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Maryborough Gift RESULTS - 1st Jan 2017

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1Maryborough Gift RESULTS - 1st Jan 2017 Empty Maryborough Gift RESULTS - 1st Jan 2017 Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:29 pm



Maryborough Highland Gathering
Sunday 1st January 2017

70m FINAL won by Keely Henderson (13.75m)

120m Restricted won by Kristofer KARDA...KOVSKI (you beauty!) off 10.50m.

120m Maryborough Gift
1 Simon Jackson 9.00m 12.46s
2 Stuart Rooke 7.25m 12.59s
3 Matthew Rizzo 5.75m 12.77s
4 Leigh Phelan 9.75m 12.79s
5 Andrew Campbell 9.50m 12.82s
6 Kevin Brittain 7.00m 12.86s
7 Michael Voumard 10.00m 12.87s
8 Cam Dunbar 8.25m 12.92s

Decisive victory by over a metre to Simon Jackson where the first three have all had decent cracks at the Stawell Gift in recent years. Nearly 3m between 1st & 3rd so it's a very well-deserved win to Jackson. Jackson beat Bay Sheffield Restricted runner-up Voumard (7th) by 4m suggests he had the form to do very well at the Bay Sheffield had he entered.

Stuart Rooke might now look towards one of the smaller meets to pick up a Stawell bonus or set his sights on Ballarat.

Hard to see Matt Rizzo winning over 120m between now and Easter although I expect he will continue to make finals. He could cause some problems for others trying to make finals.

Women's 120m

1 Molly Farmer SA 6.50m 14.59s
2 Mega McMahon 17.00m 14.76s
3 Keely Henderson 7.25m 14.88s
4 Karly Tafft 12.00m 14.89s
5 Anna Pasquali 10.25m 14.91s
6 Kim McDonough 15.00m 15.16s
7 Laura-Jane Hilditch 5.75m 15.29s (break)
8 Jacqui McCann 10.00m 15.42s (break)

Excellent win of some quality by the 14yo South Aussie, Molly Farmer. Like the Gift, the winning margin was conclusive - nearly 2m. It's hard to get a read on the field but it appears to lack depth given 5 of the finalists were on double digit handicaps.

120m Masters
1 Aaron Pooley 12.75m 13.57s
2 Marcus Cooper 6.50m 13.64s
3 Leigh Phelan 3.50m 13.76s
4 Craig Mair 6.25m 13.80s
5 David Polichovski 12.00m 13.81s
6 Walter Pasquali 10.25m  13.90s
7 Brendan Boyle 13.75m 14.03s
8 Julian Fawcett 12.75m14.19s

200m Open
1 Tim Rosen 20m 21.485s
2 Matthew Harvey 17m 21.491s
3 Paul Hughes 22m 21.65s
4 Ryan McNamara 8m 21.66s
5 Robert Spencer 13m 21.80s
6 Matt Carter 8m 21.87s
7 Dion Paull 13m 21.92s
8 Joshua Tiu 14m 22.26s

Photo finish - 6/1000ths of a second between 1st & 2nd.

800m Open
1 Stefan Catalano 140m 1-55.27
2 Ashley Kenshole 40m 1-56.79
3 Lonain Burnett 58m 1-57.10
4 Daniel Veith 60m 1-57.51
5 Justine White 180m 1-58.01
6 Jacob Nolan 60m 1-58.44
7 Sean Quilty 102m 1-59.04
8 Allan Cook 68m 2-00.82

1600m Open
1 Nathan Hartigan 65m 4-13.27
2 Mark Andrews 130m 4-13.56
3 Daniel Lawlor 120m 4-16.09
4 Michael Preece 80m 4-16.25
5 Justin Murphy 85m 4-17.46
6 Phil Noden 155m 4-18.15
7 Adam Parker 215m 4-20.41
8 Joshua Sait 185m 4-21.46
9 Jordan Walker 120m 4-23.49
10 Daniel Veith 140m 4-24.26
(Top 10)

1600m Women's & Vets
1 Cassie Higham 165m 4-37.26
2 Greg Whitecross 380m 4-41.26
3 Les Williams 220m 4-42.64
4 Brendan Norden 255m 4-44.63
5 Gary Blake 345m 4-53.57
6 Robert Kenshole 400m 4-55.26
7 Greg Hilson 130m 4-58.8
8 Peter O'Farrell 220m 4-59.41
9 Maddy Martin 165m 5-12.27
9 started



Simon Jackson takes out Maryborough Gift

By Daniel Short
Ballarat Courier
1 Jan 2017

Maryborough Gift RESULTS - 1st Jan 2017 R153_259_4732_3281_w200_h132_fmax

Maryborough Gift winner Simon Jackson’s campaign was nearly over before it began after an obscure pre-race day incident.

Jackson was fixing his air conditioner at his Bentleigh home on Saturday which led to him hurting his quad – which had the experienced sprinter fearing the worst.

“I thought it was going to trouble me, but after the heats it was feeling all right,” Jackson said.

“I had some doubts in the heat, but I got through that all right.”

Once he got through the heats in comfortable fashion, any doubt in his mind quickly diminished.

Jackson held off a competitive field in the 120m sprint to edge out Stuart Rooke with a time of 12.4 seconds running off a nine-metre handicap.

The victory caught Jackson by surprise following a difficult year-and-a-half.

Eighteen months ago he underwent hamstring tendon surgery, and until a few months ago he thought his best form was behind him.

But after a difficult time in the 37-year-old’s career, the past three months have provided hope that a return to his best was reachable and Sunday’s run confirmed it.

“It was shocking (after surgery). I was about 30-40 per cent off what I used to be able to do – I had major doubts.

“It went from terrible, to almost terrible and then it just stayed there until the 15-month mark and then suddenly I had a massive improvement. Which I was told can happen, but unless you’ve done it you don’t really believe it.

“Only in the last few weeks have I been able to really turn it on, so I’m rapt.

“I thought I had a good chance here, but I didn’t think I could run that fast.”

Jackson said the result has changed how he will approach his racing calendar.

The lure of possibly getting back to his best is something that he did not expect to encounter and while he may race in Rye, nothing was set in stone.

“This has changed everything. It makes me think I can get close to my previous top speed, but at the same time my handicap would be adjusted so it makes it really hard.”



70 Metre Open Final
1 Keely Henderson 13.75 7.641 sec
2 Ryan McNamara 2.50 7.660
3 Kristerfer Kardakovski 5.75 7.691
4 Riley Taylor 6.50 7.742
5 Laura Jane Hilditch 13.00 7.745
6 Stephanie Richards 11.50 7.747
7 Karly Taft 15.50 7.815
8 Craig Mair 7.25 7.840

120 Metre Restricted Final
1 Kriserfer Kardakovski 10.50 12.674 sec
2 Jack Armour 12.00 12.754
3 Dun Rilloraza 14.00 12.823
4 Aiden Green 14.50 12.831
5 Ben Kirk 9.00 12.833
6 Julian Fawcett 18.50 12.869
7 Thomas Yeung 8.00 13.114
8 Angus Burns 21.00 13.204

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