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Flinders to Tea Tree Gully 200m Comparison

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1Flinders to Tea Tree Gully 200m Comparison Empty Flinders to Tea Tree Gully 200m Comparison Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:11 pm



I analysed the results of the open & junior 200m events at Flinders and Tea Tree Gully.

There were 48 athletes who competed at both venues.

The conditions were vastly different with strong cross winds, cool weather & a slight uphill run at Flinders. At Tea Tree Gully, it was hot (mid 30's),  downhill run to the line and a nice tail wind off the bend.  

Of the 48 athletes the average improvement was 10.41 metres.

Some of the younger, leaner & smaller juniors improved up to 20m at Tea Tree Gully. An element of this was a consequence of running less distance due to a handicap lift but those who had the greatest improvement were mainly those athletes who would have struggled in the conditions at Flinders.

The vastly different conditions had a significant impact on the results in the Under 18's and to an extent also the open (men), however the women's event was not impacted so much with Mikayla Round (10.1m improvement) & Czena Cavouras (8.48m improvement) significant at both venues, while Rommi Parham shared the TTG podium following a 13.39m improvement. Rommi was one who benefited by the faster conditions at TTG.

I identified 8 athletes who were well outside the 'accepted deviation' of +/- 6m.   Three were in the juniors and were small athletes who were lifted for TTG.

Only 1 athlete actually ran slower at TTG than Flinders (by 2m).  



Only 1 guy from the Flinders 200 mens final was in TTG 200. Evans made both finals. No show from other flinders finalists at TTG distorts your stats.



I think it's an aquired skill to be able to run in windy conditions. Much harder to hold your form. Those with stronger bodies and are low to the ground seem to find it easier. Alias john turner is an expert. Younger athletes will find it harder as they are learning the art. My boy really struggles in this conditions.



Not so much an acquired skill, Biggsy, it's just pure physiology that some athletes haven't 'matured' or are as stronger in body to the same extent as their peers and therefore are more susceptible to the conditions.

This Flinders/TTG anaylsis was an exercise in making sense of the significant difference in the results between the two venues.

Three athletes in the Under 18's improved between 17m and 20m and I'm satisfied that when you look at the athletes concerned where they are all of a similar build and from different squads that the Flinders conditions had a severe impact on their performance. Whereas at TTG with favourable wind and downhill run, they benefited more than most. Nothing untoward - just an interesting observation.

When 48 athletes average an improvement in excess of 10m over the same distance, three weeks apart, it's important we look into the elements surrounding that improvement.

I must commend Tea Tree Gully AC for moving their carnival to its' new date - particularly only three weeks after Flinders. It's probably the first time where we have had two carnivals featuring 200m events for Open/Women/Under 18's only three weeks apart and allows us to digest the analysis for future reference.

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