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IAAF Fantasy League starts this week.

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1IAAF Fantasy League starts this week. Empty IAAF Fantasy League starts this week. Fri May 13, 2011 1:39 pm



[color=yellow]The IAAF Fantasy league starts this week with the Shanghai Diamond League. You need to select 8 athletes - 4 men and 4 women.

IAAF Fantasy Athletics

IAAF Fantasy Athletics gives you the opportunity to experience the power, intensity and passion of world-class athletics.

Step into the spikes of your eight-strong team of elite athletes, which you must assemble using your knowledge of the sport and ability to predict future results, and feel the adrenalin rush of competing at some of the world’s leading competitions in the IAAF Samsung Diamond League.

If you want to stand a chance of winning some fantastic prizes from the IAAF, you will need to stay on your toes and ensure your athletes are competing in the IAAF Samsung Diamond League – the only meetings at which your team can win points.

Putting Together Your Team

Your team must be composed of four male and four female athletes from the list of possible.

You must select a captain for your team who will score double points.

Your athletes will score points based on what they do in real-life IAAF Samsung Diamond League meetings. The team that gains the most points over the course of the 14-meeting season will top the overall standings.

Athletes will win 10 points every time they place first in an event final.
They will receive 7 points for finishing as runner-up, 5 points for placing third,
3 points for fourth,
2 points for fifth
each athlete who finishes an event will receive 1 point.

Athletes who do not start or finish their event will receive 0 points but athletes who are disqualified with be penalized with a -5 score.

The team captain will earn double points, which means he or she will receive 20 points for winning an event, 14 points for coming second, 10 points for coming third and so on.

Athletes who achieve a Meeting Record will also receive double points in that event while anyone who sets a new World Record will earn triple points in that event.

It is possible to make unlimited substitutions to your team up to two hours before the scheduled start of any IAAF Samsung Diamond League meeting.

Set up Your Own League
A great feature of IAAF Fantasy Athletics is the ability to set up your own league, which you can then invite family and friends to join.

That way, you can battle it out with those nearest and dearest to you and get a real sense of rivalry going.

You’ll find full details of how to set up your league on the Leagues page.

Who Will You Chose?
Selecting your eight athletes might prove a tricky task.

That’s why we’ve put together some expert guidance to help you make light of the process.

For starters, take a look at the 2011 IAAF Samsung Diamond League schedule.

Then, browse through the IAAF Tips section, which contains a detailed review of the inaugural 2010 IAAF Samsung Diamond League, spotlighting the winners of the key events at meetings across the globe.

Also, we have asked famous athletics personalities - like former World champion and Olympic silver medallist Colin Jackson – to pick their team of eight superstars.

Once you’ve checked the schedule and tips you can get down to selecting your team.

Good luck!



Massive controversy in the IAAF Fantasy Athletic League this week with the ladder being turned on its head because of Discus thrower Sandra Perkovic's failed drug test and any points earned by her from Shangahi & Rome being removed from the game. Perkovic broke the meet record in Shanghai and many people had her as captain earning 40 points. Having lost the points, the run away leader of the last few week, 'Flumpy' dropped to 8th.

It's opened it up quite a bit with 4 people currently tied on 793 points.

Reading some of the aths forums there's a few people pissed off losing up to 60 points because of Perkovic's DQ.

Not sure we've heard the end of it...

Below are the points after Monaco; the Stockholm DL meet from Friday 29th July have not been added. Should be some interesting changes. After Stockholm there are three meets to go - London, Brussels & Zurich.

I can't complain - going from 30th to 19th as I didn't have Perkovic in my Shanghai team.

TOP 100 Teams in the IAAF Fantasy Athletic League

1 palmiro candreva Miro's Team 793pts
2 mump boy mump boy 793pts
3 Robert Simanovic Deuce 793pts
4 jeremyp jeremyp's Team 793pts
5 James Murray JNathletics 785pts
6 Valentin Lecourt Valou's Team 785pts
7 jorge vela jorge vela's Team 781pts
8 Flumpy Flumpy's Team 780pts
9 MarcoBR Marco BR's Team 779pts
10 Nicardo McLean Nicky Picky's Aggregation (JAM) 779pts
11 Roy Needham Stormpike 778pts
12 Steven Parmentier Steven Parmentier's Team 778pts
13 Daniel Needham Daniel Needham's Team 771pts
14 pego pickled cauliflower 770pts
15 Alex Carroll Team Chris Yeung 768pts
16 philippos kalomoiris Spartan FGS Team 768pts
17 Rich de-Camps Athletico Allstars 766pts
18 Pol Parmentier Pol Parmentier's Team 765pts
19 Paul Young Young Guns Track Squad (Aust) 764pts
20 Aleksejs Slapakovs lepricons 763pts
21 Mario Garcia Waito´s Team 755pts
22 Łukasz Rokicki Kuki's Team 755pts
23 Runner Runner's 754pts
24 Thomas Rae Riekki Tricky T's Team 753pts
25 Scott Dawson Team But But 750pts
26 DHERMAIN JEAN-YVES dynamo canebiere 749pts
27 John Greig Bushy Park All Stars 748pts
28 Elias Shilazi SWEDEN 748pts
29 Leo Campbell Leo Campbell's Team 748pts
30 Clive Wickham Vincitori 747pts
31 Kyle Shepard Kyle Shepard's Team 743pts
32 Ale & Gio Colombo GERMAINE & ASAFA RULE 743pts
33 Daniel Eriksson Daniel Eriksson's Team 742pts
34 Uupu Lepäävä Lopen Uupuneet 740pts
35 Zoltan Kontra Zoltan Kontra's Team 739pts
36 Simon Perez Kenyanos Team 738pts
37 Pekka Gustafsson Whippersnappers 737pts
38 baston.coltics Baston Coltics 734pts
39 amos bianchi amos bianchi's Team 732pts
41 roger limon roger limon's Team 731pts
42 Tobias Burkhardt Don't forget my additional 107 points from Shanghai 731pts
43 Pierrick G. Pierrick G. team 728pts
44 victor vela victor vela's Team 728pts
45 Track&Field Track&Field's 727pts
46 David Donley David Donley's Team 726pts
47 Nicholas Tori Nicholas Tori's Team 722pts
48 huggybear Zek's Empire 720pts
49 Victor Romero Victor Romero's Team 720pts
50 Pedro Peixoto Pedro Peixoto's Team 718pts
51 James King Usual Suspects 718pts
52 Antonio Romero Antonio Romero's Team 718pts
53 Emilio Lecona Emilio Lecona 's Team 716pts
54 Ignacio Sarmiento Soriano Naxo4v's Team 714pts
55 Eduardo Baez IAAF Fantasy Stars 713pts
56 lars herreman lars herreman's Team 713pts
57 Michael Ade Michael Ade's Team 712pts
58 calvin lancaster calvin lancaster's Team 712pts
59 Luis Fernando Moro Moro Mordor's Team 711pts
60 Malcolm Christie Malcolm Christie's Team 710pts
61 Andrew de-Camps Andrew de-Camps's Team 709pts
62 Daniel Martí Team Cabecicas 707pts
63 fabio pedrolini valtellina 707pts
64 Joachim Zephirin CDHman (BE) 706pts
65 Cinco Atletinos Cinco atletinos 706pts
66 LuizzCarlos ForoACB 705pts
67 Phil Tomkinson Phil Tomkinson's Team 704pts
68 Luis Javier Gamarra OH.CAROM 704pts
69 cotonea johan coolrasta team 703pts
70 Tobias Burkhardt Tobias Burkhardt's Team 702pts
71 lesley thomson lesley thomson's Team 700pts
72 Martin Franke Mitch's folks 698pts
73 musimusi susspuss 696pts
74 Dennis Niebuhr rogueden 695pts
75 Chris Needham Chris Needham's Team 695pts
76 Paulo Moura Paulo Moura's Team 694pts
77 felipe vela felipe vela's Team 694pts
78 laura schrooten laura schrooten's Team 693pts
79 Jack Bloomfield Extreemus Athleticus 692pts
80 Johan Edvinsson Johan Edvinsson's Team 691pts
81 shanghai's bug VICTIM this game is a FARCE 689pts
82 David Sutton Peynier Pistols 687pts
83 giorgi gozalishvili giorgi gozalishvili's Team 685pts
84 Lucky999 Lucky Team 682pts
85 Elena Dyachkova BestFeetUnited 681pts
86 Ian Campbell Ian Campbell's Team 680pts
87 Chris Day Daisy 679pts
88 Alessandro Dell'Api Taus Team 679pts
89 Peter Scarfe pmsc 678pts
90 John Keegan Cru4Life 677pts
91 Ion Sola Nafar Erresuma 677pts
92 Orlando lando 675pts
93 Aingeru Suescun Hiru Herri 674pts
94 Jesús Serrano Jesús Serrano's Team 674pts
95 Janko Kotze Janko Kotze's Team 674pts
96 Angel Stoyanov Angelo's Best Squad 673pts
97 Mike Menssen Giant Pandas 672pts
98 Atarratze Rota Basque power!! 671pts
99 Mikel Merchan Mikel Merchan's Team 671pts
100 Attila Szabo St Gotio's Team 671pts



Stockholm and London points now added.

London results turned it on its ear with five meet records. You basically had to get at least 3 of them to be in the mix.

Interestingly about 60% of the top 100 had women's 3k steeplechase champion, Milcah Cheywa as captain, anticipating a meet record. The meet record was only 9-22.4 and the undefeated Chewya has run under 9-20 multiple times this year including a best of 9-12. Unfortunately (for us who had her as captain!) no one was prepared to push her, sitting behind Chewya who led throughout and she bowled around until the last 350m where she finally took off only to fail the break the meet record with a time of 9-22.8!

Those who appointed Rudisha (M 800m) or Spencer (W 400H) as captain picked up the bonus 20 points for they both smashed the meet record.

The two leaders both had Rudisha as captain, picking up over 130 points.

Thanks to a good score of 112 points from London, I've climbed up to 8th overall, but with two meets to go at Zurich & Brussels, time has probably run out to catch the leaders.

The leader - Simanovic (nickname Deuce) is a pretty smart operator waiting until the last moment to submit his team and always plays the percentages. Hard to see him getting beat from here.

IAAF Fantasy Athletic League
Top 100

1 Robert Simanovic 1029pts
2 Flumpy 1011pts
3 mump boy 1009pts
4 palmiro candreva 998pts
5 Aleksejs Slapakovs 985pts
6 jorge vela 983pts
7 Valentin Lecourt 982pts
8 Paul Young 973pts
9 Nicardo McLean 972pts
10 MarcoBR 968pts
11 Roy Needham 967pts
12 baston.coltics 966pts
13 Clive Wickham 965pts
14 Elias Shilazi 964pts
15 Leo Campbell 964pts
16 pego 961pts
17 jeremyp 960pts
18 Thomas Rae Riekki 959pts
19 Scott Dawson 959pts
20 Steven Parmentier 957pts
21 James Murray 956pts
22 Uupu Lepäävä 956pts
23 Rich de-Camps 953pts
24 victor vela 949pts
25 John Greig 947pts
26 Ale & Gio Colombo 945pts
27 Daniel Needham 944pts
28 Runner 943pts
29 huggybear 942pts
30 Pol Parmentier 941pts
31 Łukasz Rokicki 940pts
32 amos bianchi 938pts
33 Simon Perez 938pts
34 Daniel Eriksson 933pts
35 David Donley 933pts
37 philippos kalomoiris 930pts
38 Kyle Shepard 929pts
39 Michael Ade 928pts
40 roger limon 927pts
41 James King 926pts
42 Zoltan Kontra 925pts
44 felipe vela 923pts
45 Pedro Peixoto 921pts
46 Luis Javier Gamarra 921pts
47 Pekka Gustafsson 918pts
48 musimusi 917pts
49 Chris Needham 916pts
50 Track&Field 916pts
51 Pierrick G. 914pts
52 Eduardo Baez 912pts
53 Johan Edvinsson 910pts
54 Victor Romero 909pts
55 shanghai's bug VICTIM 908pts
56 Tobias Burkhardt 908pts
57 Joachim Zephirin 905pts
58 Antonio Romero 904pts
59 Malcolm Christie 901pts
60 Phil Tomkinson 900pts
61 Cinco Atletinos 897pts
62 calvin lancaster 896pts
63 Alex Carroll 890pts
64 Emilio Lecona 890pts
65 laura schrooten 890pts
66 Andrew de-Camps 890pts
67 Dennis Niebuhr 887pts
68 fabio pedrolini 887pts
69 Emily Evans 887pts
70 Peter Scarfe 887pts
71 lars herreman 884pts
72 LuizzCarlos 883pts
73 Nicholas Tori 881pts
74 Elena Dyachkova 881pts
75 Jack Bloomfield 881pts
76 Martin Franke 879pts
77 giorgi gozalishvili 878pts
78 John Sheerin 875pts
79 Daniel Martí 874pts
80 Mike Menssen 871pts
81 Ian Campbell 868pts
82 Orlando 868pts
83 Lucky999 867pts
84 Graham Fergus 865pts
85 Mikel Merchan 862pts
86 Pavel Gorelov 859pts
87 Luis Trias 859pts
88 lesley thomson 858pts
89 Chris Day 857pts
90 Nuno Ferreira 857pts
91 Mario Garcia 855pts
92 Paulo Moura 855pts
93 Victor Kulinekov 853pts
94 Viesturs Zakis 853pts
95 Jody Bayo 853pts
96 gaby andersen 853pts
97 Angel Stoyanov 852pts
98 Dror Aharony 851pts
99 katrien vanwolleghem 849pts
100 Aingeru Suescun 845pts

4IAAF Fantasy League starts this week. Empty fantasy world champs edition Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:00 pm



although they told, it will come, seems no championship fantasy this time... sad Sad ... or does anyone know better?



I've dropped a spot or two after missing the cut off time for changing the team last night. I hastily picked 8 athletes on Wednesday morning and included Kipruto in the 3k steeplechase. I checked the start list yesterday and saw he was out but decided to wait until I'd checked all the start lists before making any changes.

Normally one has up to 2.00pm UTC time on the day of the meet (10.30pm Adelaide time) to make changes, but they must have changed it for this meet because when I logged on last night at 8.00pm, it had already locked down. Reading the T&F News Forum, they apparently only changed the cut off time some time in the last 48 hours before the meet.

I was stuck with Kipruto and got 0 for him. However I did have everyone of my other 7 athletes (S Pearson capt, V Cheryot, V Adams, M Savinova, D Robles, K James & R Harting) win so I came out of it not as bad I could have with 90 points. Any score around the 90 to 100 seems to be OK.

Cheryot ran a meeting record in the 5000m giving those who picked her as captain, 40 points.

Noticed quite a few went for Mitchell Watt, who unfortunately could only finish 7th due to carrying an injury.

Spotakava & Abukamova getting beat by Obergfoll in the women's javelin was handy!

One meet to go - Brussels on 16th September.

6IAAF Fantasy League starts this week. Empty ... Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:15 pm



because of wrong stats in wikipedia (iaaf hadn't added the stats to startlists by that moment) i chose Pearson over Obergföll and man was i happy about that...



Failing to get in on time to change non-starter Kipruto to Kemboi (2011 world champion & logical favourite) who won easily, cost me 10 points and I'd now be 6th instead of 9th. Oh well, too bad, how sad!

IAAF Fantasy Athletic league Ladder
TOP 100

1 Robert Simanovic 1122pts
2 mump boy 1107pts
3 Flumpy 1105pts
4 palmiro candreva 1101pts
5 Aleksejs Slapakovs 1088pts
6 Valentin Lecourt 1070pts
7 MarcoBR 1069pts
8 Clive Wickham 1069pts
9 Paul Young 1063pts
10 Nicardo McLean 1062pts
11 jeremyp 1060pts
12 Uupu Lepäävä 1059pts
13 Thomas Rae Riekki 1055pts
14 Leo Campbell 1055pts
15 Scott Dawson 1053pts
16 pego 1053pts
17 Steven Parmentier 1050pts
18 John Greig 1047pts
19 James Murray 1044pts
20 Runner 1044pts
21 philippos kalomoiris 1031pts
22 jorge vela 1029pts
23 Pol Parmentier 1027pts
25 amos bianchi 1026pts
26 baston.coltics 1018pts
27 musimusi 1017pts
28 James King 1016pts
29 Simon Perez 1016pts
30 Kyle Shepard 1015pts
31 David Donley 1008pts
32 Track&Field 1007pts
33 Elias Shilazi 1003pts
34 Pierrick G. 1002pts
35 shanghai's bug VICTIM 1002pts
36 Luis Javier Gamarra 999pts
37 Roy Needham 997pts
38 Joachim Zephirin 996pts
39 Tobias Burkhardt 996pts
40 huggybear 994pts
41 Eduardo Baez 993pts
42 Johan Edvinsson 992pts
43 Cinco Atletinos 991pts
44 Ale & Gio Colombo 987pts
45 victor vela 986pts
46 Jack B 985pts
47 laura schrooten 984pts
49 calvin lancaster 978pts
50 Victor Romero 976pts
51 LuizzCarlos 975pts
52 Rich de-Camps 974pts
53 felipe vela 974pts
54 Peter Scarfe 973pts
55 Nicholas Tori 972pts
56 Michael Ade 968pts
57 Daniel Needham 967pts
58 giorgi gozalishvili 963pts
59 roger limon 963pts
60 lars herreman 963pts
61 Orlando 963pts
62 Łukasz Rokicki 963pts
63 Daniel Eriksson 961pts
64 Pavel Gorelov 955pts
65 Pedro Peixoto 955pts
66 Chris Needham 955pts
67 Elena Dyachkova 955pts
68 Chris Day 953pts
69 Jody Bayo 953pts
70 Victor Kulinekov 951pts
71 lesley thomson 951pts
72 Zoltan Kontra 951pts
73 Paulo Moura 948pts
74 Mikel Merchan 946pts
75 Nuno Ferreira 941pts
76 Viesturs Zakis 941pts
77 Antonio Romero 941pts
78 Danny Norman 937pts
79 Max Godet 937pts
80 Dennis Niebuhr 936pts
81 Pekka Gustafsson 936pts
82 Tobias Burkhardt 934pts
83 Luis Trias 934pts
84 Alex Carroll 932pts
85 Dror Aharony 932pts
86 Phil Tomkinson 931pts
87 fabio pedrolini 927pts
88 Malcolm Christie 927pts
89 katrien vanwolleghem 926pts
90 Martin Franke 924pts
91 Jamie Ashton 924pts
92 Andrew de-Camps 922pts
94 Mike Menssen 913pts
95 Emily Evans 912pts
96 Emilio Lecona 911pts
97 ЛёХа 909pts
98 Lucky999 905pts
99 Caitlin Christie 904pts
100 Daniel Martí 904pts



Disastrous final round in Brussels with only 84 points - slipping down to 12th. Was unlucky with Sally Pearson falling over in the hurdles but made a couple of bad calls - taking out Yohan Blake in the 200m (Meet Record & 20 points) & Imane Merga (1st - 5000m & 10 points) and replacing them with Kevin Borlee (2nd in the 400m - 7pts) and Lavillenie (2nd in the pole vault - 7 pts), late on Friday. Dix came into the field late and I thought he might beat Blake over the 200m!! Evil or Very Mad And should have just stuck with Zapirova in the women's 3k steeple instead of taking Cheywa as a back up. Overall 12th - after 13th in 2009. Thems the breaks.

IAAF Fantasy Athletic League
Top 100

1 Flumpy 1217pts
2 Robert Simanovic 1211pts
3 palmiro candreva 1205pts
4 mump boy 1186pts
5 Uupu Lepäävä 1181pts
6 Clive Wickham 1178pts
7 Thomas Rae Riekki 1177pts
8 Aleksejs Slapakovs 1167pts
9 Nicardo McLean 1164pts
10 Steven Parmentier 1152pts
11 Valentin Lecourt 1149pts
12 Paul Young 1147pts
13 jeremyp 1146pts
14 Leo Campbell 1146pts
15 amos bianchi 1143pts
16 James Murray 1143pts
17 MarcoBR 1143pts
18 John Greig 1140pts
19 pego 1132pts
20 Pol Parmentier 1129pts
21 Simon Perez 1128pts
22 jorge vela 1123pts
23 Scott Dawson 1122pts
24 philippos kalomoiris 1120pts
25 Runner 1118pts
26 James King 1115pts
28 Eduardo Baez 1095pts
29 Tobias Burkhardt 1095pts
30 Elias Shilazi 1092pts
31 shanghai's bug VICTIM 1091pts
32 Joachim Zephirin 1090pts
33 David Donley 1087pts
34 Ale & Gio Colombo 1086pts
35 Luis Javier Gamarra 1083pts
36 Track&Field 1081pts
37 victor vela 1080pts
38 baston.coltics 1079pts
39 musimusi 1076pts
40 Kyle Shepard 1074pts
41 laura schrooten 1073pts
42 Pierrick G. 1071pts
43 Victor Kulinekov 1068pts
44 Rich de-Camps 1068pts
45 Cinco Atletinos 1066pts
46 Elena Dyachkova 1064pts
47 Peter Scarfe 1064pts
49 Daniel Eriksson 1060pts
50 Jack B 1059pts
51 LuizzCarlos 1059pts
52 Pavel Gorelov 1057pts
53 roger limon 1057pts
54 huggybear 1055pts
55 Paulo Moura 1050pts
56 felipe vela 1050pts
57 Johan Edvinsson 1049pts
58 Victor Romero 1048pts
59 Nicholas Tori 1043pts
60 Zoltan Kontra 1040pts
61 lesley thomson 1035pts
62 Chris Day 1035pts
63 Nuno Ferreira 1035pts
64 Pedro Peixoto 1034pts
65 Viesturs Zakis 1030pts
66 Phil Tomkinson 1028pts
67 calvin lancaster 1028pts
68 giorgi gozalishvili 1027pts
69 lars herreman 1027pts
70 Luis Trias 1025pts
71 Pekka Gustafsson 1025pts
72 ЛёХа 1021pts
73 Mikel Merchan 1020pts
75 Orlando 1017pts
76 Dror Aharony 1016pts
77 Roy Needham 1014pts
78 ricardo chambers 1011pts
79 Andrew de-Camps 1011pts
80 Ion Sola 1007pts
81 Danny Norman 1006pts
82 Mike Menssen 1002pts
83 Malcolm Christie 996pts
84 Dennis Niebuhr 991pts
85 Michael Siva 991pts
86 Antonio Romero 991pts
87 Emily Evans 985pts
88 Daniel Needham 984pts
89 John Sheerin 983pts
90 Jake Lynch 981pts
91 katrien vanwolleghem 981pts
92 Michael Ade 978pts
93 Lucky999 976pts
94 Emilio Lecona 975pts
95 Chris Needham 975pts
96 Łukasz Rokicki 973pts
97 Joel Mason 972pts
98 Jesús Serrano 972pts
99 Max Godet 967pts
100 Martin Franke 966pts

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