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Daegu World Challenge Meet 12th May Details & RESULTS

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The preliminary start list of the Colorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting, on May 12, 2011 (fourth of the IAAF World Challenge meetings this year) is below.

Superb duel of three US athletes is expected in the women's 100m hurdles. Olympic winner Dawn Harper is back and will compete against world indoor champion Lolo Jones and this year's indoor's fastest Kellie Wells.

World leader Carmelita Jeter is the star of the 100m and will aim for third win in a row here (10.83 meet record in 2009).

in the men´s 800m we should see Kenyan Boaz Lalang and in the women 1500m Ethiopian World Indoor Champion Kalkidan Gezahegne is scheduled against her team-mate Tizita Bogale.

Men's 100m
1 Ho-Sua Yeo KOR
2 Rae Edwards USA
3 Mario Forsythe JAM
4 Mike Rodgers USA
5 Walter Dix USA
6 Jaysuma Ndure NOR
7 Churandy Martina NED
8 Darvis Patton USA
9 Kuk-Young Kim KOR

Men's 400m
1 Chan-Ho Lim KOR
2 Jeremy Davis USA
3 Ramon Miller BAH
4 Rabah Yousif SUD
5 Calvin Smith USA
6 David Neville USA
7 Sean Wroe AUS
8 Yuzo Kanemaru JPN

Men's 800m
1 Jae-Yeoul Kim KOR
2 James Kaan AUS
2 Eliud Rutto KEN
3 Duane Solomon USA
4 Rachid Khouia FRA
5 Boaz Lalang KEN
6 Antonio Reina ESP
7 Belal Mansoor BRN
7 Ismael Kombich KEN
8 Matt Scherer USA

Men's 3000m Steeplechase
1 Jung-Ki Moon KOR
2 Jin-Wook Hwang KOR
3 Je-Woo Kwon KOR
4 Steve Slattery USA
5 Aoi Matsumoto JPN
6 Birhan Gatehun ETH
7 Chelimo Kipterege KEN
8 Silas Kitum KEN
9 Ruben Ramolefi RSA
10 Jonathan Ndiku KEN
11 Richard Mateelong KEN
12 Hillary Yego KEN
13 Haron Lagat KEN

Men's 110m Hurdles
1 Tae-Kyong Park KOR
2 Ryan Wilson USA
3 Joel Brown USA
4 David Oliver USA
5 Dwight Thomas JAM
6 Aries Merritt USA
7 Kevin Craddock USA
8 Yume Moses JPN

Men's 400m Hurdles
1 Derrick Williams USA
2 Seung-Jun Lee KOR
3 Ruben McCoy USA
4 Bershawn Jackson USA
5 Angelo Taylor USA
6 Johnny Dutch USA
7 Kenny Ferguson USA
8 Ji-Jung Kim KOR

Women's 100m
1 Connie Moore USA
2 Gloria Asumnu USA
3 Lashaunte Moore USA
4 Carmelita Jeter USA
5 Marshevet Myers USA
6 Tianna Madisson USA
7 Zang Milama Ruddy GAB
8 Sun-Ae Lee KOR

Women's 200m
1 Barbara De Oliveira BRA
2 Ju-Eun Kim KOR
3 Cydonie Mothersill CAY
4 Lashaunte Moore USA
5 Allyson Felix USA
6 Aleksandra Fedoriva RUS
7 Connie Moore USA
8 Chisato Fukushima JPN

Women's 1500m

1 Mi-Jin Kim KOR
2 Briday Delaney AUS
3 Anna Karinda Mwangi KEN
4 Assefa Meskerem ETH
5 Kaila McKnight AUS
6 Esther Chemtai KEN
7 Zoe Buckman AUS
8 Anna Mishchenko UKR
9 Tizita Bogale ETH
10 Kalkidan Gezahegne ETH
11 Irene Jelagat KEN
12 Malika Akkaoui MOR
13 Karen Shinkins IRE

Women's 100m Hurdles
1 Yeon-Kyung Lee KOR
2 Candice Davis USA
3 Tiffani Ofili GBR
4 Lolo Jones USA
5 Dawn Harper USA
6 Kellie Wells USA
7 Sarah Claxton GBR
8 Rye-Rim Jung KOR
9 Yvette Lewis USA

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Daegu World Challenge Meet 12th May Details & RESULTS Banner-official

The World Challenge series are the IAAF's second tier level of meets. Daegu is the fourth in the series. The first three were Melbourne, Kingston & Kawasaki.

ALL Meets in the IAAF World Challenge
Melbourne | Kingston | Kawasaki | Daegu | Rio de Janeiro | Dakar | Hengelo | Ostrava | Rabat | Zhukovsky | Madrid | Berlin | Rieti | Zagreb

History of IAAF World Challenge
1985 – Establishment of the IAAF Grand Prix – the milestone in the history of Word athletics. Sportsmen started to compete professionally.

The IAAF series stayed in this format till 2009 – the name was changing (since 1994 -IAAF Grand Prix II , then in 2005 it was changed into IAAF World Athletics Tour, which joined two levels of meetings: ÅF Golden League and IAAF Super Grand Prix events, and the second comprising IAAF Grand Prix events and area permit meetings).

Within this framework, The top athletic meetings were coupled in two phases:

•1993 – 1997 – Golden Four
•1998 – 2009 – Golden League

Plan, Council decided to create an Athletic One-Day Competition System based on a shared responsibility between the IAAF and the Area Associations.

As a consequence of the creation early this year of the IAAF Diamond League, a second tier of International One-Day meetings will be formed from those IAAF Permit Meetings who will not be part of the Diamond League plus the meetings of Daegu, Korea and Rabat, Morocco.

On the clear understanding that they will have had to satisfy all the requirements of the 2008 and 2009 Grand Prix level, these One-Day meetings will be formed into the IAAF World Challenge which will form the top part of the respective Area Competition System.

The programme of any meeting of the IAAF World Challenge will be composed of 16 events with a minimum of 7 by gender.

A balanced programme of disciplines will be mandatory with the allocation and coordination done by the IAAF and the concerned Area.

The Hammer Throw will be included within the competition structure of the IAAF World Challenge.

The IAAF World Challenge a new series of international one-day invitational meetings commenced on Thursday 4 March in Melbourne, Australia, with the Melbourne Track Classic.

The IAAF World Challenge takes place from March to September and, along with the IAAF Diamond League which commences on 14 May in Doha, Qatar, makes up the two elements of the IAAF's new one-day competition format, offering a bright new era for the international invitational track and field circuit.

Each IAAF World Challenge meeting will include 16 events balanced across the full range of disciplines, with prize money totalling a minimum of US$200,000 (per meeting)



The Daegu IAAF World Challenge Meet is on tonight (Thursday 12th May).

Daegu time is an hour behind Eastern Standard Time. Eg: The Men's 400m featuring Sean Wroe (scheduled for 7.30) will be on at 8.30pm EST.

Competition Timetable
C-Bib Time Event Gender Round
101 19:00 High Jump W Final
102 19:00 Hammer Throw W Final
103 19:05 Long Jump W Final
104 19:10 1500m W Final
105 19:15 Pole Vault W Final
106 19:20 800m M Final
107 19:30 400m M Final
108 19:45 400mH M Final
109 20:00 200m W Final
110 20:10 Triple Jump M Final
111 20:15 110mH M Final
112 20:20 Javelin Throw M Final
113 20:25 100mH W Final
114 20:35 100m W Final
115 20:45 100m M Final
116 20:55 400mWheelchair M Final
117 21:10 3000mSC M Final



12TH MAY 2011

Men 100 Metres
Wind : +0.3 m/s
1 Walter Dix USA 10.00
2 Mike Rodgers USA 10.03
3 Jaysuma Saidy Ndure NOR 10.09
4 Mario Forsythe JAM 10.21
5 Darvis Patton USA 10.35
6 Ho-suah Yeo KOR 10.50
7 Kyu-won Cho KOR 10.71
Monzavous Edwards USA DQ
Churandy Martina NED DQ

Women 100 Metres
Wind : 0.0 m/s
1 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.09
2 LaShauntea Moore USA 11.27
3 Ruddy Zang Milama GAB 11.35
4 Consuella Moore USA 11.41
5 Tianna Madison USA 11.49
6 Gloria Asumnu USA 11.61
7 Bárbara de Oliveira BRA 12.10
8 Sunae Lee KOR 12.26

Women 200 Metres
Wind : +0.4 m/s
1 Allyson Felix USA 22.38
2 Consuella Moore USA 23.16
3 Aleksandra Fedoriva RUS 23.17
4 Chisato Fukushima JPN 23.21
5 Cydonie Mothersille CAY 23.45
6 Gloria Asumnu USA 23.73
7 Bárbara de Oliveira BRA 24.29
8 Ji-Eun Kim KOR 25.21

Men 400 Metres
1 Yuzo Kanemaru JPN 45.23
2 David Neville USA 45.24
3 Calvin Smith USA 45.36
4 Ramon Miller BAH 45.57
5 Rabah Yousif SUD 45.88
6 Jeremy Davis USA 46.15
7 Sean Wroe AUS 46.28
8 Chanho Lim KOR 48.35

Men 800 Metres
1 Boaz Kiplagat Lalang KEN 1:45.90
2 Duane Solomon USA 1:46.16
3 Ismael Kipngetich Kombich KEN 1:46.41
4 Antonio Manuel Reina ESP 1:46.54
5 Eliud Rutto KEN 1:46.62
6 Rachid Khoua MAR 1:46.90
7 James Kaan AUS 1:47.15
8 Belal Mansoor Ali BRN 1:47.22
9 Jaeyoul Kim KOR 1:56.99
Matthew Scherer USA DNF

Women 1500 Metres
1 Anna Mishchenko UKR 4:03.52
2 Meskerem Assefa ETH 4:03.63
3 Irene Jelagat KEN 4:04.32
4 Malika Akkaoui MAR 4:04.96
5 Kaila McKnight AUS 4:05.65
6 Tizita Bogale ETH 4:06.15
7 Ann Karindi Mwangi KEN 4:07.74
8 Zoe Buckman AUS 4:09.38
9 Bridey Delaney AUS 4:29.79

10 Mi-Jin Kim KOR 4:53.33
Esther Chemtai KEN DNF
Kalkidan Gezahegne ETH DNS

Women 100 Metres Hurdles
Wind : +0.6 m/s
1 Dawn Harper USA 12.73
2 Kellie Wells USA 12.81
3 LoLo Jones USA 12.95
4 Tiffany Ofili GBR 13.03
5 Candice Davis USA 13.14
6 Yvette Lewis USA 13.14
7 Yeon-kyoung Lee KOR 13.25
8 Hye-Lim Jung KOR 13.40
9 Sarah Claxton GBR 13.43

Men 110 Metres Hurdles
Wind : 0.0 m/s
1 David Oliver USA 13.14
2 Aries Merritt USA 13.30
3 Dwight Thomas JAM 13.40
4 Ryan Wilson USA 13.69
5 Kevin Craddock USA 13.76
6 Tae-kyong Park KOR 13.79
7 Joel Brown USA 13.82
8 Yume Moses JPN 14.04
9 Jong-Jin Won KOR 14.43

Men 400 Metres Hurdles
1 Johnny Dutch USA 49.03
2 Bershawn Jackson USA 49.14
3 Angelo Taylor USA 49.67
4 Reuben McCoy USA 51.10
5 Seung-yun Lee KOR 51.90
6 Kenneth Ferguson USA 53.19
7 Ji-Jung Kim KOR 54.03
Derrick Williams USA DNF

Men 3000 Metres Steeplechase
1 Hillary Kipsang Yego KEN 8:12.08
2 Richard Kipkemboi Mateelong KEN 8:12.15
3 Silas Kosgei Kitum KEN 8:12.17
4 Jonathan Muia Ndiku KEN 8:24.53
5 Elijah Chelimo Kipterege KEN 8:29.72
6 Ruben Ramolefi RSA 8:33.41
7 Steve Slattery USA 8:43.99
8 Birhan Getahun ETH 8:55.53
9 Jung-Ki Moon KOR 9:10.00
10 Je-Woo Kwon KOR 9:40.63
11 Jin-Wook Hwang KOR 9:52.41
Haron Lagat KEN DNF
Aoi Matsumoto JPN DNF


Oliver, Jeter and Felix dominate in Daegu - IAAF World Challenge

IAAF Website
12 May 2011

The Colorful Daegu Pre Championships meeting today (12) showed that athletes are ready to perform at the Daegu Stadium which in just three-and-a-half months time will host the IAAF World Championships (27 August – 4 September 2011).

This IAAF World Challenge meeting provided a good check on conditions at the stadium and it appeared that things are in order. Wind on the front straight stayed quite calm and should make fast times possible at the World Championships. The weather was sunny with temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius, but that seemed to suit most events today. In all four world leads were produced.

Oliver in a class of his own
Three American favourites took the spotlight, really excelling and winning comfortably in their respective events. In the men's 110m Hurdles David Oliver was as expected in a class of his own. The 29-year-old was in the lead from the start, finishing with a 13.13 world leader in windless conditions. This was already the third win in as many competitions this season for the Beijing Olympics bronze medallist who extended his win streak to 18 finals. Oliver's last loss came in his last competition of the 2009 campaign in Zagreb where Ryan Brathwaite of Barbados won in 13.35 against Oliver's 13.41. Second in Daegu today was fellow American Aries Merritt in a 13.30 season's best followed by Jamaican Dwight Thomas in 13.40. Oliver seemed to have a very clean race not hitting the hurdles as he has done before.

Jeter and Felix dominate
The second of the commanding Americans was Carmelita Jeter in the women's 100m. Jeter, who has been the fastest runner in the world since September 2009, was already the world leader with a 10.86 dash in Kingston last Saturday. In Daegu the bronze medallist from two previous World Championships was fastest out of the blocks and showed no problems whatsoever en route to her 11.09 inw. Another American, Doha 200m winner LaShauntea Moore, was a distant second clocking 11.27 with Gabon record holder Ruddy Zang Milama in third with 11.35.

In the 200m Allyson Felix took the win in a very similar style leading the race clearly already after the curve. Felix was expected to run a world leader in this race and she did crush the previous 22.65 mark clocking a 22.38 win today. She was absolutely dominant with countrywoman Connie Moore in second place far far away in 23.16 and Russian Barcelona European Champs bronze medallist Aleksandra Fedoriva a close third in 23.17.

In the women's 100m Hurdles, winner of the last two World Indoor Championships (60m hurdles), 28-year-old Lolo Jones, started brightly and lead for most of the race. But while fellow Americans Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper seemed to be catching her coming to the last hurdle, Jones stumbled and finished third well behind the top two clocking a disappointing 12.95 result. Reigning Olympic champion Harper went on to win in a season's best 12.73 with world leading athlete (12.58) Wells finishing second in 12.81.

Another event with fine results was the men's 100m race where American Walter Dix showed that he is ready to look for more major medals in addition to the two he won in Beijing Olympics. Dix clocked a fast 10.00 in his first 100m start of the season just edging 60m specialist Mike Rodgers, also from USA, who clocked 10.03 for second. Jayduma Saidy Ndure of Norway was third in 10.09, a season's best. There was a rare moment at the start of the race with two athletes disqualified for a false start in the same start. Rae Edwards of USA and Churandy Martina of the Netherlands were both lead off the track.

In the other men's events Japanese Yuzo Kanemaru finished fast in the men's flat 400m race to dip to the finish line just before 2008 Olympic bronze medallist David Neville (USA) to win 45.23 to 45.24. Boaz Lalang of Kenya won the 800m in 1:45.90 and in the Javelin Throw Igor Janik of Poland started his season with a fine 82.18m win.

Mirko Jalava for the IAAF

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