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Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS

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1Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:22 pm



Port Adelaide Athletic Carnival
Sunday 16th October 2011

Sunny, 21 degrees, strong tail wind, track flat and very good albeit like most kikuyu grass tracks a tad spongy.

120m Gift
Heat 1
1st Brad Schutz (13.50)
2nd Sam Osmond (8.00)
3rd Alex Saliu (6.75)
Time: 13.12

Heat 2
1st Brad Letton (8.50)
2nd Jarrad Dartnall (8.00)
3rd Hayden Cook (9.00)
Time: 13.05

Heat 3
1st Tim Johnson (8.25)
2nd James Cibich (7.00)
3rd Wallace Long-Scafidi (5.50)
Time: 12.77

Heat 4
1st Shane Grimwade (16.25)
2nd Dale Woodhams (5.00)
3rd Tyson Hancock (12.50)
Time: 12.72

Heat 5
1st Corey Baker (7.00)
2nd Jordan Caldow (3.75)
3rd Paul Taylor (11.75)
Time: 12.98

1st Semi Final
1st Wallace Long Scafidi (5.50)
2nd Tim Johnson (8.25)
3rd Brad Letton (8.50)
Time: 12.83

2nd Semi Final
1st Shane Grimwade (16.25)
2nd Brad Schutz (13.50)
3rd Jordan Caldow (3.75)
Time: 12.59

120m Gift FINAL
1st Shane Grimwade (16.25) 12.64
2nd Brad Schutz (13.50) 12.78
3rd Jordan Caldow (3.75) 12.83
4th Brad Letton (8.50) 12.84
5th Wallace Long-Scafidi (5.50) 13.02
6th Tim Johnson (8.25) 13.62

120m Women
Heat 1
Lauren Buchanan (12.50)
2nd Lesley Tompson (14.50)
3rd Sarah Donovan (11.00)
Time: 14.39

Heat 2
1st Megan Letton (15.00)
2nd Lauren Edwards (9.00)
3rd Tamar Dartnall (4.00)
Time: 14.28

Heat 3
1st Leanne Hodge (1.75)
2nd Taylah Scapens (9.50)
3rd Ali Trewartha (11.75)
Time: 14.43

120m Women FINAL
1st Leanne Hodge (1.75)
2nd Megan letton (15.00)
3rd Lauren Edwards (9.00)
4th Lauren Buchanan (12.50)
5th Taylah Scapens (9.50)
6th Lesley Tompson (14.50)
Time: 14.24

120m O/35's FINAL
1st John Turner (15.50)
2nd Tim Johnson (0.00)
3rd Ross Hill-Brown (19.50)
4th Robert Samarq (13.00)
5th David Wilczek (8.50)
6th Michael Cassidy (13.25)
Time: 13.61

120m U/14's FINAL
1st Lewis Abdul (7.50)
2nd Gemma Plummer (12.00)
3rd Cassidy Dorian (7.50)
4th Minnie Turner (12.00)
5th Saxon Turner (12.00)
6th Jenni Partington (12.00)
7th Jordan Cassidy (10.00)
Time: 14.59

300m Novice FINAL
1st James Cibich (18)
2nd Luke Buchanan (33)
3rd Sean Roberts (55)
4th Christopher Simpson (29)
5th Sam Osmond (18)
6th Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera (18)
7th Brett Richards 916)
8th Nickolas Berry (22)
Time: 33.32

300m U/17's FINAL
1st Taylah Scapens (63)
2nd Saraid Kustermann (60)
3rd Lachlan Sheffield (30)
4th Corey Watkins (40)
5th Jacobi Ponury (35)
6th Connor McIvor (38)
7th Benjamin Wever (30)
8th Tayce Fry (60)
9th Katie Devlin (50)
Time: 34.05

550m Open FINAL
1st Matthew Fallon (58)
2nd Brad Jones (68)
3rd Michael Nitschke (38)
4th Matthew Cousins (48)
5th Stephen Jelfs (40)
6th Jake Stangewitz (58)
7th Chris Dimitrak (94)
8th Nando Princi (88)
Time: 1-11.57

550m Women FINAL
1st Megan Letton (72)
2nd Melissa Lloyd 56)
3rd Kathryn Robb (52)
4th Lauren McHugh (86)
5th Ali Trewartha (720
6th Teagan Kustermann (38)
7th Eleni Glouftsis (60)
8th Courtney Ryder (102)
Time: 1-18.74

550m U/20's
1st Riordan Welsh (44)
2nd Scott Hargreaves (36)
3rd Aiden Miller (40)
4th Nick Beins (41)
Time: 1-12.04
(First four only)

1600m Open
1st Melissa Lloyd (285)
2nd Dillon Tee (185)
3rd Jacob Cocks (90)
4th Ashley Roberts (170)
5th Tim Earle (145)
6th Jordan Harvey (125)
Time: ????

1600m O/35's
1st Gregor Dingwall (100)
2nd Steven Wilson (60)
3rd Bobby Edwards (130)
4th Andrew Wright (140)
5th Nando Princi (185)
6th Bob Pearce (240)
Time: 4-41.64

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Congratulations to Shane Grimwade for beating my tip Jordan Caldow in the 120m open today at Port Adelaide.

Congratulations also to Leanne Hodge for a fine win in the red in the 120m for women.

And stepping up for the oldies, well done to John Turner for winning the 120m for over35s ahead of fast finishing backmarker Tim Johnson, with Ross Hill-Brown in third place after recording the fastest heat win.

Team Townley did a reverse trifecta in the final with 4th to 6th places going to Bob Samarq, Dave Wilczek and Michael Cassidy.

A Team Townley spokesperson said that Team Townley were pleased to have half the numbers in the over35s 120m final, a performance promising podium places and sashes to come soon, with Bob Samarq the hot tip to repeat his win in the over35s 200m at the next SAAL meeting at Flinders on the 30th October, just two weeks away.

3Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:47 am



120m Gift Heats

120m Gift Semis

120m Gift FINAL

4Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:55 am



120m Women's FINAL

120m Over 35's FINAL

120m Under 14's FINAL

5Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:47 pm



300m Novice FINAL

Open 550m FINAL

Women's 550m FINAL

300m Under 17 FINAL

6Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:18 pm



Awesome work with the results and videos.

Some good runs in the Gift. Caldow and Wallace in good shape.

Great race in the 300 novice. Thought Lukey B was gunna hang on but huge finish by Cibich got the choccies!

Well done Shane Grimwade, good one to pickup early.

7Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:19 pm



Good first meeting at Port adelaide.
300m novice final was a quality line up and an even better finish.
Interesting to hear the under 14 120 winner is training with G. Thompson. Is Reynella a club or not?

8Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:06 am



I don't think Reynella is a club, Gary is just probably coaching a few young kids who dont bring baggage with them. Good on Gary for staying in the sport and offering his advice. I Know if I ever had any problems, I wouldn't hesitate to ask him. These kids can learn a lot from him.

9Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:44 am



Race of the day was the 300m Novice final. Luke Buchanan certainly looks the fittest I've seen him and should be in a for good season, although he couldn't hold out the big finish by James Cibich. Cibich's run suggests he will be around the mark in anything up to 400m this season.

Performance of the day was by Leanne Hodge - anyone who can win from 1.75m conceding 10m plus in a 120m, is an athlete of genuine quality.

Jordan Caldow's 3rd place off the back mark of 3.75m was the best 'non-winning' performance of the day. Always look forward to watching this young bloke. Normally when someone comes off the back mark, they impose themselves on the race and he becomes the one you watch for the majority of it. But Caldow is like a stealth bomber, you don't realise how close he is until the finish.

The 550m wasn't a classic final with no-one behind 38 in the final but it was the feel good story of the day with a well deserved win to Matt Fallon.

Nearly forgot to mention.......another good story was John Turner winning his first sash since 1988. 23 years between sashes has to be close to an SAAL record.

10Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:00 pm



Easy win to the frontmarker in gift off big mak. Whats the likely penalty?

11Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:19 pm



As much as the Novice was a great race ,with 4-6 winning chances with 50 metres to run ,the OPEN 550 was pretty dull with runners coming in like brown cows.Full marks to Fallon though ,you can only beat whos dished up to you.
Very very very impressed about the speed of the RED runner in the first 30 metres of the Novice.He had Cibich covered very early after starting 2 metres behind him.Just didnt run out the distance but would certainly run out a good 120m, just a matter which one.
Just looking through the results Youngy I would say that Cocks in the 1600m would have probably run off 90m instead of the 900m thats along side his name.Not criticism just helping you to get it right.Amazing how you find the time to coach, do stats and record

12Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:33 pm



No worries Whispers - fixed the typo.

"Finding the time" is being organised and prepared to do the work. Despite all the mumbo jumbo that is tossed around nowdays, one element imperative to coaching that will always remain is - the harder one works, the more success one seems to enjoy.

This site takes up a lot of time, but the feedback makes it worthwhile. Over 450 hits on this thread in 48 hours reflects the fact that people are constantly logging in and having a look.

I can't promise the videos straight after every meet but where it can be done I'll endeavour to post them.

As for the "Boss", JH, the best I can say would be my obsession with keeping Protrack relevant is tolerated by Mrs Y......but it does have its limits. Surprised

13Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:10 am



Jordan Caldow looks like he has done some work on his technique over winter. Looks better and faster, good work by the coach.

14Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:55 am



No surprisingly the 2nd most looked at of the Port Adelaide meet videos, after the 5 Gift heats (which would have the most hits due to having the most number of competitiors involved), is the 300m novice final with over 90 hits on Youtube; more than the Gift final or semi thanks to whispers' observations. Shocked

15Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:36 pm

The Wind


I did watch the 300m novice, and must say Whispers i dead on the money, the guy in red had caught the majority of the field only to tall off. There are two possible explanations for one he is not fit? and the other wont be mentioned.
Its normally a great indication on how runners are going, last year was won by ali saliu who had a terrific season year before was won by Thiel with scott coming second. Early form is good form over what ever distance you run over.

Really looking forward to seeing him in the 200m next week should be cracking race.

16Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Empty Re: Port Adelaide RESULTS & VIDEOS Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:48 pm



Be very careful about forming assumptions or casting aspersions. Brett Richards (red) is a very good cricketer at a district club and trains in between cricket commitments. At 17, he is still very raw and is not conditioned for much beyond 100m. His most productive results to date have been over 70m.

Rest assured he was flat out and scratched from the Gift to be fresh for the 300m novice. in terms of where he was at, we felt it was better for his long term development to run in the novice 300m.

I could easily have not published the film, but I have nothing to hide and it's clearly the best race to watch.

At no stage does Brett actually pass James Cibich (blue). The Camden runner is clearly much stronger and more mature than Brett and was always going to run away from him over 300m.

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