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St Albans Gift

Who wins St Albans Gift?

Joel Bee 0.75
Luke Stevens 1.5
Matt Carter 2.5
Nathan Riali 4
Tim Rooke 5.25
Paul Tancredi 5.75
Ben Plant 6
Jason Polglase 6
Patrick Sham-Yuen 6
Bailey Squire 6
James Vine 6.25
Augustine Carty-Cowling 6.5
Nick MacGibbon 6.5
Matthew Soroczynski 6.5 / Kevin Brittain 7
Luke Eckford 7 / Aidan Green 7
Thomas Yeung 7 / Simon Jackson 7.25
Jack Newman 7.25 / Tom Newman 7.25
Matthew Eddy 7.5 / Ben Kirk 7.5
Nicholas Repalust 7.5 / Riley Taylor 7.5
Chris Tuohy 7.5 / Paddy Turner 7.5
Jack Armour 7.75 / Shaun Hargreaves 7.75
Jasper Nettlefold 7.75 / Hamish Adams 8
Gareth Houley 8 / Bros Kelly 8
Cameron Moss 8 / Robert (Vladimir) Spencer 8
Oliver Wurm 8 / Mohamad Zeed 8
Stuart Aberdein 8.25 / Cam Dunbar 8.25
Doug Greenough 8.25 / Liam Shepherd 8.25
Joshua Tiu 8.25 / Rory Plant 8.5
MATT BURLEIGH 8.75 / Jason Bailey 9
NICK CROSS 9 / Jack Doderico 9
Bayley Drummond 9 / Callum James 9
Chris Vi 9 / Mason Keast 9.25
Dion Paull 9.25 / David Gross 9.5
SAMUEL GROUIOS 9.5 / Matthew Harvey 9.75
Rupert Lugo 9.75 / Leigh Phelan 9.75
Ryan Clohessy 10 / Calvin Gook 10
Bikramjeet Singh 10 / Lachlan Taylor 10
Kristerfer Kardakovski 10.25 / Craig mair 10.25
Nick Magree 10.5 / Chris Diegan 10.75
Mark Hignett 11 / Peter Knott 11.5
Luke Mitchell 12 / Robert Adin 12.25
Lawrence Coop 13 / TIM ROSEN 13
Scott Rowsell 13 / Walter Pasquali 13.25
Vic Sharma 13.5 / Nick Howard 14
Todd Ireland 15 / Jonathon Rogers 15
Kayla Bunevicius 18 / John Hilditch 18

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1St Albans Gift Empty St Albans Gift Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:10 pm



Running under lights is always something very different. Not many would remember the days when the Wangaratta Gift suspended lights above the gift track and turned all the surrounding lights off. The was something race to run in. And St Albans has a similar atmosphere. Late start with a late finish but it is worth it. Who takes home the win here?

2St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:49 pm




winner: bee

3St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:25 pm



Augustine Carty-Cowling

Nick MacGibbon


Jack Armour

Leigh Phelan

Joshua Tiu


Nick MacGibbon

4St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:32 pm



The Newmans making the trip down to St Albans. Tom on his Stawell handicap. Jack getting 0.75m lift from Stawell first up after coming 2nd in the 200m. Nooiicce.

5St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:07 pm



Here's me thinking you can't start on a bigger mark then what you had at the end of the previous season. I really have to re read those handicapping regulations Kangaroota

6St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:32 pm



St Albans is always a good final. I am a little biased, but I do like the final under lights. It is a great spectacle from the sidelines as I have already mentioned. On to the tips.

Joel Bee 0.75m 21% - Float like a butterfly sprint like a, well, Bee. This man is on fire. Was ever so close to winning Rye 'Grass' so why would he not be the favourite for St Albans. I just wonder if he has it in him to make the Stawell Gift final of such a tight mark? Watch how quickly he eats into the 'field'. I have been praising coaches a lot tonight, so well done to JH as Bee is 'Flying'. All puns intended Very Happy

Oliver Wurm 8m / Mohamad Zeed 8m 14% - Zeed has not run yet so I think these votes are not for him. The human Lumbricina is looking good. He has form over the 400m and a good mark in the gift. Sound familiar? A win here would place him on 8.75m at Stawell. Is he a dark horse? One to watch.

Rupert Lugo 9.75m / Leigh Phelan 9.75m 14% - Lugo only runs quick at Stawell so don't worry about him here. Rampaging Phelan is another huge threat to win this weekend. He is running extremely well and people should take note of his never say die attitude. Made the Classic final at Maryborough, just missed out on the win Castlemaine and will go very close here!

Lawrence Coop 13m / Tim Rosen 13m 14% - Last season Coop was right in everything. I am not sure what has changed but he has not looked the same athlete this season. Perhaps he has an injury? On last year's form he goes very close. Right now I, I think the votes were for Rosen. I do not think Rosen will feature this week. He has not looked the same since he won the 200m at Maryborough. I cannot see him on current form beating home his training partner. He withdrew due to illness from the 400m final at Rye. Let's hope he is alright. Sad

Like my fellow thought provoking Ballaritian I had noticed the lift afforded to the better Newman. He was actually my vote. Can he win and come back later with 8m? Why would they make the trip down? He is a talent!

Good luck.

7St Albans Gift Empty Re: St Albans Gift Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:39 pm



This should pan out to be a tight race if the top handful go for the win. Prize money is reasonably attractive and as one of the last few 3/4 lifts on offer varying motivations will come into play to cross the line first.

My picks....some pretty simialar to others:

BEE - If Bee is looking for the lift to have a crack at Stawell watch out anyone in front (which is everyone) as he has shown he can run down most if not all over a variety of distances this season. Gut says he'll wait for something bigger.

MACGIBBON - I'd been expecting him to fire a little more this season and think it's only a matter of time before he gets it all altogether and runs a smashing time. One to watch.

NEWMAN - The lift for Newman, as raised, is interesting but would now make him a favourite in my book. He is a talent as Mex said and moves really well. Both Newman's ran down my next pick in the Stawell 200m final so may just have him covered in this as well.

PHELAN - Not too sure what to make of Phelan's mid season form as he normally only starts to wind up around late Jan / early Feb. He's clearly running well and got himself into good shape. I'm thinking he might sit this one out and have a crack at a bigger one, as his Castlemaine run would put him in the mix for Ballarat, Stonnington or Wang.

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