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Schedule For Pulteney SAAL 25th March 2012

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25 MARCH 2012

1.00pm 70m Open – 4 heats
1.16pm 70m Women – 3 heats

1.28pm 800m Over 45 – Final and Presentation
1.38pm 800m Under 17 – Final and Presentation
1.48pm 1600m Women – Final and Presentation

1.58pm 70m Open – Final and Presentation
2.08pm 70m Women – Final and Presentation

2.18pm 200m Over 35 – 6 heats
2.42pm 200m Under 14 – 3 heats
2.54pm 200m Women – 5 heats
3.14pm 200m Novice – 5 heats
3.34pm Official Break (16 minutes)

3.50pm 400m Pulteney Girls – 2 heats
3.58pm 400m Pulteney Boys – 2 heats
4.06pm 400m Under 20 – 2 heats
4.14pm 400m Open – 3 heats

4.26pm 200m Over 35 – 2 semi finals
4.34pm 200m Under 14 – Final and Presentation
4.42pm 200m Women – Final and Presentation
4.50pm 200m Novice – Final and Presentation

5.00pm 400m Pulteney Girls – Final and Presentation
5.08pm 400m Pulteney Boys – Final and Presentation

5.16pm 200m Over 35s – Final and Presentation
5.24pm 400m Under 20s – Final and Presentation
5.32pm 400m Open – Final and Presentation

5.42pm 1600m Open Thomas Wright Memorial Mile – Final and Presentation



2.18pm 200m Over 35 – 6 heats
4.26pm 200m Over 35 – 2 semi finals
5.16pm 200m Over 35s – Final and Presentation

A welcome innovation - recent years there have been heats and final with no semis, so if you copped a competitive heat maybe you did not make the final even with podium form.

(It would be good to do this at Tea Tree Gully as well, I reckon).

Will make it a long day for Chris Dimitrak (and Mick Abbott and others), with the over45 800m as well as the over35 200m.



semis for the 200 O35's in my opinion are not necessary, especially when there may only be 3 or 4 in a heat or like up at TTG where Timmy J had to run on his own (200 open). My heat 3 years ago only had 2 in it, so basically we end up running an extra 200 for no reason.



hey Over35er (renowned multiple winner of the Pulteney 200m Over35 event),

How does having semis affect the heats?

In the case you describe, with multiple scratchings in a heat, we have an "easy" heat where the winner may be much slower than the winning times in the other heats. And maybe we also have "hard heats" where the second place getter is much faster than our "easy heat winner".

All this happens whether we have semis or not, it comes down to who scratches and who does not.


If there are no semis, the "easy heat winner" goes into the final where he or she may come a distant last.

On the other hand, if there are semis, then the "easy heat winner" gets tested in the semifinal, maybe does not get into the final ... also the second place person(s) in the hard heat(s) have a chance to get through to the final.

And personally, I welcome the chance to run the bumpy Pulteney bend in a heat and semi and final, so hopefully I will get it right this year ...

If running an extra 200m wears some of the fast youngsters out, well I don't mind that at all LOL.

Maybe running those killer 400s at Camden and Flagstaff will help me on Sunday ...

Best wishes for a great afternoon's racing to finish off the SAAL season for 2011/2012.



Assuming there is a full field if the handicapper has it right, there is no easy heat and if no-one scratches, also no easy heat. If you put the hard work in, if your lucky in some cases you get through if being unlucky and missing out because you got a full heat its no ones fault but your own.
Having said that if there is an "easy heat" then like you said the winner may get found out in the semi.
Also having said that I dont mind if those running a 800 before rolling up to do 2 x 200's attempting to make the final of another 3rd 200. If they do make it to the final goodluck to them.
Light winds 23 degrees, looking forward to Sunday and the possibility of 3 in a row.



Whats your predictions Stokesy our do you need to wait for the handicaps?



hey No Chance,

my prediction is that Sunday at Pulteney will be a fine afternoon of fresh air family fun.



and if you want a tip, be good to your mother?? Very Happy



Is that racing at Morphettville on Saturday?

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