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2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS

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12016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Empty 2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:03 pm



A Record Field is Swarming for this Saturdays 2016 Noosa Gift: including 3 Stawell Gift Winners

22016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Empty Re: 2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:57 pm



Record entries for the Noosa Gift with a solid group of backmarkers entered.

67 entries in the $6,000 110m Noosa Gift.

Athletes - Scratch to 6.00:
A Stubbs Scratch
M Williams 1.50
L Gander 2.50
I Dunmall 2.75
T Sanderson-Milera 3.50
J Woodgate 4.25
D Mowen 4.50
J Csabi 5.00
C Loughnan 5.50
J Taylor 5.75
T Burns 6.00

No athlete has won the Noosa Gift from a mark less than 6.00m.

There's also 56 entries in the 70m and 34 in the 300m.

Apparently there are several new athletes entered.

Sounds like this meet is growing into something special & given its date could become the QAL meet for athletes from the southern states to consider attending in the future.

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32016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Empty Re: 2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:22 pm



Results of previous Noosa Gift finals.

2015 110m Noosa Gift
1. James Woodgate (6.00m) 11.46s
2. Rodman Telltull (5.50m)  11.56s
3. Darcy Roper (5.50m) 11.58s
4. Nick Jansson (4.50m) 11.63s
5. Summer Johnson (18.50m)  11.64s
6. Leslie Snuderl (8.50m) 11.75s
7. Ruby Pandolphi (18.50m) 11.76s
8. Ben Hayward (4.25m) 12.00s

2014 110m Noosa Gift
1. Chris Mansell (9.25m)  11.27s
2. Tremaine Peters (8.00m)  11.35s
3. Zayne Buckley ( 16.50m) 11.41s
4. Jake Chelmers (12.50m) 11.42s
5. Brendan Herrigan (7.00m) 11.43s
6. James Woodgate (8.75) 11.54s
7. Ted Belcher (11.00m) 11.61s
8. Connor Loughnan (8.00m) 11.62s

2013 110m Noosa Gift
1 Liam Gander (7.50m )10.88s
2 Gary Finegan (6.00m), 10.90s
3 Jason Gough (15.00m)
4 Jordan Csabi (9.50m)
5 Ardon Foy (8.25m)
6 Isaac Wolhson (6.50m)
7 Cassidy Simmons (20.00m)
8 Ben Hayward (6.25m)

2012 100m Noosa Gift
1 Vincent Jason (15.50m) 10.03s
2 Jason Gough (15.25m) 10.11s
3 Scott Tuohy (11.50m) 10.21s
4 Ben Hayward (5.50m) 10.25s
5 Connor Loughnan (9.50m) 10.36s
6 Matt Sierp (19.25m) 10.54s

2011 100m Noosa Gift
1 Patrick Box (10.50m) 9.91s
2 Tetteh Anang (5.50m) 10.04s
3 James Woodgate (8.50m) 10.06s
4 Titus Talanoa (12.00m)
5 Andrew Barrelet (12.00m)
6 Nathan Carr (9.50m)

2010 100m Noosa Gift
1 Andrew Hodges (10.50m) 10.27s
2 Jack Conway (5.75m) 10.29s
3 Patrick Box (12.00m) 10.39s
4 Robert Hooper (13.00m) 10.40s
5 Mitchell Delacy (9.50m) 10.60s
6 Ian Wyborn (6.75m) 10.64s

2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS 15078685_2152409088316940_6271453828944064866_n

42016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Empty Noosa Gift RESULTS Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:11 am



2016 Noosa Gift Results
110m Noosa Gift

M Clucas-Boyes 9.00m 11.50s
Z Branco 7.00m 11.41s
N Grant 7.00m 11.59s
J Whittaker 10.25m 11.49s
J Fildes 9.25m 11.41s
B Herrigan 4.00m 11.72
S Stanley 18.00m 11.35s
Clifford 20.00m 11.74s
C Loughnan 5.50m 11.57s

Semi Finals ?

Noosa Gift FINAL
1 Samantha Stanley 18.00m 11.20sec
2 Jarrod Whittaker 10.25m
3 Zane Branco 7.00m
4 Jack Fildes 9.25m
5 Andrew Imlah 6.50m
6 James Woodgate 4.25m
7 Liam Gander 2.50m
8 Conor Loughnan 5.50m

70m Sprint FINAL
1 J Whittaker 8.50m 7.47s
2 P Taea 7.75m
3 N Venardos 12.75m
4 S Toleman 5.50m
5 L Adcock 6.00m

300m Open
1 X Coates 30m 32.55s
2 M Clucas-Boyes 28m
3 J Whittaker 23m
4 M Siebuhr 25m
5 J Ramsey 46m
6 E Melrose 62m
T Sanderson-Milera 7m; A Foy 22m; C Enright 35m; L Chambers 45m; M Clark 28m.

Ladies 110m Invitation
1 P Taea 6.00m 12.70s
2 T Wisil Scratch
3 L Chambers 5.25m
4 N Venardos 8.25m
5 T Clifford 10.00m
6 K Bull 8.50m
7 T Fagan 10.00m
8 E Rosentreter 10.00m

Men's 110m Backmarkers Invitation
1 J Taylor Scratch 12.24s
2 N Grant 1.25m
3 A Foy 2.00m
4 S James 1.25m
5 K Gordan 1.50m

Aaron Stubbs, Isaac Dunmall & Mitchell Williams declined to run in the backmarkers.

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52016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Empty Re: 2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:23 am


2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS B88445259z1_20161119211609_000g5mdgf702-0-wfsdunhzs72jv09c9n2_fct2048x1523x238_ct620x465

Local teenager makes history at Noosa Gift

By Steele Taylor
Sunshine Coast Daily
19th Nov 2016 9:08 PM

ATHLETICS - Noosa Gift : ATHLETICS: Hometown runner Samantha Stanley created history at the Noosa Gift on Saturday night, becoming the first female and the youngest competitor to win the 110m handicap race.

The 15-year-old Noosa Little Athletics Club member hit the line in 11.20sec, off a front mark of 18m.

She staved off Jarrod Whittaker (11.26sec off 10.25m) and Noosa youngster Zane Branco (11.40sec off 7m).

"It's amazing. I'm pretty stoked," she said.

"My main events are triple jump and 200m so this is pretty crazy."

A determined lead-up with coach Mick Hooper helped pave the way for the win in the seventh edition of the Noosa Gift.

"I've been doing more intense training, working on my block starts, just making sure everything is perfect for the big race," she said.

And her reaction time was quick in the $6000 final.

"I felt like my start was pretty good....I could hear them breathing (behind me) and I was like 'I've got to keep going, got to keep going."

2016 Noosa Gift Info & RESULTS B88445259z1_20161119211929_000gbmdgf7p2-0-5ugwu8qylbgttm9c9n2_ct460x345
FAST FINISH: The field hits the line, with Samantha Stanley, left, winning the Noosa Gift.
Picture: Patrick Woods

Stanley has a real passion for the sport.

"I came out here hyped and ready to win," she said.

"I really love track and big goal is to go to the Olympics so I'm aiming for that and the Commonwealth Youth (Games) is coming up soon so I'm going to try to qualify for that."

Stanley has a non-handicap personal best of 12.30sec in the 100m.

She's focused mainly on triple jump and 200m but the Noosa Gift result may change her perspective.

The St Theresa's student has been doing athletics for about five years.

Reigning Stawell Gift champion Isaac Dunmall failed to make the eight-runner final.

Last year's Noosa Gift winner James Woodgate made the decider as did Sunshine Coaster Conor Laughman.

Former event winner Liam Gander was off the back marker in the final, finishing seventh in 11.65sec off 2.5m.

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