKenzieNathan Riali (Vic) 2.50Cam Dunbar (VIC) 7.00
2016100 mtrsRyan McNamaraVic5.7510.44 (W: +1.4)Scott RowsellNathan Riali (Vic) 3.25Brett Richards (SA) 5.75
2015100 mtrsIsaac DunmallQLD5.7510.34 (W: +1.4)Wayne LeverTJ Sanderson-Milera (SA) 5.75Dean Scarff (NSW) 4.50
2014100 mtrsLee ForrestNSW4.2510.35 (W: +4.6)Marcus ArnoldGus Carty-Cowling (Vic) 7.00David Afath (Vic) 4.50
2013100 mtrsCole UnasaWA5.7510.44 (W: +1.2)Paul EdmistonBryce Teo (WA) 4.75Ben Weaver (Vic) 5.50
2012100 mtrsJohn NicolosiVic6.7510.36 (W: +3.2)Self TrainedAdrian Mott (Vic) 3.25Bryce Teo (WA) 4.75
2011100 mtrsDaniel MartinVic2.5010.41 (W: +2.2)James KarageorgiouMatthew Mifsud (Vic)Nick Magree (Vic)
2001 to 2010Race Not Held
2000100 mtrsJustin LewisVic4.0010.57Adrian Grace 6.0Steve Warden 5.0
1999100 mtrsAshley RowanVic3.0010.52Shane LawsonChris Kuchel 6.0Brian Mong 7.0
1998100 mtrsMatt D'AstoliVicChris BrownRob Lehmann
1997100 mtrsDavid DriscollVic3.75Frank DriscollJason TicknerMark Thomas
1996100 mtrsJason RichardsonVic2.50Jim BradleyRyan WitnishPeter Crane
1995100 mtrs
1994100 mtrsRyan WitnishVic3.0010.22Jim BradleyWally PasqualiDavid Broomhall
1993100 mtrsTony GiannoneVic6.0010.40Self TrainedRichard RalphJoe Marvin
1992100 mtrsPaul YoungVic6.5010.56Jim BradleyAshley RowanPerry Hannah
1991100 mtrsPerry HannahVic7.0010.56Graham GoldsworthyPaul YoungNick Grigg
1990100 mtrsChris RussellVic6.5010.56Evan ArmstrongPeter BennettoMichael Kelly
1989Race Not Held
1988100 mtrsAnthony GrimaVic6.0010.79Evan ArmstrongSimon SmithGlen Saddington
1987100 mtrs
1986100 mtrsDave DouglasVic5.5010.77Self-TrainedJon ColmanPeter Durham
1985100 mtrsRay ChambersVic8.75Graham GoldsworthyBill ListonDave Douglas
1984100 mtrsBill ListonVic7.0010.39Vin SabbatucciWarren VinesGeoff Lumb
1983100 mtrsChris PerryVic4.7510.35Neil KingJohn DinanIan Marchesi
1982100 mtrsRod ButterssVic6.7510.47Vin SabbatucciTrevor BeatonGeorge Gregorio
1981100 mtrsJohn DeCoiteVic10.3Tassie SherrifKevin WilliamsGeorge Gregorio
1980100 mtrsNeil KingVic10.4Self-TrainedGary HoganRobert Todd
1979100 mtrs
1978100 mtrsWarren ConroyVic10.4John BurkeIan WhittakerBob Maloney
1977110 mtrsJohn WilliamsVic10.2511.8B GibbMacolm Paull
1976100 mtrs
1975100 mtrsBarry CrimminsVic10.2510.5Dereck KingIan Whittaker
1974100 mtrs
1973100 mtrs
1972100 mtrsNeil BeachleyVic8.5010.4Jack McLeanHoward FoxJohn Henry
1971130 ydsBruce GriffettVic12 yds12.2Norm HarrisonLaurie GrealyJohn Henry
1970130 ydsNoel DoddVic11¼ yds12.2Self-TrainedPeter LenzRobert King
1969130 ydsGeoff WillcoxVic7¼ yds.Allan O'Connor
1968130 yardsHoward FoxVic6¾ yds12.2Self-TrainedNorm McLeodNorm Thompson
* - To maintain consistency for all results, All TIMES shown are the RAW Times. Wind reading provided where possible.

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2Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:40 pm



Sunday 24th November 1968

Howard Fox won the Prahran Gift from Norman McLeod and Norm Thompson.

In wet conditions, top English middle-distance runner, Alan Simpson won the 880 yards invitation by 25 yards in 1-59.5 from John Hirst with Ted Paulin 3rd.

1968 Prahran Gift
Heat Winners.
H1. N McLeod (15 yds) 12.5.
H2. B Edwards (17) 12.7.
H3. M T Evans (12¾) 12.7.
H4. G R Scott (10¾) 12.9.
H5. J R Charles (11¾) 12.8.
H6. A C Dawson (14½) 12.6.
H7. B W Milligan (11½) 12.5.
H8. J R Williams (9¾) & R A Wishart (5¾) 13.0.
H9. R C Wilson (12½) 12.7.
H10. H R Fox (6¾) 12.5.
H11. M J Arnold (11½) 12.6.
H12. A T Anderson (5½) 12.6.
H13. P Zafer (15) 12.4.
H14. D F G Wilson (5½) 12.5.
H15. P McLaren (100 12.7.

Semi Final Winners
SF1. N McLeod, 12.5.
SF2. A T Anderson,12.5.
SF3. A Dawson, 12.4.
SF4. N Thompson, 12.4. (Thompson qualified for semis as a best 2nd)
SF5. H Fox, 12.2.

Gift Final
1. Howard Fox (6¾)
2. Norman McLeod (15)
3. Norm Thompson (9)
Time: 12.2
Winner self-trained

440 Yards
1. C J Collard (28)
2. G Harrod (44)
3. J L Pryor (28)
Time: 48.3

Mile Divison 1
1. R W Frost (90 yards)
2. D Niblett (135)
3. J J Toleman (60)
Time: 4-11.8.

Mile Division 2
1. F E Grubb (140)
2. G Burrow (190)
3. R J McCreery (205)
Time: ????

Sunday 23rd November 1969

Stawell Gift runner-up Geoff Willcox won the 1969 Prahran Gift off 7¼ yards.
There were 13 heats. Event backmarker was Bill Howard off scratch with Scotland’s 1968 Powderhall winner Bert Hutchison off 1½ yards.

Sunday 22nd November 1970

Deer Park draftsman Noel Dodd won his 3rd professional race when he took out the 130yd Prahran Gift. The 35 year old self-trained athlete had previously won the 440yds at Prahran and the Broadford Gift in 1969.

Dodd, a VFA boundary umpire defeated Peter Lenz by six inches with Robert King in 3rd place.

World 130 yard record holder Bill Howard won his heat easily from scratch in 12.6, but was last in his semi-final. Howard said he had hit a hole in the track and could not stretch out properly.

The 440 yards was won by veteran Eddie Stack (42m) from George Harrod (50m) and Collingwood footballer Des Tuddenham (36m) in 48.8 secs.

The mile was split into two divisions with Des Fitzgerald (215 yds) winning the first in 4-08 and Basil Harris (170) winning the 2nd division in 4-05.1.

1970 Prahran Gift

Heat Winners
H1. G Holden (8¼) 12.5.
H2. J McDonald (11¼) 12.5.
H3. R Hodge (12) 12.5.
H4. P Lenz (11½) 12.4.
H5. B Grealy (9¼) 12.6.
H6. C Hooper (12¼) 12.5.
H7. K Parker (12) 12.6.
H8. L Pascoe (15¼) 12.4.
H9. R King (9) 12.3.
H10. W Howard (Scr) 12.6.
H11. N Dodd (11¼) 12.2.
H12. J Keays (15) 12.5.
H13. H Fox (5¼) 12.4.
H14. B King (9¾) 12.4.

Semi Finals
SF1. 1 J Keays , 2 R King, 12.3.
SF2. 1 N Dodd, P Lenz, 12.2.
SF3. 1 B Griffett, B King, 12.3. (Griffett qualified as a fastest 2nd)

1. Noel Dodd (11¼)
2. Peter Lenz (11½)
3. Robert King (9)
Time: 12.2
Winner self-trained.


Diminutive sprinter Bruce Griffett easily won the 130 yard Prahran Gift off 12 yards from El Dorado athlete Laurie Grealy and Footscray’s John Henry.

Griffett, only 5ft 3½in and weighing 8 stone gave away height and weight to his rivals but he proved too strong for them in the finish.

The 26 year old dental mechanic attributed his improved form to his new coach, Norm Harrison.

Other finalists were Richmond footballer Graham Bond, veteran Norm McLeod and Bernie Grealy.

1971 Prahran Gift
Heat Winners.
H1. L Sonogan (12 yds) 12.8.
H2. P Zafer (16¼) 12.9.
H3. B Griffett (12) 12.6.
H4. H Fox (4¾) 12.4.
H5. G Pugh (11½) 13.2.
H6. G Bond (5¼) 13.0.
H7. E Armstrong (7) 13.6.
H8. L Grealy (12¾) 12.6.
H9. I Whittaker (Cool 12.8.
H10. N Searle (14¼) 12.8.
H11. N McLeod (15¾) 12.9.
H12. R Hodge (12½0 12.9.

Semi Finals
SF1. 1 B Griffett , 2 L Grealy, 12.4.
SF2. 1 B Grealy, 2 G Bond, 12.5.
SF3. 1 J Henry, 2 N McLeod 12.6. (Henry qualified as one of the ‘best 2nds.’)

Gift Final
1st Bruce Griffett (12)
2nd. Laurie Grealy (12¾)
3rd. John Henry (13½)
Time: 12.2
Winner trained by Norm Harrison.

440 yards
1st J McDonald (30 yds)
2nd. G Steinke (20)
3rd. P Crole (31)
Time: 50.4

Sunday 19th November 1972

A change in distance for the 1972 Prahran Gift to 100m seemed to suit Neil Beachley as he won his first gift in 10 years. Running from 8.50m, the 34 year old 1962 Stawell Gift winner ran 10.4 sec to win the opening Gift of the 1972/73 season.

1972 Prahran Gift
Heat Winners.
H1. R Dunbar (4.00 metres) 10.4.
H2. B Clissold (9.00) 10.4.
H3. B Milligan (8.50) 10.5.
H4. B Ehlhert (3.50) 10.4.
H5. H Fox (3.25) 10.8.
H6. T Page (8.25) 10.7.
H7. G Bond (3.50) 10.5.
H8. P Hafey (11.25) 10.4.
H9. J King (11.0) 10.8.
H10. D Thomson (5.0) 11.0
H11. J Poore (6.50) 10.5
H12. J Charles (11.00) 10.6
H13. P Zafer (12.25) 10.6.
H14. L N Beachley (8.50) 10.5.
H15. N McLeod (12.25) 10.5

Semi Finals
SF1. 1 J Henry, 2 H Fox, 10.6. (Henry qualified as one of the ‘best 2nds.’)
SF2. 1 G Bond, 2 T Page, 10.5.
SF3. 1 L N Beachley, 2 N McLeod 10.5.

1st L ‘Neil’ Beachley (8.50)
2nd. Howard Fox (3.25)
3rd. John Henry
Time: 10.4
Winner trained by Jack McLean.




1975 Prahran 100m Gift
Heat winners
H1. T J Mowat (3.25 metres) 10.6.
H2. R Byham (9.50) 10.7.
H3. J Stapleton (7.50) 10.6
H4. B Crimmons (10.25) 10.6
H5. L Grealy (10.0) 10.7
H6. G Weir (5.25) 11.0
H7. R Baker (6.25) 10.9
H8 D Deas (4.50) 10.7
H9. J Henry (9.50) 11.0
H10. D King (7.50) & G Gray (5.50), 10.8
H11. N McLeod (13.50) 10.7
H12. B Tancredi (10.25) 10.7
H13. D Armstrong (11.75) 10.7
H14. I Whittaker (7.50) 10.8

Semi Finals
SF1. 1 B Crimmons, 2 L Grealy. 10.5
SF2. 1 D King, 2 D Deas. 10.7
SF3..1 I Whittaker, 2 N McLeod, 10.6

100m Gift Final
1. B Crimmons (10.25)
2. D King (7.50)
3. I Whittaker (7.50)
Time: 10.5

400m Division 1
1. R Hubbard (52m)
2. R Brunton (20m)
3. T Skelton (24m)
Time: 48.3

400m Division 2
1. K Maple (34m)
2. L Grealy (30m)
3. G Borchers (14m)
Time: 48.3

1. L Patterson (20m)
2. B McLennan (20m)
3. K Fisher (56m)
Time: 2-37.8


Sunday 27th November, 1977

110 Metres Gift
1st. John Williams (10.25 metres)
2nd. B Gibb (12.0)
3rd. Malcolm Paull (10.0)
Time: 11.8

400 Metres Division 1
1st Doug Howie (32)
2nd Gary Parkes (26)
3rd Kevin Maple (32)
Time: 48.6

400 Metres Division 2
1st John DeCoite (20)
2nd R Hubbard (54)
3rd Jim King (44)
Time: 47.5

1600 Metres
1st Alan Salter (170)
2nd Peter Monaghan (110)
3rd John Knott (145)
Time: 4-02.5

Sunday 3rd December, 1978

100 Metres Gift
1st. Warren Conroy (Bendigo)
2nd. Ian Whittaker (Mordialloc)
3rd. Bob Maloney (Ringwood)
Time: 10.4

400 Metres Frontmarkers
1st. Gary Lawson (Frankston)
2nd. Graham Hoggan (Boronia)
3rd. Wayne Brooks (Bendigo)
Time: 46.0

400 Metres Backmarkers
1st. Malcolm Nicholson (Main Ridge)
2nd. Peter Cross (Carnegie)
3rd. Graeme Borchers (Geelong)
Time: 47.5

1600 Metres Backmarkers
1st. Pat Healy (East Malvern)
2nd. Mile Ryan (Pascoe Vale)
3rd. Leigh Paterson (Box Hill North)
Time: 4-02.5

1600 Metres Frontmarkers
1st. John Knott (Sunshine)
2nd. Robert Howlett (Seaford)
3rd. Sid Singh (Croydon)
Time: 4-06.4


23rd November 1980
100m Gift
1st. Neil King
2nd. Gary Hogan
3rd. Robert Todd
Time: 10.4s
Winner self-trained.

400m Open
1st. Geoff Hughes
2nd. Noel Orange
3rd. Peter Fitzgerald
Time: 47.9s

1600m Open
1st. Frank Shevlin
2nd. G D Turnbull
3rd. K H MacDonald
Time: 4-11.9

PAC Relay
1st. Geelong
2nd. Frankston
3rd. Fitzroy
Time: 3-26

6th December 1981
100m Gift
1st. John DeCoite
2nd. Kevin Williams
3rd. George Gregorio
Time: 10.3
Winner trained by Tassie Sherriff.

400m Open – 1st Division
1st. Bob Poole
2nd. Garry Crole
3rd. Doug Howie
Time: 47.2

400m Open – 2nd Division
1st. Geoff Mowatt
2nd. Terry X O’Brien
3rd. G Hoggan
Time: 46.9

1600m Open
1st. J McArdle
2nd. M O’Connor
3rd. K Murley
Time: 4-10.0

28th November 1982

100m Gift
1st. Rod Butterss (6.75m) $250
2nd. Trevor Beaton (7.50m) $100
3rd. George Gregorio (6.75m) $35
Time: 10.47s.
Event backmarker was John DeCoite off 3.75m.
Winner trained by Vin Sabbatucci

400m Open
1st. Robert Freeland (44m) $200
2nd. Bernie Morrisey (40m) $80
3rd. Leon Cassidy (40m) $35
Time: 46.60s.

11th December 1983

100m Gift
1st. Chris Perry (4.75m) $300
2nd. John Dinan (4.00m) $125
3rd. Ian Marchesi (8.00m) $50
Time: 10.35s.
First & Second trained by Neil King

400m Open
1st. David Matthews (30m) $125
2nd. Rob McDonald (38m) $45
3rd. A G Phillips (34m) $20
Time: 48.80s.

30th November 1984

100m Gift
1st. W 'Bill' Liston (7.00m) $250
2nd. Warren Vines (8.00m) $100
3rd. Geoff Lumb (9.25m) $50
Time: 10.39s.
Event backmarker was Adrian Lingford 4.25m (Did not run)
First & Second trained by Vin Sabbatucci

29th November 1985

100m Gift
1st. Ray Chambers (8.75m) $250
2nd. W 'Bill' Liston (6.50m) $125
3rd. Dave Douglas (6.50m) $50
Winner trained by Graham Goldsworthy

400m Open
1st. A J O'Connor (42m)
2nd. Jerry Templin (30m)
3rd. Leon Cassidy (44m)

Friday 5th December 1986

100m Gift
1st. Dave Douglas (5.50m) $220
2nd. John Coleman (9.00m) $90
3rd. Peter Durham (5.75m) $40
Time: 10.77s.
Event backmarker was Matthew Webster off 2.00m
Winner was self trained

400m Open
1st. Paul Muhlhan (46m)
(No other details available)


9th December 1988

100m Gift
1st. Anthony Grima (6.00m) $300
2nd. Simon Smith (4.00m) $125
3rd. Glen Saddington (5.25m) $50
Time: 10.79s.
Event backmarker was Chris Perry off 1.00m.
Winner trained by Evan Armstrong.

In season 1989/1990, the Prahran Gift was moved from November to January, therefore there was no Prahan Gift meet in the 1989 calendar year.

19th January 1990

The 1990 Gift was sponsored by Elders IXL and the patron was Carlton Football Club president John Elliott.

The 1600m race opened the night.

100m Gift
1st. Chris Russell (6.50m) $400
2nd. Peter Bennetto (3.00m) $165
3rd. Michael Kelly (7.00m) $50
Time: 10.56s.
Event backmarker was Cameron McKenzie off 1.00m.
Winner trained by Evan Armstrong

400m Open was won by David Driscoll (15m) in his VAL debut.

Friday 18th January 1991

100m Gift
1st. Perry Hannah (7.00m) $500
2nd. Paul Young (6.50m) $220
3rd. Nick Grigg (6.50m) $100
Time: 10.56s.
Event backmarker was Robert Kirsopp off Scratch.
Winner trained by Graham Goldsworthy

Friday 21st February 1992

100m Gift
1st. Paul Young (6.50m) $510
2nd. Ashley Rowan (2.50m) $220
3rd. Perry Hannah (7.00m) $80
Time: 10.56s.
Event backmarker was Steve Brimacombe off Scratch. (Did Not Run)
Winner trained by Jim Bradley

Friday 5th February 1993

100m Gift
1st. Tony Giannone (6.00m) $1050
2nd. Richard Ralph (4.50m) $525
3rd. Joe Marvin (4.50m) $260
Time: 10.40s.
Event backmarker was Steve Brimacombe off Scratch. (Did Not Run)
Others in final: Tony Birrell (5.50), Scott Hargrave (7.50), Chris Pegg (8.50).

400m Open
1st. Bernie Keirl (46m) $400
2nd. P Newcombe (24m) $200
3rd. David West (40m) $100
Time: ??
Event backmarkers were Andrew Wilcox & Peter Blassis both off 6m.

Womens 100m
1st. S A Wragg (10.00m) $1050
2nd. Ann Deller (5.00m) $525
3rd. K M Wilson (5.00m) $260
Time: 11.53s.
Event backmarker was Cathy Freeman off scratch. Cathy's blocks slipped and she didn't make it into the semis.

Friday 4th February 1994

100m Gift
1st. Ryan Witnish (3.00m) $1050
2nd. Wally Pasquali (5.50m) $500
3rd. Chris Kuchel (4.50m) $225
Time: 10.22s.
Event backmarkers were Steve Brimacombe and Shane Naylor off Scratch. (Neither ran)
Others in final: Shane McKenzie (5.50), David Broomhall (7.50).

No results of other events.
Women’s 100m had both Cathy Freeman and Melinda Gainsford entered. Both were allocated scratch.


Friday 2nd February 1996

100m Gift
1st. Jason Richardson (2.50m) $1,600
2nd. Ryan Witnish (1.00m) $800
3rd. Peter Crane (1.75m) $330
Time: ???s.
Event backmarker was Damien Marsh off -1.0m.
Others in final: Ashley Rowan 3.50m, Ben Hamilton 5.00m, Andrew Neideck 9.50m.

400m Open
1st. Darren Wishart (39m) $400
2nd. Bernie Keirl (48m) $190
3rd. Matthew Sandilands (26m) $80
Time: ??
Event backmarkers was Tony Briggs (Alice Springs) off scratch who did not run.

Womens 100m
Top 3 were Lauren Hewitt (3.00m), Bernadette Marantelli (10.00m) and Ann Fearnley (8.00m). Not sure what order.
4th. Danielle Perpoli (3.00m)
5th. Andrea Groves (7.00m)
6th. Jodie Victory (10.75m)
Event backmarker was Cathy Freeman off scratch.

Freeman ran 2nd in her heat of the 400m (off scratch) to K McCallum (46m) who ran 53.03s.

1600m Open
1st. Clinton Staehr (150m) $600
2nd. Craig Couper (160m) $300
3rd. John Paarsch )150m) $150
Time: 4-05.62
Event backmarkers were Elijah Maru and David Kibet (both Kenyan) off -15m.

Friday 31st January 1997

100m Gift
Heat Winners
H1. Robert Galli, Forest Hill (9.75m) 10.45.
H2. Kevin Eng, Glen Waverley (5.00m) 10.58
H3. Chris Pattinson, Wantirna (7.25m) 10.74
H4. James Clarke, Terang (5.00m) W/O
H5. Nick Rodda, Heathmont (4.50m) 10.66
H6. David Haigh, Brighton (11.00m) 10.58
H7. Norman Cooke, Greensborough (7.00m) 10.97
H8. Mark Thomas, Mornington (12.00m) 10.54
H9. Robert Duynhoven, Warrnambool, (10.00m) 10.85
H10. David Driscoll, Stawell (3.75m) 10.64
H11. Wayne James, Blackburn South (9.25m) 10.79
H12. Anthony Martin, Sebastopol (6.00m) 10.73
H13. Darren Whittaker, Mordialloc (10.50m) 10.71
Event backmarker was Glenn Crawford off 1.0m.

Semi Finals.
SF1. David Driscoll (3.75m) 10.54.
SF2. Mark Thomas (12.00m) 10.55
SF3. Jason Tickner, Hampton (7.75m) 10.48. Tickner qualified as a fastest ‘2nd’ from Heat

Gift Final
1st. David Driscoll (3.75m) $1,600
2nd. Jason Tickner (7.75m) $800
3rd. Mark Thomas (12.00m) $390
Time: ????
Winner self trained.

Womens 100m

1st. Andrea Benton (6.00m) $1,050
2nd. Kim Holloway (8.50m) $500
3rd. Angela Wilson (15.00m) $220
Winner trained by Dean Benton.
Event backmarker was Cathy Freeman (Did not run).

3Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:00 pm



Further updating as are results found.

Still looking for results from 1973, 1974, 1976, 1979, 1987, 1995 and any year following 1997.

4Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:30 pm



1968130 yardsHoward Fox6¾ yds12.2Self-TrainedNorm McLeodNorm Thompson
1969130 ydsGeoff Willcox7¼ yds.Allan O'ConnorPeter LenzRobert King
1970130 ydsNoel Dodd11¼ yds12.2Self-TrainedLaurie GrealyJohn Henry
1971130 ydsBruce Griffett12 yds12.2Norm Harrison
1972100 mtrsNeil Beachley8.50m10.4Jack McLeanHoward FoxJohn Henry
1975100 mtrsBarry Crimmins10.25m10.5Dereck KingIan Whittaker
1977110 mtrsJohn Williams10.25m11.8B GibbMacolm Paull
1978100 mtrsWarren Conroy10.4John BurkeIan WhittakerBob Maloney
1980100 mtrsNeil King10.4Self-TrainedGary HoganRobert Todd
1981100 mtrsJohn DeCoite10.3Tassie SherrifKevin WilliamsGeorge Gregorio
1982100 mtrsRod Butterss6.75m10.47Vin SabbatucciTrevor BeatonGeorge Gregorio
1983100 mtrsChris Perry4.75m10.35Neil KingJohn DinanIan Marchesi
1984100 mtrsBill Liston7.00m10.39Vin SabbatucciWarren VinesGeoff Lumb
1985100 mtrsRay Chambers8.75mGraham GoldsworthyBill ListonDave Douglas
1986100 mtrsDave Douglas5.50m10.77Self-TrainedJon ColmanPeter Durham
1988100 mtrsAnthony Grima6.00m10.79Evan ArmstrongSimon SmithGlen Saddington
1989MeetNot Held
1990100 mtrsChris Russell6.50m10.56Evan ArmstrongPeter BennettoMichael Kelly
1991100 mtrsPerry Hannah7.00m10.56Graham GoldsworthyPaul YoungNick Grigg
1992100 mtrsPaul Young6.50m10.56Jim BradleyAshley RowanPerry Hannah
1993100 mtrsTony Giannone6.00m10.40Richard RalphJoe Marvin
1994100 mtrsRyan Witnish3.00m10.22Jim BradleyWally PasqualiDavid Broomhall
1996100 mtrsJason Richardson2.50mJim BradleyRyan WitnishPeter Crane
1997100 mtrsDavid Driscoll3.75mFrank DriscollJason TicknerMark Thomas
1998100 mtrsMatt D'AstoliChris Brown?Rob Lehmann
1999100 mtrsAshley RowanShane Lawson

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5Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:24 pm



1998 Gift was won by Mat D'Astoli from Rob Lehmann, other finalists were Glen Crawford, James Clarke and ?????.

6Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:12 pm



Sports Section of the Sunday Age discusses the return of pro-running to Toorak Park in February 2011. Mentions how the Prahran Gift ran from 1968 to the late 1990's and saw athletes like Cathy Freeman, Melinda Gainsford and Damian Marsh compete at Prahran before it fell off the VAL calendar. (Seems someone's been reading the Prahran Gift history on Pro Track Laughing )

Will be supported by the Stonnington City Council and the 100m Stonnington Gift will be sponsored by the local Bendigo Bank branch.

David Culbert is part of the organising committee and said that although there are many cultural festivals in Stonnington there isn't anything in respect to a major sports' event.

Good to see some publicity 6 months out from the event.

7Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:43 am



B Crimmins won Prahan Gift in 1975 was brother of Peter Crimmins Hawthorn capt. think his name was Barry.

8Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:39 pm



Still looking for winners of Prahran Gift for -
1973, 1974, 1976, 1979, 1987, 1995.

Anyone with old Prahran Gift programs???



Stonnington Gift (formerly known as Prahran Gift) on Friday night.

Anyone been able to update our list of winners?

20 years ago the big 'praying mantis' Perry Hannah 'unexpectedly' won the 1991 Prahran Gift.
There's a little known story about that race, in terms of how it panned out. Perry certainly didn't think he was going to win it and was a little confused when the yellow colour went up. Perry thought the blue colour had won.

In hindsight, I'm sure Perry proudly looks back on being a Prahran Gift winner, among the many other races he won. But at the time it was another matter.

Only a few people know the story of what happened that night....I'm sure over a few beers on Friday night some of the story will be told.

10Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:33 pm



I have been asked if i could post the following regarding the winner in 1999

I know the race wasn't held from 2000 until 2011,
but Ashley Rowan definitely won the 1999 Prahran Gift in
the Red vest.
Coach was Shane Lawson, but mark, time, and place-getters are
unknown at this stage

I will post the image of the sash if required.

11Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:46 pm



Thanks Rob, updated the list with Ashley Rowan's 1999 result.

12Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:52 pm



Do you also know if this will be reflected in next years book at the race meet?

13Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:42 pm



I suspect it will. All of the list of historical detail in the back of the book was gleaned from this Protrack thread. Which reminds me to update the list with the recent Stonnington results.

14Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:36 pm



Thanks for the information Rob. It will get updated for next season.

Thanks again.

15Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:45 am



First post in this thread has been updated with the results of the Stonnington Gift from 2011 to 2015.

16Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:04 pm



According to my research this should be the 38th running of the Stonnington (Prahran) Gift this Friday.

It's been a fantastic addition to the VAL calendar since it returned in 2011. In just the last four years there have been five different states represented on the podium with winners already from NSW, Queensland & WA.

Good mix of interstate entries this year, should be one or more in the final.

Still looking for the missing results in the Stonnington Gift list. So if you know of any, let us know to update the list.

Just keep in mind for next year - 2017 will be the 50th year since the first Stonnington Gift in 1968. Worth a decent celebration. Get as many former winners as we can together for a photo!.... cheers  

17Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:27 pm




1 ROWAN ASHLEY 3 10.52
2 KUCHEL CHRIS 6 10.58
3 MONG         BRIAN 7 10.63
4 WARDEN STEVEN 5.5 10.65
6 WHITE SHANNON 4.75 10.69

18Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:32 pm



Thanks Ribera - Now updated. cheers

19Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Empty Re: Prahran Gift/Stonnington Gift Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:34 pm




1 LEWIS JUSTIN 4 10.57
2 GRACE ADRIAN 6 10.62
4 MUHLHAN ANDREW 7.5 10.69
5 DOWNES ARRON 6 10.71
6 LUXTON JAMES 6.25 10.87

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