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Madrid World Challenge Meet RESULTS Sat 9th July. (K Borlee wins 400m in 44.74)

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39th Meeting de Atletismo Madrid 2011
Madrid (ESP) - Saturday, Jul 09, 2011

Men - 100 Metres - FINAL
Wind : -1.6 m/s
1 Justin Gatlin [USA] 10.10
2 Dwain Chambers [GBR] 10.13
3 Travis Padgett [USA] 10.18
4 Kimmari Roach [JAM] 10.21
5 Aziz Ouhadi [MAR] 10.25
6 Ramil Guliyev [TUR] 10.28
7 Simone Collio [ITA] 10.40
8 Rikki Fifton [GBR] 10.44

Men - 100 Metres - Heat 1
Wind : -5.3 m/s
1 Justin Gatlin [USA] 10.43
2 Aziz Ouhadi [MAR] 10.71
3 Rikki Fifton [GBR] 10.71
4 Rae Edwards [USA] 10.72
5 Ángel David Rodríguez [ESP] 10.76
6 javier Planas [ESP] 11.22
7 Alberto Dorrego [ESP] 11.38

Men - 100 Metres - Heat 2
Wind : -1.2 m/s
1 Dwain Chambers [GBR] 10.26
2 Kimmari Roach [JAM] 10.30
3 Travis Padgett [USA] 10.37
4 Ramil Guliyev [TUR] 10.41
5 Simone Collio [ITA] 10.53
6 Bruno Hortelano [ESP] 10.88

Women - 100 Metres - FINAL
Wind : -2.3 m/s
1 Schillonie Calvert [JAM] 11.23
2 Barbara Pierre [USA] 11.28
3 Tianna Madison [USA] 11.30
4 Tiffany Townsend [USA] 11.34
5 Gloria Asumnu [USA] 11.45
6 Ezinne Okparaebo [NOR] 11.52
7 Sónia Tavares [POR] 11.83
8 Belén Recio [ESP] ESP 11.86

Women - 100 Metres - Heat 1
Wind: -2.1 m/s
1 Barbara Pierre [USA] 11.35
2 Gloria Asumnu [USA] 11.56
3 Sónia Tavares [POR] 11.80
4 Amparo Cotán [ESP] 11.82
DNF Cydonie Mothersille [CAY]

Women - 100 Metres - Heat 2
Wind : -2.2 m/s
1 Schillonie Calvert [JAM] 11.27
2 Tiffany Townsend [USA] 11.31
3 Tianna Madison [USA] 11.33
4 Ezinne Okparaebo [NOR] 11.74
5 Belén Recio [ESP] 11.81
6 Ruth Conde [ESP] 12.28

Men - 400 Metres - Race 1
1 Kévin Borlée [BEL] 44.74
2 William Collazo [CUB] 44.95
3 Rabah Yousif [SUD] 45.32
4 Ramon Miller [BAH] 45.46
5 Calvin Smith [USA] 45.53
6 Renny Quow [TRI] 45.68
7 David Neville [USA] 45.72
8 Johan Wissman [SWE] 45.93

Men - 400 Metres - Race 2
1 Nery Brenes [CRC] 45.29
2 Richard Strachan [GBR] 45.73
3 Andrew Steele [GBR] 45.94
4 Marco Vistalli [ITA] 46.01
5 Mark Ujakpor [ESP] 46.77
6 Marc Orozco [ESP] 46.81
7 Roberto Briones [ESP] 47.32

Men - 800 Metres - Race 1
1 Tyler Mulder [USA] 1:45.10
2 Yuriy Borzakovskiy [RUS] 1:45.57
3 Manuel Olmedo [ESP] 1:45.67
4 Kevin López [ESP] 1:45.74
5 Mohcine El Amine [MAR] 1:46.05
6 Jeff Lastennet [FRA] 1:46.09
7 Luis Alberto Marco [ESP] 1:46.45
8 Bram Som [NED] 1:46.51
9 Ignacio Laguna [ESP] 1:46.93
10 Miguel Quesada [ESP] 1:47.22
DNF Maury S. Castillo [CUB]

Women - 1500 Metres
1 Nuria Fernández [ESP] 4:06.00
2 Ekaterina Martynova [RUS] 4:06.27
3 Tizita Bogale [ETH] 4:06.47
4 Jennifer Barringer Simpson [USA] 4:07.72
5 Siham Hilali [MAR] 4:07.75
6 Lidia Chojecka [POL] 4:08.16
7 Natalia Rodríguez [ESP] 4:08.55
8 Nataliya Tobias [UKR] 4:08.67
9 Renata Plis [POL] 4:09.28
10 Bertukan Feyisa [ETH] 4:09.56
11 Hilary Stellingwerff [CAN] 4:09.59
12 Isabel Macías [ESP] 4:09.90
13 Anzhelika Shevchenko [UKR] 4:12.51
14 Claire Navez [FRA] 4:18.48
15 Iris Fuentes-Pila [ESP] 4:19.08
16 Zulema Fuentes-Pila [ESP] 4:19.29
17 Lebogang Phalula [RSA] 4:20.24
18 Gudeto Feyne [ETH] 4:23.32
19 Elena García [ESP] 4:30.38
DNF Dina Lebo Phalula [RSA]
DNS Sylwia Ejdys [POL]



K. Borlée excels in Madrid – IAAF World Challenge

Emeterio Valiente for the IAAF
IAAF Website
9th July 2011

Madrid, Spain - Belgium’s European 400m champion Kevin Borleé highlighted the ‘Meeting de Madrid 2011’, an IAAF World Challenge Meeting, on Saturday (9).

In a perfectly executed race in lane four, the 23-year-old ace lowered his career best to 44.74 to come just o.o3 off the national record set by his twin brother Jonathan. The other highlight of the night was Justin Gatlin’s tight win (10.10) in the 100m in his first ever race in Spain.

Borlée beats the others, and stomach problems!
Entering yesterday’s event with a season’s best of 45.37 Borlée proved to be in stellar form by smashing also his PB which remained at 44.88 since the Beijing Olympics semifinals. The joyful victor declared: “I didn’t expect to perform so well today since I’m suffering from stomach problems since last Monday. In addition, I was hampered by the headwind in the home straight but I’m really satisfied with my new personal best. My next races will be at home, a 4x400 relay in Heusden next Saturday and the National championships where I’ll be contesting the 200m.”

Asked on whether his life has changed after his European title in Barcelona last summer, Borlée, who has relocatd back to Belgium after his university days in the USA, said: “Not at all, I have to train even harder than ever as this year I have to compete at the Worlds. I would like to make the final there. My brother and I are training pretty good and we look forward to the Worlds.”

Cuba’s William Collazo finished runner-up in a season’s best of 44.95.

Gatlin holds off Chambers’ challenge
The men’s 100m produced a fascinating duel between America’s 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin and Britain’s Dwain Chambers, the reigning World and European 60m indoor champion. In the absence of sub-10 performances into a headwind of 1.6m/s, the clash between the pair didn’t let anyone down.

Gatlin got off faster from the blocks but the 33-year-old Briton ran extremely close to him throughout. Finally, the American kept Chambers at bay to romp home in 10.10 for his rival’s 10.13.

“It was OK,” said Gatlin, who finished second at the US championships late last month. “It’s not a great time but I have to go race by race, step by step. I’m now really focused on what I’m doing and that’s the most important thing. My goal is to have a great start, then a strong mid part of the race and also finish powerfully.”

Mulder outclashes Borzakovskiy
The much-awaited men’s 800m witnessed a determined Yuriy Borzakovskiy following on the pacesetter’s heels and the 30-year-old former Olympic champion reached midway on top in 51.6 closely chased by America’s Tyler Mulder. It was by the 600m point that Mulder overtook the Russian with surprising ease to build a five-metre gap throughout the last bend and enter the home straight in full command of the race.

The American was victorious in 1:45.10 and some metres behind the Spaniards Manuel Olmedo – who had ran a 1500 PB of 3:34.44 the previous day in Paris – and Kevin López threatened Borzakovskiy’s second place until the tape. Finally, the Russian prevailed in 1:45.57 to Olmedo’s 1:45.67 and López’s 1:45.74, a new personal best for the 21-year-old European indoor bronze medallist.

America’s Nia Ali was an overwhelming victor in the women’s 100m Hurdles with a praiseworthy 12.83 time into a strong headwind of 2.5m/s, head and shoulders ahead of her compatriot Tiki James timed at 13.08. Actually, Ali was rewarded – as it was Borlée in the men’s section – with the most valuable female performance of the meeting. The Philadelphia-born athlete ran arguably her best ever race as she holds a 12.73 PB from the US trials where she finished fifth.

Fernández and Sánchez cheered by the home crowd
Spain’s Nuria Fernández performed a perfectly judged 1500m race. The reigning European champion travelled at Russia’s Yekaterina Martinova’s shoulder in a not particularly fast race (2:12.15 the 800m split) to pip her with 50m to go to win in 4:06.00 to the delight of the crowd assembled. The Russian came second in 4:06.27 ahead of Ethiopia’s Tizita Bogale (4:06.47).

Spain’s Sergio Sánchez also provided the local fans something to cheer about when the 28-year-old reigning World 3000m indoor medallist outsprinted Kenya’s Yusuf Biwott in the 3000m with respective times of 7:49.45 and 7:49.80 while Qatar’s James Kwalia had to be satisfied with the third spot in 7:51.62.

In two sprint races with a headwind, Tyrone Akins won the 110m Hurdles in 13.45 for his fellow American Joel Brown’s 13.49 while Jamaica’s Schillonie Calvert (11.27) kept at bay America’s Tiffany Townsend (11.31) and Tianna Madison (11.33) in the women’s 100m.

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