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December 2023

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Uberlandia, Brazil GP RESULTS - Chambers 10.13

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Results of the Uberlandia Grand Prix athletics meet. Uberlandia is a Brazililan city (est population 600,000) approx 690kms inland & west of Rio De Janeiro.

Men's 100m - A Race
Wind: -0.7 M/S
1 Dwain Chambers GBR 10.13 (Reaction Time: 0.159)
2 Kimmari Roach JAM 10.28 (0.156)
3 Keston Bledman TRI 10.31 (0.203)
4 Marc Burns TRI 10.54 (0.197)
5 Adams Harris GUY 10.57 (0.151)
6 Kael Becerra CHI 10.60 (0.168)
7 Sandro Ricardo Rodrigues Viana BRA 10.76 (0.146)
8 Nilson de Oliveira André BRA 10.77 (0.156)

Men's 100m - B Race
Wind: -1.4 M/S
1 Ailson da Silva Feitosa BRA 10.65
2 Isidro Montoya COL 10.72
3 Miguel Wilken ARG 10.74
4 Antônio César Rodrigues BRA 10.75
5 Cristian Reyes CHI 10.79
6 Eric Sigaki Martins de Jesus BRA 10.87
7 Fabiano Gilberto da Silva BRA 10.95
8 Ignacio Rojas CHI 10.98

Women's 100m - A Race
Wind: +0.8 M/S
1 Oludamola Osayomi NGR 11.32 (Reaction Time 0.159)
2 Alexandria Anderson USA 11.45 (0.205)
3 Ana Claudia Lemos Silva BRA 11.49 (0.157)
4 Mikele Barber USA 11.50 (0.338)
5 Harrigan Scott IVB 11.53 (0.278)
6 Rosemar Maria Coelho Neto BRA 11.78 (0.162)
7 Brianna Glenn USA 11.79 (0.242)
8 Kauiza Moreira Venâncio BRA 11.84 (0.517)

Women's 100m - B Race
Wind: +0.8 M/S
1 Franciela das Graças Krasucki BRA 11.63
2 Daniela Pavez CHI 11.86
3 Vanda Ferreira Gomes BRA 11.92
4 Fernanda Mackenna CHI 12.25
5 Isidora Jimenez CHI 12.29
6 Carolina Diaz CHI 12.31
7 Florencia Lamboglia ARG 12.47
8 Macarena Diaz CHI 12.53

Men's 400m - A Race
1 Anderson Freitas Henriques BRA 46.91
2 Jorge Rojas CHI 47.41
3 Diomar Noemio de Souza BRA 47.42
4 Wagner Francisco Cardoso BRA 47.53
5 Stefany Sergio da Silva BRA 48.08
6 Jonathan Henrique da Silva 48.41
7 Fernando Pereira de Almeida BRA 48.51
8 Fabio Henrique Vedrani BRA 48.52

Men's 400m - B Race
1 Rodrigo Bargas BRA 46.98
2 Alison Pereira da Silva BRA 47.61
3 Diego Chargal Martins Diniz Gomes BRA 47.65
4 Vinicius Paixao Guimaraes BRA 49.07
5 John Maykon Alves Apolinario BRA 49.11
6 Fernando Lopez URU 49.56
DN Gustavo Henrique BRA DN

Women's 400m - A Race
1 Rosemarie Whyte JAM 51.47
2 Monica Hargrove USA 51.76
3 Keshia Baker USA 52.05
4 Joelma das Neves Sousa BRA 52.50
5 Jailma Sales de Lima BRA 52.52
6 Norma Gonzalez COL 52.67
7 Aline Leone dos Santos BRA 52.70
DSQ Geisa Aparecida Muniz Coutinho BRA DSQ

Women's 400m - B Race
1 Sheila Juvelina Ferreira BRA 54.13
2 Barbara Farias de Oliveira BRA 54.38
3 Liliane Cristina Barbosa Fernandes BRA 54.53
4 Cristiane dos Santos Silva BRA 54.76
5 Ana Paula Borges BRA 55.91
6 Lourdes Fernanda de Souza Dallazem BRA 56.61
7 Vanessa Zavolski BRA 56.81
8 Alissandra Lima Araujo BRA 57.62

Men's 4 x 100m
1 BRAZIL 'A' 39.45
Ailson da Silva Feitosa
Sandro Ricardo Rodrigues Viana
Basilio Emidio de Moraes Júnior
Nilson de Oliveira André

2 COLUMBIA 39.83
Isidro Montoya
Geimer Mosquera
Luis Carlos Nuñez
Daniel Grueso

3 CHILE 40.28
Kael Becerra
Cristian Reyes
Ignacio Rojas
Daniel Pineda

Pablo Del Valle
Mariano Jimenez
Miguel Wilken
Juan Manuel Jasid

5 BRAZIL B 40.67
Vicente Lenilson de Lima
Fabiano Gilberto da Silva
Eric Sigaki Martins de Jesus
Antônio César Rodrigues

6 URUGUAY 42.75
Martín Alejandro de Barros
Falcon Fagundez
Nicolás Perez Alvarez
Mauricio Pondelek

Women's 4 x 100m
1 BRAZIL 'A' 43.87
Rosemar Maria Coelho Neto
Ana Claudia Lemos Silva
Geisa Aparecida Muniz Coutinho
Franciela das Graças Krasucki

2 COLUMBIA 44.26
Eliecith Palacios
Alejandra Idrobo
Lina Florez
Yomara Hinestroza

3 BRAZIL 'B' 44.99
Maíla Paula Machado
Vanda Ferreira Gomes
Adelly Oliveira Santos
Kauiza Moreira Venâncio

4 CHILE 45.78
Carolina Diaz
Fernanda Mackenna
Isidora Jimenez
Daniela Pavez

Ana Laura Catelen
Constanza Eckhardt
Florencia Lamboglia
Ayelén Diogo

Men's 4 x 400m
1 BRAZIL 'A' 3-10.43
Anderson Freitas Henriques
Fernando Pereira de Almeida
Jonathan Henrique da Silva
Wagner Francisco Cardoso

2 BRAZIL 'B' 3-10.90
Fabio Henrique Vedrani
Diomar Noemio de Souza
Raphael Fernandes
Stefany Sergio da Silva

3 COLUMBIA 3-11.59
Juan Pablo Maturana
Diego Palomeque
Andres Paez
Jeison Rivas

4 URUGUAY 3-31.32
Fernando Lopez
Esteban Ocampo
Juan Martin Rivero
Carlos Alberto Garayalde

5 ARGENTINA 3-49.96
Pablo Del Valle
Juan Manuel Jasid
Miguel Wilken
Mariano Jimenez

Women's 4 x 400m
1 BRAZIL 'A' 3-30.87
Geisa Aparecida Muniz Coutinho
Aline Leone dos Santos
Joelma das Neves Sousa
Jailma Sales de Lima

2 COLUMBIA 3-35.59
Jenifer Padilla
Evelis Aguilar
Princesa Oliveros
Norma Gonzalez

3 BRAZIL 'B' 3-42.06
Sheila Juvelina Ferreira
Jessica Gonzaga dos Santos
Liliane Cristina Barbosa Fernandes
Barbara Farias de Oliveira

4 CHILE 4-12.23
Carolina Diaz
Fernanda Mackenna
Isidora Jimenez
Macarena Diaz

For All Results:



Nigeria's Osayomi wins second comeback race in Uberlândia
By Yomi Omogbeja
Athletics Africa Website
19 May 2011

Nigerian Oludamola Osayomi, the reigning All-Africa Games sprint double champion, put away her recent troubles to win the women's 100m in 11.32 secs (+0.8.) at the GP Caixa Sesi de Uberlândia - the 3rd leg of the Brazilian Tour in the mining town of Uberlândia last night.

After winning the 100m in 11.31 secs, on her comeback from a six-months ban for inadvertently using a banned stimulant in 2010, at the Bethlehem (Belém) Grand Prix last Sunday, Osayomi stormed to another win in Uberlandia, coming within two hundredths of the meet record (11.30) held by American Gloria Asumnu.

American Alexandria Anderson was second in 11:45 secs and Brazil's Ana Claudia Silva settled for the third position with 11.49 secs.

Osayomi was stripped of her 100m gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after her B sample tested positive for a "banned substance" - methylhexanamine, which has only been recently added to the World Anti-Doping Agency's prohibited list.

Other races
Ethiopian Almaz Ayana won for the third straight time in Brazil with a victory in the women's 3000m steeple - chase in 9:49.42. Kenyan Purity Kirui, the world junior champion was second in 9:55:17 and Koren Jamaican Koren Hinds was third in 10:00:41 whilst Ethiopian favourite Mekdes Bekele settled for fourth place with 10:06:55.

Bernard Mbugua of Kenya won gold in the men's 3,000 m steeplechase, with 8:37:26 with compatriot Bisluke Kiplagat (5,000m champion in Bethlehem) second in 8:39:04. Brazilian musician, Hudson de Souza was third in 8:39:16.

A happy Mbugua said after the race "the time, considering that we are early in the season, was good".

Rosemary Whyte of Jamaica sets a meet record in winning the women's 400m in 51.47 and Croatian Ana Simic cleared 1.88m to win the women's High Jump.

In the men's race, Briton Dwain Chambers repeated the feat in Bethlehem after he won the 100m in solid 10.13 (+0.7) ahead of Jamaican Kimmari Roach (10.28) and Keston Bledman of Trinidad (10.31).

After the race, Chambers said: "I have found here proves more difficult than the other (Bethlehem), but the atmosphere for me here was better, less heat. "After all, I'm from London ..." he added, laughing.

After Fortaleza, Belém and Uberlandia, Brazilian Athletics Tour will continue on Sunday with the GP Box 22 Sao Paulo, the reopening of the stadium Icaro de Castro Melo, in Ibirapuera, in São Paulo.

The circuit will end on May 26, with the Brazil Grand Prix Athletics Meet / IAAF World Challenge 2011.

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